Sunday, March 09, 2008

Post GE 2008 Result reactions

Being a neutral observer, I have gathered some of my families' and friends' reactions after the result from Malaysian GE 2008. They were made through discussion online, in-person and via the telephone.

"To all my BA friends, I concede defeat! To all my BN friends, I call for someone to resign ("someone" was earlier posted as No 1)"

"Pak Lah must step down. Kalau tak nanti Oppositions makin kuatlah"

"A good sign for a fairer government"

"Padan muka BN!"

"I had enough of people who think that this country is theirs!"

"Tahniah YB (Nik Nazmi), next stop Parliment!"

"It's either PakLah step down, or step up and deliver"

"Anyone to call Mahathir back for rescue mission??"

"DAP has shown they care about Malays when inviting PKR to join Penang state coalition"

"My MB now (formerly Khir Toyo) is not handsome anymore"

"Anwar is tinkering on inviting PBS to join them to make a new government just like BN did in 1986..."

"My bet is on Khairy now to heal UMNO"

"If Pak lah doesn't step down, he may face humiliation in UMNO Election"

"Step down and disappear or face humiliation"

"Kesian Pak Lah... dia tak buat apa-apa pun.. exactly! Dia tak buat apa-apa langsung"

"Do the right thing..."

"Lets hope Penang will help the villagers and the community outside the city now"

"PAS menang dekat Kedah abih kena potong tangan sat ni.. (rather jokingly)"

"BN must buck up now. Or face defeats in the next election and end up an Opposition"

"Anwar is tinkering! BN will be the Opposition in the next few days. I'm seriousssss"

"So Samy Vellu dah jadi orang biasa lah sekarang? Boleh tolak-tolak dia lah sekarang?"

"Koh Tsu Koon kalah??"

"Ada 4 peti undi yang belum dikira dekat Lembah Pantai but still Nurul Izzah menang."

"Shahrizat orang nya baik.. tapi liberal sangat.. this is not the west!"

"Panasss cuk.. panas!"

My reaction: I have said it many times... Noone is indispensible!

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