Friday, February 26, 2010

Babi Biru Terbang

Warning: this article will get heavier and heavier as it goes along the way. Hardcores, look away now.

Many months back, the nation was rocked by a circulated picture of a tudung-clad Muslim girl holding a piglet. It turned out that she is a Vet and was doing some research for her project. It has caused some stir among the Malaysian Muslims and there were some angry quarters accusing her of ridiculing Islam. Then, there were pictures of a group of Muslimah students holding and caressing dogs and yes, they were also wearing tudung...


As usual, many Malaysians are that easy to be agitated. They are also good at making comments without doing enough research for a particular issue. They say things they do not have knowledge of. Their aim is to gain support of the masses and to be famous because they will be perceived as unique, different and great. Heck, they sometimes don't even know what they are talking about and simply agree and spread the words of some so called great leaders, politicians, ustazs, priests, monks, lawyers, actuaries, syeikhs, Al-this, Al-that etc. (Refer to our recent 'sad' story of Syariah caning as an example).

Well, I don't expect each and everyone of us to know every single thing inside out, but a little research wouldn't hurt at all.

In Islam, Muslims are not allowed to eat pork. However, Muslims are allowed to touch pigs and dogs with no problem whatsoever. I myself am not cynophobic. Walking around Kota London can be quite a challenge for me. It's either you step on a big pile of dog-'shi-oot' or licked by these canines. However of course, as a Muslim, you have to clean using an Islamic method called 'Samak'.

"Nak bela anjing boleh tak? Comel lah!!!" Can Muslims take dogs as pets?

Why not? Guide dogs, guard dogs, hunter dogs, dogs to help sheep shearing, dogs to spend time with, your favourite companion perhaps, you name it. Dogs are useful, beautiful, playful, intelligent creatures. However, don't forget to clean yourself before prayers.

Do pigs and dogs go to heaven? As far as I'm concerned all animals go to heaven. For what reason they shouldn't? It's not up to me however, it's up to God to decide. Will pigs turn blue and fly in the heavens? Again, it's possible, but it's up to God to decide.

I myself would love to turn into Superman Blue and fly in the heavens. (but not turning into a pig at the same of course!)

Okay now comes the heavier part. Do you have to 'samak' if you touched a pig or any part of it?

Pigs, they are dirty animals. The reason why we Muslims are prohibited from eating pigs is simply because it is one of the hardest to cook, to make sure that it's clean and safe to eat. My friend Andrew confirmed that to me the other day when we met at his house in Leyton. But do we have to 'samak' in this case?


Phew, that was hard for me to even write it properly. Growing up following the Syafie Mazhab, I find that hard to swallow myself. It's true that you won't find the instruction in the Quran or the Hadith telling how to deal with this kind of najis.

Okay okay before any of you go berserk (like the caning incident), of course it's not wrong at all for you to 'samak' if you touch the pig. It means you are following the Syafie Mazhab and this Mazhab is not a sect but a guide. Which guide is the best? Hanafi? Hambali? Maliki? Syafie?

Allah knows best.

My Christian brothers and sisters might be puzzled now by how Muslims can even debate about pigs and dogs, gentle little harmless creatures. I don't want to offend but it's a giant myth to say only we Muslims are not allowed to eat pork according to our faith.

It's heavier now, don't tell me I did not warn you, but my Christian friends can check these verses from the Bible. I will not quote the exact verses, you guys should know better.

Leviticus 11:7-8
Evidently, these verses also apply to the Jews. In conclusion, Muslims, Christians and Judaism followers are not allowed to eat pork.
So when people say "Dowan lah masuk Islam, cannot eat pork", that is NOT a fair statement to make.
A fair statement should be (even if they want to be provocative):
"Dowan lah masuk Islam, Christian or Judaism, cannot eat pork!"

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Caning? Big deal!

I remember when I was a lot younger during my high school days. Initially, I was terrified to even think about breaking the school's rules on my first day at Kolej Yayasan Saad, Melaka. Along the way, which was quite normal for any teenager there was a sense of liberation in me that I wanted to try new things. Thank Allah, the facilities provided by Yayasan Saad was second to none. Thus, I didn't have to break any rules to catter for my desire to be adventurous... until one day.

It was just a mere BBQ Party. I was so sure we had permission to do it. 'Hey, this is KYS... not some average school and I think it's cool we gather people around and eat some grub. Tak kacau orang pun'. I thought.

We were caught 'partying' with some chicks (literally) that night and the week after I was caned. Twice, one more compared to the others. Some of us got more than once because we had a record in which I won't elaborate here as it was such a silly case. (no, not sodomy if that's what you're thinking!). The caning has taught me a very good lesson, and I owe that to our now departed Principal, Mr Ramli Maidin.

I have learned that, after 'trying out new things and being adventurous' throughout, I have created a snob of myself. I was arrogant. I thought as if the world was all mine. The caning was a painful one eventhough how many underwears I wore that night. It has also succeeded in shattering my ego. I was never a God. I couldn't even stop Mr Ramli from whipping my bony ass.

Another BBQ Party, Jeghui? You bet! But with permission. Black and white!

Did I go around telling people I was victimised? Was it just a conspiracy to bring down the school's drummer of the year (as I arrogantly thought)? I was so thin, small and wiry so it was UNFAIR by all means I got the same punishment as the beefy Mat Diyah? Justice for Jeghui???!!

No. No. No. No, it was all justified.

Years later, I read somewhere that teachers are not allowed to cane students anymore. My first thought? What pampered society have we become?

Then came the Kartika's story in which I won't elaborate here. What I know is that, Alhamdulillah she has abstained from taking alcohol and out of repentance, she wants the punishment of caning to be carried out. She looks a lot prettier now, donning the headscarf. I also heard she is going for Umrah.

And yet some people are against the things that she wants. What happened to her freedom to practice her religion?

Okay now, 1,2, or 6 lashes of the rattan? and how is the punishment be carried out? Do you even know?

Well I haven't seen how the caning is done when it comes to Islamic Syariah Law. As far as I know, the caning must not meant to cause bodily injury. Please remember that WHIPPING under the Federal Law and CANING under the Syariah Law is not the same. I have seen a demonstration of whipping under Federal Law for sexual offences, drug possession and BRIBERY during my St. Francis Melaka days. It still gives me the goosebumps everytime I think about it.

"Today, I'm ashamed to be calling myself a Malaysian..." said an Indian guy on Twitter after the news of three Muslim-women adulterers being caned broke out.

I quickly replied by saying, "You should reconsider calling yourself a Malaysian for not even knowing the Malaysian law."

I am no expert but I know that we have the dual system in the Malaysian Legal System, as enshrined in the Constitution of Malaysia (refer Article 121(1A)).

Additionally, Syariah or Islamic law is a matter of state law, except for Federal Territories of Malaysia. However, Syariah Law must adhere the Federal Constitution amended 1984 at all times:

1. Trial and punishment carried out to MUSLIMS ONLY. In other words, Non-Muslims are always exempted. (Boohoo! That's not fair! Justice for Muslims??)
2. Fine of not more than RM5000.
3. Jail term not more than 3 years.
4. Caning of not more than 6 lashes.
5. Combination of item 2,3,4 maximum permissable.

I am still searching for the item 'no caning for women' but to no avail. So, I don't understand what is the fuss all about.

Why are these people justifying adultery? They're concerned for the treatment of women, but this caning is NOTHING compared to the whipping under the Federal's Criminal Law. Are they trying to be hypocrites now when they hate men cheating on them but now they are justifying adultery? Is this how you are being fair to we men? (Note to editors, delete this section if you think it sounds sexist, though it's not to me).

It is because the Syariah Law has to follow the Constitution's guide as above, the punishment for adulterers and drunkards are slashed to a maximum 6 lashes from 20, according to the Sunnah. It could have been even a lot heftier under the Hudud Law PAS is bringing (not that I personally against it).

Six lashes of the rattan, and the whole nation went berserk. What kind of Malaysia do you want? A nation of adulterers and drunkards? Would you like to see your children becoming adulterers, drunkards, sodomites and catamites? I don't know. Maybe you people are the so-called 'Westernised people' and you think it's cool that way.

Hey, I am living in a Western country and I still keep my 'Budaya Kampung' and Islamic values everywhere. I don't have to be like them, they don't expect me to be like them. I dont expect them to be like me. So this kind of culture that you should adopt.

So I do not know what are you guys babbling about. Coming back to caning, I would love to have my children caned by the teachers, as long as it's for the right reason lah.

But of course, first things first, I have to get married in order to 'make' babies.

Adultery is waayyy too risky. Too risky for me, too risky for her.

And you call me insensitive.

Jeg Hui

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

'Moderate Muslims'

PKR Kulim Bandar Bahru MP Zulkifli Nordin is now seen by the 'people' as an extreme Muslim. He was even called a Taliban and his recent spat with giggly-on-TV (ref:Aljazeera Asia-Pacific 'Allah' debate) PAS MP Khalid Samad has somehow confirmed this label by the 'people'. Zulkifli, during his interviews with Malaysiakini has again and again said that he will not compromise when it comes to Islam. He even said he has been consistent throughout his life whenever he is asked about an Islamic issue. There are also 'people' who accuse Zulkifli as an UMNO's trojan horse.

The question is, who are these 'people'? Well, obviously, these 'people' are the people who do not actually understand Zulkifli's religion and his defence of The Constitution. These 'people' can be many of Non-Muslims or even some Muslims, whom they call themselves 'moderate Muslims'. These 'moderate Muslims' have been given heaps of praises by many Non-Muslims because simply, in their opinion, this is the kind of Muslims all Muslims should be. This is the kind of Muslims that would fit the society.

But who are these 'Moderate Muslims'? I have seen people who claimed to be 'Moderate Muslims' (MMs) in their writings. Weird enough, these people's initials, two of them in particular, are 'MM' as well. The thing is though, what makes them think that they are 'Moderate Muslims'?

So what makes you a 'highly accepted' MM?

You 'support' Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno and calling Jabatan Agama Islam Kuantan's verdict as barbaric... and you call yourself an MM.

You reject Kartika's right to repent and to follow her Islamic faith, by accepting the caning... and you call yourself an MM.

You poke fun at Muslims who practice polygamy eventhough many of them are happy that way... and you call yourself an MM.

You call Muslim men who take second, third and fourth wife as bad, bad men, calling them 'Orang Tua Gatal' even... and you call yourself an MM.

You call for the practice of polygamy in Islam to be nationally abolished, ala USA... and you call yourself an MM.

You say capital punishment should be abolished, Hudud Law is old and outdated... and you call yourself an MM.

You say Quran is just for the people during Muhammad's (PBUH) time, outdated, should not always apply now... and you call yourself an MM.

You accept the practice of homosexuality because they have the right to fall in love... and you call yourself an MM.

You say sodomites, catamites and transvestites have their right to choose the best for their lives... and you call yourself an MM.

You say you don't have to wear the hjjaab (headscarves) because they are out of fashion... and you call yourself an MM.

You call the Muslimahs who wear the burqas 'ninjas', 'kolot' and 'oppressed by the husbands'... and you call yourself an MM.

You question the Faraid Law, saying it's unfair to the women... and you call yourself an MM.

You say drug abuse can be eradicated by giving them free drugs called Methadone... and you call yourself an MM.

You say gambling is Okay, justified by of buying and selling shares... and you call yourself an MM.

You say drinking is permissible, as long as you don't get drunk and drinking alcohol is Okay... and you call yourself an MM.

You say adultery is fine, as long as you are 'protected'... and you call yourself an MM.

You are a member of Sisters In Islam, and secular nation is the way... and you call yourself an MM.

... and the list goes on.

You see, atleast I have a little respect for Zinedine Zidane. People did ask if he was a Muslim. He replied, "Yes, but I am a non-practising Muslim".

Did he say he is a Moderate Muslim? Did he justify all the unislamic things he did or didn't do what he is supposed to do as a Muslim? Did he?

Same goes to Shah Rukh Khan. He is a Muslim. Like Zinedine, he admits to being a non-practicing Muslim. Not that he's asking people to be like him. But he is simply telling people that he is a non-practicing Muslim.

'Non-practicing', a negative phrase.

So this phrase, 'Moderate Muslims' is glorified. One even wrote a book claiming she is a Muslim entitled 'I am Muslim' when at the same time, she dares the Muslimahs to take four husbands, as an act to protest against polygamy.

An MM with the initials MM, even asked her daughter there is no need to wear the hijjab.

What if her daughter wants to wear the hijjab? What happens to the so-called 'rights' that these people have been defending?

Another MM with the initials MM, has failed in her bid to eradicate drug abuse using Methadone. Statistics in Perak has shown not only the number of addicts have increased, but they even mis-use the freely available drug called Methadone.

Someone is making money?

There is even one 'westernised bigot' with the initials WIWC, calling himself a non-racist, Liberal Muslim. What is this 'Liberal Muslim'? Liberal means 'not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas'. So is he saying the holy Quraan is an established, traditional, orthodox, authoritarian dogmas and he wants to be free from it?

I say, be like Zinedine Zidane and Shah Rukh Khan! They are Muslims (person who submits wholly to the only God, the Creator) but they admit to being non-practicing. What humble and honest people they are.

If you ask me, these self-claimed MMs are not only in denial, they even want other people to be like them, gather a large support for their causes, so that they will feel fine having people around them. This is human nature. They just want to say they are fine people even with the expense of God's commandments.

I also have a friend who told me he is not religious. He didn't even try to make an effort to make himself feel good by declaring himself a Moderate Muslim. For that, I respect him, and pray that we all, including myself, especially myself will be shown the right path that is the Siratul-mustaqim.

Brothers and sisters, there is only one Islam and there shouldn't be some kind of labelling. I know this labelling is first made by the West, calling some Muslim terrorists, Islamic fanatists, extreme Muslims, among others.

Hence the phrase 'Moderate Muslims'. If you read the Quraan, you will know that Islam is moderate, and the concept of Wasatiyyah should apply.

Again there is one Islam. Even the Islam Hadhari campaign has confused some people. But if you have the traits as stated above, thus calling yourself a Moderate Muslim, I suggest you have to reconsider labeling yourself as such. You are confusing the people even the non-Muslims!

I wouldn't have to write this article if you were to call yourself 'not religious' and 'not practicing'.

Jeg Hui

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Green Energy for Malaysia

I really think green energy is cool.

Countries going for green energy, are giving an impression of how civilised and environmentally friendly they are.

Green and renewable energy technology, such as hydro-electric, windmills, biomass and solar powered generators are not easily found in Malaysia.

Apparently, developed countries with green technology, will never share it for charity.

This has made me wonder, if they are so interested in saving the world and fighting climate change, the technology should be transferred only at cost, not premium to third world and developing countries.

Then only I will see them as civilised people.

If not, they are just capitalysts who are only interested in making money out of noble things.

Maybe Malaysians should create their own green technology with the knowledge they have.

I'm sure we are not that stupid in believing that the West are the only people who have this technology. We also, can be inventors.

I'm not asking people to create a new energy, but rather using the technology that is currently available and improvise it.


You can say the same for iPad. Tablet PCs have been around since 1985!