Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Condolences - Datuk Richard Ho

The Star has reported that Datuk Richard Ho Ung Hun passed away peacefully after a short illness.

He was 81 and left behind wife Mary and children Ignatius and Cecilia.

Richard Ho was my mom's boss at one time and she was singing his praises about how he was a very kind and successful politician-business man. He was also a devoted family man and rejected the idea of controversy being a tool to make his opinions sound.

I have since inspired by Richard that I also want to be successful.

I have never actually met Richard but I know he treated my mom well over a back-stabbing incident by a fellow colleague with his charisma and relaxed style further escalating my respect for him.

Condolences to Richard Ho's family and friends.


Anonymous said...

Who is ur mum? Is it auntie Rosnah? I am his daughter

Jeg Hui said...

My mom is Shahrul Bariah. Auntie Rosnah is our close family friend.

Look me up (Azrul Abu Hassan) or my mom (Shahrul Bariah) on facebook.