Sunday, April 07, 2013

Stupid to buy a car?

Yes, car is a liability.

But when you need it, especially when the public transport is poor, it has become a necessity.

Of course it's stupid to buy a car just to show off your status.

"You buy local car (Malaysian context), you are LAU YAA.' some say.

(removed. Because he is my friend and my brother).

Others, break the bank to buy German cars. Cheapest available is the Volkswagen Polo Sedan.

Not as fast as Polo TSI, the CKD version is quite affordable so everyone who likes German cars would be enticed by it.

Cars are so expensive in Malaysia. And yet people buy Porsche Panamera. Actually it doesn't matter if you are a fan and if you really can afford it. But hey come on, it's stupid if you buy a car to please others.

Buy a car to please YOURSELF.

I am driving a 2008 Camry. Never in my life I would imagine buying a Camry. No, not because I'm an anglophile like some people. It's because growing up, I managed to see how my father, who is a fan of Mercedes started so humbly buying his first Mercedes, a second hand 190E. Since then, I became a fan. A former classmate Pajai told me how his father changed from one Camry to the another. A snob as I was, I just gave him a condescending smirk.

Now, I'm driving a Camry! It's just one helluva reliable car.

So why I think it's not stupid for me to buy a car? This topic was preordained by a post on Facebook by the great property investor Faizul Ridzuan (Paikor as he is known). He was tagging a link to a website encouraging people to manage money better. Here in Riyadh, the car prices are so cheap. I bought the car on second hand and it was also sold below market price. I was that lucky to be offered the car by a fellow Malaysian here in Riyadh. Not only I love my first car, I also had it repaired cosmetically.

I guess it's just if you have the passion for cars, it's not really stupid to buy one that you like, as long as your conscience is clear. You might want to prioritize in life but hey, why keep so much money if you don't really use it?

So there's no really right or wrong. (removed).