Sunday, March 16, 2008

Same old Arsenal, always drawing

Yesterday I went to see my first Arsenal home match at the Emirates. We drew, again, for the fourth time, in a row. It seems obvious we blew it at the final hurdle just like few years ago, in the 2001/2002 season. And the title went to Man Utd that year and perhaps history will repeat itself this year.

The crowd filling up Emirates Stadium. Att: 60402 people.

We drew against Birmingham, Aston Villa, Wigan and yesterday Middlesbrough, where we could actually won them all. A series of badluck and bad calls from the referee have indicated how people around the world want Man Utd to win the title instead of Arsenal.

Thanks to TicketExchange, this is my first home game.

I got the ticket from the ticket exchange channel and I have to remind you it was not easy. In fact, for the Boro game, I thought I missed out on it since the internet connection suddenly went off! However, surprisingly, I got the ticket and it was confirmed by the ticketmaster via email.

I actually think I enjoyed the game for one reason. Both goals came from my side of the field since I was sitting at the back of the goal. But I was cursing the F word all the way to Willesden Green because we only got 4 points out of 12 and even Chelsea will go tally with us in points if they win the match against Tottenham this Wednesday.

So much of 5 points clear.


On the 26th March I will revisit Emirates Stadium for the Brazil vs Sweden match. Malakar has accused me of profitting by selling 40pounds ticket when he can actually get it for 30pounds.

There are differences between prices when watching football at the stadium you moron! Unless you only know how to pay when you visit the public toilets I'm sure it's flatrate!

But anyway, there will be about 17 of us, two groups by popular demand. Hopefully Kaka, Ronaldinho, Ibrahimovic and Ljungberg will feature.

Coursework oh coursework.

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