Thursday, September 10, 2009

How Malay is a Malay Today?

According to the Federal Constitution of Malaysia Article 160,“Malay” means a person who professes the religion of Islam, habitually speaks the Malay language, conforms to Malay custom and -
  • (a) was before Merdeka Day born in the Federation or in Singapore or born of parents one of whom was born in the Federation or in Singapore, or was on that day domiciled in the Federation or in Singapore; or
  • (b) is the issue of such a person;

Question is what kind of “Malay” do we see nowadays? Maybe it’s wise to look at this definition to see if a Malay today really is… a Malay.
To be claimed as a Malay, the person must profess the religion of Islam. “Profess” in this context would mean “to affirm belief in” or “to practice”. As Muslims, during this holy month of Ramadhan, they are urged by Allah S.W.T to fast during the day, read the Quraan, perform Tarawih prayers or Tahajjud among other things so that they can be closer to Allah.
This Ramadhan alone we saw the following incidents made by Malay Muslims which are against the teachings of Islam:
  • The notorious cow-head protest against the free to practice any religion as supported by the Quraan and Hadith.
  • Insulting another religion by stepping and spitting a sacred animal’s head, according to the Hindu beliefs.
  • Disrespecting the animal by calling it stupid while Allah sees all animals are of great benefits to mankind.
  • Name callings and unable to control emotion during a leaders-residents dialogue when actually fasting teaches us to be patient.
  • During a by-election final speech, a prominent leader was seen accusing another man of KILLING a woman without strong evidence – Fitnah and gossiping are strongly prohibited especially during Ramadhan.
  • Some were trying to take the rights away from a Muslim mother-of-two wanting to be a good Muslimah by accepting the Syariah Law punishment for drinking.
  • Muslim men caught not fasting without showing evidence of rukhsah (exclusions)
  • Muslims caught drinking alcohol, having close proximity (khalwat), taking drugs, gambling and zina (adultery).
Thus, can these people still be called Malays as they do not practice Islam correctly?
Next, a Malay should habitually speaks the Malay language. However some even too shameful to even speak the National Language for example:
  • “I sound stupid when I speak Malay,” – some actress I can’t remember her name
  • Trying in vain to copy the slang of the local people in London even though they are talking to fellow Malaysians.
  • “WHATT??? I mean… Whu-k? (British slang)” - classic Londoner-wannabe blooper.
And finally, a Malay should conform to Malay custom… don’t make me started on this one because it will only trouble the Malaysiakini editors to fit the pages. Okay I will give one quote as an example:
“What are you wearing? Baju Melayu? Ish, you are so KAMPUNG!”
Jeg Hui

Monday, September 07, 2009

Letter to YB Khalid (Original to Malaysiakini)

Salam Sejahtera, my Selangor Menteri Besar. I hope you are in a pink of health while working hard for the people during this holy Ramadhan.

I know you are currently facing a lot of troubles especially from the recent ruckus over relocation of the S19 temple, the beer-banning and not to forget the suggestion of the Zakat fund to be made available for the state.

It didn't come as a shock to me to be honest because growing up in Selangor, I still know that people here are still not ready for some dramatic changes being made in the way Selangor should be governed.

Of course every Selangor residents wants everything works for the better, but we are still so young and naive over certain issues.

To start with, the Muslims were left shell-shocked over your suggestion for the state to interfere with the Pusat Zakat Selangor fund. Some called you stupid, some called you trying to please the non-Muslims too much, some asked you to go back and read the fundementals of Zakat.

I called my mom weeks ago and the first 'gossip' during our conversation was about this Zakat matter.

Let me remind you briefly of the 8 groups of people (asnaf) who are allowed to gain from the Zakat fund. They are all based on the holy Quraan (9:60)

1. The needy - Fuqara'
2. Extreme poor Muslims - Al-Masakin
3. Those employed to collect - Aamileen (Pusat Zakat staff salaries)
4. Muslim converts - Muallafatul Quloob
5. To free the slaves - Ar-Riqaab
6. Those in debt - Al Ghaarimeen
7. In the way of Allah - Fi Sabeelillah
8. Wayfarer - Ibnus-Sabeel

So it was a blunder by YBhg. MB to even proposing it. I hope such things can be avoided in the future.

Moving on, the beer banning issue in Shah Alam. This was suggested by Dr. Hassan Ali (PAS) and it was proposed innocently, to respect Muslims in the area. Again, your judgment was under scrutiny. Please bear in mind that these people are Muslims who are so afraid that their children would find easy access to alcohol beverages. They were not paid by UMNO or any BN component parties to cause chaos whatsoever. My take on this is that you should listen to the people in the area, not trying to please EVERYONE. Alcohol is bad for everyone anyway, Muslims or not.

And finally, the temple issue. I was gutted by the way the S23 residents were acting bringing along a cow's head in a street protest, spitting and stepping on it. I know they are now playing the blame game for the cow head among themselves but I think it was just a split second decision from one of them, getting the cow-head from the local butcher and bringing it along to provoke the Hindus. Stern action should be taken to the people responsible for this as a cow is deemed as a sacred animal for the Hindus and Islam does not condone the act of humiliating any animals. (Yes, pigs and dogs included).

Some hardcore Pakatan fans and voters put the blame on UMNO by lying to everyone saying those people were from Pekida or some BN-related NGOs while I truly believe these peole are genuinely from S23. And so what if they so happened to support PKR, PAS or UMNO? Thats normal. I also believe that these are the same people who went berserk during the dialogue with you earlier today which I think did not respect the holy Ramadhan. It was a good initiative to hold a dialogue but was it not too little too late?

My question is however, is there really a NEED to relocate the temple? It's 150 years old maybe it should stay there and become one of Malaysia's heritage buildings and maybe some reworked can be done on it? Why the hassle to relocate the temple?

The mistake by Y.Bhg MB was to relocate the temple without the S23's people consent or any prior explanation. They feel betrayed and think you are arrogant for making decisions behind their backs. What happened to this 'Giving the Power Back to the People' or 'Ketuanan Rakyat' concept?

Well, I hope everything will then be alright after wise solutions are implemented. No offence to the guy, but I prefer you than Khir Toyo to lead Selangor.

Or maybe we need a new guy if you don't buck up soon. But please no more Khir Toyo. Ever.

My advice to you, work sincerely, you don't have to try hard to please everyone. This is not you.

Yours sincerely,
Jeg Hui.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Perak again: My post on Malaysiakini

PKR calling the kettle black

Jeg Hui Sep 3, 09 4:07pm

I was left dumbfounded by the way the Pakatan reps have been acting since the Perak takeover.

Did not Anwar Ibrahim glorify the act of 'frogs' jumping ship by boastfully parading the trojan horse MP Nasarudin?

Later, he claimed that he had the numbers to take over the federal government in September 2008.

Move on! If you really want someone to blame, blame your national leader.If he hadn't encourage the toppling of the government in the most immoral (but legal) method, then all this brouhaha would then be justified.

Anwar made a serious blunder.

As Pakatan loyalists, the Perak reps must move on as quickly as possible and take good care of the people who elected them.That's the reason why they were elected in the first place.

I believe people have had enough of all this political turmoil happening around the country. It is time to act wisely. Not emotionally.

By the way, I personally think that crossovers/defections shouldn't be allowed in a healthy democracy.The people chose you, and it might be based mostly on the party.

Defection would mean deception to the people. And for this, it's immoral.