Monday, December 31, 2012

Jeghui vs Joyah

This is a conversation I had with Joyah (obviously not her real name) regarding the issue of Mutaah (Contract) Marriage versus the Islamic polygamy marriage system. Some parts were in Bahasa but I expect each and every single Malaysian would be able to comprehend the whole story (unless you only go to Chinese Schools from the beginning of your age and do not mix around). As usual, the bombshell is right at the end.

Jeghui: Do u know that there are ppl practising kawen muta'ah here?

Joyah: Kawen mutaah tu ape? Contract marriage?

Jeghui: Yeah

Joyah: Heheheh

Jeghui: Its so immoral

Jeghui: Nk kawen, kawen je lah

Jeghui: Why kena ada contract term?

Joyah: Sbb maybe after their work contract habis, they hv to go bk to respective countries Jeghui: Its immoral don't u think?

Joyah: I won't think so

Jeghui: After that, what happened to the woman?

Jeghui: Ditinggalkan?

Jeghui: Kena cari pengganti lain?

Joyah: Maybe its against the religion but as long as both man n woman hv a mutual agreement its ok

Jeghui: I think about the woman

Jeghui: Laki mmg boleh cari lain. Woman susah

Jeghui: Lebih2 lg kalau org tau dia dah kawen

Joyah: Yeke? Not in these modern days la

Jeghui: Would u marry someone for a term of 1 year? Are u that open minded?

Jeghui: Would u let your daughter marry someone for one year only?

Jeghui: What about men changing wives every year under muta'ah contract?

Jeghui: Acceptable to you?

Joyah: not to me

Joyah: But maybe others r ok w it

Joyah: Plus for me 1 year is too quick la.. My bf rship is longer hahahaah

Jeghui: Ook

Jeghui: Ok maybe 5 years? Acceptable?

Jeghui: Haha

Joyah: Yupp

Jeghui: Ok. U surprised me. For me muta'ah is disgusting and a disgrace. Polygamy better and halal option. Let's just agree to disagree. :]Y

Joyah: Ahahhaahaha

Joyah: Thts bcuz poligamy is acceptable in your religion. I consider tht acceptable not basing my opinion on religious perspective

Joyah: N of course polygamy is better and acceptable for u bcuz u r a man. U yg dpt 4 wives. Ur answer is gender bias. Wht if women can practice poligamy as well.. Wud u find tht a better option too!

Jeghui: My religion is not your religion?

Jeghui: If I were to be bias, I would choose muta'ah hands down.

Jeghui: Imagine I live until 69 yrs old. Now I'm 29. 50 virgins per year tuuuuu

Jeghui: *79

Jeghui: *50 virgins in total lifetime

Jeghui: Belum ada overlapping lg tu

Jeghui: Hahaha

Joyah: Wht makes u think ull get all virgins?

Jeghui: Muta'ah is in no way helping the women

Joyah: And wht makes u thnk Ull get 1 each year?

Jeghui: Its a metaphor. Since muta'ah is allowing this

Jeghui: But again, my religion is not ur religion?

Joyah: Neither mutaah nor poligamy is helping women. At least mutaah the woman has a choice. Nak join la. Tknk jgn la

Jeghui: Same goes. Women can choose to reject polygamy

Jeghui: In my religion, its harram to force anyone to marry u

Jeghui: Poligamy can help women if its used with good intentions

Jeghui: Say my best friend died, and he before that told me to take care of the wife and kids. And I don't mind. And the wife agrees. Isn't it helping?

Jeghui: He told me secretly when he was alive. Of course with signed papers etc

Jeghui: That's one way of looking at it

Joyah: Ape ape la Jeghui

Joyah: Ur scenario is too gd to be true nwy.. Unlikely to happen in real life.. But if it makes u happy.. Go ahead n believe it

Jeghui: Don't apa2. This is a two way discussion. Its healthy.

Jeghui: I'm with my opinion. You, with yours

Jeghui: its quite enlightening to hear from different perspective. I'm no bigot

Joyah: Seriously I don't need this talk now. I'm w my luvly anak pinjam n my session shudnt be disturbed w ur opinion or religious talk

Jeghui: Didn't know Islam is that disturbing.

Jeghui: My sincere apologies if I annoyed you today. Wassalaam.

Joyah: Religion isn't disturbing. Man's view on religion is

Jeghui: Maybe you misunderstood me or something

Jeghui: I dunno

Jeghui: But it would be very-very sad if u meant to say that my religion and your religion is not the same anymore :(

Jeghui: Joyah? Tell me that's not true right? As a friend, I'm concerned

Joyah: Isk tk la.. Don't be silly

Jeghui: Okay. I can sleep well tonight

Jeghui: :)

This banter happened about six months ago. Last month, Joyah has accepted the hand of a prince… after allegedly “befriending him for 10 years”, according to a source closest to her.

Joyah became the prince’s third wife.

The truth has won again.