Monday, September 22, 2014

Was it a fluke? Or a well-executed plan?

YB Azmin Ali finally got what he wanted – to be the Menteri Besar of Selangor. What I am writing now is not based on facts but actually just a mere hypothesis of what I think could be the work of a genius.

No, I am not talking about the so-called master strategist Rafizi Ramli who would now claimed this is all part of Kajang Move. As far as I can remember, Azmin Ali fell out with Khalid Ibrahim months after the latter was re-appointed to the hot seat for the second term. Azmin was accused of playing victim in the PKNS sacking saga and worked from there on.

Unlike Rafizi, maybe Azmin played it from the Sultan to the bottom and now he succeeded in this strategy. The infamous “Agree on MB first and ask Sultan later” has proved to be the fatal mistake for the Panda MP’s Kajang Move. The Selangor Sultan has ignored the fact that Azmin is not Selangor-born and could also be a naturalized citizen of Malaysia, going against the tradition. In an earlier letter, the palace has admitted they would need to consider the candidates from outside of the nomination list.

PKR and DAP sent one sole candidate despite the decree of the Sultan requesting more than two names. PAS on the other hand, defied its central committee’s decision to put up Azmin and Wan Azizah (and later Mat Sabu’s rogue decision to agree on Wan Azizah only) and fielded three PAS assemblymen instead.

What the PAS President did was the right thing to do – to teach PKR that PAS is a no donkey party that Anwar Ibrahim could ride on.

Anyway, Azmin has always wanted the number 1 post of the state. An ambitious politician from UMNO, he threatened to “reveal all” right after Pakatan Rakyat’s defeat of the 13th General Election, and of course, not selected to replace Khalid as Selangor’s Menteri Besar. The “Azmin reveals” episode ended up in a whimper presumably after Anwar had promised Azmin the post using “every power he can to oust Khalid”.

When Kajang Move was announced, Azmin knew his plan would work – starting by the removal of the super star Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim. He kept his cool and gave huge support to Anwar to become the new menteri besar of Malaysia’s richest state despite his supporters telling him Anwar has betrayed him of his promise.

Azmin is the man Anwar isn’t. He waited and waited and waited. He reconciled with his mother. He showed his loyalty in front of Anwar, he knew this day would come.

Assuming he had scored the trust of the Sultan by being chummy with him even before we know it, he knows he got the money in the bag, hopefully not the RM3billion Selangor reserve. He knew the Sultan would reject Anwar Ibrahim even if his sodomy verdict was not overturned. He knew the idea of a woman who would also be a remote-controlled Menteri Besar to take over the top post would not go well with the palace.

He knew all that because he has done his homework. While we all had our own hypothesis and opinions, we will never know if all this is a fluke or just a very well executed plan.

The interview he had with the Sultan the other day was just a reassurance. The rest were just an act.

Will the story end here? I personally do not favor Azmin to be my menteri besar but he is indeed the lesser of two evil between him and Anwar (not Azizah). Those young back-stabbing politicians who were rooting for Wan Azizah should now eat their words now if they were to be chummy with the new menteri besar. This is politics. And it is quite a big shit really. I wanted Khalid to stay. I am still angry with PAS not taking Khalid as a member and continue holding the position with grace. Yes. Grace.

Well, good bye Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim. You are without a doubt the best menteri besar we Selangor people ever had. As for Azmin (who would be awarded the Datuk Seri title in no time), you really have some big shoes to fill in the form of your enemy.

Or should I say, former enemy?

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

PKR-DAP: Penderhaka Kepada Raja yang biaDAP

Ini negeri Selangor. Kita ada undang-undang tubuh negeri. Sultan punyai kuasa mutlak melantik Menteri Besar Selangor. Adakah Anwar sebenarnya mahu hancurkan Pakatan Rakyat supaya mendapat kepercayaan UMNO-BN demi mencapai kerajaan campuran bersama, sekaligus menaiki takhta Perdana Menteri ketujuh selepas Najib?

Seperti mana yang ramai sedia maklum, baginda Sultan Selangor telah murka dan menganggap PKR dan DAP biadap dan penderhaka kerana melanggar titah baginda mengemukakan lebih daripada dua calon untuk jawatan Menteri Besar Selangor.

Halangan diraja ini dikatakan telah dijangka oleh budak Tingkat Empat Istana Segambut namun kenyataan itu cuma mengundang lebih banyak gelak tawa masyarakat Malaysia terhadap budak mentah, angkuh dan tidak berkesedaran diri ini. Cerdik atau tidak, pelajar sekolah rendah darjah satu pun tahu lebih daripada dua bermaksud minima tiga.

Datang pula seorang cerdik pandai yang kononnya pakar perlembagaan dengan bangga berkata “menderhaka bukanlah suatu jenayah”.  Tidak lupa juga yang menyindir dan menyerang Presiden PAS hanya kerana beliau cerdik daripada mereka, memahami dan menjunjung perintah tuanku Sultan Selangor setelah mengemukakan tiga nama bagi calon menteri besar.

Bukankah Sang Ketua Umum tidak tahu mengenai konsep raja perlembagaan di negeri Selangor dan Malaysia secara amnya? Dan mengapa pula DAP boleh terikut-ikut telunjuk Sang Ketua Umum bagaikan lembu yang dicucuk hidung tentang hal ini?

Adakah kerana mereka fikir sistem diraja harus dihapuskan dalam masa akan datang seterusnya menjadikan negara Malaysia negara republik?

DAP hari ini telah pun meminta ampun kepada Sultan Selangor dan menuding jari kepada PKR. Jadi, bukankah semua ini hanya membuang masa dan Serampang Kajang cumalah suatu langkah menunjuk-nunjuk kuasa Anwar dalam PKR kerana kedegilan Khalid Ibrahim?

Natijahnya, Pakatan Rakyat telah berpecah-belah tanpa UMNO mengusik mereka sekelumit pun.

Atau mungkinkah ada tangan-tangan UMNO dalam Langkah Kajang?

Ini negeri Selangor. Kita ada undang-undang tubuh negeri. Sultan punyai kuasa mutlak melantik Menteri Besar Selangor.

Adakah Anwar sebenarnya mahu hancurkan Pakatan Rakyat supaya mendapat kepercayaan UMNO-BN demi mencapai kerajaan campuran bersama , sekaligus menaiki takhta Perdana Menteri ketujuh selepas Najib?

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Selangor – the fight against foreign detractors

With Khir Toyo and Muhammad Muhammad Taib out of the picture, plus the re-branding of MCA, people of Selangor should ditch Pakatan Rakyat for their stupid politics and going against the palace.

Is it just me or those involved in destroying the good Khalid Ibrahim Selangor administration are not even Selangoreans, many are Singapore-born naturalized citizen of Malaysia?

The chief of the this political fiasco is from Penang who lives in a “palace” many called as Istana Segambut., Kuala Lumpur.

His wife that he forced everyone to accept as the new Menteri Besar was born in Singapore. Even the back-up candidate was Singapore-born.

His blue-eyed strategist boy, the Panda MP is from Terengganu.

The secretary general of PKR, the Batak knight who went against the Sultan of Selangor in his many press statements, defeated badly in a recent party poll where he couldn’t even pass the sacked Khalid Ibrahim’s numbers, was also born in Singapore, lived in Kedah, contested the Machang seat in Kelantan in which he lost last year. Kind of a loser. But brave.

Do these people think that they are the United States of America; that they can put their nose everywhere around other people’s business? Even if you are the United States of America, what gives you that right?

Well, this is why the Selangoreans need to teach these non-Selangoreans. I may be living overseas right now but when I voted last year, I fell under the Selangor constituency. My birth was registered under "Selangor dan Wilayah Persekutuan" and I have lived most of my life in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

We need to teach these people that we respect the Sultan of Selangor; that the Sultan has the final say in appointing the state Menteri Besar. PKR MB candidates are Singapore-born, naturalized citizen of Malaysia and by the Selangor Constitution, they do not even qualify. But the Sultan, has the right to ignore this and appoint one of them after all but with this kind of attitude, do you really think the Sultan would listen to you? Orang luar yang kurang ajar.

When the Sultan decreed at least three names. You give at least three names. Not one name. Not your wife’s name with different ways of calling her. Not even two names. Three names.

Maybe it is a new agenda by PKR-DAP (PaKaR biaDAP as I would like to call them now) to push for Republic State of Malaysia. So, if they win this tug-of-war, a republic state of Malaysia could be a reality. Are the Selangor people ready to accept this treason of the highest level?

Maybe it will be a snap-poll in the end. But the Sultan could still remain adamant for another candidate rather than Wan Azizah but this is unlikely if Pakatan Rakyat tells the Selangor people Anwar Ibrahim’s wife will be the Menteri Besar in their campaign. That, if PAS agrees she would be the sole candidate. Back to square one. Like a loop in an actuarial algorithm.

If that happens, the Selangor people must be wise. We want progress. Khalid delivered this progress. Many stalled developments have resumed. I can name one – Paradigm Mall but I am sure many others. Selangor has changed to the better after only 6 years of Khalid’s administration. There are detractors, but he kept it under control, with the guidance of the Sultan as well.

With Khir Toyo and Muhammad Muhammad Taib out of the picture, plus the re-branding of MCA, people of Selangor should ditch Pakatan Rakyat for their stupid politics and going against the palace, let alone the rakyat of Selangor.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

PAS Khianat Amanah Allah

Presiden Amerika Syarikat, Barack Hussein Obama II pernah berkata “There is no short-cut to peace” (tidak ada jalan pintas untuk keamanan) apabila Pertubuhan Bangsa-bangsa Bersatu (PBB) menganjurkan kenaikan taraf Palestin sebagai ahli pertubuhan itu. Kenaikan ini sekaligus akan menyebabkan Palestin diterima dunia sebagai sebuah negara yang berdaulat dan ini ditentang hebat oleh Israel dan kuncunya Amerika Syarikat.

Tanggal 17 Ogos 2014. Sebenarnya hari itu adalah hari yang pahit buat Malaysia. Sama ada rakyat mahu sedar atau tidak, terpulanglah kepada mereka. Bagi saya, tarikh ini sangat menduka-citakan sehingga air mata jantan ini menitis mengenangkan perbuatan segelintir pemimpin. Sudahlah Dato’ Menteri Besar Selangor dikhianati dan dizalimi, PAS yang kononnya  menegakkan keadilan dan kebenaran atas nama Islam telah gagal dalam ujian integriti yang Allah SWT telah berikan.

Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim kini seorang diri dalam menegakkan yang benar tentang dirinya. Alim ulama berjanggut, bermisai, berserban yang sebelumnya mempertahankan beliau telah berubah fikiran dalam masa yang singkat. Hanya kerana Khalid tidak lagi bersama Pakatan Rakyat. Eh, tidak tahu lagikah? Khalid dibuang parti secara tidak adil kerana tidak diberi peluang memperjelaskan apa-apa pun. Bukannya dia sendiri yang mahu tinggalkan Pakatan Rakyat.

Saya yang beribu batu jauhnya pun boleh merasakan betapa ruginya PAS setelah menolak peluang untuk bersatu demi Islam dan Malaysia. Mungkin ada yang kata saya ini isti’jal (tergesa-gesa) dalam mahukan keamanan negara melalui kesatuan ummah. Ingat, Obama berkata “there is no short-cut to peace”. Perkara pertama yang terlintas di fikiran saya apabila disuruh jangan isti’jal adalah kata-kata Barack Obama yang zalim terhadap rakyat Palestin ini. Bagi saya, “Peace should be made as a priority and there is ALWAYS a short-cut to peace” (Keamanan itu adalah utama dan jalan pintas SENTIASA ada untuk keamanan).

Jadi, apa kena-mengena keputusan PAS dengan keamanan Malaysia yang saya mahukan? Tidak tahulah bagi anda tetapi tidak jemukah soal-soal agama dan perkauman dijadikan alat bagi memecah-belahkan rakyat Malaysia? Tidak pernah-pernah sebelum ini laungan azan masjid dipersoalkan, lembu dijadikan sembelih korban boleh menjadi kontroversi, kalimah “Allah” dipolitikkan, masjid, gereja, kuil Hindu dan Buddha dibakar, kepala lembu dijaja bagi mencabar rakan-rakan beragama Hindu, Ramadhan dipelawa dengan bak kut teh, pemimpin menyokong umat Islam diberikan kebebasan murtad, yang berbangsa India dipanggil “Peria”, yang Cina dipanggil babi, yang Melayu dipanggil orang hutan, agama Kristian dipermain-mainkan,  kitab bible dijadikan wadah politik, fatwa tentang perkara yang jelas berbeda-beda dan lain-lain lagi. Saya ini tidaklah begitu tua tetapi sepengetahuan saya, perkara-perkara ini telah menjadi-jadi apabila rakyat Malaysia tidak bersatu sejak tahun 2008.

Sebelum ini saya ada menulis tentang pentingnya umat Islam bersatu supaya rakyat Malaysia bersatu dan peluang besar ini gagal digenggam oleh PAS. Katanya UMNO itu jahat (PKR tidak jahat), UMNO itu kafir (DAP tidak kafir), UMNO itu korup (PKR, DAP tidak korup), UMNO itu mengamalkan kronisme dan nepotisme (PKR, DAP tidak). Ketua Umum PKR mahukan isterinya jadi Menteri Besar Boneka Selangor dan sanggup menikam sahabatnya yang saya sendiri akui sebagai menteri besar yang terbaik Selangor pernah ada. Apa lagi yang tidak jelasnya? Khilaf juga?

Saya tidak setuju dengan kenyataan beberapa pemimpin yang berbaur perkauman. Umat Islam bersatu tidak bermakna yang bukan Islam akan dihina, dicerca, dihukum, dianak-tirikan sampai tidak boleh “angkat muka”. Islam mengikut sejarah yang ada tidak pernah melakukan diskriminasi berdasarkan agama dan kaum. Yang dicanang oleh penulis Barat tentang kezaliman negara Islam berkenaan Jizya (cukai kepada yang bukan Islam) tidak menyebut tentang adanya Zakat (cukai untuk yang beragama Islam). Nabi Muhammad mengharamkan riba’ kepada penduduk Yahudi dalam negara Islamnya bukan bermaksud diskriminasi. Agama mereka sendiri mengharamkan riba’! Lagipun riba’, arak, judi, zina dan liwat adalah perkara-perkara yang tidak baik pun untuk masyarakat. Sekiranya dalam kehidupan saya, umat Islam Malaysia bersatu tetapi berlaku tidak adil terhadap yang bukan Islam, saya sendiri yang jelik dengan menunjuk perasaan ,akan berguling-guling di atas jalan raya membangkang!

Berfikirlah sejenak. Tidak ada agama yang zalim dan Islam sebenarnya adalah agama yang reformis. Daripada masyarakat yang jahil, membunuh anak-anak perempuan, menghina kaum wanita, berzina, berjudi dengan anak panah… Islam hadir tepat pada waktunya dan merubah kehidupan masyarakat Arab ketika itu dan kini seluruh dunia.

Apa lagi yang pemimpin PAS tunggu, entah lah. Katanya drama Selangor belum tamat lagi. Boleh pula mencadangkan pemimpin politikus yang tidak disenangi rakyat Selangor sebagai pelan B. Katanya Khalid terpaksa pergi demi kestabilan Selangor. Padahal yang mengkucar-kacirkan Selangor adalah PKR. Katanya tidak perlu tergesa-gesa dalam menegakkan kebenaran dan selesaikan krisis Selangor. Padahal tahu Sultan tidak mahukan Wan Azizah sebagai khalifah Selangor. Padahal jika PAS bersama yang benar, Selangor dan Malaysia dengan izin Allah akan stabil, makmur dan harmoni.

Asalkan jika niat berkerja demi rakyat. Bukan demi politik.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Official: There is no good people in Pakatan

Just when I thought PAS would uphold justice and truth, just when I thought I should open my heart and be "husnuzon" (having good faith) to PAS, they failed in this integrity test given by Allah to simply do the right thing.
Actually this is what I initially thought, that they would betray Abdul Khalid (to uphold justice and truth) for Pakatan Rakyat, but I shrugged it off, thinking in unity, we should apply husnuzon. Clearly I should have trusted my instinct, rather than hope from the very people I condemned, thinking Muslim unity in Malaysia would finally be materialised.
Their excuse? For the sake of Pakatan Rakyat. Abdul Khalid is no longer relevant to Pakatan Rakyat because he is no longer with Pakatan Rakyat. He is no longer the concern of PAS.
They did not ask why Abdul Khalid was sacked? Or if it was really justified that he was sacked? Those allegations, I swear on my grandfather's grave will be swept under the carpet even by the very people who accused Khalid of doing, since he no longer has the support of the majority of the ADUNs - he is doomed as Menteri Besar Selangor.
Ethical politics, as I would like to call it, is still a long way to go. Don't give me anymore of that Reformashit, or Bershit or PAShit even. Those are just mere lies to allure some of us marhaen idiots, who would not even believe both Mustafa Ali and Anwar Ibrahim were caught in indecent acts in extramarital affairs. Even with evidence! Why is this important? Well, if they could cheat on their wife, they could cheat on us rakyat too. Ask Abdul Khalid. He knows this now.
Why is it so hard to do the bloody right thing? In case you would like to know why we have hate-crimes, racism, genocides, murders... because we chose the wrong people and these people think politics is above everything including doing what is ethical and right and most of all God. Since you people are the very people who encouraged these monsters, why not we start acting like King makers, not Yes men and women - who would just accept this unethical coup de tat. Didn't many of us voted Pakatan Rakyat in Selangor because of Abdul Khalid's good administration?
"Khalid is a good administrator, but not politician. This is politics." This kind of thinking should stop. We need leaders, not politicians - who would do anything to stay in power and mislead the people. Khalid is indeed the best MB we had so far. What did he do wrong? So come the state snap-election, I would like to see people punish PKR. I am not asking to get Khir Toyo back into the government. Just show Pakatan Rakyat we rakyat are not pushovers.
A reduced majority in Selangor would do. Pakatan Rakyat losing Selangor? Better! But you need to back those MCA and MIC people in so that we have a better representation of Selangorians in the State Assembly.
About my preamble? Yes. A united Muslims in Malaysia will bring about a united Malaysia because there won't be anymore racial, religious issues to stoke about. This was already explained here.