Friday, October 27, 2006

Why is Tun M so angry?

Just got back from Solatul Jum'ah... somewhere in Willesden and another Muslim owned cyber cafe is where I'm blogging right now.. only that this guy 'forgot' to pray this time haha..

The raya vibe is still surrounding me but i dont think the local muslims find it that way.. business as usual.. I found out in Malaysia, some Muslims didnt take advantage of the holy month to reconcile.. I mean, come on, we are not gonna live forever, and for some of us, we are in the 80 something of age and yet we cant keep our mouth shut..

Well, he said he wanted to resign because he wants to concentrate to 'bekalan akhirat'.. finally realising he's a bit old.. but didnt he just 'meludah ke langit terpalit muka sendiri' again after claiming a former Singaporean PM 'unjust' for interfering with its gov policies?

You readers ask urselves.. is there anything wrong with the current gov led by Pak Lah? The stock exchange index composite seems fine, the deficit (obviously made by a former PM you know who) is been slashed by 0.5%, and the current PM is promoting anti-corruption and transparent government campaigns (which never happen in Mr Venomous Tongue's reign).

What else can you ask for?

Unless you are a fan of money and greediness is in your blood, I guess you cant agree with Pak Lah.. I heard some Malays were angry when Pak Lah awarded scholarships to Non-Malay students last year after they were rejected in the first place by JPA.. calling Pak Lah "Perosak Bangsa Melayu" and saying "PakLah sokong Cina" and many bad things were said about Allahyaramah Endon. Ask yourself again. Being a Malay, what if your favourite son who is 4th in ranking of the best SPM student 2006, and was rejected for scholarship? Surely you will be furious right? Even JPA said that your son is a weakling who doesn't do sports, curicular activities that much, surely you still think your son deserves to get a scholarship, right?

So if you ask me why Tun M is very angry with the current gov, I must say it must be because some decisions were made are againts his personal interest.

I really think Malays should unite. Even PAS and Keadilan itself must take this golden opportunity to unite with the sincere, ethical and transparent gov. With Pak Lah at the helm, I have the confidence to say such things.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

If Haniz thought TMNet was lousy, try BT...

Here I am in a Internet Cafe again.. somewhere in Neasden Shopping Area, owned by a Muslim Arab who is right now praying few meters away.. why lah? Complications after complications.. would love to share with u guys right from the moment we stepped into the house.. but I'm not sure if it's the right time..

Signed up for Cass Football Assoc.. received an email from the Captain.. they are holding a meeting this evening.. malas nak pegi.. as long as aku dpt main selalu jadiklah.. but Im not saying that Im gonna be a football freak like back then in KMYS (where I devoted to football until my A-levels result crumbled), at least I wud be playing football more regularly.. I havent kicked a ball since my arrival in the UK..

Still got no internet at home.. the only thing that is missing (since we announced the arrival of Sky).. feeling very2 empty.. i'm applying to get some exemptions but even the affiliate application hasn't settled yet (due to the increase of membership fee without notice)..

The lads are coming down to London this weekend.. Eid Mubarak? Not too bad since I went to some open houses.. menempel la kerja.. tak kenal pon hosts tu.. kawan baru la.. so diorg hidangkan masakan Malaysia.. pergh cakap lu... hilang rinduku padamu Malaysia..

Met Lada, Dina.. Asa tak dapat dikesan.. some junior KYS Pentium, Taqina, Nikko.. HICOM Open Hse ramai gak org.. cuma kurg gadis2 cun.. wahahhaa!

Weekend ni Nazif ajak open house.. wahh sure bz this weekend.. monday ada test la plak.. inconsiderate Brits.. oh wait.. I'm a minority here! Lupa plak.. damn..!

K ar wei, tak best blog sini.. nanti ada tenet at home lg masyuk..

Hidup 4 Serangkai!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

cass Business School

the station nearest is Moorgate.
is not in the city uni main campus building.
new, modern, smashing-looking building.
has Halal sandwiches in their cool canteen.
has prayer area.

Happy Eid.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gunner in London

Stuck in Heathrow Airport for around SIX bloody hours. No one reminded me about the Medical Checkup. About 200 'migrants' from all over the world queued up for Health Care Checkup. Took about 2 minutes for the checkup after 3 hours standing and 3 hours sitting in a queue, mostly Pakistanis.

Took a cab to Usop's place. That should cost around 80 pounds per person but thank God for creating me a Malay. Split the fair between us both and only paid 42 pounds but still thought it's bloody expensive. First time Londoner symptom I guess. All price is converted to RM.

Right now wasting my time blogging in a PC lab while other students doing serious academic work. Thinking of applying for 4 exemptions which include Financial Maths, Probability and Stats, Finance and Financial Reporting and finally Economics. Gotta be honest. purposely ponteng some classes coz can't help listening and reading the same damn thing again and again.

Still no news from JPA Agong and B**. Much speculations about my future in UK and many have suggested I wud betray MY BELOVED PNB. Damn do I really look like a 'Keji' guy, a betrayer? Haha! What I can say now is, "it depends on may different factors, like the award of any scholarship, for instance."

Azlan came down to London from Dulbin and there were 8 of us breaking the fast in the famous Halal Nando's in Bayswater. Had a fight with Ihab and he showed good skills in a girl called Xiaoyu in Tekken 5. Had a go at Lan and it proves that Kazuyaa controlled by him is seriously overrated. Haha! But he still managed to beat Ihab in Round Ones though.

We played PS2 in Neasden by the way, which is 30 minutes from Moorgate via Metropolitan Line, right after Isya' and Tarawih 8. My house is now full of barakah. Ameen.

As the grand finale to sum up our night, I battled Lan in Pro Evo 5. The match ended up draw. I am still searching for a player who I cannot beat and Lan has only played once. I first thought Smq is the one I'm searching for after a draw and a loss before I beat him handsomely 4-0.

Ugh a bit serious about Winning 11/Pro Evo huh? You damn right we are serious! When was the last time you heard the players teach you any of the skills like scoring form a long-range effort, power dribbles, super-cancel and perfect free kicks? All you hear is "timing kena betul" - Jeg, "Ikut logic main bola lah"-Chot and "Ntah aku tekan je"- Mr I-forgot-Who. Haniz ke Fendy ntah haha. So u bet we are so serious about pro Evo/W11.

So I heard PNB has a new direction towards the Mgt Training Program? Sapa masuk department sapa? Do tell me ok, Ope, anyone.

Discovered the date for ITM convocation to be on the 11 Nov, perfect timing. I will touch down on KLIA on the 10th. Perfect timing. But there's no way I could go for the rehearsals. Have asked Piah the favour to get my jubah on the 4th.

Alright that's all for today. Gotta post my Oyster Application.