Sunday, March 23, 2008

The FA wants Man Utd to win

I watched in disgust as Mascherano was dismissed for a second bookable offense simply for protesting to arrogant referee Steve Bennett. His earlier challenge was also harshly booked although his yapping was ridiculous.

Wes Brown scored an ugly goal to put Utd up front.

And then Ronaldo was clearly offside after his shot produced a magnificent save by under-performing Reina that resulted a corner in which Ronaldo headed home for United's second goal that killed-off the match.

Weeks earlier Eduardo's season was finished by leg-chopper Martin Taylor who received more sympathy from the FA rather than Eduardo. And in the dying seconds, a controversial penalty was given to the Brums to send them level against Arsenal to initiate Arsenal's barren spell for inability to stop drawing.

Last week, Adebayor's goal was ruled offside and Arsenal had to settle for a draw for the fourth time in a row. Aliardiere's goal should have not stand as he was offside and Utd sprang on to the top of the table with 3 points clear.

Ferguson played mind games earlier before the game against an in-form Liverpool side and asked for protection for his midfielder Ronaldo who went down as if he was shot in the penalty area after the 3rd goal. He was not booked or told off.

Hleb however, was booked for similar offense.

Ironically, it was actually Fernando Torres who needed much protection before limping off injured after receiving knocks from the determined devilish defenders.

Drogba's leveler against Arsenal later at Stamford Bridge was also debatable. He was offside on the build-up to the goal and Arsenal, somehow stupidly squandered a 1-0 lead away from which they should have only need to defend.

You may see it as unlucky for the Gunners.

I see it as a conspiracy to give the title to Manchester Utd.

Kudos to Man Utd and the FA for Utd's designated 2nd successive title this season!!

I can sense Steve Bennett jerking himself off after the game fantasizing Ronaldo's 'sexy back'.

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