Thursday, March 27, 2008

Complain letter : Brazil vs Sweden match

Ref no: 1964522

Dear Arsenal FC,

I am writing to complain about the match against Brazil vs Sweden earlier today.

I am very angry and disappointed with the ticketing services particularly its wordings regarding match tickets.

I am a red Member and only recently signed up for the half-season membership. The first match at emirates was Arsenal vs Middlesbrough and I was notified that I won’t be given paper ticket to enter the stadium where my membership card will be activated.

As for the Bra vs Swe Match, I bought two groups of tickets (tickets of 9 were bought during the member priority period and tickets of 8 during the general sale)

I was notified of the details of the match via the email and it says:

====Brazil vs Sweden Fixture===

Please note that any member who purchased a ticket(s) during the member priority period will have their membership card activated.

Any member or non-member who has purchased the ticket(s) during the General Sale will be sent a paper ticket via the post.

And few days after I book the 1st group of tickets, I did not receive the paper ticket but the 2nd group tickets came earlier. And upon reading the guideline in the email, I concluded that for the first group, I will not be given paper tickets but instead, swiping my member card will alow 9 ppl to come in, monitored by the stewards.

I didnt receive any of the 1st group tickets until the match, and was not told in the email to get them so I dont think it's my fault since I believed whatever u said regarding tickets being bought by member during priority period.

And after reaching Turnstile J, I swiped my card, and it indicated RED LIGHT. I asked the stewards and he said he dunno, it's not his job. He asked me to go to the club level on turnstile J's right.

Unforthunately, he checked my member card and it read "NOT BOUGHT!". I was very angry as I'm very sure my account was deducted for the payment of approx 360 pounds! Then he said there's nothing he can do about it. I showed him the printed email to show the evidence that I already paid for the tickets with the reference number.

Then I went to see other stewards and he said I need paper tickets! I was furious why he is telling me now??? We were already late for the game and it had already kicked off. It was already 8pm.

Then he asked me to go to the ticket Box Office. There was a freaking LONG QUEUE. I asked the stewards if they can help me as it is not my fault! Although I was charged the postage fee of 2.20 GBP, I was not given paper tickets! But I believe I can still go in using my member card just like the Middlesbrough match where paper ticket was not given.

In the end, we had to queue simply to retrieve our paper tickets! I couldnt stop cursing and it was very embarrassing as I was the member who bought tickets for my frens. Plus it's been a while since I got very very angry.

Finally we got all 9 paper tickets. We swiped our tickets and got in and it was already 5 minutes before half time.

We missed 40 minutes of the match and I still think it's not my fault where the information via the email is insufficient.

I hope u get my rants clear over this matter. I am still very angry with the incident as I hate letting my friends down. I'm an avid fan of Arsenal and I feel betrayed by the incident.

I'm asking for the full reimbursement of the tickets as we were not satisfied at all by the internet system, email notification wordings and the stewards who were rude. However, half of the price will be considered as to be fair, we watched the second half and luckily there was a goal.

I thank you for your attention and hope this will be resolved quickly.

Long time Gunner

Mohd Azrul Abu Hassan

Ref: 1964522

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Anonymous said...

I just read the comment for my post in my blog.
First of all, aku tak blame ko untuk benda berlaku masa Brazil Vs Sweden. Ko dah explain semua kan? So, aku nak blame apa lagi? semua pon dah settle kan?
Second, aku terasa bila ko cakap "Aku tak tau kenapa ada orang nak sokong liverpool"...sebab tu bila aku terasa bila ko panggil orang lain glory hunter sebab aku rasa ko referring tu kat aku...And yes, the post tu memang a reply from this issue...
Third, aku tak pernah blame ko untuk pilih Cass Business School...aku tak pernah blame ko untuk datang UK...aku tak pernah blame ko untuk tak study betul2 masa kat sini...Wallahi, aku tak pernah blame ko atau orang lain untuk semua keputusan salah yang aku buat...aku cuma blame diri sendiri...Demi Allah...
Fourth, pasal 'affairs' and personal life ko, walaupun aku tak setuju tapi AKU STILL HORMAT KEPUTUSAN YANG KO BUAT...ko kena ingat ni sebab apa benda yang aku cakap ngan ko, gurauan aku, semua nya sebab ko yang paling rapat ngan aku kat sini. So kadang2 aku terlepas bergurau, terlepas cakap, cakap benda2 tah hapa2, semua nya sebab aku rasa ko rapat ngan aku...sebab tu apa yang ko cakap kadang2 tereflect terus kat aku...kadang2 ko cakap benda lain, aku pikir lain...mungkin aku yang terlampau defensive...So, post aku tu masa aku betul2 tengah hangin, sebab dahla liverpool kalah, pastu ada plak orang bakar, pastu ada plak orang tambah membara la api...
Yang ko perlu tau, aku ni kawan yang tak mungkin makan kawan...kalau ko mati, aku gerenti akan semayangkan and gerenti akan tolong kebumikan ko...kalau ko sakit, aku insyaAllah ada kat situ, kalau ko nak mintak tolong, aku insyaAllah tolong seberapa yang mampu...
Lagi satu, ko kena ingat, yang aku ni BETUL2 BERTERIMA KASIH KAT KO SEBAB TOLONG AKU SAMPAI LA SEKRANG...ko rasa aku boleh ke hidup kalau takde ko, apek, afif, n lain2 tolong aku kat sini?aku bersyukur sangat2 korang semua ada dengan aku...
Aku mintak maaf atas benda yang buat ko bengang or sakit hati...mungkin aku pon tak terkawal diri aku masa tu...
it's up to u now nak buat macam mana...

ni untuk bacaan ko je...takyah la ko nak publish comment ni...sampai mati pon aku still hormat kat ko azrul, jangan ko pikir respect ni boleh hilang gitu aje...i still respect your opinions, your views, your knowledges...