Friday, February 27, 2009

Herald Allowed To Use Allah

I do not see Karpal being surrounded by thugs as a serious problem this week. Karpal himself was asking for it for using the word "celaka" and accusing UMNO youth of sending him the bullets without evidence. And since nothing had happened, it was still a good entertainment for Malaysians who love Akademi Fantasia and other reality TV shows. Same goes to Eli Wong naked pictures. I feel for her actually but you can't be that foolish enough to let your boyfriend have your body where you know he can leave you anytime.
"It's like free sex!" claimed a friend in my college days the reason for having relationships.
Marriage is more legitimate and Halal and I bet other religions are against sex before marriage as well.
So I guess the people enjoyed the scenes. But I am not fazed.
Anyway, in a more serious matter, Herald was allowed to use the word Allah in their publishings.
That's it. That's the final straw.
Before that, let me remind you readers that the word Allah is actually God, derived from Arab-Hebrew language. I do not deny that. But I always look at the application perspective.
The only intention this Christian group was sooooooo eager to use Allah in its publishing is to lure the Muslims to convert to Christianity. They have used Lord before and Jesus, nothing has worked. So now rather annoyingly wanting to push for the use of the name Allah.
I don't care if Herald can use the name Allah as long as they must state "For Christians Only", how about we put the name Jesus in our teachings of Nabi Isa and blatantly state that Jesus is not God, Jesus was human, Jesus could feel pain, Jesus was not crucified and all, but we are actually referring to Nabi Isa, will the Christians be fine with that?
We have a weak leadership! What happens to our country now is simply because of trying to please everyone attitude.
Some idealists, be it bloggers or defacto leaders, want to please everyone and I bet that is not practical. I was accused of being a MALAY ULTRA many times but they simply forgot that I am a practical man and always want to avoid conflicts in the future. We do not want to take risks to change everything in a sudden that will only anger people!
I am not ULTRAMAN as well as I do not expect people to absorb whatever I said but let us all be realistic. A muslim politician can say that Islam does not condone racial discrimination which is sooo true. But at this point, I am with the UiTM guy from Shauqi's blog. Not because I am an Ultra Malays like the guy is posing, I am simply being realistic. You Malays are still faaaaaarr behind economically. You Malays do not seize the opportunities being given to you to improvise yourself.
So don't blame the system. If we were to have equality today, it's like a time bomb in the next 15 years when the Malays finally realise they won NOTHING. I am pessimistic that the Malays will work hard now like the Chinese after being pampered, but I also do not believe they will change OVERNIGHT.
I feel like swearing now you know...
Lets go back to the system, minus the corruptions and mis-use of power. In their manifesto, PKR did say they are keeping the Perlambagaan but you know it's just politics.
If you ask me who will benefit NEP? The Malays? Not soo much. People with money of course. With NEP, the government injects more money so that people can get projects. So what's the difference?
This is confirmed by a Chinese partner of ours as he sees nothing wrong with NEP as long as he is still in business. So you readers must not just read the blogs and papers. Be in the industry now only you know the reality.
Sadly, most people do not know the reality and the practicality. They are like emotional cows (not Khalid's story here), gazing on the grass and roots of controversies, feeding on them and mooing spreading the lies and half-truths everywhere around the world.
Utusan Malaysia? You are worse than Utusan Malaysia, not even near Bi-POP!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Detain Sisters In Islam under ISA

'Review Muslim inheritance law' By : June Ramli (My comments in bold)

KUALA LUMPUR: The rules of inheritance for women through the Faraid system must be reviewed and changed, says Cassandra Bal-chin, a freelance researcher, writer and human rights advocacy trainer.

Who are you to say we need to change the rule of Allah? An Islamic cleric? A mufti? Imam Mahdi? Musailamatul-Kazzaab? The Most Powerful Most Knowledgeable Goddess??


"Right now, the rules of inheritance are outdated because they are interpreted according to historical context," Balchin, a Muslim convert, told the New Straits Times yesterday.Under the Faraid system, Muslim women get a smaller share of property than Muslim men because of their gender. "This does not reflect the reality of the situation. "These laws were made at a different time for a different society. Things have changed since.

Historical context? Quran is outdated and lame? Is that what you Mualaf is trying to convince us Muslims? (Who obviously know things better about Islam than you do). I don't care if your body odour smells bacin-bacin, Miss Balchin but Islam does not discriminate you for that, or for your gender. The reason why Faraid favours the guys is simply the guys are usually the leaders of the family and they need to support the family. (nafkah). I thought many of you ladies agree with that so that you can save a lot for shopping!

"Your money is my money, my money is my money," said most girls. Equality my hairy butt!

"Syariah is a principle and not law and the law needs to be changed according to the circumstances because it's discriminative against Muslim women.

Do you have a better law? Your puny civil law? Human-made law? A killer would have the chance to run away before a warrant can be issued and you're saying your law is perfect? And look what human law has got us into?

"She also said that it was high time for Muslim women and men to be seen as equals.

You know why women cannot be men? Try walking around your neighbourhood with only your kain pelikat on. No cheating ok? Topless!

"There are many laws and practices that are negative towards Muslim women but we want to change that because we feel that there is plenty of space in Islam for them to get a better deal and, most importantly, for equality of men and women."

Stop talking about equality when you actually want more than us men need. We have boys schools you women want girls schools! If you are so into equality, why not open co-ed schools to give us boys something to think about.

"Your money is my money, my money is my money,"

Balchin, who is a founding member of the Musawah planning committee, is here for a five-day Musawah meeting which begins today.Musawah brings scholars and activists to support and promote equality and justice among Muslim families.

There is always equality among Muslim men and women. I really think it's being blown out of proportion when people see Islam as being discriminative against women.

Try Christianity - "women are supposed to feel the pain of PMS and giving birth because of the sins that women bring into this world"
But noone said anything about Christianity being gender-biased?

It is organised by Sisters in Islam and will see some 200 Muslim scholars and activists from 40 countries discussing reforms on laws that affect the lives of Muslim families worldwide.

So this will surely cause unrest among the moderate Muslims in Malaysia and this extremist group called Sisters in Islam should be detained under ISA for ridiculing the words of Allah and Quran and therefore causing religious uproar in Malaysia.

"Your money is my money, my money is my money,"


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

There will be blood...

Yesterday I had the chance to watch half of the movie There Will Be Blood on Astro. I must say Daniel Day-Lewis did a tremendous job as an embittered, wily old oilman Daniel Plainview. Daniel (the actor) did win some awards for his performance.
The quote "Bastard in a basket" was downright hilarious but I bet it will stay on Daniel's fans for a long time with another quote "I drink your milkshake!".
People tend to love the same personalities shown by famous people that they have and since idolise them. I am a fan of Tourette's Guy (no offence to people who have this syndrome) probably because he swears a lot! I do swear (a lot) when I get angry and if I had a video of myself I would probably laugh my ass of for they way I behave when I get angry.
"**** ****!!!"
Daniel Plainview reminds of me sometimes. The way he gets even with Eli was spot on although it is a bit too much to kill another man. But the way he mocks Eli... of gods and gospels... Hahaha!
I also used to think I do play football like Overmars although I am far far from his world-class abilities. Maybe a bit of his resemblance made me a self-proclaimed non-flying Dutchman. Ptuih.
I should make videos of myself when I get angry the next time. Should be a good compilation at least I think so.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Top 10 Most Annoying Malaysian's Political Scenarios

10. Altantuya Shaaribuu being implicated with Najib Tun Razak simply because Razak Baginda is his political secretary. A political drama unfolded out of perception and being played on and on and on... zzzzzz....

9. Pak Lah announcing in his 2004 election manifesto to fight corruption and misuse of power but the son-in-law and son proving otherwise, in which will bring the premier down after a short spell in Putrajaya.

8. Khir Toyo and his handling of Selangor Government. Nuff said. And Khir Toyo as himself, after GE 2008 results. Baru nak cari Tuhan...

7. Jamaludin and Osman bluntly claimed the China Dolls offered to them are just like "Sedekah".

6. Statutory declarations made by many people simply for political purposes. The crazed prince Raja Petra claimed Rosmah was at the murder scene of Altantuya Shaaribu which is too good to be true, like a Hindustan movie. One private investigator claiming the victim was sodomised and then ran away claiming making statements 'under duress'.

5. Saiful Bukhari giving away his modesty (and his political ambitions) for fame. His uncle, Uncle Pet has repeatedly said Saiful is strong but his sissy-ness proved otherwise.

4. "Dari Permatang Pauh ke Putrajaya." The slogan made for the by-election in Permatang Pauh featuring Anwar Ibrahim, promoting Anwar's immediate return to Government as the Prime Minister using the defection channel. Hypocracy is at large when Pakatan has accused UMNO being arrogant but this slogan beats them all.

3. "Bagi semua (projek) dekat menantu dia!" Mahathir, Father of Hypocrite, barking at Pak Lah for the latter's practice of nepotism and cronysim while his son, Mokhzani Mahathir's net worth is about 200Million US Dollars by Forbes.

2. "Mogok Lapar" by extremists the Hindraf group. What more annoying is how they tainted the good image of Malaysia and claimed UMNO and Islam are exercising ethnic cleansing towards Malaysian Indians. Selamat Menyambut Thaipusam, a public holiday which does not even exist in Singapore.

1. "Lompat Si Katak Lompat". The idea of party-hopping re-invented and made popular by Anwar Ibrahim to bring 31 MPs to Pakatan Rakyat to form a new federal government. However, Najib made Anwar tasted his own poison by re-claiming Perak. In addition, Sultan's orders were denied by certain people who claimed themselves Malaysians what not Malays. The supporters, being in denial, are angry with the BN way of regaining the state however they have 'forgotten' how their 'great' leader Anwar publicly promote the idea of defections. Many Malaysians, particularly the Malays, have lost their trust on Pakatan to keep the Sultanate Institution, Malay rights, NEP and the so called strong bond among the coalition parties under PR.


Friday, February 06, 2009

Over-dramatization of Kataks

1. A frog or katak in Bahasa, is a simple species feeding on insects and vegetation.
2. It hops from one place to another using its powerful hind legs instead of walking like most animals do.
3. Human beings however, are very intelligent creatures and love to imitate their surroundings to make their lives easier.
4. Many months ago, they learn how to hop like kataks. Led by their leader namely Mr. An-us they came knocking on Mr. Slow-Mo's door claiming that they have the numbers to form a new government.
5. Mr. Slow-Mo refused to meet them, asking Mr. An-us to provide the names of the kataks.
6. Mr An-us claimed they would form a new government no matter what in Sept 16, marking the country's formation of the new federation.
7. September 16 did past, nothing happened. Mr. An-us reiterated his desire to let the kataks hop to his side... later on the September 24th... nothing happened too.
8. "End of the year!! The kataks will be hopping to the good side!" Mr. An-us boastfully claimed, disregarding the constituency and unethical conducts of party hopping. The new year has past, nothing happened.
9. Despite being accused of committing unnatural sex with a katak jambu, Mr. An-us braved the wave to ensure the people that justice will prevail, the rakyat will have a fair and just government, a country for all.
10. Then at the end of January, Mr. An-us publicly accepted Katak Double and was very proud of the move. Katak Double won his seat in a state called Perak under Mr. Slow-Mo's party but without the consent of rakyat, he hopped to the other side, learning how to hop from Mr. An-us who organises party-hopping class every Saturday, 10. a.m till midnight since April 2008.
11. With incentives such as insects and more insects or probably katak jambus as well, Katak Double spoke of the great idealism of Mr. An-us's party and his leadership quality. Mr. An-us's partner, Mr. Kapal Api never agrees on this idea of party hopping, the only one of his comrades.
12. Few days after that, Mr. Slow-Mo's deputy, Mr. Ka-Ching took over presidency of the state's opposition party. Later, he announced three of Mr. An-us's party leaders had quit the party and become Katak Merdekas. "I am a free man now." claimed one who is still being charged of accepting sedekah from China Dolls.
13. Free? Ada banyak makna tu...
14. Mr. Slow-Mo's party, led by Mr. Ka-Ching, claimed victory and want to form a new state government in Perak because the three Katak Merdekas are giving full support to his party.
15. Mr. An-us couldn't believe his teachings of the art of party hopping have been leaked to irresponsible parties and are being manipulated to destroy him and his party. He fell trap into his own strategy but found out there are still ways to regain the state.
16. "Meet the Sultan. He will be on our side. Our government is just and fair. We are not corrupted leaders. We are super-duper clean, the Sultan loves us." Mr. An-Us told Mr. Bon-bon, the current leader for the state government.
17. Mr. Bon-bon went to meet the Sultan in his black Ronnie to ask the monarch to dissolve the state government for a fresh election. Mr. Ka-Ching later went to meet the Sultan to inform him that he has the numbers to form a new government (ring a bell?). The Sultan rejected Mr. Bon-bon's appeal and upheld the new government to be formed.
18. Mr. Ka-Ching has done something that Mr. An-us has been trying to do for almost a year. Some emo rakyat stepped on Mr. Ka-Ching's poster but nobody said nothing when Mr. An-us said many times of taking over the government in similar fashion.
19. Mr. Bon-bon couldn't hold back his tears when he thought the Sultan would be on their side. Sobbing, he now wants to sue the Sultan after politely asking the Sultan to review His Majesty's decision. The Sultan has spoken, the new leader has sworn on the oath to take over the state government with the majesty's consent. Clearly, the Sultan dislikes the former government under Mr. Bon-Bon. The civil servants, especially the SUK Mr. Remmy, also indicates how he detest the former government.
20. Being consistent, Mr. Kapal Api disagrees on the manner the government has been taken over. Mr. An-us now thinks he could become the author of his own demise. His major plan was copied by others. He regrets the day he started the party-hopping class and there's no way his supporters can say what Mr. Slow-Mo's party is doing is wrong when their own leader actually came out with that 'brilliant' but unethical idea.
21. Me, I will laugh at the faces of Mr. An-us supporters if they claimed that what the other party is doing is morally, ethically wrong and against the law when they forgot to say the same to their leader many months before (except Mr. Kapal Api, he said it, I read it).
22. Again, I do not condone party hopping as it is not ethical but someone told me about the Westminster's way of doing it and I hope he stands by what he said until today.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Fix You by Coldplay

Fix You lyrics

When you try your best, but you don't succeed
When you get what you want, but not what you need
When you feel so tired, but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse

And the tears come streaming down on your face
When you lose something you can't replace
When you love someone, but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

And high up above or down below
When you're too in love to let it go
If you never try you'll never know
Just what you're worth

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

Tears stream down on your face
When you lose something you cannot replace
Tears stream down on your face
And I...

Tears stream down on your face
I promise you I will learn from my mistakes
Tears stream down your face
And I...

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The word is Arsh-enal

Arsenal have signed Andrey Arshavin for 15 Million pounds.

It's cheaper than we first thought and also cheaper monetarily because of the devaluation of pounds.

It is thought that Arshavin will salvage Arsenal's season after successive draws against Everton and West Ham saw them stucked in the fifth place.

The diminutive winger, about my height, is heralded as the genius from Russia.

I really think it's a good buy. If Arsenal were Chelsea or Man Utd, the fee could rise up to 30 Million pounds, which is silly money buying the titles.

Berbatov moved to Man Utd for almost 30 Million pounds.

Arshavin is the most expensive player even spent on by Arsenal followed by Theo Walcott at 12 Million pounds. Reyes did not stay long enough at Arsenal and win Cups for his fee to reach 19 Million pounds.

Uncle Nasa kembali

The last two posts are about Uncle Nasarudin Hashim. As I was sleeping during the day I was shocked to hear how he has returned to UMNO and Barisan Nasional stating 'making sacrifices'.
BN now has 28, PR has 28 and Independant 3.
The last time I heard such that "we have the numbers to form a new government" was from Anwar Ibrahim, who was labelled as the King of Frogs by Koh Tsu Koon.
Just about 2 minutes ago, I read on Thestar Online that it came from his fiercest rival Najib Tun Razak, and he wasn't talking about the big one, but a smaller avenue called Kerajaan Perak.
It's been a torrid time for Nizar these past few weeks, being the MB of Perak.
The talk about defections emerged about a month after the General Election 2008 in March. Anwar has stated how he will 'invite' (no money, positions up front as he claimed) many BN MPs to cross-over to a face-lifted Barisan Alternatif, namely Pakatan Rakyat. Others, are claimed to cross-over voluntarily which I thought was rubbish in this modern world.
I have repeatedly said I am against defections be it from the Pakatan or Barisan and will stand by that statement. A by-election is more appropriate for a State seat being vacated.
It is sad the leaders take more time on the big issue while ignoring the need of the rakyat. Shame on the rakyat who didn't choose their candidates wisely in the State election. I bet some promises made during GE2008 are still stalling.
Well this is what you got for not having a party with 2 3rd majority, a weak government.
Now in Perak both PR and BN are locked at 28 with the 3 Independants claiming to be BN-friendly.
I wonder what sort of government do we have here in Perak. Rojak?