Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Uncle Nasa masuk PKR

Semalam saya telah membaca akhbar The Star yang melaporkan Uncle Nasa telah lompat parti dari UMNO ke PKR.
Sementara sedang tekun menebas pokok dan membersihkan halaman, saya berboraklah dengan ayah saya yang dahulunya sangat rapat dengan seseorang yang kami panggil Uncle Nasa sejak kecil.
"Uncle Nasa pun masuk PKR..." ujarku.
"Orang politik biasalah... Perjuangan bangsa dan negara tak kira dah..." balas ayahku.
"Dulu dia UMNO. Dah menang dekat Bota tapi kerajaan Pakatan perintah Perak. Mungkin sebab dia takda jawatan sekarang sebab tu lah..." tambah ayahku lagi.
Pelik juga saya melihat Uncle Nasa yang agak gempal kini. Dahulunya dia agak kurus dengan cermin matanya yang besar, tiada misai kalau tak silap. Tetapi seingat saya Uncle Nasa ini baik orangnya.
Saya dahulu dengan abang-abang saya berkesempatan bermain bola di Bukit Peringgit bersama anak-anak Uncle Nasa. Kami rapat bagaikan 'family friends'. Marco dan Daniel sempat bermain bola dengan kami di depan rumah Pakcik Ujang Tahar. Kali terakhir saya jumpa Daniel apabila dia usik telinga saya di Masjid Al-Azim untuk solat Jumaat dan senyum pada saya. Tidak sempat kami berbual panjang kerana ketika itu kami masih kecil lagi tidak ada handset untuk bertukar number.
Sebenarnya tidak tersangka juga Uncle Nasa ini tidak sabar-sabar untuk menjadi orang berkuasa. Bagi saya, Uncle Nasa adalah seorang yang baik dan mungkin juga dia lompat parti kerana tidak tahan lagi dengan karenah segelintir orang-orang UMNO yang tidak mahu berubah.
Namun, Uncle Nasa tetap salah untuk melompat parti kerana itu, seperti kata Encik Karpal Singh, adalah tidak beretika dan seolah-olah mempermainkan pilihan penduduk dalam pilihanraya negeri Mac tahun lepas.
Jika mahu juga lompat parti, buatlah pilihanraya kecil lagi dan lagi!

Super hero day

Last Saturday morning, I went to Nadia's house in Kinrara to clean it. It was also the resting place for my lovely wife (the drum set). We hadn't had the chance to clean it last week as the three key-power connectors were not with us as they were stolen.
I bought the new sets of connectors and being new, they played a stubborn game with me as I was trying to connect them to the main power system. I thumped one in but the other two fell down and one was broken.
Stupidly, I tried to mend the broken one and again forced it into the socket and then suddenly a strong rush of electricity went through my body and my arm got the worst out of it.
It didn't hurt. I was only shocked that I cried out kinda loud. My father came to see me if I was OK. I am not an electric engineer, but I do not know how strong the power should be from those sockets. Lucky to be alive or simply a small dose of electricity?
Still I went on cleaning the house with much ease. I didn't tire that much.
Later that day, I went to Cineleisure (it seems like a port for me) with Mariko and we had 3 rounds of bowling. The first round I scored 154, then 116 then 133. Mariko's scores were one bit lower than those. Even the guy next lane playing at his best couldn't beat my score despite his stylish spinning ball. Last week when I was playing well with Abie the score was 148 but that I considered myself as lucky. This time at Cineleisure was different.
Then Mariko ajak main pool pulak. I was gleefully in the mood of being competitive. When I was trailing I fought back with some funny/lucky but workable moves. The icing on the cake was putting the last two balls into the pockets in only 1 strike.
That day I felt like a super hero. The electricity rush through my right arm had made it powerful that day.
But it didn't last long as of yesterday, I helped my dad out on cutting down those trees. Later, I felt tired I slept the whole day.
Haha entry budak sangap yang menganggur!

Monday, January 19, 2009

KT by-election

The main reason Barisan was defeated this time is their choice of candidate.

It seems that Barisan still do not understand that leaders with shady backgrounds shouldn't be their choice of candidates in elections.

Wan Farid is known for being very close with Khairy.

People cannot accept Khairy anymore. He will be remembered for a very long time for being a corrupt leader and people will only accept his admittance to it and his apology.

Wan Farid is also known for being a snob. In a more personal experience, he failed to smile back or being humble and friendly when meeting fellow Malaysians en route to Jeddah for Umrah in a Malaysian Airline First Class cabin.

Later, he had the chance to show some humility when he was having dinner with his wife together with fellow Malaysians in a hotel in Mecca. Rather than being nice to fellow Malays and nicely asked for the food in front of my informant (whom I love and trust), he chose to ask his political aide to go and get it for him.

He seemed reluctant to have any favours from the 'common' people around him.

He also had to be reminded by the co-pilot that they were close friends during school years in Terengganu.

Forgetful man?

No, simply a snobbish man.

And KT was lost simply because of who he is and who he associates with.

What a disaster.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Toyota Camry for excos in Perak and Selangor

I am an avid fan of cars. I do hope one day Proton cars will be on the center stage of world's best cars in the future. I do not mind if there is some sort of a protectionism to help Proton and Perodua cars conquer the domestic market.

What is wrong with protecting your own country's product?

I have heard of Ronnie Liu. I was also informed that he used to sell Toyota cars before becoming an exco. I was quite astonished when Perak and Selangor government decided to write off their Perdanas for the new Toyota Camrys costing almost RM150,000 each.

Recession? What recession? Some bloke from Dubai is preparing 107 Million pounds offer for Kaka for his toy-club Manchester City. Well at least he is taking the ka-ching out from his own pockets.

The Camrys however, are from rakyat's money.

gaya hidup?

I do not own a Perdana. But Ronnie the Tit claimed that the cost of maintaining his Perdana is RM93,000 per annum. Do you think this figure does even make sense?

I tell you what Ronnie, instead of letting them rob you RM93,000 per year, might as well buy another Perdana every year! This could even bolster the Proton market share!

Stop giving nonsense figure! We are not that stupid (or maybe you are?). Even if it's true, you should do some research and sack the Proton Servis provider in contract due to misquotations and bloody rip-off.

I was hoping my own state government Selangor do not follow suit... when suddenly, another fleet of Camrys came down these Excos' doors. The only state government that has something to do with DAP that did not succumbed to Ronnie Liu's proxy at Toyota is.... Penang!

Kudos to Penang!

If you ask me, Lim Guan Eng should be the next PM! However, we have to wait for that other Lim to retire. Then Lim Jr will have more control of what he actually wanted to say about how we should govern our country. Not to be Chauvinists of course!

Going back to the issue, I am guessing the company responsible to these Camrys' maintenance is from Uncle Ronnie's proxy as well. Or maybe that Ngeh guy. And.. noone said about these Camrys' maintenance cost per year!

What.. RM92,999.99?

Shame on Pakatan if they choose to be corrupted as well.

Evidently, many of them have turned to the dark side. (I have my sources, not from that internet, grow up!). They became just like some BN people if you may.

Do we actually need new cars for the excos? What we should do is review the maintenance cost. I am very sure it is not supposed to be that pricey. If you think the former state governments have overpaid, simply review the rate!

Toyota Camry is a nice car. I have nothing against Toyota the automaker.

But this form of cronyism, corruption and misuse of power should be avoided at all cost.

p/s: The Perdana cars I saw still look good to me. Haihh...

Friday, January 02, 2009

My New Year 2009

I celebrated my new year with Abie with no new resolutions instead carrying on last few years if not many years' resolutions... However this time, it is Abie's first ever New Year celebration! I think I have a problem remembering nowadays. Mariko has asked me if I could celebrate it with her but it was made in the car when I was driving it must have slipped from my mind while negotiating the bend... or checking out on the bend on busts-bearing Malay girls.

Busts-bearing... sheesh. I will never let my daughters to ever show their cleavages around. I am sure they will not be groomed to be bunch of whores.

Speaking in a less milky language, me and Abie made our way to Cineleisure to catch the movie before any jumping around gazing at the fireworks. The movie was OK. I had worse movies before, the Dark Floors for example.

And so we waited at the opening area between The Street and Cineleisure. Damn bloody so many people spraying aerosol of some sort that was so not pleasing my nostrils. Also, I had to look out for Bangladeshi gropers and so during that time I saw kids having a good time dancing to the music from the Laundry Bar.

Well it's New Year's eve. Everyone was entitled for a little bit of fun.

The fireworks? The best I've ever seen yet. Of course waaay better than London's. The finale was a bit scary though. I thought the whole place was going to explode!

Haih... that sight kept reminding me of the people in Gaza. Innocent people were killed by Zionists. If you ask me, there's no fireworks there. Only bombers, rocket launchers and air-strikes. When I was younger, I thought these things only exist in Command and Conquer Red Alert.

However, my mind got stuck with a more domestic situation when I saw teenagers started smoking cigarettes. I had my black days as well smoking when I was in school but at least I was in my final year! These monkeys looked like they were 13!

As the fireworks ended, we went straight to the car to get outta there quickly. To my anger, the fuel meter indicated empty. Man, how the hell are we gonna get outta here? I thought. Outside, traffic was terrible as expected and my temperament did not help. I was cursing (while praying) that the car wouldn't stop when everyone was trying to get out.

After about an hour in the jam-hell, I mistakenly took a left turn back to Cineleisure thinking I could get petrol near McD but the road was still closed. Arrghh I blew up and was ranting like a mad man.

With a bottle in hand (mineral water bottle if you ask me), we went to that petrol station and Abie wanted to grab something from the Burger King. As the traffic smoothing, we went back to our car. On the way, we saw a Chinese youth vomiting, then a sight of a little Malay girl getting a help from two guy friends because she was too drunk to walk by herself, crying for her mom if I'm not mistaken.

Do you think these two guyfriends would bring her home safely? Bantai....

Nevermind the sight of adults drinking, these girls could be sitting for their PMR next year! Terrible!

We reached home at around 4.30a.m. No nonsense, Abie was sent home safely and I went straight to bed, tired.

Then the next day, the reports had shown girls as young as 15 caught with men in bed. Then 1 woman with 5 men sex romp. Earlier today the sex party in KL with a newscaster involved.

I wonder what PAS people in Selangor and KL have been doing since gaining seats. I see more cleavages from the Muslimahs more than before in malls.

Not that I want to, ok girls? You know I love you... :)

p/s: Still laughing my ass off imagining the then warak people praying soo khusyuk wrinkling their foreheads at the same time but drinking liquor nowadays!! Wannabes....