Thursday, September 21, 2006

"Not to sound spectacular"

Just got back from JPA Agong Scholarship interview. for the list of candidates. Tough competition. Was told that the panel targets people from the Applied Science. Gotta admit I suck at interviews. Had a bright start only to see the performance declining towards the end. Not expecting to get a call.

Been very2 busy lately. Tomorrow, another interview. This time it's gonna be mind blowing. Need to prepare some slide-shows. Was told about the interview only yesterday!

Haven't finished packing yet. Ah, well sempat blog lagi. Nvm, saja nak release tension. Made my decision since got the offer to read MSc Actuarial Science in City University but the deferment given by PNB helped smoothen the process. Missing my PNB mates.

Have no intention of going to UK simply to sound spectacular. Really think it's an offer that I couldn't refuse thus had to break the bank if I had to. Had a heavy heart to do so initially but after some advices given by colleagues, agreed it's a good investment.

A MSc Act Science scroll and 8 IOA exemptions being offered. Therefore, will be able to kiill 2 birds with 1 stone. Hopefully yup.

Why not LSE? PNB will definitely sponsor you if you can find a place in LSE. Nope. There's no IOA qualification that I can benefit from. Looking forward, focussed to become an actuary.

But, must take step by step approach. We'll see what's the next step after a year.

Flight at 12.00 tengah hari KLIA. Saturday. 23rd Sept. Smq! Aku sampai kol 6p.m. Will come back for UiTM graduation Nov 9 - Nov 12.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A worthy Saturday

Slept late again on Friday night but I knew I hadta wake up early that morning to attend a seminar. Not that I had already starting to appreciate Anthony Robbins or any motivational speakers (coz I'm a wee bit egoistic about listening to these ppl) but it was for my former classmates. T'was their final project entitled "Million-dollar Career, You can Make it too!" led by Arween and Nadd.

But kudos to Epul tho for his and his friend's effort on the flyers, banners etc coz they were just world-class. Good first impression I must say. However, I must say there is a room of improvement for the shirt and car sticker but I still bought them.

Generally, I honestly think they made a good job! A job well done miraculously. Ugh that might sound a bit exaggerrating simply because they are my friends? No. I don't do that. I give fair evaluations all the time no matter if you are the enemy or my father. I'm saying it was a Houdini-like performance because from I know, they were not given financial back-up by the HEP (Hal-Ehwal Pelajar) to the annoyance of Arwin who did well overcoming the pressure with great composure. What they did was selling hundreds of t-shirts bearing actuarial science logo and stuff in order to break-even, let alone put a surplus of the RM200 each of the students cum organisers had to fork out.

As for the panels, they were late. Except Mahadi. Yup that millionaire guy yada-yada. Atleast he was early. Other two speakers were Fara Fauzana (WOhOO!!) and Mr Norhamdi from Bank Negara. The former is a friendly, bubbly and LAYAN while the latter was a bit boring (Dato' Ali was rumored to have been sleeping while Hamdi gave his talking). But kinda respect the guy from Kelantan though. From scratch, merantau mencari rezeki di KL. And both him and Fara was UiTM grad tho. Bangga-bangga! Haha.

Mahadi... on the other hand.. cam biasalah.. just like last semester. Same ol same ol but he's got new spectacles tho!

The food was excellent. At first I thought takda lauk. But then when I explored the nasik bungkus, ada daging kari, which was the bomb! And heard also the initial supplier was supposed to be of Mr Hamdi's catering co. But it was scrapped in the final minute because he intended to increase the price. I mean, what the hell. This is just a seminar which benefits the students, we are not making profit whatsoever. Kinda shocked when I heard this.

Took pics with Fara Fauzana, Arween and Mr Hamdi while picking up hadiah cabutan bertuah. Haha. That was like the poyo-me antics, as usual, It was actually presented by Mr Hamdi but I cheekily invited Fara Fauzana to take some snaps with me. She didnt reject me tho. The humble and talkative radio host was such an inspiration for me. She obviously brought the energy around the hall with her side of stories and advices.

After the event, went to take pics and met friends and thanks for the good luck wish and all and hope to see you guys again before I fly off to the UK. I am glad to be part of the Actuarial Science student in UiTM and despite you guys' complaints over the size of my tummy, I assure you I will never forget all the things that we shared and cherish together (latest being the Bukit Cerakah and the Seminar and also, the broo-ha-ha of the latest couple in CS222). tee hee hee!

So after a drink with Yang I went home feeling tired. Semalam tidur lambat ma. But I promised my KYS friends a night at the karaoke. Only the second time aku gi karaoke the first one wud be with the KMYS friends at Sg Petani featuring Lenoq. Took WFL5555 to Ampang with minimal minyak (gamble) and arrived home safely without having to refill. Oh, Putra LRT tutup pukul 11pm btw.


It was another night to remember. Sohai (Duet Partner), Kebau (Man of the Night), Dyah, Chot (surprisingly powerful vocals), Pah (Abang Ada Band), Pecot (Awie), Eidy(Abg Control), Eznal (Doktor Jiwang Rock Kapak), and Hare (Abg Suara tak sampai). Haha! Well, we all semua suara tak sampai ma. So, when choosing the songs, mmg kena play safe. Kalo UKs ke Awie ke, Amy Search ke, jaga2lah keluaq suara kelawaq Rye or more notoriously suara stim. Hehe Peace Rye. You know I love you.

Well, Ciput, again was absent tho. And 8tv celebrity Helmy was missing also.

We all had fun really. Mmg enjoy abis. Sampai skang I still think karaoke helps me a lot in eliminating stress etc (especially time2 camni -- takda scholar boo-hu-hu screw you, u-know-who) . I feel like I was reborn! (despite suara katak). Sohai made a great duet mate. We even have a picture of ourselves singing Duu-duu-duuu. Haha. Cencurut (Sohai) and Tikus Mondok (Jeg).

So the last song we sang together mmg semua macam dah hilang akal (that includes Chot). Still think he's a cool, control macho guy? Haha. Dia dah tunjuk belang dah mementang 'single' for a week already. Peace Syirs! Haha! The last song was Don't Look Back in Anger! Terjerit2!! Hahah! Sampai lupa gelas satu dipecahkan. Sib baik tak kena ganti.

So lepas tu lepak2 Pelita. Lots of chics baru balik from clubbing. That time dah 330 to 4 in the morning. Cuci mata, as usual. Sib baik Payat takda kalo tak sure tercengang.

Haha. I just realise I selalu quote nama org dalam blog lately. Ah well promote kawan2.

K wei. You can view the pics at my friendster. Tried to upload here cam tak bleh je. Nanti cuba2 lg.


Monday, September 18, 2006

Adebayor Ade-bola Ade-Class!!

It was a great team performance by the Gunners who were considered as 'relegation candidate' against the team in sparkling form Manchester United. Arsenal were without talismanic striker Thierry Henry with a broken foot and Robin van Persie who picked up a hip injury foolishly trying to keep the ball in play against Hamburg SV.

But it was the unsung hero Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor though who deservely found the net after teniciously causing troubles to the Devils defence. He made sure Gilberto didn't come home red-faced after the saxaphone playing Brazilian slipped and missed the chance from the penalty spot.

I was with Abby at the time after watching Liverpool crashed out 1-0 to Chelsea who got their German giant Ballack sent-off for violent conduct, stamping on Mohamed Sissoko. Dirk Kuijt and skipper Gerrard missed a sitter's each and handed the reigning champions valuable 3 points. I must say Liverpool were unlucky not to atleast get away with a point. Ope was in hartamas also with Cherap, Liza, Amir and Edd. Sorry guys couldn't join you guys I was spending quality time with Abby before I jet off. :)

I must admit everytime I watch Arsenal play, it is as if I was the gaffer. I get emotional and even talk to the TV giving instructions to the players, making foul languages to the referee. Haha. But I must single out one incident that was really jaw-dropping when watching last night's game.

People know I love to make predictions before a game starts. And it always favour my odds mostly. But I found my latest rival. Abby guessed and yeah she got it right. Almost accurately. She suggested the game will see an Arsenal win with the Red Devils failing to score and Adebayor scoring in the 85th minute. And she repeated saying it several times.

And when the Togolese international poked home after a great work by Fabregas, my eyes were on the timing count down and it said "84:58". Overjoyed by the goal and thrilled by her latest magic antic, I straight away said "You're a genius!!". We found the goal we wanted (since she's supporting Arsenal also even before she met me) to the dejection of 78% Man Utd fans at the square.

In the end of the day, I know it was a night to remember. Sorry Smq!

Arsenal Squad Match Rating:
Lehmann 8, Eboue 7, Gallas 9, Toure 8, Djourou 8, Rosicky 8, Fabregas 9, Ljungberg 7, Gilberto 6, Hleb 8 (Julio Baptista 7), Adebayor 9 (Flamini 6)

Thank God Hoyte didn't play.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Jalan-jalan Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam

Just got back from a tiring but exciting weekend gathering with former CS222 UiTM classmates. Had a go on a bike but showed lack of match practice and tummy blossom. The food was fine though and the games put weight into the claim that it was one helluva great occassion! Many thanks to the organisers and it was sweet of you guys to give me a wonderful send off.

Pics with quotes:

Asrip menghirup aroma ayam yang separa siap dgn serombong kapalnya.

'Newly-wed' Apeq pedih menahan perit asap ayam bersama Khai, kipas-susah-mati (die-hard-fan) Mawi iaitu Rina, Abang Perut Nain and Mr Asrep.

Jeg (dengan effect cahaya pemutih) with the girls from left: Siti Karnain (malu2 kucing plak), Malaysian Top Model Yana (berbaju merah), si cute-mute Cheetah dan the 'newly-wed' Didi.

Final round: Win, Lose or DRAW menyaksikan banyak telatah2 lucu kengkawan termasuklah bakat terpendam Yana dan Didi yang masing2 berjaya melukis 'buaya' dan 'bawang' dengan baik skali. Turut memperagakan aksi hebat iaitu saudara Asrip yang melakukan aksi spontan seekor buaya yang menghentam2 tanah dgn tangan kanannya. Hahaharun Salim Bachik.

Model perut Jeg and Nain di hadapan pokok-pokok besar yang membesar menjadi rumah kayu (mitos).

Special thanks: Leen for the present. Boy who is not in the picture but played an important role in making this gathering a success.

Thanks again! :)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A little futsal gathering

Last Monday Smq and Jeg went to join the PNB Weekly Futsal at Ampang Sports Planet, only my second time playing in that area. Smq parked his car at Kelana Jaya LRT (no need to pay one if you follow Mr Jeg's advice) and I tot we're already 9 minutes late.

But we weren't. Bumped into PNB workers Ipe, Cherap, Sya, Asma, Fadh and Ope (who got injured no thanks to Mat Pah robust play last week). Had a lil chat and then met Nicky and Yan Abbas (potong rambut mcm budak sekolah) on the way to my beloved PNB building. Then saw Haniz from the exit with Sami Sani. Obviously Sani just got a haircut and would be joining us for futsal.

So the line-up goes. Ramai gak yang main ni. Matdiyah, Kebau, Maj, Sohai, Chot, Jeg, Payat, Haniz, Sani, Lada, Smq, Farid and Anep (kwn Payat). Ada tournament kat court sebelah. Gila stamina tinggi diorg team KWSP lawan team apa tah.

So mmg best ah main aritu. Scored 11 goals (ye Chot aku keep track my goal scores) and 3 shots that hit the post (ye Ipe you will hear me bragging about my goals in the next coupla years). Haha. Nah, duduk depan goal bleh la score (habis humble la tu). Goal of the day: Haniz's. Scored from inside of his half while the keeper (Payat) with his back behind the ball baru nak gi jaga goal. Haha. Thuderous!

Pastu lepak Payat and Chot's crib. Pergh aku cakap ko. Encik Sidek mmg baik hati orgnya. I think they've got a bargain. RM750 per house tong-tong tiga org RM250 dapat apartment siap dgn perabot, mesin basuh, tv (rosak), jam dinding, meja kerusi katil semua lengkaplah cakap lu. Cuma PS2 je takda lg. And TV. Hiburan dah ada esok mmg heaven gak ah duk apartment tu. Dah la dekat nak gi kerja.

So Payat and Chot jamu kitorg bermacam2 jenis air ada. Vanilla coke ada, Peel Fresh ada, air sejuk ada, coklat from Russia pon ada. Mmg pemurah diorg ni. Air susu je tak laku. Pastu ada kerepek. Haha. Best woo kerepek pedas. Aku tak henti2 kunyah.

Then Pakyat yg bagaikan Santa Claus kasik dak2 ni barang2 dari Scotland. Sambil tu aku borak2 ngn dak2 ni. Then aku masuk kejap je dlm bilik Payat dia bagi aku fridge punya lekat2 tu gambor Scotland. How cute. But when suddenly he pulled out baju sejuk from his closet jenama GAP and kasik kt aku, aku dah cam... what?

"Pakai ah kat sana nanti" kata Payat. Terharu plak aku rasa. I know we had our differences before tp korg tau ah bdk2 KYS mmg bond diorg lain macam. Ngam gila. I tot I cudn't accept the windbreaker tp cam wth, aku scholar pon xde lg nak pegi so I might need it takyah beli baru dah. Kebau 'berebut-rebut' ngn aku hahaha. Thanks a lot Payat.

Oh by the way, Smq cool gila coz dlm apartment tu semua bdk KYS dia sorg je Koleq. Haha. Peace bro.

Pastu borak2 kisah lama mandi siap semua kitorg gerak gi makan. Then aku ngn Sohai cam familiar tmpt makan tu. Then pandang atas tgk ada 3 buildings apartment. Mcm rumah Abg Chot. Then tetiba ada plak Abang Chot then barulah teringat cam pnh makan situ skalik ngn Epi and Pooyen if I'm not mistaken. Best gak makan situ. Air mango (ala-ala Mango special Murni) Rm1.50 je.

Aku, Kebau ngn Haniz tak tahan tgk gelagat abg sorg ni dok mintak2 rokok. Merayu2. Mula2 mintak satu Haniz bagi. Second time dia mintak Kebau dah ckp xde dah xde dah. Woo bagi betis nak peha lak.

"Boleh laa bang.. satu je!!" Hahaha.

Time makan tu bukak lah kisah gossip panas. I managed to keep my mouth shut though. Risau dah Sohai hahaha.

Pastu balik Haniz antar ke LRT. AKu budget Smq sampai Shah Alam kol 12 malam.

SELINGAN: Arini aku amik Maj kt tmpt interview dia on the way balik Sunway kena saman traffic. Kat bwh jambatan motorola tu. Dok gebang ckp kt Maj tu illegal lane and tetiba je polis terkam. Abg polis pon mintak rasuah RM50.

Polis Corrupt: Nak saman ke taknak saman? Taknak saman pon boleh. Abang tolong saya, saya tolong abang.

Aku: Tolong cemana tu? (buat2 bodoh naif)

Polis Corrupt: Saman dah murah RM200 boleh bayar. Tapi taknak bayar pon boleh. (tau pon diorg kurgkan saman nak kurgkan corruption la mangkuk, tp ko mintak rasuah gak pastu makan)

Aku: So, cemana ni? Kalo saman berapa.

Polis: Terus terang cakap eh. Kalo kena saman ni mau RM300 (aihh td ckp Rm200 cepat tul dah ubah plak, marketing strategy ni). So kalo abang tolong saya, RM50 je. Tapi kalo nak saman saya bagi. (mmg gaya selamba wei, ni selalu buat aku rasa ni. Confirm hidup tak berkat)

Aku: (buat2 check duit ada la RM70). Hmm takpehlah bagi saya saman!

Taknak deh aku subahat rasuah. I know SHuen wont agree with me tp I chose to take the saman rather than kena jawab ngn Tuhan besok. Eh, wait a minute, diorg takut ke pada Tuhan actually? Nama je Melayu kot. Anak2 makan duit haram hasil rasuah ko. (sama la some org kastam). Pastu anak2 besar jadik Mat Pit, hasil duit rashuah.

Honestly, it's a bitter pill to swallow bila tgk bangsa aku corrupt. Harap kawan2 aku besar besok jgn corrupt dah. Kalo aku corrupt besar nanti, ingtkan aku pada blog ini.

Chow chin chow.