Sunday, January 28, 2007

Things that you might not know about Jeg

1.Jeg once thought he was going to be the youngest child. He was enjoying every single moment of it (including getting prizes although he lost the drawing competitions). He finally realised that his time was up when the siblings celebrated the birth of the latest addition in the family, Alifah Nadia. While the rest were making a song for their new younger sibling, he sat on the stairs, sucking on 'botol susu', feeling very-very disappointed. He was four. 1987
2.Jeg loves drawing since he was 3. His favourite character was 'Ha-birm-birm Ha-birm-birm' which he used to draw on the blank first pages of encyclopedias. That character was indeed his own creation; a big headed troll, something that looks like the blue character in Vauxhall advert 'Come on!' 1985

3.Jeg is a fan of dinosaurs and other pre-historic animals and he used to force his dad to see Dinosaurs Alive shows which were held miles away from Taiping. 1993

4.Jeg used to have a dream of making a rap album and once depicted himself as Eminem; namely Eminay (M and A = Mohd Azrul). 1999.

5.Jeg first kissed a girl on her cheek when he was 5. That was a kiss-and-run incident on a girl who was a year older, when he was attending Tadika Perpaduan, Taiping. 1988

6.Jeg once favourite teacher was Ms Ling Ling who he once hoped to be married with, in an attempt to invite her to become a Muslimah. Jeg was only 6! 1988-1989.

7.Jeg was the crybaby of the house and was dubbed the Leleh by the family. He was also being bullied by his brothers for having a round belly and a big head, loved dancing and even put on his mom's lipstick. He also used to be wearing his elder sister's recycled swimsuit for swimming. Talk about saving some costs there. 1985-1992

8.Jeg's kindergarten sweetheart was Nurul Huda. It was a bit of rivalry in terms of study, drawing competitions and popularity contest i.e. who should take the main acting post, the lead singer. 1988-1989.
9.Jeg was ashamed to only completed 5 days of fasting when he was seven while his classmates had a full month. He even purposely left the tupperware full of mee goreng his mom provided for him. 1990.

10.While his mom was working only metres away from his house (JPJ Taiping), Patti and Minahchi were responsible of taking care of Jeg. "Minahchi used to turn the rice into golf-ball sized oblongs to make me finish the meal," he recalls. Oblongs.. haha!

11.Of all his friends, it was an Indian friend who wept when Jeg left King Edward (VII) (Satu), Taiping for St Francis, Melaka. 1993

12.Uncle Ah Gu used to send Jeg to sekolah agama in Assam Kumbang, Taiping. However, he was sent to school in the morning by his father but walked home everyday then. Uncle Ah Gu plate number was NB1071. 1990-1993

13.His greatest rival in King Edward was Faizal Omar, who was a son of a well-known doctor, who came out on TV reporting on the death toll of Highland Towers landslide. Dr. Said Ahmad was his name. 1990-1993

14.His rival in Sekolah Agama Assam Kumbang was Hafiz 'Kedai Mara'. He had this odd pronounciation on 'R' thus he was famously knowns as Hafiz Kedai Mavah. Hafiz asked for more marks one day and pipped me to the First Place in class. Disgusting. 1990

15.Jeg once stole Hafiz's credit card bearing his mother's name in a hope for revenge. Jeg even managed to take 50 cent from Hafiz's wallet to buy a nasik lemak sambal. Jeg regretted his mistakes and promised not to steal since. 1990

16.Ustaz Baharom once rubbed 'bunga tahi ayam' on Jeg's face, out of nowhere! Jeg was not angry but when he heard the Ustaz was working for his dad, he considered a revenge. But Jeg changed his mind. 1991

17.Jeg loved cycling and his first bike was BMX which was red in colour. Used to go racing with his two brothers. The scars on his elbows and knees are still visible.

18.Jeg was so alim when he was small, he even read Basmallah (In the name of Allah), everytime he put the food into his mouth. Every single time! 1990-1994

19.Jeg once had a kitten named Baggio, which was the smallest among other kittens. Jeg once thought Baggio as the kitten version of himself. Baggio died after choking on crab shells. Negligence!

20.Jeg was also an unsuccessful fish breeder. There was one time the whole fish in the tank were killed. Somebody forgot to put the chlorine. It wasn't his fault. He knew who did it. But chose not to disclose the culprit.

21.Jeg is considered lucky. His unborn sister had to be aborted due to complications. If she was to survive, Jeg would not be born because of the timing. (ask medic students for further queries). -according to Mama.
Hmm... the good old days... whatever happened to Jeg now?

Friday, January 26, 2007

Die nieu C-Klasse

The new generation of C-class was unveiled. Yeah I'm a fan of Merc but a BMW wudn't hurt (if I were a 100k-quid-per-year-bonus inclusive investment analyst for GS). It reminds me of the new CL Coupe. For me, not bad looking ah. It's only that the price kt Msia sure grand!

Here are some of the pics.

What do you think?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pokoknya sabar...

Teringat saya pada satu malam apabila saya pulang ke tanahair buat seketika (majlis graduan UiTM), sempat juga saya berceloteh dengan dua orang wanita professional di mana seorang bekerja sebagai 'biotechnologist' dan seorang lagi seorang 'Marketing Relations Officer'. Kedua-duanya amat berpengalaman bekerja dan saya telah mengambil inisiatif untuk mendapatkan tips temuduga untuk Accenture Malaysia keesokan harinya.

Tidak sempat bertanya khabar muncul pula topik hangat pada ketika itu berkenaan Perdana Menteri dan Tun Mahathir. Sudah saya jangkakan kedua-duanya lebih menyetujui Bapa Pemodenan Malaysia itu dengan alasan, 'Pak Lah slow', 'bajet berbillion tapi projek tak jalan' dan Hikayat Khairy.

Menyedari betapa ganjilnya jika saya membidas hujah-hujah mereka itu, setelah menerima nasihat-nasihat mereka yang amat berguna, saya cuma sepi tak terkata. Mungkin bukan tepat pada waktunya. Namun, beberapa bulan setelah perbualan 'panas' satu hala itu berlaku, melalui yahoo messenger, saya pun mengemukakan hujah-hujah saya pula.

Ia bermula dengan, "How is Malaysia?" saya bertanya, bukan berniat untuk memulakan perbahasan itu. "Macam biasa.. slow.. Pak Lah slow..."

Nampaknya beliau amat membenci seorang yang bagi saya, mempunyai hati yang baik. Lama kelamaan, mulalah tohmahan-tohmahan yg dilemparkan membuatkan saya terpaksa menyedarkan beliau tentang hakikat sedia ada.

"He started anti-corruption campaigns, but he actually allows them. Khairy has all the shares in most of the big companies in Malaysia," she said.

'On what grounds' beliau berani berkata begini? Adakah beliau mempunyai bukti? Adakah beliau bekerja dalam kementerian?


Tidak perlu saya bercakap banyak tentang perkara remeh ini. Namun saya cuma bertanyakan dia, sama ada dia mudah mempercayai blog tanpa usul periksa? 'Shallownya' ujar saya sinis. (dalam hati sahajalah) "I can write my own stories about ***i if you like. My own fantasy book. Stating how he had become a gigolo, for instance. Just because it would sound sensational, do you have to believe it?"

She kept quiet. Beaten. After soo much of bru ha ha about current politics, she kept quiet!

Then I made a statement. "It's not a surpise when there were quite a number of people supporting Mahathir. He is somewhat brave and controversial. Making bold statements about the Jews and Americans. Controversial, thought provoking but could be true statements. While Pak Lah is a leader more keen on world unity and racial integration, somehow (i dunno why) to the displeasant of some Malays. People love controversies you see. Look at Eminem, he quickly shot to fame because he provokes people and of course, using his music as the medium. Anyone fancy Doctor Alban? No coke. No heroin? Remember him? Nahh"

She replied, "true.. true.."

I added, "You are accusing Pak Lah for corruption as if it had never happened before, as if it was all ethical during your hero's time? Dont give me that. Even schoolboys can think better than that. Can differentiate which is good or bad apple."

Again, she couldn't say a word. Probably she just had a reality check.

"Maybe you might want to consider the noble efforts that are planned by Pak Lah. People were shocked when Pak Lah asked for development in the Agricultural industry, including you. Maybe it was an approach to cushion the nation's economy since the start of the oil price hike. And what about the gap between rich and poor? Will that approach by the premier helps narrowing the gap since the distribution of income is 'SO FAIR' all this while i.e the AP distributions. That was very 'noble' indeed." I said sarcastically.

Note that agricultural industry is concentrated in rural areas and the people living in these areas are considered people receiving very small income. I am glad to hear when a rubber tapper earns Rm1800 a month, as reported last year.

"Actually I prefer the Malays to stand united. Now that we have UMNO Mahathir and UMNO Pak Lah plak. Don't you think Malays are so divided now? So lets just don create another malay party... For me, Tun M is free to criticise. Everybody has the right to do that. Atleast in a polite manner. And the govt is changing day by day. Policies reviewed. etc. Is that not a sign for better? The end." I concluded.

"Fair enough," she said. That's it? No rebuttal? And she said goodnight.

Today I learned that the Govt may one day abolish Chinese schools. Another policy set to be changed under the ammended Education Act 1961. As discussed a few blogs ago, this is a huge boost to the national integration among all races. Of course this is a huge big step. Next could be Tamil Schools. Next could be Boarding schools. It cannot be done all at once. How would the people react if something drastic happens?

Another venomous attack on the PM that I heard was, "boleh je aku amik gambar dgn Paklah, taknak je sebab aku tahu tangan dia busuk,". The thing is that, who are we to judge people? Do we have the adequate information about the administration to accuse him as corrupt? We have never even step inside the Parlimen for the cabinet meetings for God sake! OKlah, even it is true, again, like it never happened before?

Come on, takkan setakat baca string/forwarded emails, personal blogs, Khairy Chronicles, Mr 10%, Harakah, dengar pembangkang cerita bikin sensasi, terus nak percaya. Of course lah BIAS.
Pokoknya sabar. Have faith with God. Takkan Pak Lah berani nak bermain dengan nama Tuhan? Insya Allah Malaysia akan terus maju dan bersatu.

Pokoknya sabar.

Oh man I just realised I am writing from bahasa baku to broken English. I must stop now. It's cold in London btw.


Monday, January 22, 2007

A new beginning

Arsenal snatched away the points from The Devils wearing Prada with 7 minutes to go. Hopefuly that will mark a new beginning for the Gunners. And me.

Just got back from school. Found it quite a day. Finished class at 4.50p.m. The latest I got home ever. Promised myself not to miss a class. And spend one or two hours per day of studying.

Writing blog at the moment while watching hot music videos on Sky. Look at em. Enjoying their work, wearing bling2. Wish I could atleast get Snoop Dogg or Em's number. Not to make an album silly. Atleast I could manage their assets.

Speaking of assets. Heard Beyonce's in town. Beyonce and Mariah Carrey are so my cup of tea. Dream on Jeg.

Oh James came by to say hello. He just got back from a holiday. Me think he is in a jovial mood. He even handed me 20 bucks after finding out my request for a study table still pending. Nice choice of word. Pending.

Maybe James is getting married. (or got married).

I even asked him, "You sure about this, man?"

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tas and white wine (not included)


Baru balik dari makan2 di Tas restaurant. I ordered Seafood and rice excluding the white wine (it's in the menu). It was fun. Met two new friends. One doing actuary, one doing law. Both are cool chinese. Fei (Mau) was a bloody joker. Jeff (bf Yoi) the cool guy.

I think I'll let Waq blog about it and upload some pics of the night. Ok fine I'll upload one.

Look at Waq's fake smile... hahaha! But we really had fun.

Oh before I go layan Sky (after a failed all-guy weekend tgk wayang Apocalypto and Poker Night), my review for mawar was approved. Haha. Quite funny actually when I read what I wrote.

Here's the link:

Alritey mates.

Have a great weekend. p/s: Chelsea were beaten!! Tomorrow's the Devil's turn.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Chicken Cottage yap

Me and two other friends were having dinner at Chicken Cottage earlier this evening when again, we talked about politics. One, as suggested before, is still dreaming of a republic nation for our home country. "it's about efficiency," he stressed, being an economist.

However, revolunists who toppled down monarchy administrations, Iraq for example, did it in the bloodiest way. The British chose King Feisal Abdullah to be the big puppet of Iraq, to the displeasant of the Iraqis. But the people spared his life. He was not even an Iraqi for a start. His son, who replaced him, however, was not that lucky. He was shot and his body was mutilated.

Being a republic nation, after 3 other military back-to-back coup, brutal leader Saddam ceased control replacing his mentor and killed Kuwaitis, Persians and Kurdish citizens (and also lost the gulf war) who are also Muslims, shi'ites or not. Well, for me, he was a war criminal. So are Bush and Blair.

It also went the same where during French revolution, around 15th century. Mary Antoinette was among the dead. The Ottaman's empire in Istanbul saw their centuries old regime put to an end by Mustapha Kamal At-tartuk. An inspiring leader as he was thought, being courageous and westernly influenced, he kicked the bucket after he was diagnosed with an illness of an alcoholic.

Again, not a happy ending.

Statisticians believe the trend of history will be repeated. If our beloved nation was to be a republic, in my opinion, it will also end up in jeopardy. Kilings in the name of a race or something. I am not saying that it will all end up as I predicted. However, sudden changes in a nation will lead to disharmony.

Take Pak Lah's story for example. He is apparently a different leader from Tun M. And many Malays find it hard to absorb it. But really, what wrong has been done by Pak Lah? I haven't come across any, at the moment. Everything seems fine. Again I think because he is less controversial compared to the former. People love controversies. Just because of that Pak Lah is said as SLOW. Just because of that.

Not going out of the scope, back to the possibility of a republic nation. It may be achieved and it is preferable in the sense of cash flows. One friend told me about a story of her friend, who got married to an anak sedara of a former PM. She told me about how lucky her friend was. And the nephew doesn't even have an education. Born rich, in other words. He may be rich the minute he saw light on earth. But it is not something that he personally achieved. For me, deep in his heart, he is unhappy. Personally I'd rather work hard to become rich rather than beng blessed since I was born. Thus, I pity the monarchs family. Some of them I know took it amazingly. Never thought of the loaded piggy bank being of much security, they still went on to study in top universities. That's more like it.

Some however, got caught of feeling too secure. With money they buy lust and gamble. It is an illness of the rich people.

So, a republic nation. Can it be achieved? Hard way I must say. And I never prefer the hard way. Too many crimes are being committed worldwide lets just not spill anymore innocent blood. Things that we can improve in our country for example, is to eradicate racial hatred. Now, the question is, again, can it be achieved?

An Indian friend of mine's mother, can write in Jawi and also speaks Malay fluently. No, not that "Sebentar nanti, aku akan jumpa kamu" (translated: I will meet you later) kinda Malay. That's not even a language if you ask me. I remember her speaking to my mom in our chalet and recalling, it was a perfect kampung malay. How did she achieve it? I dunno you got to ask her. However, I assume she blends with the community very well. How could that be possible. Probably she went to a school which has different kind of races.

One school one nation. Sekolah satu aliran. This, will eradicate racism among youngsters. The three main races must sacrifice in this case. The Malays will allow other races into boarding schools (including MCKK, if you like). The Chinese must abolish SRJK (C) and the Indians, SRJK (T), where Tamil and Mandarin language are optional in PMR and SPM. Malay language, being the nation's first language and English, are both compulsory. I don't think it is too much to ask for.

There is one day, I was in the LRT, two Chinese boys entered the train. They spoke in Mandarin when suddenly they made fun of a Malay 'kakak' who was wearing tudung. I was like, WTF? This is further confirmed by a Chinese auntie who told me those racist boys were saying the kakak was a kolot malay just like all ustazahs. I could tell by the boys' body language. There was also a story of a Malay kid, injured in a motor accident being left to die in my hometown area simply because the neighbours thought he was chinese (did blog about it last year). Why is this happening in our country?

Lets just start with one school for the country. I dont see why is it a problem. The premier is also concentrating on 'modal insan' and I guess why not we put up one level assimilating all schools to one. In fact, this will nurture good values and social harmony among the citizens which always boast of a multiracial country. I guess why not start now?

But then again. Who am I? Who are we? Are they really listening to these three boys talking in Chicken Cottage somewhere Holborn, London?

Of course not. Because we are nobodies. Who still dream of a peaceful nation. Peaceful world.

We are nobodies. Not like those somebodies. At least not yet.

Term 1 Summary

Had a disastrous start thinking I had to take Economics and Probability again. Went AWOL for most of the classes. Lepak rumah tgk Spongebob. However didn't take the risk by not completing any coursework. Got full mark for Economics and 90% for Probability.

Didn't do that well for coursework in CT1 Financial Mathematics. Average of 50%,

Attended 80% of CT2 (Finance and Financial Reporting) and CT8 (Financial Economics) classes.

Finally got the result for exemptions, it was like 2 weeks before 15 Jan 2007. Exempted from CT3 and CT7. Thought it was a gamble which paid off. Before that, had a great time with friends in Istanbul, Bristol and London.

1 week to CT1, went through the Coursework 1 and 2 of subject CT1 and also past exam papers from 2002 to 2006. Think I did an average of 2 hour per day of studying.

Took the exam this morning. Thank God it went OK. Didn't think I blew it. Problem is, the coursework marks for CT1 is relatively low, not like CT3 and CT7. A punishment for skiving?

Result in 5 days time.

Term 2 starts next Monday. Paid the fee for 5 grand. Now I start to realise I should not make me dad's money go down the drain just like that.

Still waiting for Puan Rukiah, the new PNB mentor for scholars, for the reply for my appeal (sent recommendation letter from the Deputy Dean, Steve Haberman, Fellow of IOA)

Think I did my best to commit my future with PNB.

"In football, we never know what is going to happen." Jose Mourinho on his future with Chelsea.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Dari Kekasih Kepada Kekasih

Entah berapa kali
Kucuba membohong hati ku ini
Hebat dilanda
Rindu padamu
Namun semua alasan
Rapuh bagaikan awan berarak
Yang memang tak pernah abadi
Dan terlalu cepatnya berlalu
Pabila di giring angin
Dan mudah pula layu
Selepas ia melimpahkan
Titis-titis ehsan

Kini ku sangat terdesak
Untuk memilikmu
Agar bisa aku meneruskan
Sisa-sisa hidupku ini
Seperti manusia yang punya kekasih
Yang punya kekasih


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I'm starting to feel sorry...

Look at the score. Few days ago I was delighted to see Arsenal leading 2-0 at half time in an FA Cup match before sitting right in front of a fellow KYSer in Mawar with 7 other people. (Note: he is also an Arsenal fan like since when?). With the two of us barely make eye contact, I shrugged off the awkward moment by thinking Arsenal were gonna kill of the match in the second half.

It was a great outing by the way although I considered it to be a failure since Shu (isteri Lan Comey Roroi) had yet to meet female Londoners. Maybe they hate Mawar so much.

Anyway, I'm starting to feel sorry for Liverpool. Last night they were trashed 6-3. Baptista was sharp yesterday banging in 4 goals but I must say Aliadiere was the man of the match. He was very hardworking chasing the ball and his pace was a bonus to the team. That was the first time I saw him play that well.

Sorry Viks, Ope, Rye, Budu and maybe Wahab. "After all, you are the Kings of Comeback, aren't you (remember AC Milan, Luton Town, West Ham??)!!" -- quote ripped of from Ope's blog.

Not this time.

However, one thing worth mentioning is the way the Liverpool fans chanting for the team although being 5-1 down. I am not the kinda fan who support for British teams in Champs Lge simply because 'I've been in the UK for 3 years', but I must say, their fans were just tremendous!

Back to Mawar story, it was also the first time, the Ustaz-Damin-KYS-lookalike waiter annoyed me. I could feel my heart pounding and the blood boiling as if 'somebody are gonna get a hurt real bad' (thanks Russel). It went something like this:

"Order bang!"

"Ok nak makan apa? nak order minum dulu ke.."

"Tap water?"

"We talk about food first, water later..." (aihh td kata bleh order minum dulu.. takpa sabar2 dulu"

Then order lah food. Mee goreng. Kuew Tiaw goreng. Nasi goreng special...

"Ok.. minum?"

"Tap Water!" biasa ah aku, nak save duit lah konon. Suddenly...

"We talk about tap water later... other drinks first..." dengan muka annoying rambut afro nya. I was like WTF?? Boiling.... boiling... aku time tu nak je order Boiling Water!

Note: sblom ni aku rasa OK je Mawar. Not this time.

Aku dah pandang2 dah Soha, Lan, Waq, Ihab and Smq. Dia ingat kitorg ni hape budak2?

What I did after that, dok perli2 dia je ah belakang2. Kutuk dia depan Soha semua. Takkan nak buat scene kot...

Tapi takpe... Sib baik ada band. Aku sempat borak2 ngn percussionist tu. AKu kasik dia thumbs up ah. He said, "datang lah lagi..." very politely. Something the opposite from Ustaz Damin Wannabe.

Yes, I will 'datang lagi'. But I dont think I can hold myself like I did next time kalo waiterboy tu buat lg.

"Tau ah dah kerja..."

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hello hello Hell...?

I wonder who came out with the idea to greet people with the word, "Hello!". Hello! Hello! Hell to yo!! It was like.. "ilaa jahannam" (Go to hell) being said by one executioner to Saddam before he fell to the trap.

Apa yang ko merepek ni labu?

Anyway, it was a great aidil-adha and new year. Thanks to the people who made it great you know who you are. Ayam padprik... slurrrrrppp!

It's 6 days to Financial Mathematics CT1. I'm still skiving and even had this imagination of going for ski somewhere up North where snow is still thick. Not like in London. We haven't had any. We had it about 20 years ago! Global warming?

Oh jap. I've got something to share with u guys. I didn't exepect it myself. Click on the link below:

and look at the ranking from FT to make sure this article's true. Cass is 2nd in the UK? 6th in Europe? Better business school than Cambridge, Oxford, LSE, Warwick, Imperial and UCL (the 6 UK unis approved by PNB)

Stumbling upon this story, I used it to convince PNB to reconsider sponsoring me (Again!). Quite the opposite of some people thought. It's like committing my future with PNB (if I got sponsored of course). The increase of the length of the contract up to 9 years (2 yrs in UK, 5 years in Msia) and RM390,000 worth of buy-out contract.

So, we will see how the appeal goes.

Then, we'll talk.