Thursday, March 27, 2008

Complain letter : Brazil vs Sweden match

Ref no: 1964522

Dear Arsenal FC,

I am writing to complain about the match against Brazil vs Sweden earlier today.

I am very angry and disappointed with the ticketing services particularly its wordings regarding match tickets.

I am a red Member and only recently signed up for the half-season membership. The first match at emirates was Arsenal vs Middlesbrough and I was notified that I won’t be given paper ticket to enter the stadium where my membership card will be activated.

As for the Bra vs Swe Match, I bought two groups of tickets (tickets of 9 were bought during the member priority period and tickets of 8 during the general sale)

I was notified of the details of the match via the email and it says:

====Brazil vs Sweden Fixture===

Please note that any member who purchased a ticket(s) during the member priority period will have their membership card activated.

Any member or non-member who has purchased the ticket(s) during the General Sale will be sent a paper ticket via the post.

And few days after I book the 1st group of tickets, I did not receive the paper ticket but the 2nd group tickets came earlier. And upon reading the guideline in the email, I concluded that for the first group, I will not be given paper tickets but instead, swiping my member card will alow 9 ppl to come in, monitored by the stewards.

I didnt receive any of the 1st group tickets until the match, and was not told in the email to get them so I dont think it's my fault since I believed whatever u said regarding tickets being bought by member during priority period.

And after reaching Turnstile J, I swiped my card, and it indicated RED LIGHT. I asked the stewards and he said he dunno, it's not his job. He asked me to go to the club level on turnstile J's right.

Unforthunately, he checked my member card and it read "NOT BOUGHT!". I was very angry as I'm very sure my account was deducted for the payment of approx 360 pounds! Then he said there's nothing he can do about it. I showed him the printed email to show the evidence that I already paid for the tickets with the reference number.

Then I went to see other stewards and he said I need paper tickets! I was furious why he is telling me now??? We were already late for the game and it had already kicked off. It was already 8pm.

Then he asked me to go to the ticket Box Office. There was a freaking LONG QUEUE. I asked the stewards if they can help me as it is not my fault! Although I was charged the postage fee of 2.20 GBP, I was not given paper tickets! But I believe I can still go in using my member card just like the Middlesbrough match where paper ticket was not given.

In the end, we had to queue simply to retrieve our paper tickets! I couldnt stop cursing and it was very embarrassing as I was the member who bought tickets for my frens. Plus it's been a while since I got very very angry.

Finally we got all 9 paper tickets. We swiped our tickets and got in and it was already 5 minutes before half time.

We missed 40 minutes of the match and I still think it's not my fault where the information via the email is insufficient.

I hope u get my rants clear over this matter. I am still very angry with the incident as I hate letting my friends down. I'm an avid fan of Arsenal and I feel betrayed by the incident.

I'm asking for the full reimbursement of the tickets as we were not satisfied at all by the internet system, email notification wordings and the stewards who were rude. However, half of the price will be considered as to be fair, we watched the second half and luckily there was a goal.

I thank you for your attention and hope this will be resolved quickly.

Long time Gunner

Mohd Azrul Abu Hassan

Ref: 1964522

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The FA wants Man Utd to win

I watched in disgust as Mascherano was dismissed for a second bookable offense simply for protesting to arrogant referee Steve Bennett. His earlier challenge was also harshly booked although his yapping was ridiculous.

Wes Brown scored an ugly goal to put Utd up front.

And then Ronaldo was clearly offside after his shot produced a magnificent save by under-performing Reina that resulted a corner in which Ronaldo headed home for United's second goal that killed-off the match.

Weeks earlier Eduardo's season was finished by leg-chopper Martin Taylor who received more sympathy from the FA rather than Eduardo. And in the dying seconds, a controversial penalty was given to the Brums to send them level against Arsenal to initiate Arsenal's barren spell for inability to stop drawing.

Last week, Adebayor's goal was ruled offside and Arsenal had to settle for a draw for the fourth time in a row. Aliardiere's goal should have not stand as he was offside and Utd sprang on to the top of the table with 3 points clear.

Ferguson played mind games earlier before the game against an in-form Liverpool side and asked for protection for his midfielder Ronaldo who went down as if he was shot in the penalty area after the 3rd goal. He was not booked or told off.

Hleb however, was booked for similar offense.

Ironically, it was actually Fernando Torres who needed much protection before limping off injured after receiving knocks from the determined devilish defenders.

Drogba's leveler against Arsenal later at Stamford Bridge was also debatable. He was offside on the build-up to the goal and Arsenal, somehow stupidly squandered a 1-0 lead away from which they should have only need to defend.

You may see it as unlucky for the Gunners.

I see it as a conspiracy to give the title to Manchester Utd.

Kudos to Man Utd and the FA for Utd's designated 2nd successive title this season!!

I can sense Steve Bennett jerking himself off after the game fantasizing Ronaldo's 'sexy back'.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Same old Arsenal, always drawing

Yesterday I went to see my first Arsenal home match at the Emirates. We drew, again, for the fourth time, in a row. It seems obvious we blew it at the final hurdle just like few years ago, in the 2001/2002 season. And the title went to Man Utd that year and perhaps history will repeat itself this year.

The crowd filling up Emirates Stadium. Att: 60402 people.

We drew against Birmingham, Aston Villa, Wigan and yesterday Middlesbrough, where we could actually won them all. A series of badluck and bad calls from the referee have indicated how people around the world want Man Utd to win the title instead of Arsenal.

Thanks to TicketExchange, this is my first home game.

I got the ticket from the ticket exchange channel and I have to remind you it was not easy. In fact, for the Boro game, I thought I missed out on it since the internet connection suddenly went off! However, surprisingly, I got the ticket and it was confirmed by the ticketmaster via email.

I actually think I enjoyed the game for one reason. Both goals came from my side of the field since I was sitting at the back of the goal. But I was cursing the F word all the way to Willesden Green because we only got 4 points out of 12 and even Chelsea will go tally with us in points if they win the match against Tottenham this Wednesday.

So much of 5 points clear.


On the 26th March I will revisit Emirates Stadium for the Brazil vs Sweden match. Malakar has accused me of profitting by selling 40pounds ticket when he can actually get it for 30pounds.

There are differences between prices when watching football at the stadium you moron! Unless you only know how to pay when you visit the public toilets I'm sure it's flatrate!

But anyway, there will be about 17 of us, two groups by popular demand. Hopefully Kaka, Ronaldinho, Ibrahimovic and Ljungberg will feature.

Coursework oh coursework.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kerajaan Baru Selangor

Saya difahamkan Sang Memerang sedang sibuk membakar dokumen-dokumen kerajaan bagi menutup kes-kes dodgy yang bersangkut-paut dengan Kerajaan Selangor sebelum ini. Kini setelah ditawan PKR-DAP-PAS, kerajaan baru ini haruslah berhadapan dengan risiko merealisasikan manifesto-manifesto yang digebang-gemburkan menjelang pilihanraya.

Terkejut pula apabila terdengar berita 'kemangkatan' seorang kerabat kerajaan UMNO di istana Klangnya. Akhbar Cina mengatakan 'baginda' membunuh diri dan ada juga yang mengatakan 'baginda' diserang penyakit jantung.

Walau apapun, bagi saya ajalnya telah tiba dan Allah SWT telah mengarahkan malaikat maut mencabut nyawanya. Kes-kes beliau masih boleh disiasat untuk kepentingan rakyat.


Sementara itu, ayahanda saya telah melaporkan yang duit tunggakan hutang kerajaan Selangor kepada syarikat belum lagi mereka langsaikan. Menjelang pilihanraya, hanya sebahagian telah dibayar itupun kerana kes ini diajukan kepada KSN bulan lepas.

Persoalannya sekarang, adakah kerajaan baru akan mengotakan janji Joni mereka dan sekaligus membayar hutang piutang kerajaan Selangor yang tertunggak kepada pengusaha-pengusaha Melayu kecil seperti ayahanda saya?

Kita tunggu dan lihat! Harap-harap dibayarlah kerana zaman pemerintahan Raja Toyol yang segak lagi handsome dan dengan gahnya membawa Proton Jawa, telah membuktikan hutang-hutang tidak dilangsaikan dengan adil dan cepat walaupun kerja-kerja telah dilakukan seperti yang dijanjikan. Hitam-putih. Tambahan pula, prestasi meningkat 3 kali ganda apabila syarikat kami mengambil-alih tugasan kerajaan itu mengutip cukai pintu di kawasan-kawasan serata Selangor.

"Under-perform," ulas Sang Memerang.

Padahal sebenarnya ia adalah kerana busuknya hati seorang pegawai kerajaan yang iri hati melihat syarikat kami mengaut keuntungan yang besar seperti yang termeterai di dalam perjanjian. Namun sebenarnya keuntungan itu adalah berdasarkan prestasi syarikat yang berjaya mengutip cukai 3 kali ganda hebat daripada tahun sebelumnya!

Busuknya hati dia yang bernama Rashidah telah secara angkuhnya berkata, "My husband pun boleh berjaya tak payah mintak tender-tender kerajaan dan berjaya buat multi-level marketing. Sekarang dia pakai BMW!"

"Projek macam ni merugikan kerajaan. Semua orang boleh buat kerja kutip cukai macam ni!" tambah si tua kutuk ini.

Padahal perjanjian dah pun dibuat. Kamu endorse-kan jelah payment tersebut. Beliau terus ajukan perkara itu kepada Sang Memerang yang kini tampan rupawan walaupun sedikit pilu dengan keputusan pilihanraya negeri baru-baru ini. Maka Sang Memerang itupon termakan dek hasutan Rashidah 'Utama' macam star ini dan syarikat kami di-senaraihitam-kan atas alasan "under-perform".

Under-perform korok Jawa mu! Bukankah kutipan triple up from the year before?

4 tahun berlalu bayaran tidak selesai-selesai lagi dan kini kami berharap duit savings sahaja.

Ada juga satu insiden di mana syarikat kami dan WorldWideHoldings telah membida projek pelupusan sampah di Puchong, Selangor. Kami hampir-hampir berjaya dan kontrak telah pun tersedia. Namun tiba-tiba, boleh pula para pelobi (ada ura-ura mengatakan dikepalai Karim Jelani - bukan nama sebenar) menokok 'harga' lobi kepada RM3 juta atas alasan projek itu bernilai RM30 juta! Ayah aku yang sememangnya anti ahli-ahli politik yang mengaut keuntungan seperti ini lalu terus back-off daripada projek ini. Jika tidak kini syarikat kami mungkin berada di Bursa Malaysia!

Rupa-rupanya team lobbyists ni telah mendapat pembida yang lebih tinggi iaitu Tan Sri Vince Tetteh (bukan nama sebenar) yang popular dengan syarikatnya yang sangat besar di Malaysia itu.

"Saya musykil mengapa ada seorang sahaja bumiputra Malaysia dalam Forbes' Billionaire List?" ujar seorang ketua pemerintah.

"Sebab asyik-asyik kasi kroni kamu kaya. Dan mereka tidak pula Bumiputra. Lagi mau tanya!" ujarku bengis.

So saya berharaplah perubahan di Selangor dapatlah dilakukan apabila pemerintahan kini bertukar. Risau juga seorang sahabat ayah yang sangat bagus bekerja akan dilepaskan jawatannya itu. Bagi saya dia seorang yang seperti ayah saya. Anti rasuah dan rajin bekerja. Hati skeptik saya berdetik menyatakan bayaran hutang kerajaan itu tidak akan dilangsaikan secepat mungkin.

Tetapi kerajaan baru boleh saja mengubah persepsi saya itu!

Note: Lobbyists adalah orang-orang yang mengajukan kertas kerja cadangan projek tender kerajaan. Merekalah yang bertanggungjawab membentangkan usul-usul projek kepada MB dan mereka juga akan mengenakan bayaran. Bagiku, perkara ini tidak perlu wujud pun kerana sistem open tender lebih adil.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mysterious dream: Tsunami

Call me crazy or senile reaching a quarter of century of age but two weeks before the General Election I was awaken by a weird dream that I talked to my friends about it. Arwin had also experienced one of the weirdest dream for him and had sought advices from people who could read dreams. As for myself, I dreamed of a tsunami that hit Malaysia and was told that dreams related to water or flood would indicate good luck but I do not if it is the case for me.

In that dream, the water was so blue and it hit a beautiful coastal area of Malaysia. It happened during the election and I said, "Kesian Pak Lah.. dah lah nak election!"

And... it really happened! Few days ago BN suffered a political setback. It was touted as the worst ever for the government and being called as a political TSUNAMI.

I guess the blue wave in my dream indicated PKR (with the light blue flag).

About 2 days ago, I dreamt again of tsunami. This time the water was dark blue and it was in the night. I pulled a young boy out of the water as we were enjoying the scenery by the sea as I sensed something was amiss. Then suddenly we saw the wave meters high and ran for our lives! We escaped death because of a huge castle sitting pretty on the hills where we took shelter.

So what's next for Malaysia if we relate it with this dream?

No, I'm not a prophet!

Not even trying to be Ayah Pin!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Post GE 2008 Result reactions

Being a neutral observer, I have gathered some of my families' and friends' reactions after the result from Malaysian GE 2008. They were made through discussion online, in-person and via the telephone.

"To all my BA friends, I concede defeat! To all my BN friends, I call for someone to resign ("someone" was earlier posted as No 1)"

"Pak Lah must step down. Kalau tak nanti Oppositions makin kuatlah"

"A good sign for a fairer government"

"Padan muka BN!"

"I had enough of people who think that this country is theirs!"

"Tahniah YB (Nik Nazmi), next stop Parliment!"

"It's either PakLah step down, or step up and deliver"

"Anyone to call Mahathir back for rescue mission??"

"DAP has shown they care about Malays when inviting PKR to join Penang state coalition"

"My MB now (formerly Khir Toyo) is not handsome anymore"

"Anwar is tinkering on inviting PBS to join them to make a new government just like BN did in 1986..."

"My bet is on Khairy now to heal UMNO"

"If Pak lah doesn't step down, he may face humiliation in UMNO Election"

"Step down and disappear or face humiliation"

"Kesian Pak Lah... dia tak buat apa-apa pun.. exactly! Dia tak buat apa-apa langsung"

"Do the right thing..."

"Lets hope Penang will help the villagers and the community outside the city now"

"PAS menang dekat Kedah abih kena potong tangan sat ni.. (rather jokingly)"

"BN must buck up now. Or face defeats in the next election and end up an Opposition"

"Anwar is tinkering! BN will be the Opposition in the next few days. I'm seriousssss"

"So Samy Vellu dah jadi orang biasa lah sekarang? Boleh tolak-tolak dia lah sekarang?"

"Koh Tsu Koon kalah??"

"Ada 4 peti undi yang belum dikira dekat Lembah Pantai but still Nurul Izzah menang."

"Shahrizat orang nya baik.. tapi liberal sangat.. this is not the west!"

"Panasss cuk.. panas!"

My reaction: I have said it many times... Noone is indispensible!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

BN denied 2/3 majority?

Official result has shown that BN has 137 out of 222 Parlimentary seats (62%) in the 2008 General Election to form a new government as per 4.00 a.m. Malaysian time.

Unofficial result has said that BN was denied 2/3 majority as propogated by the Oppositions, the first time since 1969 losing Penang (majority DAP), Kedah (PAS), Perak (DAP) and Selangor (DAP-PKR) in the process, trigerring a weak government to be formed. PAS has also retained Kelantan.

Big guns such as Samy Vellu (MIC), Shahrizat (UMNO) and Koh Tsu Koon (GERAKAN) have lost in the election and new faces such as Jeff Ooi (DAP), Nurul Izzah Anwar (PKR) and also Nik Nazmi (PKR) have garnered the people's votes with their call for a change in the government.

I am surprised with the results really as you can see from my previous entry as I thought 2/3 majority is just a formality for a party who had a landslide victory in 2004 General Election. A simple majority is good enough to form a new government but the Oppositions' concerns will be much heard now.

Tun Mahathir has earlier said that 75% is attainable for BN to win the election and is now clearly out of the picture.

MIC now seems like an irrelevant party as they have lost almost all the seats they contested. Same can be said to GERAKAN.

The people have spoken. Clearly BN needs to look at themselves now and buck up to bounce back.

Else, the Oppositions will be stronger and stronger as long as they keep their promises for the Rakyat.

Oh yeah, Khir Toyo will no longer be my MB. Hopefully we will have a fairer state government regarding project tenders. This is a personal issue for me and my family.

Best of luck for new MPs. Fight corruption until the end, Oppostions or BN!

This might be a sign of good thing. As long as people in Malaysia stay calm and cool and avoid provocations. This is a sign of democracy and people had enough already about the flaws in the government.

Finally, I pray for a harmonious and prosperous Malaysia.

NB: I am now looking at Penang as a model to see if the Oppositions will have a fairer government. Penang was known for a state which marginalised some communities under GERAKAN, especially when developments were made only in certain races-biased areas.

Kisah Tong Taik

Malaysia telah pun mengundi. Kini kiraan mengundi sedang dibuat dan keputusan penuh akan disebut dalam masa beberapa jam lagi.

Dalam ketika masing-masing sedang panas bercakap politik kedai kopi dengan bibir masing-masing terjuih-juih, minggu lepas sempat juga saya berbicara dengan seorang sahabat lama dari kolej yang jelasnya penyokong kuat PAS. Geli hati pula saya kerana ironinya, apabila bercakap sahaja tentang politik, semestinya kes "tong taik" akan keluar! Tidak kiralah jika ia membuat "tong-tong taik" terbatuk-batuk nama-nama mereka disebut, tetapi gambaran cetek ini pasti akan dikeutarakan.

Siapalah yang julung kali memplopori kisah "tong taik" ini?

Biasanya ia akan berbunyi seperti ini:

"Tapi kalau dah masuk dalam "Tong Taik" (bukan nama sebenar), sure terpalit jugak taik-taik kat kita!"


"Taknak aku salam dengan dia, aku tahu orang-orang ni tangan diorang kotor dengan taik"

Bunyinya seolah-olah sangat menarik dan lucu serta mesej nya sangat kuat dan padat. Tidak tahu pula saya manusia ini amat fetish dengan taik?

Namun aku membantah, bagaimana nak bersihkan tong taik ini? Ada cara yang lebih baik? Berikut adalah adaptasi perbualan online saya dan sahabat saya itu.

Ustaz F: SPRku yang amat adil! (memberi pautan web menunjukkan betapa tidak adilnya SPR)
Aku: Ko rasa PAS boleh menang this year? (salam pun tak bagi budak ni...)
Ustaz F: Kalo ikut realiti sekarang, SPR banyak tipu, aku rasa susah nak menang.
Aku: Hmm, sebab tu kena try ubah dari dalam...
Ustaz F: tapi aku hanya mampu mengharapkan pertolongan tuhan. Pada mata kita mmg islam susah nak menang. Itu realiti perjuangan nak menangkan islam. Come on. nabi sebut hadith nak tawan istanbul masa perang khandak tapi muslim berjaya tawan istanbul hundreds and hundreds of years later. Yang penting usaha! Banyak lagi orang bermasalah dalam PAS. So tunggu Allah saring-saring.
Aku: Betul tu.. perlahan-lahan... Tapi aku lebih percaya kita ubah dari dalam.
Ustaz F: Ubah dari dalam? Itu bukan prinsip Islam. Macam Anwar buat? Sejarah telah buktikan Anwar tewas. Muslims don't repeat the same mistake.
Aku: Well, bagi aku Anwar tak sabar. Kalau dia sabar sikit sure dah jadi PM now. Kira cam Pak Lah lah. Dia tunggu je, sabar je, pastu bila dah jadi pemerintah, dia buat style dia sendiri tak ikut cara Mahathir. Siap batal pet projects Mahathir lagi sampai bengang orang tua tu sampai sekarang.
Ustaz F: (mengeluarkan hujah-hujah yang panjang lebar secara ringkasnya para ulama' ada menggariskan cara mengubah dari dalam itu tidak betul)
Aku: Tapi ko cakap tadi SPR tak betul kan? Tak adil kan? So bila pulak PAS akan menang padahal ko sendiri cakap SPR tak adil. So BN akan menang je all the way then. Tang bila plak, secara logiknya PAS akan menang? Be realistic my friend. Aku rasa lebih praktikal kalo ubah dari dalam. Ada team yang baik-baik yang tak corrupt, I'm sure boleh je ubah dari dalam. Perlu ke kita ikut orang lain corrupt just because ramai orang tu corrupt?
Ustaz F: Tapi dasar pun dah salah...
Aku: Takpa kita play along je lah dulu kot. Nanti dah kat atas nun buatlah cara tersendiri. It's a more realistic way.

And then, here we go...:

Ustaz F: Tapi kalo nak bersihkan tong taik, nak ke terjun ke dalam tong tu? Sure kena terpalit sekali najisnya. Alternatif lain adalah bersihkan dari luar. Kita pon bersih, tong pon bersih.
Aku: Tapi pembangkang mesti ada. Supaya ada check and balance. So aku pon happy je ada PAS and PKR. Tapi like I said, it's do-able, to do it the inside way

(Dalam hati: Tapi cemana ko nak bersihkan tong taik tu dari luar? Nak pancut dengan air pili hos getah je ke? Cemana nak bersih camtu? Kalau nak cuci jugak tong taik tu kenalah sental dari dalam. Pakai lah baju kalis taik or something! Hahaha!!) ...

Ustaz F: Aku tak taruh keyakinan tinggi pun yang BA akan menang...
Aku: Tu pasal lah kena ubah dari dalam. Ko pun ngaku SPR tak adil semua. Pak Lah has done it what. It does not concern me if he's a good or bad leader but he has done it. Dia buat cara dia sendiri bila dah jadi PM. Ko buatlah camtu. Nanti ko dah berkuasa, ko cantas semua yang corrupt, pastu ko buatlah undang-undang PAS.
Ustaz F: erk.. Pak Lah? Mahathir is better than Pak Lah although dua-dua pon teruk.
Aku: Pulak dah dia ni... U don't get my point. (dalam hati: bukan dulu Zunar lukis muka Mahathir depicting babi ke dalam Harakah la ni puji-puji plak. Kalau Mahathir better than Paklah, and korg ni depicted Mahathir as babi, God knows apa plak yang korang depict Pak Lah pulak?)
Ustaz F: Ini soal dasar. Kalau UMNO ikut dasar sunnah dan Al-Quraan untuk memerintah, PAS akan jadi parti yang haram. Orang-orang PAS wajib masuk UMNO.
Aku: Ya itu betul tu. Tapi takkan ko tak nampak lagi? Nak ubah dasar, boleh ke buat dari luar? Pembangkang beriya-iya pegi Parlimen nak ubah dasar tapi habuk pon tarak. Walaupun sebenarnya ada je idea-idea yang baik dari pembangkang sampai Shahrir Samad pon letak jawatan pegerusi UMNO back-benchers club. Sebab dia rasa ada je idea yang boleh diterima pakai dan tak mengganggu-gugat BN langsung kalo ia diimpementasikan. Tetapi ada plak perlembagaan dalaman UMNO yang ahli tidak boleh menyokong usul pembangkang langsung. So sampai bila pembangkang nak jadi ahli lelap je asyik-asyik usul kena reject kt Parlimen? Inilah dia maksud aku ko kena ubah dari dalam perlahan-lahan. Kan Tuhan dah janjikan kejayaan bagi orang-orang yang bersabar dan berusaha. Then barulah boleh berdoa (tawakkal).
Ustaz F: (mungkin kerana tidak tahu nak cakap apa lagi) 2/3 majoritikan? Realistik ke? Takpe2. Up to you. Just presenting my opinion. Nope. My principle. My belief.
Aku: 2/3 PAS takleh menang sorang pun aku rasa. Dengan BA pon yang aku still confuse adakah diorang ni masih bersatu? And 2/3, siapa-siapa pun, kena lah dapat 2/3 tu. Kalau a weak goverment memerintah i.e. tak cukup 2/3, tp more than 51%, aku takut sejarah berdarah 13 May berulang kembali. Aku tak suka huru-hara dekat negara aku. Aku suka stability. Good for economy. Mungkin sebab aku ni Actuarial Science student? Haha!
Ustaz F: 13 May tu UMNO sendiri yang cetuskan. Diorang pandai putar sejarah. Oklah Jeghui I need to go. Wassalaam.
Aku: (Dalam hati: pulak dah....) Okies. Wassalaam.

Kini aku masih tertanya-tanya mekanism tong taik yang selalunya cuba memberi gambaran dalam borak-borak politik kedai kopi. Bayangkan kopi dan taik sungguh tidak kena!

Aku masih berhalunisasikan cerita ini tiap kali aku membuang air besar! Agenda air besar will never be the same anymore!

Note: 2/3 is for Parlimentary seats to form a new government.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ignorant Jeg, sadistic Jeg

Hebat bergebang sembang politik, rupa-rupanya aku tak boleh mengundi tahun ni!

Kencang sembang politik bak kata Smq, rupa-rupanya aku kena isi Borang A dari HICOM untuk daftar sebagai 'postal voter' sebelum diberi 'ballot' untuk mengundi, seperti mana yang aku baca dari email HICOM ini.

Hari ini aku berbaju jersey Arsenal... duduk-duduk di dalam tube ke London Bridge untuk bertemu "kawan-kawan" graduan Cass. Ada pula seorang budak berbangsa Inggeris yang kugelar "Bloody-annoying-yob-kid" memaki hamun Arsenal tatkala dia lihat lambang Arsenal gah di snowcap-ku. Dia fikir aku tak paham bahasa penjajah ini. Dengan rasa bangga, aku membuka jaket pula menayang jersey Arsenal dan dia hanya tersenyum tension dan ketawa kecil melihat aku yang tak ter-intimidated langsung dengan gertakan pondannya.

Kemudian sempat pula dia mengutuk telinga-ku yang besar apabila aku membetul-betulkan snowcap aku. Kakaknya pula buat endah tak endah seolah-olah dah lali dengan perangai bangsat adiknya.

Padahnya, penumpang-penumpang yang ada di situ menyuruhnya diam. Dia menunjuk perasan menumbuk-numbuk pintu gerabak seolah-olah dialah Mike Tyson Albino. Aku rasa dia cuma berumur 11 tahun. Mungkin lagi muda! Inilah dia harapan negara mereka.

Oh maafkan kata-kata aku kali ini. Aku agak stress dengan perlakuan "kawan-kawan" graduan di Southwark Cathedral tengah hari tadi.

Aku sebenarnya malas hendak bertemu mereka kerana tidak mahu memonteng kelas Vanina Italia di mana kehadiran diambil kira markah "participation". Tapi tanpa diduga, aku pon tak tahu kenapa kufikir kelas bermula pukul 11pagi padahal 12 tgh hari seperti biasa. Lagipun, "A" menelefon aku tatkala aku sedang mengikat kasut ke sekolah mengajak aku bertemu mereka. So, nak dijadikan cerita, aku pon terpujuk ajakan "kawan-kawan" graduan, alang-alang Jubilee Line terus ke London Bridge ke Southwark Cathedral, tempat mereka menerima skrol MSc/Pg Dip Actuarial Science.

Sampai di sana, aku menunggu hampir sejam. Tapi mereka tidak keluar-keluar juga. Aku pon hairan, jam dah menunjukkan pukul 12.24pm dan ramai sudah graduan yang lain keluar dari gereja itu. Berkali-kali aku menelefon "A" untuk mengajak rakan-rakan keluar dari gereja dan ambil gambar di luar pula. Aku tak boleh masuk ke gereja itu bukan kerana aku ini Muslim ekstrim, tetapi aku tidak ada tiket sebagai tetamu jemputan.

Namun, alhamdulillah bertemua juga aku dengan rakan se-sekolah yang kuanggap tidaklah rapat sangat seperti Ratih dari Indonesia, Ikhwan pemain Seven Kings, Arshad dari India, Sarimah yang kuhanya dapat lihat dari jauh, Gary dan aweknya, Dhruv dan beberapa awek Cyprus yang pernah ku-usha tahun lepas. (usha dari jauh je aku tahu kemampuan aku).

Kemudian tanpa berputus asa, aku call "A" lagi dan bertanyakan status. Katanya, "kawan-kawan" graduan yang kuanggap rapat itu masih sibuk mengambil gambar di dalam dewan. Ku bentak "why are you guys busy taking pictures inside when it's so bright and sunny outside".

Padahal dalam hati: Korang dah tahu aku menunggu macam Bendul Baru kat luar sejam lebih apsal tak reti-reti nak keluar? Bukan korang ke yang beria-ria mengajak nak jumpa aku pagi tadi?

Last-last aku give up. Orang tahu aku ni pantang diperbodohkan, diperlekehkan, dibiarkan keseorangan macam tunggul kayu menunggu Datin-datin dan Datuk-datuk yang tengah sibuk bergambar bagai artis seperti Anak Pontianak di dalam bilik air bersama boyfren Melayu bersubang. Memang aku sangat pantang menunggu bagai orang bodoh keseorangan aku pun tak tahu kenapa. Mungkin kerana one of my worst nightmare is dying alone.

Aku call "A" dan terus berkata yang aku tidak mampu menunggu lagi. Sempat juga aku lemparkan kata-kata sinis tapi "man-man" dan aku pon cabut. Kemudian, macam-macamlah yang aku bayangkan dan anggapan aku lontarkan kepada mereka.

1. Mungkin sebab aku ni Melayu. Mereka kesemuanya berbangsa Cina tidak kiralah mereka ini dari Malaysia atau China atau Hong Kong.

2. Mungkin mereka hanya ajak-ajak ayam.

3. Mungkin rakan "P" cuma menganggap aku ini kawan apabila dia boleh menggunakan aku.

4. Mungkin aku ini bukanlah siapa pun. Just another guy so that I can become their cameraman.

Tetapi cukuplah sekadar kemaafan yang dipinta "A" sudah cukup bagi aku. Aku tahu dia mahu berjumpa dengan aku. Dan aku tahu dia seorang kawan yang baik. Tetapi mungkin dia terperangkap bersama rakan-rakan sebangsa yang lain dan dia beranggap aku pun sudah lewat ke kelas menyebabkan dia tak keluar-keluar dari gereja itu.

Betullah cakap "M" dari KMYS,

"Sometimes you tak bleh nak anggap orang ni kawan baik you, padahal orang anggap you kawan biasa aje. So don't lah over-do these things."

Well, for me, this is a clear evidence of disrespect. (that's quite obvious innit?)

Kalau aku Dato' A surely diorg akan hambat keluar gereja terus junjung, jilat dan sembah aku untuk menggunakan aku lagi!

Inilah dia politik:

1. Tidak boleh lari daripada aspek perkauman dan berkelompok satu kaum.

2. Bila kamu berkuasa, baru orang akan sanjung (dan jilat)

3. Beranilah berpolitik, beranilah berhati kering memakan/menyakiti kawan.

4. Yang tidak penting, kita buangkan sahaja!

5. Alone you are weak... and angry. You want to change the nation you have to work together.

Last but not least....

6. Gunakanlah kawan bila anda dalam kesusahan.

Next entry I will talk about Kisah Tong Taik pulak...

P/S: Ratih yang enggak rapat dengan ako pon mahu bergambar sama ako. Mana mungkin aku berdiam aja!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Milan 0-2 Arsenal

Sing with me:

Arsenal FC...
Far the greatest team...
The world have ever seen...

"We love you Arsenal, we do,
We love you Arsenal, we do,
We love you Arsenal, we do,
Ohhh Arsenal we love you!"

"If you hate Tottenham Hotspur clap yer hands,
If you hate Tottenham clap yer hands,
If you hate Tottenham Hotspur,
Hate Tottenham Hostspur,
Hate Tottenham Hotspur clap yer hands."

"Arsenal till I die,
I'm Arsenal till I die
I know I am,
I'm sure I am,
I'm Arsenal till i die..."

Still a long way to go.. but it's worth it!

Monday, March 03, 2008

What I Like/Dislike

On the 25th Birthday...
Like: The birthday bash of course. Never had a house party celebrating with friends before and it was mind-blowing... a bit emotional really. Maybe it's a quarter century crisis but I don't really think it's a biggie. Love the presents and the company. Many thanks to everybody who made the effort to make it a wonderful party. No balloons though as it was last minute really, a two-day plan to be precise. Iko who got me the socks and for being the chief chef with Nani, Didi and Atiqah cooking some great food (love the crabsticks). Azra who came down all the way from Newcastle and got me a triple presents (Barcelona training jersey, keychains and Arsenal T) . Brotherly love innit? Arwin, Afif, Atiqah and Nurman sharing for the Cass-Anova FC S5 Track Suit. Many thanks to Jasveen, Soha and Yoi for the beautiful blue tie from Tie Rack. Didi and Apek who got the cake which got the taste from heaven. Sherissa and Hana who had to pass the LSE Msian Night for the party. Smq, Ihab, Sam and Khalid for being great hosts. Last but not least, people who wished me on that special day!
Dislike: Feeling old. 25 is just a number but I realised that I lost some touches as a student, blogger.. even my jokes are'nt funny anymore. I even lost interest with video games and it's been a while since I played ProEvo. But something never change. I'm still that lazy dumb ass who procrastinates and I hope this will change soon when responsibility sets in.

On Stomp...
Like: I like stomping during my younger days to the dismay of my mom and sister and I learned to do it more appropriately by playing drums. But stomping still lives on inside me and I enjoyed the show and it was a great birthday present too.
Dislike: I think the joker in the crew made it too hard to impress as it went on and on and became 'unfunny' right till the end. I think he tried a bit too much but still a 4-star show from me.

On Arsenal FC....
Like: Niclas Bendtner's late late equaliser. I found myself a bit slow to sink in the wonderful emotion and for that I was late for Imperial College Malaysian Night 2008. But for some reasons, I was not the last one to turn up. Arsenal had a tough time in the past weeks but Nicklas simply showed that we don't want to lose. And yes I finally got hold to a ticket to an Arsenal match after some attempts. It will be againts Boro on the 15th March.
Dislike: Dudu's horrific injury... he was about to find his known goal-scoring prowess for Arsenal and it was a bad challenge, though in my opinion, not a malicious one. Matt is a nice guy as how the teammates decribe him and I bet he himself felt distraughted for injuring a fellow sportsman LIVE on the tele. That last minute penalty against Birm simply showed how referees need scoring system. However, I think that the ref made a wise decision by sending Matt off although some of his foolish and heartless teammates thought otherwise. Some Villa fans also showed how stupid they are by comparing Dudu to Heather Mills with their chants. Absolute nincompoops!

On Cass-Anova FC...
Like: We recored our first win against KPMG. Goals from Hsien Loong and Arwin with the latter slotting it in after receiving a pass from me from right channel. All the three of us has scored a goal a piece from 4 games which is not that good but as I said many times we are the underdogs and an improving team. We have to be realistic and would only want to avoid relegation!
Dislike: Didn't start for the KPMG game despite scoring the first goal for the team in the previous game a week earlier. Anelka oh Anelka.

On IC Malaysian Night 2008...
Like: Not really a Malaysian Night fan, but an annual observer for events of sort. Started by having a skeptical mind in my head but they really put up a great show and it was worth of my time and 10pounds. My favourite was the Dikir Barat although I had to admit the plot is too good to be a real life story. But it wouldn't be fun then. Kudos to the crew.
Dislike: I bloody hate waiting and I had to wait for 40 minutes to get my ticket from a friend who is now notorious for having a problem with time management. It was not the first time and I guess he/she must improve on this area. He/she even insisted that the show hasn't started yet simply because he/she was with a friend who happened to be an IC student when actually the show has started about 10 minutes earlier and we had to sit right behind through the back door. Another issue was this group of people standing in the cold right infront of the main entrance campaigning for 'a change in the government'. That has already spoilt my mood for the night. I took the flier and crumpled it right away as I saw some bias web-links at the bottom of the page. I even went back to talk to them about the impracticality of their manifestos while waiting for my ticket but to discover them adjourned as they were not expecting anymore Malaysians to go pass through that door. Well, they thought wrong as about 13 people late arrivals were recorded.

On general election 2008...
Like: It will be more competitive this time although I still think BN will win 2/3 majority. I will be voting this year for the first time although I have not decided yet which to vote. I will also not rule out of a possible 'Undi Rosak'. My decision will only be made on the spot as I like to be spontaneous!
Dislike: Some intelligent, charismatic, idealists and ambitious friends who still think they can change Malaysia from the outside despite conceding the SPR being a bias organistion and the election will not be fair. I argued that although they believe that SPR will not be "BERSIH", they still want to change Malaysia from the outside in which I think is a mountain to climb, uneffective and impractical compared to changing it from the inside. Some of their manifestos will also not work at the current moment and will only spark racial tensions as the Malay community will not give up easily of their 'rights'. The Oppositions have some good ideas, but it won't be practical at the moment. Malaysians are not ready yet for equality and equality does not necessarily means justice. We don't have to follow the West we probably would know better.