Monday, March 03, 2008

What I Like/Dislike

On the 25th Birthday...
Like: The birthday bash of course. Never had a house party celebrating with friends before and it was mind-blowing... a bit emotional really. Maybe it's a quarter century crisis but I don't really think it's a biggie. Love the presents and the company. Many thanks to everybody who made the effort to make it a wonderful party. No balloons though as it was last minute really, a two-day plan to be precise. Iko who got me the socks and for being the chief chef with Nani, Didi and Atiqah cooking some great food (love the crabsticks). Azra who came down all the way from Newcastle and got me a triple presents (Barcelona training jersey, keychains and Arsenal T) . Brotherly love innit? Arwin, Afif, Atiqah and Nurman sharing for the Cass-Anova FC S5 Track Suit. Many thanks to Jasveen, Soha and Yoi for the beautiful blue tie from Tie Rack. Didi and Apek who got the cake which got the taste from heaven. Sherissa and Hana who had to pass the LSE Msian Night for the party. Smq, Ihab, Sam and Khalid for being great hosts. Last but not least, people who wished me on that special day!
Dislike: Feeling old. 25 is just a number but I realised that I lost some touches as a student, blogger.. even my jokes are'nt funny anymore. I even lost interest with video games and it's been a while since I played ProEvo. But something never change. I'm still that lazy dumb ass who procrastinates and I hope this will change soon when responsibility sets in.

On Stomp...
Like: I like stomping during my younger days to the dismay of my mom and sister and I learned to do it more appropriately by playing drums. But stomping still lives on inside me and I enjoyed the show and it was a great birthday present too.
Dislike: I think the joker in the crew made it too hard to impress as it went on and on and became 'unfunny' right till the end. I think he tried a bit too much but still a 4-star show from me.

On Arsenal FC....
Like: Niclas Bendtner's late late equaliser. I found myself a bit slow to sink in the wonderful emotion and for that I was late for Imperial College Malaysian Night 2008. But for some reasons, I was not the last one to turn up. Arsenal had a tough time in the past weeks but Nicklas simply showed that we don't want to lose. And yes I finally got hold to a ticket to an Arsenal match after some attempts. It will be againts Boro on the 15th March.
Dislike: Dudu's horrific injury... he was about to find his known goal-scoring prowess for Arsenal and it was a bad challenge, though in my opinion, not a malicious one. Matt is a nice guy as how the teammates decribe him and I bet he himself felt distraughted for injuring a fellow sportsman LIVE on the tele. That last minute penalty against Birm simply showed how referees need scoring system. However, I think that the ref made a wise decision by sending Matt off although some of his foolish and heartless teammates thought otherwise. Some Villa fans also showed how stupid they are by comparing Dudu to Heather Mills with their chants. Absolute nincompoops!

On Cass-Anova FC...
Like: We recored our first win against KPMG. Goals from Hsien Loong and Arwin with the latter slotting it in after receiving a pass from me from right channel. All the three of us has scored a goal a piece from 4 games which is not that good but as I said many times we are the underdogs and an improving team. We have to be realistic and would only want to avoid relegation!
Dislike: Didn't start for the KPMG game despite scoring the first goal for the team in the previous game a week earlier. Anelka oh Anelka.

On IC Malaysian Night 2008...
Like: Not really a Malaysian Night fan, but an annual observer for events of sort. Started by having a skeptical mind in my head but they really put up a great show and it was worth of my time and 10pounds. My favourite was the Dikir Barat although I had to admit the plot is too good to be a real life story. But it wouldn't be fun then. Kudos to the crew.
Dislike: I bloody hate waiting and I had to wait for 40 minutes to get my ticket from a friend who is now notorious for having a problem with time management. It was not the first time and I guess he/she must improve on this area. He/she even insisted that the show hasn't started yet simply because he/she was with a friend who happened to be an IC student when actually the show has started about 10 minutes earlier and we had to sit right behind through the back door. Another issue was this group of people standing in the cold right infront of the main entrance campaigning for 'a change in the government'. That has already spoilt my mood for the night. I took the flier and crumpled it right away as I saw some bias web-links at the bottom of the page. I even went back to talk to them about the impracticality of their manifestos while waiting for my ticket but to discover them adjourned as they were not expecting anymore Malaysians to go pass through that door. Well, they thought wrong as about 13 people late arrivals were recorded.

On general election 2008...
Like: It will be more competitive this time although I still think BN will win 2/3 majority. I will be voting this year for the first time although I have not decided yet which to vote. I will also not rule out of a possible 'Undi Rosak'. My decision will only be made on the spot as I like to be spontaneous!
Dislike: Some intelligent, charismatic, idealists and ambitious friends who still think they can change Malaysia from the outside despite conceding the SPR being a bias organistion and the election will not be fair. I argued that although they believe that SPR will not be "BERSIH", they still want to change Malaysia from the outside in which I think is a mountain to climb, uneffective and impractical compared to changing it from the inside. Some of their manifestos will also not work at the current moment and will only spark racial tensions as the Malay community will not give up easily of their 'rights'. The Oppositions have some good ideas, but it won't be practical at the moment. Malaysians are not ready yet for equality and equality does not necessarily means justice. We don't have to follow the West we probably would know better.

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