Saturday, December 17, 2011

Goodbye - Air Supply

Dedicated to someone i truly love Writer: THOMPSON, LINDA / FOSTER, DAVID I can see the pain living in your eyes And I know how hard you try You deserve to have so much more I can feel your heart and I sympathize And I'll never criticize all you've ever meant to my life [Chorus] I don't want to let you down I don't want to lead you on I don't want to hold you back From where you might belong You would never ask me why My heart is so disguised I just can't live a lie anymore I would rather hurt myself Than to ever make you cry There's nothing left to say but good-bye You deserve the chance at the kind of love I'm not sure I'm worthy of Losing you is painful to me (Chorus) You would never ask me why My heart is so disguised I just can't live a lie anymore I would rather hurt myself Than to ever make you cry There's nothing left to try Though it's gonna hurt us both There's no other way than to say good-bye

Friday, December 09, 2011

Laman Glenmarie, U1 Shah Alam

Project: Laman Glenmarie 2
Developer: Horsedale Development (DRB Hicom subsidiary)
Price: From RM688,888 (Phase 1A), RM728,888 (Phase 1B)
Lot size: From 22x80
Build-up: From 2429 sqft
Discount: 7% Bumiputera discount
Location: Section U1, Shah Alam, Entrance via Jalan Monfort
Allocation: Bumi: 70%, Non Bumi: 30%
Completion Date: 21 October 2013

1. Location
2. Free-hold, landed
3. Amenities aplenty (Space u8 moments away)
4. Attractive entry price for its location
5. Modern, unique design
6. Surrounded by golf clubs greenery
7. Fenced and guarded

1. Bordering NKVE and Railway reserve
2. Guarded but not gated i.e. no fencing within the parameter
3. Mixed development with medium cost apartment

Sunday, August 21, 2011 (Week 2)

Sleepy head! I knew Gabby Agbonlahor was going to perform well. I dozed off only to put in Cahill (Everton) the following day! While the latter missed 2 glorious chances, Gabby scored one and assisted another. Tough, but also a weird week. I saw my team being inducted to the league 'x Budak-budak Ujung' only to realise the moderator kicking me out (for being too good their league, I presume) seconds later. Then, the results of QPR winning against the troubled Everton, Wolves snatching a precious victory today and not to forget, Liverpool's first win at the Emirates Stadium. As an Arsenal fan, I do want the Club to be successful. Arsene Wenger cut a frustrating figure and I started to feel sorry for him. Hope he will get a great centerback to partner the world class Verminator. Mouth watering game coming up tomorrow (Monday)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Go back to the old formula, Wenger

Today marked the day Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas left the club he joined as a 16-year-old. In what I call déjà vu, Fabregas is emulating former club captains Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry and William Gallas in leaving. I will not rule out the possibility of the next Arsenal captain keeping the tradition unless we revert to the old formula.
I was cheekily informed the reason Wenger was sacked by his old club Monaco was his win-the-title with-kids policy, something the gaffer was trying to do for the last six years for his current club Arsenal. Two weeks ago, he promised of a “super quality” signing, only to sign the unproven, 18-year-old winger Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for a whopping £15 million from Southampton. Sounds familiar? Let me help you: Theo Walcott.
I would not say Theo Walcott is a world-class player. However, Wenger will right away say Walcott is still young even though he is already 22. He has been at Arsenal for five years already! Still young, you say?
Wayne Rooney, signed by arch-rivals Manchester United as a 19-year-old in 2004, is now a 25-year-old powerful striker. Some of us thought he is already 30, not because of his failed attempt to patch his balding head but because he has since scored 147 goals from 323 games for the Red Devils and winning 10 championships. Now, that is world-class and still young as well!
Wenger thinks he can win the title with kids but unless he is managing a Dutch club in the Eredivisie like Ajax Amsterdam, he can just forget it. The English Premier League is a bloody tough league. Leg-breaking finds no remorse in the hearts of players like Nigel De Jong, Ryan Shawcross and former player Roy Keane.
Wenger himself is thought to have a degree in psychology but he usually forgets, psychologically, kids still look up to elders and sometimes pee in their pants when they see players like Drogba, Vidic or Yaya Toure. Thus, Arsenal need well-respected, seasoned, quality players to lead and “protect” the group.
Oh, don’t say Sebastien Squilacci!
How I wish Jack Wilshere is 29-years old. I always see Wilshere like Rooney. He is tenacious, determined, robust and skilful too. He has shown time and time again he is no pushover off and on the pitch. Of course I am not asking Wenger to buy undisciplined yobs like Joey Barton. But a bit of Patrick Vieira would not hurt; someone that will strike fear to the opposing team. The current Arsenal team is seen to be kids, pushovers, sissies to some extent. If Jack was a bit older, I would pick him as captain.
Do you see any Bergkamp, Henry, Pires, Adams or Overmars from the current team? You might think I am living in the past, but as Fabregas once said, we lack “wow” players. Sad enough, the name that has been mentioned to replace Fabregas is Jadson. I say who in the blue world is that? Why can’t it be Ribery or Juan Mata (who we missed out) or Marek Hamsik?
No wonder the players are leaving.
Clearly we need a balanced, quality team. I seriously do not know what is playing inside Wenger’s head. But what I know is bringing in experienced, quality players will restore confidence in the dressing room and fans alike.
Arsenal dream line-up: GK Szczesny, DR Sagna, DL Gibbs, DC Gary Cahill, DC Vermaelen, DMC Song, ML Arshavin, AMC Wilshere, MR Ribery, FC van Persie, FC Tevez

Friday, July 29, 2011

Young Star Series: Muslim Footballers

Here's a complete list of Muslim footballers who I think will make it big in the world of football.

1. Asmir Begovic, 24, Bosnian-Canadian, Stoke City
2. Sinan Bolat, 22, Turkish, Standard Liege
3. Zacharie Boucher, 19, French-Reunionais, Le Harve
4. Matej Delac, 18, Bosnian-Croat, Chelsea

1. Mamadou Sakho, 21, Senegalese-French, PSG
2. Omer Toprak, 22, Turkish-German, Bayer 04 Leverkusen
3. Dejan Lovren, 22, Bosnian-Croat, Lyon
4. Atila Turan, 19, French-Turkish, Grenoble
5. Neven Subotic, 22, Serbian-Bosnian, Dortmund

1. Xherdan Shaqiri, 19, Albanian-Swiss, Basel
2. Necip Uysal, 20, Turkish, Besiktas
3. Haruna Lukman, 20, Nigerian, Dynamo Kyiv
4. Mehdi Abeid, 19, French-Algerian, Lens
5. Zakaria Labyad, 18, Dutch-Moroccan, PSV
6. Nuri Sahin, 22, Turkish-German, Real Madrid
7. Marouane Fellaini, 23, Moroccan-Belgian, Everton

1. Khouma Babacar, 18, Senegalese, Fiorentina
2. Ishak Belfodil, 19, French-Algerian, Lyon
3. Yaya Sanogo, 18, French-Senegalese, Auxerre

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Young Stars Series: A Tribute to Muslim Football Figures

It is a great honour to let you readers know that the entry "Muslim Football Figures" has been the most popular page of this site! To pay tribute to these visitors, I will now shed some light on the future stars of football who are Muslims. This will be done weekly, Insya-Allah. Here we go:

Omer Toprak
Position: Central defender
Club: Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Age: 21
Height: 186cm
Description: Omer was born in Ravensburg and is a son of Turkish immigrants from Sivas region. He has a brother Harun who plays for Sivasspor, Turkey.
Verdict: Commanding center back with an eye for goal. Can also play at both flanks. Future looks bright if he can maintain his fitness.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Survey: Young Malaysians Reject Bersih Rally

Survey: Young professionals reject Bersih rally

A sample of 105 young professionals of various backgrounds aged between 24 and 34 was asked to participate in a survey of what they generally think about Bersih. There were 68 people who responded with the rest received, read and acknowledged the receipt of the survey but did not participate.
Three simple questions were asked: Firstly “What do you think of Bersih?” Next, “Do you support the cause of Bersih?” Finally, “Are you okay with street demonstrations such as the Bersih rally?”
The answers for the last two questions were compiled into a poll result. Of 68 respondents, 49% of them support the cause of Bersih and its demands with 32% rejecting and 19% feeling indifferent.
As for the question of the Bersih rally itself, a whopping 72% of the 68 respondents are against it, followed by 21% of them supporting and 7% who are indifferent.
A noble cause
Most of the respondents who support Bersih’s cause and demands claimed Bersih is a “noble cause” with “good intentions”. They mostly underlined the importance of an “electoral reform” and the timing cannot be as perfect. Some respondents of this group agree Bersih has “a fair cause” and one has pointed out “the country needs a political cleansing and it should start with the election commission”. Some participants insisted the people have “the right to demand for a free and fair election” and the government should listen to the “voice of the people”. One respondent claimed that Bersih has “revived PKR’s fortunes, dented the Prime Minister’s steady image and popularity among youth.”
“I fully support Bersih and the need to do electoral reform. I am concerned about the country's future and we need to have a consistent, independent, and trustworthy election commission. Not that I’m saying what we have now is useless. It can be improved. So, to change, we need to have fundamental change and how the Government reps are elected, and to do that we need electoral reforms; it works both ways, to the current ruling parties and oppositions.” – Respondent A.
Hijacked by the political parties
Meanwhile, some respondents who reject the cause of Bersih think it was a “desperate cause to achieve personal agenda” while another rebutted “not all the demands are valid”. Many respondents from this group have said “there are ulterior motives” in Bersih and “is politically driven” while calling it “unnecessary.” Also, most of these respondents are disappointed of how “the cause has been hijacked by political parties, mostly by Oppositions.” Some even went on to say that Bersih has been hijacked and supported by the “Anwarinas to divert the intention of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy and sex scandal cases.” One respondent is not convinced Bersih “is done by NGO”. Another partaker is “not sure about their claims” and said “certainly the opposition can win election so the level of unfairness, if any, cannot be that bad.” One clearly stated that if she were to give a harsher note, “PKR should start fair election from their own party election first.”
Malays divided
Quite a number of Malay respondents are concerned about the disunity of Malays through Bersih. One participant said “Malay against Malay. Islam gaduh sama sendiri. Kaum lain tepuk tangan” while another claimed Bersih is “breaking apart Malay/Muslim communities”. One added by saying the Malays have become the “coolies” of Bersih.
“I think we, the Malays especially are so dumb to fall into this trap. Trap not by Adil Dap etc but by foreign countries who want to destroy us. It is sad we cannot see this. Instead blame the police, blame BN etc. The only person to blame is ourselves, no one else. I’m disgusted baca status kat facebooks, especially our generation. Very ungrateful with what we have and talk like we have no values. Rather than gaduh, why dont kita semua berbaik nak amankan negara. BN is not 100% clean but so are DAP, Adil, PAs etc. Freedom of speech is good for the developed countries because of their way of thinking is way ahead of us. They criticise in positive ways but we criticise in rude ways. Look at bersih, this is the evidence.” Respondent B.
Do not care much
For the same question, people who are indifferent about it have said they are not aware of the cause, refused to comment, “have not read the memorandum”, “do not care much”, “do not understand what Bersih is about” or simply “indifferent about the aims” of Bersih.
The only channel available
As for the question about the Bersih street demonstration, those in favour of the rally have mainly said it is “the only channel” that they can make use of to vent their anger and express their concerns. Others said that it is important to make the rest of the public “aware of the situation” and there is “nothing wrong with a rally with a positive note.” Some commentators has said that the “Government should let them walk but must ensure the security of the public.” Others were quoted saying it was the Government’s fault for “mishandling the case” that made it worse. Another agreed the Bersih rally proves that the people of Malaysia “can unite for a reason” while another, who was at the rally, claimed he “has not seen as many Chinese as before, around 30% of them.” He added, “It was the police who asked the shop-owners to close down for the day.” During a phone interview, a respondent has said “the Government should let them go on street demo”, not countering them by deploying road blocks because that will only ruin the events for the day.
“I totally understand why they wanted to walk for it. But, at the same time, the opposition is taking this as an advantage. It is a freedom of speech which i believe in it and what the goverment should have done is let them walk and just ensure the security of the public. But biasa la.. malaysia politic... byk bullshit. So at the end of the day...something that should have been a good cause ended up ugly. And the loser end is the government coz they ... SHOULD LISTEN TO THE VOICE OF THE RAKYAT.– Respondent C

The majority says
The participants who disproved the rally have called it as “unnecessary”, “troublesome”, “chaotic”, “uncalled for”, “nuisance”, “not fun”, “should be done in moderation”, “cowardice”, “provocative”, “more harm than good”, “has off track modus operandi”, “against Malaysian culture”, “not the best approach”, “disgrace”, “embarrassing”, “waste of time”, “destroying nation’s reputation”, “deceiving”, “injects fear”, “ineffective” and “business disrupting”.
A few respondents even suggested that the Bersih rally was “funded by the oppositions” with one insisted “the orphans and the villagers were being manipulated; with RM200 being given to them to join the rally.”
Most of these respondents however support the less controversial approach; sit down and have “a top level discussion”. Since “the Yang Dipertuan Agong has somewhat acknowledged Bersih by seeing Ambiga”, Bersih should have a “roundtable discussion with Yang Dipertuan Agong, the Prime Minister and the Election Commission to resolve the matter amicably, not Ambiga-ly.”
“Haha no comments not into politics. But no matter what their cause is they did menyusahkan a lot of ppl lol” – Respondent D
“If it is bcoz x puas hati sbb spr, deal with spr 1st, try to use demo as last option. Bersih sendiri tau yg via demo, byk perkara boleh berlaku, so supposedly benda demo can be avoid. Instead buat cara lain, just a campaign, for everyone who support bersih, just wear yellow in one day, no matter where you are, home, office, pasar, shopping. Try to do live dialog on national TV. SPR approach that, but they don’t want still insisted to go for demo. They know the police will go for kekerasan, gas and all.So this is just a reason to show how bad is our police. Or, it’s already being manipulated by oppositions? To use this channel as their kepentingan? So it's not about bersih anymore, its more to political parties.” – Respondent E
Due to the nature of the socioeconomic situation of the nation, the intellectual capacity for Malaysians to hold political debate as well as agenda of politicians, the protest should have not went on.” – Respondent F
“Totally against it. Menghuru harakan negara. Menyusahkan org ramai. I don’t want to get involved in this bersih stupid thingy. I just want to have a peaceful country. We live happily like family” – Respondent G
“This rally should not happened in the first place. Why PM does not want to curb this from happening? Why he does not want to have a peaceful talk with bersih? Y he does not learn from previous bersih? I believe prevention is always better than cure. Now to heal scar of the rakyat is gonna be tough.” – Respondent H
“They should meet first. Police should co-operate not oppose them. Give them designated route. 50k students can march in london, why not us? No lockdown, traffic jam a bit public transport still ok (snowstorm much worse). Support 100% if the PR didn’t hijack it. Free neutral NGO. Why teargas? Is malaysia very anarchist? dont think so” – Respondent I

On a less serious note (ignore this if you are a serious person)
There are also some comments made by respondents that worth taking some space here.
“Put it this way, I delete facebook friends that support Bersih. Just exercising my rights Lol” – Funny Guy
“Govt are too much. Like the rally. Didn't go to rally.” – Confused Lady
I had a good time getting girls phone number. The one and only day where u can talk with random girls. Not another day. 9/7. A good street test for the police too.” – Randyman

Monday, June 06, 2011

Halalkah Perbankan Islam di Malaysia?

Tajuk: Halalkah Perbankan Islam di Malaysia?
Oleh: Jeg Hui
Tarikh: 12/05/2011

Artikel ini ditulis untuk pertandingan menulis karangan di tempat penulis bekerja. Malangnya artikel ini gagal menggondol apa-apa hadiah yang berupa IPad.

Saya berpeluang untuk menggunakan perkhidmatan perbankan Islam baru-baru ini untuk membeli sebuah rumah teres dua tingkat di Shah Alam. Ketika itu bulan Disember 2010 dan saya cukup ligat mencari rumah yang sesuai lokasinya dan cantik. Al-maklumlah, dalam keadaan pasaran hartanah yang sedang hangat, saya menjadi terikut-ikut pula untuk tidak melepaskan peluang kerana fikir saya, harga rumah tidak akan turun terutamanya rumah ‘landed’.

Alhamdulillah, takdir telah ditentukan, rezeki saya ada apabila diberitahu oleh Pemaju X bahawa tiga unit masih lagi belum dijual untuk fasa yang pertama. Lantas, saya pergi ke Shah Alam dan nah, tersergam indah rumah-rumah di situ yang bercirikan moden kontemporari dengan tingkap-tingkap yang besar. Hati berdegup kuat kerana telah diberitahu harganya yang tidak lah begitu mahal. Sebelum ini saya ada pergi ke Padang Jawa untuk melihat sendiri kawasan perumahan yang berkonsep Hijau dan harga jualannya mencecah setengah juta.

“Mana-mana yang bawah setengah juta, saya akan sebat!” fikir hati kecilku. Tambahan pula, saya jatuh cinta melihat betapa cantiknya rekabentuk rumah yang di Shah Alam itu yang kini kugelarkan “Googie”.

Setelah selesai membayar yuran pendahuluan, kemudian tiba pula giliran untuk mendapatkan perkhidmatan pembiayaan perumahan. “Perbankan Islam!” kata hati saya berseloroh. Sebagai seorang Islam saya wajib mengelak bersubahat dalam riba’. Saya terus mendaftar masuk ke forum hartanah di LowYat.Net bagi mendapatkan pandangan ‘sifu-sifu’ Melayu, Cina atau India tentang pakej pembiayaan yang hebat. Seorang pengguna berketurunan Tiong Hwa berpendapat pakej terbaik ketika itu adalah “Islamic Bank MM BFR -2.4”.

Dengan semangat inkuiri yang tinggi saya terus mencari kertas-kertas projek penulisan mengenai perbankan Islam dengan tujuan memilih pakej yang manakah yang paling baik untuk saya. Lagipun saya ini sedikit ‘kiasu’ di mana saya sedikit sebanyak mempunyai sikap pantang mengalah, mahu pakej yang murah-murah dan terbaik sahaja.

Setelah memohon mengisi borang seraya bagai bersama tujuh bank, akhirnya saya telah mendapatkan perkhidmatan Bank Y. Hal ini adalah kerana “MM BFR-2.3” telah ditawarkan kepada saya. “MM” bermaksud Musharakah Mutanaqisah dan ia berdasarkan konsep Perkongsian Berkurangan (Diminishing Partnership”. Secara teorinya, konsep ini memupuk pembiayaan perumahan secara kongsi di mana sejak bermulanya perjanjian perkongsian ini, pemilik-pemilik rumah adalah pengguna (10%) dan bank (90%). Hal ini adalah kerana pengguna telah membayar 10% daripada harga asal kepada pemaju (downpayment) dan terus mendapat 10% pegangan dalam nilai rumah itu.

Secara dasarnya juga, fikir saya, dalam keadaan di mana pengguna gagal membayar ‘sewa’ dan tebusan ekuiti bulanan (melalui konsep ijarah) kepada bank, pengguna boleh menuntut sebahagian daripada ekuiti rumah atau hartanah itu. Pengguna juga tidak perlu risau kerana Musharakah Mutanaqisah memupuk semangat rakan kongsi di mana di dalam waktu pengguna susah, bank akan bantu. Setiakawan lah katakan!

Tanpa berfikir panjang atau membaca segala pelosok perkara terperinci dalam kontrak pembiayaan, dengan perasaan yakin Malaysia sebagai negara Islam yang selalu sangat menekankan soal halal haram kepada umat Islam, dengan bacaan Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, saya menurunkan tanda tangan saya yang menyerupai kapal layar zaman pemerintahan Uthmaniyah. Namun beberapa ketika kemudian, hati kecil bertanya, “di mana Aqadnya?”. Peguam kontrak pembiayaan perumahan pun dengan jelas berkata “kalau encik baca kontrak ini takut nanti tak jadi beli rumah pula”. Ah, mungkin dia bergurau sahaja, fikirku. Mana mungkin aku ditipu. Ini bukan Ah-Long Bukit Beruntung (Berugi). Bank ini tersohor.

Apabila pulang ke rumah, mulalah berfikir bukan-bukan dan kemusykilan mula timbul. Semasa menanda -tangan kontrak itu, tidak ada ustaz atau orang yang arif dalam perbankan Islam di sisi. Macam konvensional pun ada. “Mortgage Consultant” pun wanita muda, berskirt pendek berbangsa Tiong Hwa bernama Mei (bukan nama penuh). Namun aku yakin, kalau isu ubat gigi, barangan kulit atau kopitiam haram yang kononnya mengandungi bahagian khinzir pun masyarkat Malaysia sangat prihatin dan paranoid, inikan pula soal riba’ yang sangat jelas haram seperti yang diterangkan di dalam Al-Quran.

Segalanya sangat mudah. Tempoh saya mengisi borang permohonan pembiayaan sehingga mendapat kelulusan pihak atasan bank hanyalah empat hari. Oleh kerana sedikit lewat mendapatkan perkhidmatan pembiayaan, hampir setiap hari saya ‘mengasak’ pihak bank dan peguam supaya cepat memproses bayaran baki rumah itu. Dalam tempoh kurang daripada satu bulan, segalanya pun selesai. Tanggal 12 April 2011, saya telah diserahkan kunci oleh pemaju dan denda pun tidak dikenakan kerana pembayaran baki oleh bank adalah pantas.

“So far so good”.

Jam berganti jam (bukan jam Omega). Hari berganti hari. April nanti diganti Mei… Amboi, teringat pula kepada Mei, “Mortgage Consultant” saya itu! Dah lama tak dengar khabarnya. Diam-diam sahaja sejak saya turunkan tanda tangan kontrak. Harap-harap bulan Mei ini semangat setiakawan Bank Y dan saya akan terus berkekalan. Saya telah diberitahu saya akan terima surat daripada rakan kongsi saya, Bank Y tentang pembayaran ‘sewa’ dan pembelian berperingkat ekuiti rumah itu pada 1 Mei 2011. Kerana percayakan kawan, duit telah pun saya siap-siapkan dalam akaun bank saya. Surat itu pun tiba seminggu sebelum tarikh yang ditetapkan.

Tiba-tiba, saya terima surat lagi daripada rakan kongsi saya. Aih, beritahu sekali cukuplah, bro! Takkan tak percaya rakan kongsi sendiri. Namun apabila dibuka; “Ruj: Notis Debit bagi bayaran Sumbangan Takaful”. Aik, sejak bila pula saya berkelakuan sumbang apatah lagi sumbang mahram? Oh, sumbangan Takaful… tapi Takaful apa ini? Saya dah beritahu mereka awal-awal lagi dan pihak Bank Y sedar yang saya mahu mendapatkan perkhidmatan takaful di tempat saya bekerja bagi perlindungan Mortgage Reducing Term Takaful (MRTT). Pasti saya akan menyokong Takaful XYZ jika tidak hipokrit sebesar Hippopotamus lah saya! Rupa-rupanya perlindungan takaful kali ini adalah perlindungan perumahan yang rata-ratanya wajib diambil oleh peminjam. Tetapi dimanakah hak saya untuk memilih pihak pengurus takaful? Mengapa mahu paksa saya ambil perlindungan takaful dengan anak syarikat Bank Y ini?

Berbekalkan sikap husnuzon (bersangka baik), saya terus ke syarikat operator takaful itu bagi mendapatkan penjelasan. Kali pertama pergi, syarikat insurans itu terkejut dengan aduan saya kerana bagi mereka perkara ini tak seharusnya berlaku. “Mungkin cawangan bank encik ni main belasah sahaja!” Sungguh tertib dan penuh hikmah saya dilayan haritu di pusat perkhidmatan pelanggan mereka. Setelah menulis surat untuk memberhentikan polisi serta-merta dan membawa bukti saya telah mendapatkan HomeOwner Takaful oleh Takaful XYZ, tarikh 1 Mei 2011 hadir dengan pembayaran kepada Bank Y sekali dengan bayaran perlindungan perumahan sekaligus. Hati saya mula remuk dipermainkan pihak Bank Y. Adakah ini kewangan Islam yang mereka bawa? Mula-mula mereka paksa saya mengambil perkhidmatan takaful anak syarikat mereka. Kemudian, walaupun saya telah bertungkus-lumus cuba bekerjasama dengan pihak pengurus takaful atas kesilapan Bank Y, sikap Bank Y yang acuh tidak acuh untuk meletakkan sesuatu pada haknya seolah-olah telah menconteng arang ke muka agama Islam. Yang terbaru, Bank Y adalah yang paling awal menaikkan “Base Lending Rate” daripada 6.3% kepada 6.6% berkuat-kuasa 11 May 2011.

Betulkah Islamik ni?

Teringat kertas kerja tulisan tempatan “Musharakah Mutanaqisah: A Solution to Different Interpretations by Malaysian and Middle East Scholars in Islamic Financing.” Oleh Dr. Sazali Zainal Abidin, Dr. Annuar Md Nassir dan Puteri Farah Farena Khoderun dari Universiti Putra Malaysia. Ringkas hasil kerja mereka ini walaupun padat dengan informasi dan saya setuju dengan rumusan yang mereka utarakan. Para cendekiawan kewangan dari Timur Tengah telah pun berpendapat konsep Bai Bithamin Ajil (BBA) dalam pembiayaan Islam adalah sama seperti konvensional di mana riba’ atau bahasa halusnya ‘interest’ terlibat dalam pengurusan kewangan ini. Maka mereka telah menganjurkan konsep Musharakah Mutanaqisah (MM) sebagai alternatif di mana bayaran bulanan adalah jauh lebih rendah dan masih memberikan pulangan kepada bank (rakan kongsi). Tambahan pula, mereka yakin konsep MM adalah lebih baik kerana tidak bersandarkan riba’ sebagai asas pembiayaan kewangan. Ia adalah berdasarkan konsep pembiayaan ekuiti di mana bank bersama-sama membantu membeli rumah tersebut. Pembayaran bulanan adalah berdasarkan kadar sewa bulanan di kawasan rumah itu dibeli (Meera dan Razak 2005). Konsep ini telah diterima-pakai oleh sekalian umat Islam di Timur Tengah di mana hak pengguna lebih terjamin.

Persoalannya, di Malaysia ini bagaimana pula?

Rata-ratanya bank-bank ‘Islam’ di Malaysia masih menggunakan konsep Bai Bithamin Ajil (BBA) yang jelas bersandarkan riba’. Bezanya dengan konvensional cuma di dalam surat tawaran, interest akan ditetapkan mengikut kadar Base Financing Rate (BFR, tetapi cuma ubah nama daripada BLR) semasa sehingga kadar maksimum 10.5% atau 11%. Kemudian, jumlah bayaran sehingga habis hayat pembiayaan akan ditunjukkan dengan jelas, mengikut kadar maksimum tersebut. Persoalannya, kadar maksimum ‘capping’ itu tersangatlah tinggi dan sepanjang Malaysia ini bertapak di bumi, kadar BLR tertinggi direkodkan adalah 10.5% pada tahun 1998, sama dengan capping tersebut. Jadi, apa gunanya? Bagi saya, konsep BBA cumalah mimikan konsep bank konvensional. Nasihat saya, jika pun ada bank yang menawarkan kadar interest yang tetap (fixed-interst loan), biasanya dalam 8%, jangan terlampau yakin tawaran itu adalah yang terbaik. Mereka ini jauh lebih licik daripada yang anda sangkakan.

Jadi, bagaimana dengan Musharakah Mutanaqisah (MM) di Malaysia? Secara teorinya, MM adalah perkhidmatan pembiayaan kewangan yang halal. Berani saya bercakap begitu kerana konsep pembiayaan bersandarkan ekuiti mudharabah adalah halal di sisi agama. Namun, bank-bank di Malaysia tidak mengikut sepenuhnya teori Musharakah Mutanaqisah. Tambahan pula, hanya dua bank tempatan sahaja yang menawarkan konsep MM kepada masyarakat Islam atau bukan Islam di Malaysia ini. Jelas sekali, mereka hanyalah mahu mengaut keuntungan dan tidak mahu ambil risiko ‘membantu’ pelanggan. Selama ini pun bank-bank bukanlah berniat mahu membantu masyarakat. Seperti mana syarikat-syarikat yang lain, mereka cuma mahukan keuntungan yang maksimum. Membantu masyarakat adalah tanggungjawab kerajaan, fikir mereka. Walaupun Bank Y dan Bank Z ada menyediakan pembiayaan menggunakan konsep MM, saya tidak yakin mereka mengikut segala peraturan yang ada di dalamnya. Sebagai contohnya, kontrak persetujuan antara Bank Y dan saya telah dijelaskan oleh peguam sama sahaja dengan BBA di mana saya layak duduk di rumah itu tetapi jika saya gagal membayar balik duit pinjaman itu, maka rumah akan di sita dan dilelong. Bagaimana dengan minimum 10% pegangan saya di dalam nilai pasaran rumah itu? Bank biasanya akan ‘melelong’ rumah itu dan berharap akan mendapatkan harga pasaran untuk rumah itu, setinggi yang mungkin. Untung di situ segalanya milik bank. Bukankah mereka cuma mahukan bayaran prinsipal apabila kontrak itu dibuat? Jika buat untung sekalipun, pegangan ekuiti saya bagaimana? Dapatkah tidak? Lagi satu, bukankah pelanggan mempunyai hak untuk jual rumah itu dahulu sebelum rumah itu disita? Hasil keuntungan itu boleh lah pelanggan bayar baki hutang kepada bank. Tambahan lagi, jika saya terlambat satu hari sahajapun untuk bayaran bulanan kepada bank, mengapa perlu begitu rakus memaksa saya bayar denda kerana lambat? Nasib baik Bank Y menawarkan perkhidmatan pembayaran automatik ‘standing order’. Itupun saya dicas RM1.00 untuk perkhidmatan itu.

Yang paling utama sekali, bank-bank yang menawarkan pembiayaan menggunakan konsep Musharakah Mutanaqisah di Malaysia kadaran bayaran bulanannya masih berlandaskan BFR atau nama bukan Islamnya, BLR. Tidak ada bank yang menawarkan kadar ‘sewa’ bulanan yang berkonsep ‘ijarah’ berdasarkan kadar sewasa semasa di sesuatu kawasan tersebut di mana itulah yang paling adil untuk para pengguna. Jika Negara-negara Arab berjaya mengadaptasikan cara ini di sana, mengapa di sini tidak boleh?

Adakah wang mengatasi segala-galanya?

“For them to change, I must change.” Untuk mengubah, kita harus berubah dahulu. Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) harus mengambil langkah awal dengan mengasingkan diri daripada perniagaan berlandaskan riba’. Fikirlah, jika BNM 100% komited untuk perbankan secara Islam dan memperbaiki struktur kewangan Malaysia, saya yakin hak pengguna akan terus terpelihara. Para pengguna pun tidak lagi merasakan bank-bank ini hanyalah Ah-Long berlesen. Saya ini bukanlah hanya bercakap dari sudut pandangan seorang pengguna sahaja. Jika pihak bank takut untuk mengalami kerugian akibat risiko yang sangat tinggi maka haruslah mereka tidak lagi memberi pinjaman kepada pembeli sewenang-wenangnya. Pemuda-pemudi kini ada yang jatuh muflis gara-gara kerakusan bank-bank Islam atau konvensional ‘menjual’ perkhidmatan kad kredit. Ada juga kisah di mana pembeli rumah Berjaya mendapat pembiayaan walaupun jumlah tanggungan hutang kini mencecah 60% gaji kasar. Haruskah kita lupa kepada isu ‘sub-prime crisis’ di Amerika Syarikat. Banyak bank yang lingkup kerana ramainya pengguna yang gagal melangsaikan hutang. Jika ada penyiasatan kredit yang tegas, maka tidak ada lagi pengguna-pengguna yang gagal mematuhi perjanjian dengan bank. Ini baru lah Islamik!

Bank tidak seharusnya tamak dalam pengurusan mereka. Jualan yang banyak tidak semestinya menjanjikan keuntungan yang baik apatah lagi halal. Saya yakin jika Bank Negara tolak sistem kewangan konvensional dan menerima pakai konsep kewangan Islam yang betul-betul Islam, bukan hanya tukar nama sahaja, hak pengguna dan bank akan terjaga dan tidak ada lagi jualan yang berlandaskan riba’. Jangan kata orang Islam, orang bukan Islam pun juga akan bersama-sama menyokong sistem kewangan yang halal ini kerana hak mereka lebih terjaga.
Percayalah, jika kita berjaya melaksanakan sistem kewangan Islam yang benar-benar Islam, kebenaran dan keadilan dalam Islam akan terserlah di seluruh pelusuk dunia. Janganlah jadikan alasan bahawa sistem kewangan Islam yang sedia ada ini adalah suatu titik permulaan yang baik walaupun tidak lari dari riba’.

Matlamat tidak menghalalkan cara.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Spira Alam Impian (FOR RENT)

For rent: Spira, Alam Impian

Fully furnished! GATED and GUARDED with access card.

4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. Double storey, brand new, modern contemporary designhouse at Alam Impian, Shah Alam.

Furnitures: beds (4), quality mattresses (4), wardrobes (4), dressing tableswith mirror(4), Stools (3), TV cabinets (2), Dining table (1), dining chairs(6), Sofa 2 seater, Sofa 3 seater, Sofa leg stool.

Lights and fans as standard.

Kitchen Cabinet installed! Grilles installed!

Suitable for young family with a taste for modern, contemporary lifestyle, plus state of the art security.

Smacked in between KESAS and Federal Highway! Linked using LKSA!

Facing garden. Facing South so your home wont be hot! (although it LOOKS HOT :))

Minutes to Shah Alam City, Sunway, USJ, PJ Klang etc.

Giant, Carrefour, EconSave and wet market moments away.

Rental: RM1800 (furnished) RM1600 (unfurnished but with Kitchen cabinet)

Move in: December 2011

Interested? Leave a comment below. Or email me at jeghui(at)