Friday, June 26, 2009


On unity government...
I don't know what Abdul Hadi Awang is trying to do. Did he just realise that the Pakatan way would be a more liberal and anti-Malay/Muslim way of living in Malaysia because of the presence of more dominant parties PKR and DAP (difference of ideologies)? Or simply he could smell an opportunity to join the Federal Government the quickest? Or maybe SINCERELY wanting to bring all Muslims in Malaysia together looking at how Muslims are divided in Malaysia? (UMNO-Muslims, UMNO-seculars, PAS-pro muzakarah Muslims, PAS anti-muzakarah, PAS Erdogans, PKR-Muslims, PKR-liberals-seculars, Indian-Muslims... etc). Whatever the reason is, PAS joining UMNO would be cheating. (froggies rule?). PAS joining Barisan Nasional to fight together for the next GE is however, not cheating. I don't really mind if Muslims in Malaysia really want to bond together because that is what Prophet Muhammad PBUH would want, since he detests Qabilah practice (Muslims having various groups) among the Muslims. However, this must only be done without the expense of the Non-Muslims because Prophet Muhammad encourages Muslim leaders to take good care of all citizens regardless of races. I know the Pakatan leaders have held a press conference rejecting a unity government, but, they can always discuss with Barisan Nasional on how to improve Malaysia for the benefits of the people.
On Tuan Guru Nik Aziz...
I have to agree with Mahathir when he said Tuan Guru is old and grumpy, like him! Although it could be contributed by the way PAS was so-called 'treated' many years ago (1970s when they joined Barisan), he forgot that Islam encourages people to forgive and forget. Depicting UMNO as communists and Sky Kingdom practices is somewhat shallow and of a sweeping statement. Worse, UMNO was once called kaffirs which really left a bad taste on people's perception of PAS, extreme and shouldn't be able to go well with liberals and seculars like DAP. Tuan Guru can accept ex-UMNO people (ie forgiven and forgotten of their past) like Anwar and many others in PKR (literally ex UMNO members and MPs) but not the current UMNO people although they had nothing to do with the 1970s issue. I guess it's because this is politics. He is againts the idea of a unity government, like Husam, because he doesn't want to see PAS under UMNO, worse than what he feels PAS's current position. Well, Nik Aziz is still human... derived from the word Insaan, that would mean Forgetful, in Arabic. So he made a mistake calling people names.. even Nasha was not spared, being emotionally shown to the door to join UMNO if Nasha was so interested about uniting the Muslims. Well, I am. So don't call me names if I want something better for the Muslims. In fact what are you so scared of? You can even expose UMNO wrong-doings when you are with Barisan in a party of your own!
On Chin Peng returning to Malaysia...
Man this one is so ridiculous even having to discuss it! Anwar seconded the motion (expectedly), because he simply wants to please people who support Communism/Socialism that made of some part of Pakatan Rakyat (shall I say DAP? SAPP?). I almost choked to death when some Malay guys on Facebook bravely saying how they welcome Chin Peng back home, obviously hardcore fans of Anwar Ibrahim. (monkey see, monkey do!). They even said something like "those people killed by PKM are the slaves of the invaders (English)". Slaves of invaders or slaves of the nation? Nothing against the former DPM, I am saying all this because I don't want to see the decendants of the people getting killed fighting the Communist guerillas being illy-provoked. Well yeah, PKM fought for the country against the Japanese and even the English later to achieve democracy. Well, it's because they wanted to rule Tanah Melayu as well! With their own ideology 'some more'! Who wouldn't jump into that kind of opportunity? Being the new kings? The Malayan and English forces fought them off and the Malaysian government called truce with PKM in the 1980s. Chin Peng, Samsiah Faqih, Razak Mohiedeen.... I don't think they were allowed home because the Government didn't want to spur anger among the fighters who were still living, and their families and friends. Bringing them home would indicate they were forgiven of their brutal insurgency. So, it's a no-no. I think Samsiah died and her body was brought home. I don't think it's a big deal anyway since they are happy to believe in Communism, now that China's current government practices a bit of the Communism anyway so they will be fine. In addition, my great uncle was killed by a PKM member and so was their Chinese neighbour, simply for not co-operating. So over my dead body PKM can be forgiven. Yeah I talked about forgive and forget earlier but this is different when we are talking about innocent and national heroes' lives been taken. Nuff said.
On Manohara vs Hubby...
I don't think it's a national issue. It's a waste of time really. So what if your husband loves dominatrix sex? Don't give me that bull-crap that you were against it. You could have said no and asked him to stop nicely. You are his wife for God sake, not his slave! When you said you were 'numb', it is sort of like a give away to me that you are simply being in denial. I can't find drugs that can make you numb but concious at the same time. You kinda loved it didn't you? Until you found it awkward being treated like a sex slave after telling the whole ordeal to your mom. You naive little girl. You thought you hit the jackpot marrying a prince and living like a princess. Well, I am sorry. Life is definitely not a fairy-tale movie. Did anyone tell you that? Did your mom tell you that or she was delightful when she heard the news her daughter's marrying a prince? And what the hell is this talk about you being kidnapped and being raped by your husband? My God. My prophet told me a wife is like a field, where her 'husband can plow the seeds in anyway he wants... as long as the wife is clean from haid and nifas... and never do it from the anus because God will never look at the face of men who do it in Paradise...'. So there's no such thing as rape in a married life. Allowing sex is one of the reasons people get married in Islam. I'm sure this Manohara is Muslim despite her Indonesian name and that half-covered-UMNO-like scarf. And yeah, suddenly you wanted to make it like a national issue by joining forces with the riots against Ambalat-invasion? Fame-seeker! Glory-hunter! And now she is shooting for an Indonesian series. Obvious! So again, just keep your bloody love story behind closed doors! You are just making a mockery of your already-screwed marriage. It's a joke really!
On calls for justice for gay people in Malaysia...
Oh please... you are in Malaysia, you live by its rules. You wanna change it, make your own party, win election and debate in the Parliament and see if it's gonna work in a traditional, Muslim-dominated country like Malaysia. Adultery, be it from the 'front' or from 'behind' is a crime in Malaysia. But I know the authority (cops) don't really catch people for adultery (hell yeah spas with prostitutes are everywhere in KL). The JAKIM snoop-cats however, are more interested with Muslims committing adultery. This is somewhat against the real teachings of Islam as Muslims are not allowed to search-and-catch, storm into properties, snoop around people committing sins (mencari-cari kesalahan orang lain adalah dosa besar). However, if by-chance that you are caught committing a crime, you should be punished. If one is committing a crime and a neighbour called the authority, that shouldn't be a problem, Islamically. But again, I am sure there are thousands of gay people in Malaysia (Western-culture-shocked, easily-influenced, emotional people - yeah don't blame God for it), they can live on with their lives as long as they don't get caught. I bet gay guys in Malaysia are mostly Malays. Wanna bet on that? I don't care really as long as you realise one day what you are doing is against any religion, unnatural, unhealthy and you don't establish a recruitment agency to lure others into your dungeon and thats fine really. P/S: I have a senior who is a drag Queen now in KL. Or should I say drag half-Queen?
On not punctual people...
I was really angry having to wait for 42 minutes for a couple of so-called educated, Raja Petra fans friends to treat them from my first pay. That was not the first time and on top of that, I was double booked for their friend from Portsmouth. (obviously if they are reading this, yeah screw them I had enough of being nice to KIDS). If you made a promise, I don't expect you to break it. If you are late, should have called or texted me earlier. I even gave 40 minutes of waiting time but thats probably the limit. In the 42nd minute, I just left for home from Leicester friggin Square. Saved me some bucks as well despite losing some 'friends'. I don't care I just hate being made a waiting toy!
On Arsenal new signing...
Fact: Thomas Vermaelen is shorter than Toure and Gallas by a centimeter. And we are having problems with the aerial defence at the back! Thank God for that. I expect more signings especially from the midfield. Strong, powerful, Vieira-like midfielder. A prolific towering striker like Dzeko wouldn't hurt as well after getting rid of that Ade-BAH-yor.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Mega-buys not the way. Clever buys are to stay.

Yup, the season's over. Now clubs in the Premier League are flexing their muscles in the summer transfer window with the likes of Manchester City and Portsmouth joining Chelsea, Man Utd and Liverpool with the mission to 'buy' trophies.
For me, it's a clear way of cheating when big clubs win all the titles with superior financial advantage. I am still waiting for the day when a small spending club clinches the title - in which will NEVER happen if the Big Clubs with Big Bucks continue financing their transfers with debts.
Maybe the FA should introduce the transfer-solvency mechanism where a club, which is debt-ridden, will have their transfer budget cap even though their assets indicate an ability to fully finance the debts.
It is cheating because the mid-table and poor from the wealthiest clubs table won't be able to fork out 32 million pounds for a world class player, and they will continue to be in mid table, or even relegated, being unable to outclass the big clubs with their home-grown youngsters.
The big four will continue to dominate unless billionaire-owners begin taking over many lowly clubs and challenge for the title.
Referring to Chelsea, it is clear the Club itself is in debt but with the backing of mega-rich Abramovic, he will continue to pump in money when ever which is needed. When he took over Chelsea, his own money was used. Man Utd however, is not the case when the takeover is financed by long term loan but they still continue to buy big like Dimitar Berbatov and potentially Carlos Teves even though their arch-rival City has claimed interest too.
Arsenal with their Emirates Stadium being their new source of gate receipts after leaving Higbury, has always wanted to work prudently. However, they took a gamble in which has paid off by securing a 300million pounds of loan to finance their new home. It has paid dividends thanks to their strict transfer policy and wage structure where only clever or 'boring' signings are made.
They have signed Andriy Arshavin in January for 15 Million pounds during which the sterling pounds was a lot weaker then. With his great start to his Arsenal career, it has proven that he is a worthwhile signing, a clever one if you may.
Chelsea, would have offered 30million pounds for Arshavin if they were keen for him, which I can say here, as silly money. This is a clear difference between both clubs.
The aim for Arsenal, just like other companies, is to make the company works in a going-concern basis and act prudently to stay in a financially sound position. Others, like Chelsea and Man City are being made as the big boys' toys - making Football Manager (the game) a reality, simply to show to the people that they have power and control of whatever they want.
If I were a billionaire myself, I would buy shares in Arsenal. I would take over the Arsenal NOT to show people what I got, but to seriously make Arsenal achieve things while making good decisions on its finance, so that I will stay longest in the Club. I am a fan of Football Manager as well but trust me, I only buy the youngsters and if I had to sell them in the future, I will make sure I make profits out of it.
What the Arsenal board is doing is somewhat in the interest of Arsene Wenger - buy intelligently. There may be some stupid buys like Franny Jeffers and Jose Reyes but at least they were not signed for about 25 million pounds (like Veron) or 30 million pounds (Shevchenko). Jose Reyes had a problem settling in London and as far as I am concerned, his so called 19million pounds signing were only settled in half, as Jose didn't achieve much during his stay at Arsenal. The track record has said it all. World-class players were made at Arsenal where they were virtually nobody before. Dennis Bergkamp was a flop in Inter, Henry was made to play on the left wing in Juventus, Patrick Vieira was a fringe youngster at Milan, Marc Overmars was badly injured when he signed from Ajax, Kanu was a forgotten man at Inter, Petit was a nobody in France and so were Clichy, Sagna, Toure and Adebayor. It's the Arsenal way to buy cheap and develop players to become world class stars.
Honestly, I am not sour about Man Utd's achievements for the past seasons, but if the likes of Everton, Aston Villa and Wigan can challenge for the title with the money they have, that would be better for the game, so that it won't be perceived as 'you can buy the title' game where about 4 billion fans out there cheering for the beauty of it, not ugly money.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Bitesize Updates

On Penanti by-election...
Shouldn't be held at the first place. But Fairus the Misai Kucing Silat Ultraman felt betrayed but remains loyal with PKR. I mean, what is your problem? One even told me that Fairus had to do it to further his studies? Come on.. in what? Silat Cekak Penjejak Badai Tahap Qigong Meriam? You were selected by the people to serve them for a term. And the results shown as if there is no need for that by-election. Only 43% went out to vote? That's like the lowest ever! Apart from the by-elections triggered by deaths, other by-elections were unnecessary as well. It cost a lot of tax payer money and what a waste of time when evidently the results indicated the people remains loyal with the party won in the General Election 2008. What a load of rubbish.

On Guy Carpenter...
It's my 5th week now. Really happy with it. The people here are soo brilliant and it's different for me because the bosses actually sit near you. I can actually meet the SVPs because they are only 3 cubicles away. I got the corner lot where people past by every time they go for tea/coffee in the mini-canteen. Kantoi surfing Internet...

The future...
Depends really. Would hope to stay longer here. Qualify maybe? Definitely. 5 years here and 6 years with MNRB that sounds Alright as long as everything goes smooth with me.

The new house...
Still think its a bargain. I paid 375pounds per month for the Neasden house, 350 for the one at Park Court, 300 for Linacre Road I hardly occupied and now 460 for Scarborough St. I have got a double-bed room, with newly furbished shower room and toilets plus we got the new stove as well. Low point is I am actually sharing with unknowns but I'm quite click with one of them named Martin, who, ironically, was made redundant by Guy Carpenter earlier this year. Gulp! The distance to Tower Place? 7 minutes walk so no 100 quid monthly travel pass for me!

Food hunting...
Yeah went Shanghai Inn's Noodles (Halal), Bayswater the first time with Adrian, Arin and Amir (Arin's brother). Very nice the duck! I like! But the disappointment was for the dumplings.. tasteless. But will come again. And there is an Indian restaurant just round the corner of my house named Halal Restaurant. A lot better than Khan's. Good food, good service. Very polite. Got free dessert some more. After my last visit with Shukur from Malaysian Re, that could be my last.

Weekend football...
4 a side the first time I went with the likes of Arin, Amir, Amir, Amir, Yas, Zaid, fadhli and others.. If no people, we play Frisbee. Very weird the frisbee. But very fast.. travels so long. Got injured last weekend. Amir Abdillah was soo sweet to check out on my ankle the next day by calling. Budak baik ni! Haha. Unlucky je tak dapat masuk Final British Got Talent. (AMir, if you are reading this, jgn marah wei ko dah nak kawen kena control macho nanti bersanding. Haha).

Ok now I need to go solat Zuhur at Level 2. Yes, GuyCarp/Marsh ada bilik solat! Woohoo!