Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mysterious dream: Tsunami

Call me crazy or senile reaching a quarter of century of age but two weeks before the General Election I was awaken by a weird dream that I talked to my friends about it. Arwin had also experienced one of the weirdest dream for him and had sought advices from people who could read dreams. As for myself, I dreamed of a tsunami that hit Malaysia and was told that dreams related to water or flood would indicate good luck but I do not if it is the case for me.

In that dream, the water was so blue and it hit a beautiful coastal area of Malaysia. It happened during the election and I said, "Kesian Pak Lah.. dah lah nak election!"

And... it really happened! Few days ago BN suffered a political setback. It was touted as the worst ever for the government and being called as a political TSUNAMI.

I guess the blue wave in my dream indicated PKR (with the light blue flag).

About 2 days ago, I dreamt again of tsunami. This time the water was dark blue and it was in the night. I pulled a young boy out of the water as we were enjoying the scenery by the sea as I sensed something was amiss. Then suddenly we saw the wave meters high and ran for our lives! We escaped death because of a huge castle sitting pretty on the hills where we took shelter.

So what's next for Malaysia if we relate it with this dream?

No, I'm not a prophet!

Not even trying to be Ayah Pin!


Anonymous said...

maybe the tsunami is a sign of the change of political tide and the castle sort of represents kota baru (new castle), ahah. it either has to do with kelantan or literally a new kota, new malaysia. hurrah!

Hilmi Ramlan said...

hmm.. tidings.. tide...wave... bah.. banyak ikan masuk malaysia kot :D good for nelayan!!

Anonymous said...

u dah lama x mandi ni :)