Thursday, January 31, 2013

Adlin Binti Abdul Jalil

Actually she doesn't deserve to be in my blog but of course, since she's asking for it, here goes.

I am no shrink but by the words chosen by her in her writings, I conclude that.

1. She is mentally ill.
2. She is scarred for life of whatever trouble she faced before. Blaming it on Islam.
3. She is an attention seeker, in which she has won, only in a bad way.
4. She is not pretty and made it worse on herself by colouring her hair blonde. Since I have been wanting to become a beauty pageant judge, I would rate her as 10... out of 10 billion.
5. Good news that Interpol has co-operated to bring her to justice. But don't forget those Malay-liberals-civil society who demand freedom of speech (or lies).
6. I bet no normal man would do her and her smile is so sinister it could be used for anti-premature ejaculation.
7. Whatever it is, her fate is sealed. Another waste of life.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Shiah not the real enemy

1. I am in the opinion that Shiah became what they are now strictly because of politics.
2. Since the political events happened more than a thousand years ago, it is hard to simply throw away the Shiah beliefs.
3. If you scrutinized thoroughly, you would agree with me that the Shiah practices coincide with some political events happened more than a thousand years ago.
4. For example, Eid Al-Ghadeer is a festive observed by the Shi-ites to commemorate the appointment of Ali bin Abi Talib as the immediate successor of Prophet Muhammad.
5. Abu Bakar As-Siddiq took over instead and Ali's supporters became enraged and turned into who we call the Shi-ites today.
6. Ali was willing to wait for his turn but a civil war ensued.
7. This is politics and after more and more blood was spilled including of Prophet Muhammad's grandsons, Hasan and Hussein, the Shi-ites became more and more agitated. 
8. The effect was long lasting. Stories of Ali, Hasan and Hussein were passed from generation to generation.
9. The stories of the prophet's son-in-law and grandsons being murdered, were surely heart-wrenching. They would attract more Shiah believers.
10. To me the civil war was the darkest history of the Islamic world.
11. The prophet had done his best to remind the people to stick together as an ummah, and never to worship him as a God, after his death.
12. The wives, who should be regarded as the Mothers of all Muslims, were not allowed to re-marry, to avoid people from claiming the children from this marriage to be "sacred".
13. The message is clear. There is no prophet after Muhammad. People from his lineage are normal human beings like us.
14. In fact, Prophet Muhammad was also human. He ate, slept, had children, married and died.
15. Difference is only that he was chosen by Allah to lead the last people of the world.
16. One should know that obsession and fanaticism led to the creation of sects including Shiah.
17. In a Malaysian context, if fanaticism is to be applied when supporting a political party, this would split the ummah more.
18. To me it does not matter if you support PAS or UMNO or PKR as long as we share the same Islamic belief.
19. Accusing others of "infidels" is somewhat extreme and if not curbed, who knows after a thousand years, PAS or UMNO became a religious sect just like Shiah.
20. The story of Shiah is a lesson to be learned by Muslims.
21. Some of you would just attack Shiah people like no tomorrow, without realising you are becoming one in a different label
22. Shiah used to be our brothers in hand. Sadly, because of politics, we are so much apart.
23. I dream that one day Islam would become one again.