Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Shocking video

At first, I didn't consider it was a big issue when it was first reported in the local newspapers. However, while browsing a favourite website today, I was shocked to see how severe Muhammad (PBUH)'s wife Saidatina Khadijah was illy potrayed. Here's the clip:

It's true she spologised for what she said. I am not blowing things out of proportion or opening old wounds here but I was completely disgusted by her choice of words. "Dah nak mampus ke tidak tu?". That's not the way you talk about my prophet's wife. I don't care if you are a BLONDIE wannabe with the bling bling but I really think you need to think everytime you open your mouth, missy. I don't actually care about your petty love relationship with a young man but please, have a reality check! You are an awful lot rubbish compared to Siti Khatijah.

It was funny the way she pronounced 'Siti Khadijah' with absolute 'makhraj' as if she was the Millenium Ustazah. Clearly she is using Muhammad (PBUH)'s story to justify things. From deductions I made from the video, I really think she was so heated up when the question about her relationship with an awful lot younger man was thrown at her.

I don't hafta spell it out for you guys but... I'm writing this entry to protect the sovereignity of Islam. What she said was wrong. But she apologised and while accepting it, we should improvise this kind of cheap talk shows. i.e. open ended but with less crap.

I would be surprised if anyone came to her defence. i.e. the choice of words were right. Just like how amazed I was with the way people perceive homosexuality nowadays.

What is wrong is wrong. If I did anything wrong myself, I would admit it like a man.

Just like the artiste said, "Saya tak takut!"

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Jerk's Birthday at Mr Jeg

First of all I would like to thank all of you who wished me for my 14th (yeah right) birthday yesterday. It came to my surprise how many wishes I got. Quite a number of them. I used to be so particular about people wishing me on my birthday but nowadays I don't really do that anymore. (Jeg, in denial again).

Of course it's nice to know people remember.

I was delighted when quite a number of people turned up at Mr Jerk last night. I didn't really celebrate birthdays but it was nice of you guys to be part of our little gathering really. Before anyone speculate on the choosing of the restaurant based on my name, it was Smoke who came out with the idea. I had no objection whatsoever as it would sound awkward if I demand on things for my birthday bash. That is so not me. We both have great beliefs on the reviews on To date, we haven't been disappointed with the information given to us just yet.

And so there were Smq, Fendy, Ozzy, Waq, Soha, Jas, Yin Tse, Sam and Jeg at Mr Jerk. Others opted for a 'masak-masak' night instead but it was a blessing in disguise. I was fine about their absence because one thing that played in my mind was about Mr Jerk's space. It seemed small in the picture displayed on the web and didn't think it would comfortable for some. I had to disappoint Ozzy breaking the news though. Heheh.

And it was a right choice indeed. The place was quite full and it was a struggle to accommodate all the 10 of us. The prophecy was right! The staff were very-very nice people although Yoi was rather unimpressed with the guy who got our order who tried to be the most gentleman guy. "Let the ladies have the orders first alright.." he said to Ozzy. "It's OK... just get the order... no need to be double standard here" the tired Yoi replied while I think it was cute! Most of us ordered the Jerk Chicken with Rice and Peas. They had big portions for the meals and they were very delicious indeed! Another succesful eat out dinner in London.

And as usual we talked about life, work, study and... JPA. The usual conversations. This time, no political issues. It seems we are tired of it while realising that nothing that we can do! Yapping is not gonna change at all. However, as long as we have the awareness of it should be adequate.

Yoi had to go earlier after finishing her food because she wanted to meet Jeff in Reigate. We forgot to take pictures with her and I think it was quite a miss. It was so nice of her to go on a rush hour to join us at Mr Jerk. It was a shame not to have her in.

Istanbul partner in crime Fendy, Jeg and Ozzy (busy bonding)

Ozzy (tempted with my Jerk Chicken), The Sweet Jasveen, Sam the Triple Judas and Shisha Soha.
Non-smoking Smq and another February baby Waq (covering his new hairdo)

"Soon, this Jerk Chicken.. will be mine!!!" Ugly Jeggy showing off his braces.

The lads and Jerk in front of Mr Jeg.

Then we went to get some dessert for the night. But it was full, we would have to wait for half an hour to get a seat in a Gelato's place somewhere Leicester Square. Thus, we decided to go Soha's place to play rounds of poker. We managed to get something to munch on and it was really fun playing poker with your friends. Although they are not playing high stake poker, but still that was not my excuse to get whipped by the promising first timer Fendy. I had two all-ins with only one being successful. The host Soha was pitily eliminated first. We even offered her some chips to stay in the game but the ever professional Soha opted watching the tele. Never mind Soha, there will be another day.

Jeg: Spit the Plot! Fendy: This is easy meat.. Jas: It's Split the Pot! Jeg: No, I really wanted to spit (cover balok)

Sam: Gimme the chips already! Waq: Hi Mom! I'm playing poker! Soha: ....

Soha: I raise! (again) Smq: I fold... (again.. and again)

The night didn't finish there. Fit joined the Neasden tribe with Waq and Fendy for a Poker night. (Finally). But the strong at heart Sam had to pass. He was going to have some sorta group discussion this morning. For the third time, he rejected us. But I can understand. He's too chicken to go all in. Sorry I PURPOSELY forgot your chicken legs you asked me to buy. Haha!

(Note: this is a direct provocation to Sam so that he will finally conceding to stay over for a high stake poker night in Neasden and no I didn't delibrately forget his chicken legs).

We finished the game at about 7 a.m. I had to sleep after a 4-round of Pro Evo6 with Fendy. He and Waq left early this morning. I woke up at 12.30pm in time for the Manchester Utd's lucky win over Fulham. I wouldn't settle for a Chelsea triumphant on the premiership for the third time in a row anyway!


"Spit the plot" Jeg-ass way of miss-pronunciating Spit the Plot. Damn, he did it again! It's Spit the Plot! Say it! Spit the Plot! Ohh shoooooot...

"What's wrong with that guy," a friend reporting on a conversation between former senior schoolmates about me. Ah, it's a fair battle. I talk about you two all the time as well although it's kinda stupid to 'rekindle' old memories.

"It's sickening when you sing the praises for a changed man only to realise he doesn't say nice things about you, although you have changed yourself." - Jeg, feeling disappointed, reacting to the report.

"We share the same birthday!" Dug's eternal love Yunni msn-ing about the coincidence.

"Banyak-banyak pon duit dia yang banyak!" Smq ticking off the underperformed Jeg in a poker round in which Jeg won the pot. It's true though! Haha.

There's a quote by Fit adding up the spice to THAT moment. But I really forgot what he said. Something like 'Smq blasts off Jeg'. Mat tambah ni.... Haha.

I really had fun yesterday! But I have to start studying. Now lets not forget this sweet memory. Good things are to be cherish. Bad things should be forgotten and perished (this is not the case for most, common people. And we are not common people. Atleast I know I'm not.)


Monday, February 19, 2007

Talk about sheer probability

Today, just a week after our CT6 Statistical Methods Group Presentation, we were picked again! I was returning from an Asar prayer and everybody was laughing when I pulled a surprised face. There were like 10 groups in our class but still were we chosen again in quick succession!

"Did anyone just said they are not gonna be picked again this week?" Prof Linda asked the class.

I however didn't make any comments on our presentation, since there were only 3 questions instead of 5. (Thanks to Allison, LJ and Johnny. Abdul and I are just sleeping partners since forever.)


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dah lama tak ber-blog

It's been a while. I thought I should not blog until after the final examinations (5 May 2007), which is quite ridiculous. However, as for this entry it's not gonna be long.

Recent updates: Went to Emirates Stadium (Portugal vs Brazil), losing the souvenir T-shirt in the process, went paintballing (shot right between the eyes twice, once on the head and twice on my thigh, wicked gung-ho style), went for Waq's birthday in Satay House and last night Kamil talking dinner in Nahar. No poker night, however.

Funny encounters: Went to Malaysia-Today website earlier this morning. Funny when I found out its slogan being 'Your Source of Independent News' while almost all the news is about anti-government articles. 'Your Source of Bias News' more like it. Come on, I need thoughts from the people who are neutral please!!

I'm not saying NST and TV3 are reliable resources. I remember when I was a little kid, I found it weird to see BN Campaigns on TV3. I thought they were supposed to be neutral. My suggestion is to read/watch both bias news and make your own evaluation. Or don't even bother reading at all. It is far better than blindly follow/believe what you read. (As suggested in previous blogs).

And finally... the homosexuality discussion in my shoutbox. Need more opinions preferably from the community itself.


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Weakened in a weekend

This morning I had my first kick on football since arriving here. Obviously, it would be foolish if I went on robust and pushed myself to the limits because I knew I was not as fit as Fit. Other players include Smq, Husni and Malaysians working in London. Yeah, they are like 5 years older but still I had realised 'I am not that young' (Wedding Crashers-John).

The four of us had a go on a 'merry-go-round @ tawaf wida' before reaching the Regent's Park football field and had the locals laughing and giggling at our lack of Geographical knowledge.
"This is like one of the reasons why we invaded you Malaysians for more than a century. You simply can't think!" an imaginary local 'penjajah' barked. It was a moment of 'grand' as we all call it!

I wasn't happy with my performance. I am lacking match practice. The last time I played futsal was when I played with the PNB guys where I scored ** goals. (note the double figure. Gila bongkak riak bagak). Hahah! Today I only managed to grab one with a volley. I am far far away from match fitness obviously. Yeah I was struggling on the pitch while Fit, Smq and Husni were having fun with their performances. Warwick Games? I expect to play a bit part in the tourney unless I buck up soon.

I was so exhausted/pancit after the game and fell asleep after the Man Utd game, while Smq was busy cooking dinner. Haha! Irresponsible, useless housemate, I am.

Last night I had a dinner with Smq in Satay House. No no we are not turning into the dark, dodgy side by eating together at a semi-posh restaurant but Sam and Fit seemed uninterested with our invitations anymore. Not to sound bitter but it looks like Poker Night is out of sight altogether. Ah, of course I'm giving the benefit of the doubt. Aren't we not 4 Serangkai?

Argh, enough gay bonding fondling because I never want to be part of it (God forbidden), lets talk about what I can say, as the best outing-dinner in London to date. Initially, we went to Liverpool Street after a little research on Malaysian restaurants in London as we decided to go for Ekachai. Prior reaching the destination, we thought we had another option if Ekachai was not the type we were looking for. "Satu wud be the alternative!" I thought, while imagining how posh and cool (and pricy) it was as shown in their website.

As we reached Liverpool St, we couldn't find Ekachai. We even went inside one Japanese restaurant to ask about the direction to Ekachai. Probably a fierce competitor, the petite et belle japonaise confessed she hadn't heard of the name Ekachai or of some sort. Luckily with the help of Sam the Judas, he 'googled' the the address and it is actually situated inside 'Arcade', a bazaar area pathway next to Liverpool street.

Luckily? Nah. Ekachai was closed surprisingly! Come on, close on a Saturday night? And they even boldly shown us they are open all day until 10p.m. We guessed something might had occurred in that area as all the shops inside Arcade were closed. Same goes to Satu. But Satu was closed for good. Shame. Talk about double wammy.

And.... we decided to eat somewhere in Barbican call Tinstel Town. However, since we had it on New Year with Lan and Shu and we already set our minds on something Malaysian, Mawar is the answer. Nooo!! Oh wait. Yesss!! I could pig it on Hot and Spicy Kuew Tiao Goreng and maybe had a revenge on that irresponsible-sonnuvagun waiter. Yeah that should be fun.

Upon hearing my intention, probably that was the reason why Smq suggested on Satay House and of course, he rejected the scenario where Mawar should be our saviour that night. We stopped at Paddington instead and Satay House it was. I had a bad impression on Satay House because of it being 'expensive', according to London students/former students. I would settle for anything under 10 quid.

The atmosphere was a bit for the wags. And of course the waiters/waitresses were polite. Note that I haven't tried the food yet. I ordered something that's quite rare and 100% unable to be prepared at home. The bergedil! Yeah, suddenly I panicked and asked for Nasi Goreng Kampung for the Main Course. I felt I had made a wrong choice.

"Nasi Goreng Kampung... bergedil..." the waitress gently put them on the table. The bergedils were quite huge. And the portion for the nasi goreng was large as well, thus I had to cancel my intention on ordering their specialty menu; satays. I took a bite on the bergedil and suddenly I had a rush of excitement gushing into my brain. The bergedil was fantastic! (seriously, I am not joking or being sarcastic here). And then, the nasi goreng. Even better! Like a food critic, I rambled on the heavenly made food and couldn't stop praising them. I shouted 'Yes' as I realise I can go back home as a full and happy man. A very, very happy man.

People know that it is hard to please/satisfy me. I don't laugh at lame jokes simply to please the lame joker who sometimes happen to be a friend of mine. The bottom line is, it is true that I have an expensive/exotic taste, as suggested by the guy who sold me a souvenir back then in Turkey. But, it really intrigues me when I found something/someone that surprises me.

This is one of them. Satay House is highly recommended. The nasi goreng is priced at 5.90, slightly more expensive than Mawar at 5quid. However, with an extra 90p, I will get greater atmosphere, more portion on the nasi goreng, polite waiters and waitresses, good music and the most important thing, really, really tasty food. I even thought I should take over Satay House one day! I even finished off my bergedil and nasik goreng until the last bit, although I was already full at that time!

It even scared me at one point when I suddenly thought, "oh my God, is this gonna be my last dinner? My very, very last dinner? Why does it taste sooo friggin goood??". Seriously, I was just clueless. I honestly think it is the best Malaysian restaurant in London.

We bid farewell to the pakcik waiter and managed to take a glance at the late-night-shift waitresses who reminded Smq of his childhood girlfriend. "Mungkin tua sket kot" I bluntly said. See, I told you it is hard to satisfy me. Macam lah dia tu handsome sangat.... Jeg being Jeg.

We had a quick journey home in time for Match of the Day. Two happy men returning to Neasden with childhood memories on their mind.

'I like Sofia Jane when I was young as well. For the same particular reason.'

Looks like we share the same taste. The difference is that one of us is already with someone. The highly rated one isn't.

The American Idol Audition: California moved me with a 64-year-old guy entering with a petition signed by a thousand people, in his hand. He sang the song You Belong To Me, a special tribute to his late wife who died of cancer. Together they worked out the petition in order to be tested by the judges before she died only 2 days before the audition.

He bravely sang it out loud, with all his heart:

See the pyramids along the nile,
Watch the sunrise from the tropic isle,
Just remember all the while,
You belong to me.

See the markets place in old Algiers,
Send me photograph and souvenirs,
Just remember when your dream appears,
You belong to me.

Oh I'm so alone without you,
Maybe you'd be lonesome too.

Fly the ocean in the slverplane,
See the jungle when its wet with rain,
Just remember till we're home again,
You belong to me.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

MSc Act Finance & Merc: Latest Price (M)

Imperial College: Tanaka Business School is providing an MSc Actuarial Finance programme! The course will include CT2, CT7, CT8, CA1, CA3 and all ST subjects for exemptions provided the students achieved satisfactory results and complete the Masters programme.

This could be a huge advantage for students who missed out on CT2 and CT7 especially students from LSE because of the notoriously strict marking on both subjects from the school.

Will PNB send its scholars there since Imperial College is listed in the only six-unis approved by them? Nahh...

Why? Because it's a 2-year PART-TIME programme. Unless Tanaka provides the full-time programme this year and of course, if there'd be a corporate revamp in the HR. (Still waiting for their reply on my ultimate appeal, though).

However, it is highly recommended to students who are/will be working in the UK. It could be the fastest route to qualification.

Well, actually it's not.

The fastest route is still available in Cass Business School. In two year double Masters programme (full-time), you could obtain all CT courses (8), CA1 and all STs eventhough you are a medical student. (Just ask LJ). What's left are only CT9 (business awareness seminar), CA2, CA3 and SA Project. However, part time programmes will end up finishing in 6 years max.

Either way, of course it's still bloody hard to qualify.

So, it's your choice. Remember, you don't need CFA when you are a qualified actuary. (Any objections?)

P/S: apsal aku semangat sangat ni? Macam lah aku dah qualify.... sigh!

Meanwhile, Cycle Carriage (M) is reducing its price on Mercs again! The ultimate highlight was the introduction of S-Class (CKD) edition. Have a look on the prices. Note that the figure on the right is the new price:

The pioneers of S-Class L-V221 owners must be fuming!! Look at the difference of CBU and CKD new prices for that product line. A whopping RM75,000 and RM RM150,000 for S 350 (SE) and S350 (SEL) respectively. You can buy a house with that kinda difference (excluding Klang Valley area lah). There is also a huge reduction on the price of CLSs with CLS 55AMG with almost a hundred grand. Thanks Paul!

In case you are from Mars, you should know that the S-Class I'm talking about looks like this:

P/S: apsal aku semangat sangat ni? Macam lah aku mampu beli Merc.... sigh!