Monday, December 31, 2012

Jeghui vs Joyah

This is a conversation I had with Joyah (obviously not her real name) regarding the issue of Mutaah (Contract) Marriage versus the Islamic polygamy marriage system. Some parts were in Bahasa but I expect each and every single Malaysian would be able to comprehend the whole story (unless you only go to Chinese Schools from the beginning of your age and do not mix around). As usual, the bombshell is right at the end.

Jeghui: Do u know that there are ppl practising kawen muta'ah here?

Joyah: Kawen mutaah tu ape? Contract marriage?

Jeghui: Yeah

Joyah: Heheheh

Jeghui: Its so immoral

Jeghui: Nk kawen, kawen je lah

Jeghui: Why kena ada contract term?

Joyah: Sbb maybe after their work contract habis, they hv to go bk to respective countries Jeghui: Its immoral don't u think?

Joyah: I won't think so

Jeghui: After that, what happened to the woman?

Jeghui: Ditinggalkan?

Jeghui: Kena cari pengganti lain?

Joyah: Maybe its against the religion but as long as both man n woman hv a mutual agreement its ok

Jeghui: I think about the woman

Jeghui: Laki mmg boleh cari lain. Woman susah

Jeghui: Lebih2 lg kalau org tau dia dah kawen

Joyah: Yeke? Not in these modern days la

Jeghui: Would u marry someone for a term of 1 year? Are u that open minded?

Jeghui: Would u let your daughter marry someone for one year only?

Jeghui: What about men changing wives every year under muta'ah contract?

Jeghui: Acceptable to you?

Joyah: not to me

Joyah: But maybe others r ok w it

Joyah: Plus for me 1 year is too quick la.. My bf rship is longer hahahaah

Jeghui: Ook

Jeghui: Ok maybe 5 years? Acceptable?

Jeghui: Haha

Joyah: Yupp

Jeghui: Ok. U surprised me. For me muta'ah is disgusting and a disgrace. Polygamy better and halal option. Let's just agree to disagree. :]Y

Joyah: Ahahhaahaha

Joyah: Thts bcuz poligamy is acceptable in your religion. I consider tht acceptable not basing my opinion on religious perspective

Joyah: N of course polygamy is better and acceptable for u bcuz u r a man. U yg dpt 4 wives. Ur answer is gender bias. Wht if women can practice poligamy as well.. Wud u find tht a better option too!

Jeghui: My religion is not your religion?

Jeghui: If I were to be bias, I would choose muta'ah hands down.

Jeghui: Imagine I live until 69 yrs old. Now I'm 29. 50 virgins per year tuuuuu

Jeghui: *79

Jeghui: *50 virgins in total lifetime

Jeghui: Belum ada overlapping lg tu

Jeghui: Hahaha

Joyah: Wht makes u think ull get all virgins?

Jeghui: Muta'ah is in no way helping the women

Joyah: And wht makes u thnk Ull get 1 each year?

Jeghui: Its a metaphor. Since muta'ah is allowing this

Jeghui: But again, my religion is not ur religion?

Joyah: Neither mutaah nor poligamy is helping women. At least mutaah the woman has a choice. Nak join la. Tknk jgn la

Jeghui: Same goes. Women can choose to reject polygamy

Jeghui: In my religion, its harram to force anyone to marry u

Jeghui: Poligamy can help women if its used with good intentions

Jeghui: Say my best friend died, and he before that told me to take care of the wife and kids. And I don't mind. And the wife agrees. Isn't it helping?

Jeghui: He told me secretly when he was alive. Of course with signed papers etc

Jeghui: That's one way of looking at it

Joyah: Ape ape la Jeghui

Joyah: Ur scenario is too gd to be true nwy.. Unlikely to happen in real life.. But if it makes u happy.. Go ahead n believe it

Jeghui: Don't apa2. This is a two way discussion. Its healthy.

Jeghui: I'm with my opinion. You, with yours

Jeghui: its quite enlightening to hear from different perspective. I'm no bigot

Joyah: Seriously I don't need this talk now. I'm w my luvly anak pinjam n my session shudnt be disturbed w ur opinion or religious talk

Jeghui: Didn't know Islam is that disturbing.

Jeghui: My sincere apologies if I annoyed you today. Wassalaam.

Joyah: Religion isn't disturbing. Man's view on religion is

Jeghui: Maybe you misunderstood me or something

Jeghui: I dunno

Jeghui: But it would be very-very sad if u meant to say that my religion and your religion is not the same anymore :(

Jeghui: Joyah? Tell me that's not true right? As a friend, I'm concerned

Joyah: Isk tk la.. Don't be silly

Jeghui: Okay. I can sleep well tonight

Jeghui: :)

This banter happened about six months ago. Last month, Joyah has accepted the hand of a prince… after allegedly “befriending him for 10 years”, according to a source closest to her.

Joyah became the prince’s third wife.

The truth has won again.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Malays and Apostasy

Lets start the article with some excerpts taken from Lembah Pantai Member of Parliament Nurul Izzah binti Anwar Bin Ibrahim who spoke in a recent forum called "Islamic state? Which vision? Whose responsibility?"

"How can anyone say the freedom of religion only applies to non-Muslims? It has to be applied equally.

"In the Quran, there is no specific term to Malays as to how it should be done,"

To be honest, I do not know what world she's been living in. This is Malaysia. And she is a public figure. Of course people, particularly Malay Muslims would not take these statements well. She might have said this to please the moderators or the organisers of the forum but the public on the other hand, would take this hard to swallow.

Sometimes I wonder, are these people really Malaysians or they are actually born or bred somewhere else? Let me get you to the usual discussion of whether you should buy a property next to a surau or masjid.

"They sing five times a day and it's very loud"

"Don't buy house next to a surau, very low appreciation"

"They should stop azan especially the one in the morning."

Well, if you are truly Malaysian, this should have been tolerated years and years ago. Others would kindly take the Fajar azan as a wake up call to get the day going early. Heck, the traffic jam will tell you this and the azan is just doing you a favour!

Come on guys, this is Malaysia. When I was a kid in Taiping, the sounds of chimes and drums each time there was a death of our Buddhist friend did not bother me one bit. The long and continuous sound of siren from the fire department indicating the breaking of fast during Ramadhan was accepted by all. Funny thing is, the ones who complain about noise pollution are the same people who love to go clubbing!

Going back to Nurul Izzah Binti Anwar Bin Ibrahim's comments, God knows why she is feeding the ammo to her opponents. Taken out of context or not, we have to accept that we are living in Malaysia. From the constitution, Malays must be Muslims, regardless if they practice or not. Do not go through troubles of trying to change your MyKad and changing the word "ISLAM" into something else. Believe me, it is hard to change this even the Parliament will not dare to debate or make amendment to this part of the Constitution. This includes the special rights of the Bumiputeras, Islam as the official religion, the establishment of vernacular schools (to my disapproval), Malay language as the official language among others.

Of course I know there are Malays out there who are not Muslims. Constitutionally, they are no more Malays. I am not in any way condoning anyone leaving the good religion Islam. However, it was of a bad taste that Nurul Izzah Binti Anwar Bin Ibrahim would like to comment it in that way. Is she not sensitive to the feelings of the Muslim parents? Even if there are Malays who chose to be apostates, it's not our job to say out loud that it is okay. The thing is, the number of Malays who left Islam is smaller than those Malays who bear the name Muslim but make sins so openly. You tell me, who should be getting more attention?

I have come across a hajjah who started to attack me verbally when a good discussion about Islam was made, calling "you are biased because YOUR religion permits polygamy." And the argument was about if the Muta'ah Marriage or "Kahwin Kontrak" is better than polygamy. Of course I was supporting the latter as it is halal according to our religion. if it is done correctly and wives treated fairly. For me, the rise of these type of people are more alarming, as they are attacking Islam from within with their shallow, personally motivated thoughts.

It is true when the Muslim people say, it is better to embrace Islam later rather than being born one. This is psychologically true but of course now that most of us are born Muslim, it is the job of the parents and the Government to assimilate the doctrines of the wonderful of Islam as the kids start to grow up. What we are lacking now in our Islamic teachings at school is the reasoning behind every single commands made by Allah. Teachers are sometimes afraid to tell truth or rather not knowledgeable enough to answer the children's candid but honest questions.

Oh well. I guess I can understand why politicians make bloopers such as this one. I'm sure Nurul Izzah binti Anwar bin Ibrahim did not mean to hurt anyone's feelings but rather it was so naive of her to be making this kind of mistakes.

Reality check - Muslims in Malaysia will not take apostasy too easily. Same can be said to Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Judaism, even animism parents regarding the religion of their children.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hijab & Hudud wont make us more Taliban

I have been trying to understand what is the big fuss a bout covering up after a recent outrage about models needing to follow some dress codes for billboard advertisement. I believe this so called outrage is politically motivated since those tikus politikus still think every single Malaysian adore them. I honestly feel that people grew tired of the political slandering and self-praise but rather the people just want to see the result of good governance and policies.

I personally agree that models should wear decently on billboards. These models are someone's son or daughter or father or mother and the reason they were called models is because they should set an example to our kids. And just to point out, how many of you parents here would like to see your children wearing so revealing? I know I wouldn't for the sake of my unborn children.

The thought of setting out dress codes for models depicting the way of Taliban is somewhat far fetched. Please read what and who are the Talibans. Little did they realise, the sudden attacks on these Talibans, hudud and PAS will create an opportunity for racist, anti-Muslim scum from among our people to attack Islam the religion of peace and justice. Stupid Stats were also given out claiming 1.2 Million people will be jobless, cunningly said because more people will have their hands cut for stealing / bribery.

Islam's answer is simple. Do not steal, do not take bribes. And your hands will still be attached to your body!

I know PAS is only using hudud and the push for an Islamic state for their political gain. I bet they should because many of their supporters are Muslims who believe in the Islamic agenda. For many years PAS has been consistent about hudud until about 3 to 4 years ago when "ulamas" from the "Erdogans" camp site boldly stated that hudud should not be applied when there are still poor people who are forced to steal!

Says who? These Erdogans playing God now? I myself was left disappointed by these Erdogans stand and the leaders of PAS kept mum about it, maybe in a way to please other Pakatan component parties. Or maybe under the directive of the not so great "PM-designated" Anwar Ibrahim, the Tok Wali of the PAS-DAP marriage.

You ever wonder why suddenly people are talking about Hudud in Malaysia? It's all just bloody politics if you ask me. The sudden U-Turn by PAS leaders regarding Hudud is expected (I guess to the dismay of my former college-mate who is active in PAS but cannot do a turn around now). The Malay-Muslim supports are waning because of the Erdogans' lame stand on Hudud and when the leaders realise this, they publicly announce Hudud and Islamic State are still main parts of their agenda. Then, the game is back on. MCA started attacking Hudud and PAS and as you can see, they are on a roll.

But I must say hats off to those in PAS who are strong willed with principles. If people in Malaysia are so scared of hudud, they have to keep asking themselves, do I like to steal, to rape, to rob, to commit adultery, to kill and so on? Why are we supporting the criminals?

For a fact, I have been a fan of this Quranic rule although a former school-mate's wife thought otherwise. She was lucky I did not sue her haha! Living in Riyadh, I do not live in fear but I find it very peaceful because the bad guys are more afraid to commit crimes. If the law is strict, people are more afraid to commit crimes. If you now complain about the escalating number of crime rate, you should not be supporting the criminals now if the government would like to introduce stricter laws.

Of course we have to be realisitic. The word Hudud is a taboo for most Non-Muslims in Malaysia and thats why you will see MCA attacking PAS about it from all angles as we speak. What we should push for is stricter laws to punish the criminals. Few years for statutory rape, two years for the crook Khir Toyo, Indonesians facing the gallows for killing robbers for self defence, robbers only spending overnight at the police station and later released, justice for criminals who were shot by police calling trigger happy, prostitution ring sporadic, drug smuggling will not face death penalty anymore, leaders, public figures and "people with bright future" getting away easily are a few examples why you see people in our country are not afraid of committing crimes.

The problem of Talibans is that they make these rules in a way to show their power, to bring fear to the people as a whole so that their people bow to them like Gods.

For Malaysia, stricter laws should be introduced to bring fear to the CRIMINALS as a whole so that the CRIMINALS bow the good citizens and surrender.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Future of Property Investment in Malaysia

Hello. Hope you guys are fine. I'm taking a few minutes here to share about my opinion regarding the property market in Malaysia especially the ones in Klang Valley.

I have not ventured in properties outside KV as one of the rules of property investment is to really know the place you are investing. Thus, this opinion is strictly based on KV only.

The Government is doing a great job with the construction of MRTs to make Klang Valley a more convenient place to stay in terms of trying to go from point A to B. This should provide an investment opportunity to investors who might think better transportation networks would lead to better investment returns. This is usually true as long as the trains don't make so much noise pollution.

I believe the property prices for high rise residential should smoothen, if not decrease. Maybe it's about too late, people are eyeing for landed properties now. I myself did not invest in high rise buildings as I was a late starter and the prices for this type of properties were shooting up like there is no limit. So, I believe landed properties are still the safer bet. Of course I'm not betting here but rather knowing the situation I was facing at that time, landed properties tempted me more for its guaranteed capital appreciation.

Of course if it was the year 2006 (with good financial backup) I would have bought more than I currently have but linked-houses (Super Link or not) nowadays are going for minimum RM 700K for new sales. Still, people feel the price is fair for a landed property. The same cannot be said about high rise properties. At least according to a small time investor me.

Fret not. Some say there will be a bubble burst for the property market in Malaysia. If you ask me, yes, maybe for the high rise pigeon holes that are selling for a minimum of half a million. Not trying to be mean but I really, really think the prices for this kind of properties are astronomical! If you feel that you are ready to part away half a million for a small SOFO SOHO SOVO whatever you are calling it, make sure the financial plan is there for you or you will end up SOHAI. The rule is simple. For high rise properties, you are talking about the amenities that they have nearby and also the location. Plus, investing in properties of this kind should give a healthy ROI of at least 7%. It is indeed, a rental-linked property investment. Also, remember you have to compete with 200-400 other units to secure tenants or for some who feel flipping is a good idea. Yes, the bubble may come for these properties. When? Depends on how fast or slow the buyers will realise they are overpriced.

Those who invested in high-rises in 2009 and earlier should not worry though as the prices then were more reasonable. Half a million for a 700sq ft studio. Pfah!

The game the developer will play now is to sell townships and SP Setia, Mah Sing, Sime Darby and InP are the front runners in providing them. The areas might sound ridiculous now like Bandar Rimbayu, Semenyih, Klang, Bangi or Rawang. However, Kota Kemuning, Alam Impian, old Rawang, Bandar Bukit Raja turned out to be great as we speak. As land is somewhat scarce in Klang Valley, anything landed is the way forward it seems. The highly anticipated Kwasa Damansara is in the pipeline but I do not think it will come cheap. Nevertheless, you will see the sale to be very encouraging.

So, the future? GE or not the property market will still blossom. Of course the high rise residential and commercial properties will soften but for landed, rich Malaysians will be up and ready. I myself have a few targets on but will only make my debut on high rise when the right time (and price) comes. But remember, invest responsibly. Don't go above your threshold. You do not want to become bankrupt at a young age. Don't be too enthusiastic and then you forget the major rule of investment - positive cashflow.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Promising Arsenal (like always)

1. After three Premier Leagues games, Arsenal FC have yet to concede a goal.
2. Yes, they were firing blanks in the first two game but the solid back four is a worthy mention.
3. Surprisingly, Steve Bould got the credits despite being a coach for already 11 years now at Arsenal.
4. The central midfield now boasts Abou Diaby, Mikel Arteta with Podolski and Oxlaide-Chamberlain on the flanks, with the future of Walcott and Arshavin hang in a balance.
5. I am eating my words as Abou Diaby played really well in the 2-0 win at Anfield.
6. Suddenly, people are talking about Arsenal becoming serious title contenders.
7. Well, as a fan of 16 years and after 7 years being trophyless, I have the right to remain skeptical.
8. However, I did have a wee bit of gut feeling that we will win it this season, the league, before it kicked off.
9. As promising at it seems, we will still have to wait until the final day of the season, if not earlier.
10. At least thats what happened to Manchester City (United) when Kun Agueroooooo scored in the virtually final kick of that game.
11. No heart ache again, please.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Adakah PKR mengajar rakyat yang bukan-bukan?

Beberapa bulan yang lalu, negara dikejutkan dengan telatah segelintir remaja yang mengadakan demonstrasi jalanan mendesak kerajaan melupuskan hutang PTPTN. Tindakan tersebut telah dipelopori sebuah parti politik yang tidak asing lagi, Parti Keadilan Rakyat atau umumnya, PKR. Para remaja yang mengikuti rusuhan jalanan yang pada pandangan saya, memalukan negara di kaca mata dunia ini tidak terlepas daripada melakukan aksi yang tidak senonoh untuk mendapat perhatian media. Demonstrasi Hapuskan PTPTN ini hanyalah membawa mesej yang negatif kerana hutang apakah yang tidak perlu dibayar?

Rakan sekerja Democratic Action Party (DAP) tidak mengikut serta propaganda licik dan tidak beretika ini atas dasar prinsip dan tahu yang PTPTN ini sebenarnya membantu. Seorang anggota PKR yang diketahui umum membongkar penyalahgunaan dana pinjaman mudah (soft-loan) oleh sebuah syarikat milik suami seorang pemimpin kini bertindak seperti seorang hipokrit apabila mengalu-alukan pinjaman bantuan PTPTN tidak dibayar oleh bekas pelajar yang sudah pun bekerja dengan alasan "Pendidikan Percuma Untuk Rakyat". Ini memberi mesej yang membimbangkan kerana rata-rata pelajar yang mengambil pinjaman ini ramai yang liat untuk membayar walaupun bayaran ansuran sangatlah kecil, bukannya beribu-ribu dan membebankan. Mudah bukan? Syarikat "kroni" yang gagal hutangnya diambil alih kerajaan. Inilah yang dicanang oleh PKR. Tetapi di bawah janji-janji PKR, pelajar yang gagal hutang mereka pun akan diambil alih kerajaan. Kedua-duanya menggunakan wang rakyat. Adil atau hipokrasi?

Saya sendiri berasa adalah tidak adil jika hutang PTPTN dilupuskan begitu sahaja. Dana PTPTN adalah bertujuan membantu pelajar untuk menjadi lebih cemerlang, bukan untuk membeli telefon mudah alih yang baru dan canggih atau membikin motor atau kereta supaya gadis mudah cair. Nak dijadikan cerita, saya mendapat bantuan PTPTN di waktu pelajar yang mendapat ijazah kelas pertama tidak perlu membayar balik pinjaman PTPTN dibekukan. Alhamdulillah, PTPTN telah mempertimbangkan dan meluluskan permohonan saya untuk tidak membayar balik atas dasar keputusan yang cemerlang. Mengapa pula pelajar yang gagal tidak perlu membayar balik pula? Siapakah mereka ini?

Apabila saya menyebut pelajar yang "gagal", saya yakin ini adalah pilihan perkataan yang tepat. Pelajar yang cemerlang dengan kelas pertama tidak perlu membayar balik pinjaman PTPTN. Pelajar yang tidak mendapat kelas pertama tetapi tidak gagal kerana berjaya mendapat pekerjaan dan bayaran ansuran dalam lingkungan RM70 sehingga RM150 sebulan. Jika bayaran ini dilihat membebankan, ini adalah sama ada bekas pelajar ini gagal mendapat pekerjaan, gagal menamatkan pelajaran, malas, tidak mengenang budi, pencuri dana PTPTN dan korup. Itulah persepsi yang diberikan oleh mereka yang berdemo tempoh hari. Ya, sama seperti syarikat kroni yang dipukul canang oleh PKR.

Tamat isu PTPTN, kini datang pula kempen Turunkan Harga Kereta. Saya sebenarnya terkejut kerana yang mendalangi kempen ini salah satunya adalah seorang cerdik pandai, akauntan bertauliah yang bersuara penyet serta dikatakan pernah dibayar RM30,000 sebulan oleh sebuah syarikat gergasi nasional. Apa sahaja yang beliau dibayar kini tidak pula diceritakan olehnya mungkin takut orang merompaknya (atau karier politiknya terjejas atas kerana bayaran yang begitu banyak).

Empat isu telah saya bangkitkan menerusi laman Twitter tetapi oleh kerana bekas akauntan ini telah "block" saya (atas sebab yang tidak dapat dipastikan, selalunya adalah masalah ego dan keangkuhan manusia bergaji besar), terpaksalah saya ajukan permasalahan penting yang harus diambil kira kepada rakan sejawatnya yang juga seorang kawan dari kolej.

Umum diketahui rakyat di Lembah Klang kesesakan lalu lintas adalah ditahap yang kritikal. Kekadang itu lucu kerana tol dibayar tetapi terpaksa juga mengharungi lautan kenderaan pelbagai rupa ada yang seperti kotak tisu pun ada. Jika kempen ini dilaksanakan, kesesakan akan bertambah kerana kereta kini lebih murah dan mampu dimiliki. Ada juga penyokong kempen yang menyatakan saya ini tidak fikir tentang rakyat miskin di luar bandar atau luar Lembah Klang. Betul, harga kereta di Malaysia adalah mahal tetapi terfikirkah anda walaupun mahal, rakyat masih lagi berdegil untuk membeli kereta termasuklah yang berjenama. Mungkin ini adalah kerana pengangkutan awam yang tidak boleh diharap tetapi bukankah jaringan My Rapid Transit (MRT) sedang giat dibangunkan? Bagi soal golongan yang kurang berkemampuan di luar Lembah Klang, sepatutnya disarankan untuk juga mendesak kerajaan untuk menambah-baik pengangkutan awam. Jika kenderaan juga yang mereka mahukan, sepatutnya PKR mencadangkan agar mereka dibantu dari segi kewangan (subsidi), bukannya menurunkan harga kenderaan khususnya kereta import dengan menyahkan tiga cukai duti, eksais dan jualan sekaligus.

Wakil rakyat saya YB Tony Pua akan saya ingat sebagai seorang pemimpin yang secara ikhlas mahukan Lembah Klang bebas daripada kesesakan lalulintas dengan mencadangkan supaya jaringan integrasi pengangkutan bas sejajar dengan kemudahan MRT yang bakal disediakan. Beliau tidak memilih jalan populis tetapi mahu rakyat benar-benar bebas daripada kesesakan jalan raya secara total. Mungkin inilah bezanya orang DAP dan PKR.

Jika diumumkan Turunkan Harga Kereta sebagai suatu polisi kelak, walaupun dengan tempoh implementasi lima tahun, harga kenderaan yang ada sekarang akan terus jatuh mendadak. Nilai kenderaan di jalanan kini akan jatuh merudum rata-ratanya ke tahap setengah harga. Mungkin para penyokong kempen cuma berangan-angan seperti Mat Jenin untuk membeli Toyota Wish, Cardina atau Porsche Cayenne (aneh, ketiga-tiganya idaman masyarakat Melayu Malaysia). Mereka tidak sedar yang nilai kereta mereka yang sedia ada akan jatuh menjunam dan perkara ini bukanlah boleh dipandang enteng. Hutang bank yang ada masih perlu dijelaskan. Kali ini, jangan harap kerajaan PKR akan membayarnya juga seperti hutang PTPTN tetapi setakat ini, janji bulan dan bintang adalah perkara normal kini jadi saya tak akan terkejut lagi! Encik dan Puan Jenin terpaksa menambah lebih banyak wang kerana kenderaan sedia ada yang mahu dijual balik akan susut nilai. Jika masih lagi berdegil mahu "upgrade kepada Wish", fikirlah dua tiga kali.

Bagaimana pula dengan nasib pengusaha kereta terpakai? Saya tahulah mereka ini tidak lah ramai bilangannya jika dibandingkan dengan Mat-mat Jenin. Undi mereka begitu sedikit. Jelas di sini perusahaan mereka akan terjejas sejurus selepas kempen ini menjadi polisi kerajaan. Mereka telah pun mengeluarkan modal yang banyak untuk menjual kereta-kereta ini dan kini akan mendepani kerugian yang besar.

Saya sekeluarga memilih untuk menyokong barangan keluaran Malaysia. Panggillah kami ini nasionalis atau pun patriotik tak bertempat tetapi kami cuba sedaya boleh untuk membeli kereta Proton kebanggaan negara. Saya bias dalam pendirian saya apabila bercakap tentang Proton. Ini adalah benar. Namun, saya sendiri mengkritik kualiti kenderaan nasional ini selepas mengalami sendiri kekurangan yang ada. Tetapi, saya saying Malaysia. Saya tidak mahu Proton berkubur dan kerana inilah saya tidak bersetuju dengan kempen populis Turunkan Harga Kereta yang dimainkan oleh ahli politik. Saya juga hanyalah bersikap realis bila menyatakan jika harga kereta import mendapat diskaun 50%, Proton akan susah untuk bersaing. Bayangkanlah dengan waktu sekarang inipun, ramai rakyat memilih kereta keluaran luar negara, sanggup membayar lebih. Jika kempen ini bertujuan mengurangkan harga kereta keluaran tempatan, saya setuju. Ada pula penyokong kempen ini di Twitter tempoh hari menuduh saya memperlekehkan kebolehan Proton. Dia memberi faktor yang tidak relevan seperti Proton sudah ada pusat pemasangan bertaraf global dan mampu berdaya saing. Realitinya, "protectionism" adalah normal bagi mempertahankan industri tanah air dan ini telah diguna pakai oleh negara-negara pengeluar kenderaan seperti Korea.

Jika tidak orang Malaysia, siapa lagi yang akan sokong Proton dan Perodua? Jeremy Clarkson daripada rancangan "Top Gear"?

Tak tahulah jika penyokong Turunkan Harga Kereta ini tidak patriotik. Tetapi itulah pada pendapat saya. Sahabat saya itu sehingga kini tidak dapat menjawab persoalan-persoalan jujur saya di atas. Dia hanya mampu menjawab Proton sudah lama hancur setelah AFTA 2005 dan bangga menyatakan kerajaan Barisan Nasional juga sedang mempertimbangkan kempen ini. Jawapan-jawapan politik yang tidak meyakinkan.

Jadi, adakah PKR mengajar rakyat untuk menjadi tidak berpatriotik? Adakah mereka juga mengajar kita supaya tidak membayar hutang walhal itulah yang dituntut dari segi agama. Betul, agama menolak amalan riba' tetapi nilai pokoknya wajib dibayar. Di mana letaknya nilai etika dan moral? Raihan undikah yang menjadi matlamat utama tidak mengira yang hak dan batil?

Mohd Azrul Bin Abu Hassan @ Jeg Hui

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Saturday, July 14, 2012

FOR RENT: Bandar Kinrara 9 (LET)

Region: Puchong, Selangor
Area: Bandar Kinrara
Bedrooms: 5
Size: 2300 sq.ft.
Monthly rent: RM 1 600
Property Type: Double storey
Bathroom: 4
Furnished: Partially furnished
Move in: Immediately

This is a nice, clean, spacious double-storey house for rent in one of the most sought after place in Klang Valley, Bandar Kinrara.

The area (Warna) has a mixed community with guards patrolling.

The house has kitchen cabinets and grilles installed with wardrobes in each bedrooms (except the maid's room). There is also an airconditioning unit installed in the spacious master bedroom.

The ramp into BK9 is completed. The area has plenty of amenities such as petrol station, Chinese School, Golf Club, cricket club and plenty of shops nearby. The nearest superstore is Giant Bandar Kinrara. Further up you will find IOI Mall, Sunway Pyramid etc.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spira Alam Impian (LET - GONE)

LET: Double Storey Link House. Spira, Alam Impian, Shah Alam. (GONE NOW)

Fully furnished! GATED and GUARDED with access cards.

4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. Double storey, modern contemporary designhouse at Alam Impian, Shah Alam.

Furnitures: beds (4), quality mattresses (4), wardrobes (4), dressing tableswith mirror(4), Stools (3), TV cabinets (2), Dining table (1), dining chairs(6), Sofa 2 seater, Sofa 3 seater, Sofa leg stool.

Lights and fans as standard.

Air-conditioner installed in Master Bedroom (Mitsubishi)

Kitchen Cabinet installed! Grilles installed!

Suitable for young family with a taste for modern, contemporary lifestyle, plus state of the art security.

Smacked in between KESAS and Federal Highway! Linked using LKSA!

Facing garden. Facing South so your home wont be hot from the sun.

Minutes to Shah Alam City, Sunway, USJ, PJ Klang etc.

Giant, Carrefour, EconSave, Uptown Shah Alam and wet market moments away.

Rental: RM1700 (fully furnished) 

Move in: March 2012

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More pics will be uploaded later