Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Kahwin Misyar and Misha Omar

I've waited a few days to comment on the recent event Kahwin Misyar. I only got the chance today as my limbo-land experience is still on a roll. I've been unemployed for a few weeks now and I just can't understand how people can stand being unemployed for say.. 6 months, 5 yrs, 30 yrs?

Well, before we start our discussion about this controversial issue I would like to initiate this entry with a hypothesis: Misha Omar is more relevant than Kahwin Misyar. Let's see if we can come to a conclusion.

I know this issue started to spark when there was a case where a husband was made house-husband and the wife was the one looking for food instead. And then came the term Kahwin Misyar. In my opinion, we do not need to declare a marriage as a different marriage. All marriages are the same. There must be no special marriage like Kahwin Misyar, Kahwin Muto'ah, Kahwin Lari or Kahwin Dua?

Thus, there shouldn't be the term Kahwin Misyar in the agreement of a marriage. If I were the husband who is unemployed where my wife is an SBB Mutual Unit Trust Saleswoman who is making millions, you shouldn't judge me as a randy dirty old man who only gives sexual benefit. However, people must see it as "Ah well, they were married by mutual consent. No one force them to marry this way. And they look happy to me. What a bless!"

But you know we cannot keep some faulty holes shut. They will talk and talk and talk as if they were the most wonderful and blessed creatures on earth. There shouldn't be an issue over this marriage simply because we want to keep some negative-minded people feeling gay (happy).

It comes back to the root definition of mariage; mutual understanding. I dont like arranged marriages. As if you were forced to eat something you dislike for the rest of your life. Marriage should be done when both the guy and the girl accepts each other well. Take the earlier example as a scenario. When I got married to this successful saleswoman, she knows that I am unemployed. We are married in the name of love. And somehow I, as the husband must find ways to support the family whenever my wife is not capable i.e. preganant, injured or even permanently disabled. So, the responsibility will go back to me.

If Kahwin Misyar is implemented, we can avoid the 'maksiat'/ringan-ringan/californication/sex before marriage, (Choose your own words) as suggested by some ulama' in Malaysia lately. But I beg to differ. We can't control maksiat by just implementing Kahwin Misyar. Worse, we will create more husbands who neglect the wife and the kids simply because they cannot be forced to support the family under the name of Kahwin Misyar.

Do you really think Kahwin Misyar will totally destroy maksiat?

Suddenly the story of a senior citizen who claimed Siti Nurhaliza his biological daughter crossed my mind. Pak Ibrahim claimed he got married 7 times! And some people accused him of actually marrying 22 times! And Pak Brahim doesn't even recognise all his children leading to his imagination saying that Siti is his long lost daughter. Why? Because he gave his children to other people for adoption. Why? Because he is not capable of supporting the children; kahwin misyar.

So what if Kahwin Misyar is still implemented? I am cock sure we will create more Pak Ibrahims.

I frankly dont want to have a son that I do not know of. (It sounds a bit like a Jamaican who humps a lot-according to Russell Peters). Do you?

Again I must say that there must be no new terms in marriages. The husband must give both nafkah zahir and batin no matter what. But if the wife agrees to look for financial support, this can be done with mutual agreement between both. I dont think this is a problem. Wife or husband, both have responsibilities on the family.

Imagine again Kahwin Misyar is implemented. Suddenly the husband got a job. Knowing that he is married with the term Kahwin Misyar he will see an opportunity to enjoy without having the obligation to financially contribute to the family.

"Ahhh!! Aku kahwin dengan kau atas nama Kahwin Misyar! Apa kau nak dengan duit aku?? Kau takda hak nak mintak duit ni dari aku. Sudahlah! Aku nak pegi main golf ni!" (Padahal dia pi jumpa mistress baru. Money to burn babyy yeaa!!

Hopefully no woman in Malaysia will hear the aboved quote.

Conclusion: There is 100% confidence interval that Misha Omar is more relevant than Kahwin Misyar. (Coz she's sweet looking and friendly and bla bla bla aku angau jumpa Misha Omar LIVE. Wo Hooo!!)

Next entry: 50-50 male-female parliament quota and Samy Vellu got the spank from a sacked senior MIC leader on National TV.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

MyTeam must follow FAM procedures

We saw how MyTeam took the lead last Sunday through Arun against the make-shift Malaysian team. And one minute later we saw their team captain stupidly sent off for violent conduct. Admit it. The goal was a fluke. It was a cross, not an intended goal. And the sending off of Harmizam further weighed the claims that MyTeam is still young as a team and still has a lot to learn.

Say what you want to say Khairy. But I believe we must follow the rules of FAM. Any team wants to join the Malaysian League must start from bottom. "Segera tak segera, kalo perencah dah power mee segera pon power," Khairy barked at the FAM Chief who said that a football team cannot be made like mee-segera (instant noodles). But that was not exactly what he said bulat-bulat. I am still looking for the correct words from sources.

In the 60th minutes, the ice-blended Malaysian team equalised, and notched in the winner before the end of the game. I think justice was done. What a relief. The project MyTeam is a good one but I don't think a good team can be made overnight.

My suggestion would be MyTeam to play in the Non-League before qualifying for the Malaysian League. Nothing is to be scared of what. Khairy said his MyTeam is capable of playing at the top level and there is only one thing to prove that - playing in the Non-League. This way no one can question MyTeam's credibility. This is not politics. This is sport. One day another PM wannabe will create a new team. So, should this one go straight into Malaysian League? And then comes another, and another, and another...

Unfair. I call this impatience. I dont want to get into trouble commenting about a Pemuda UMNO Chief candidate but I think it is fair to say that we need time to gain experience. Just like MyTeam. To blend as a team is not that easy. We need time. Look at even Real Madrid. They acquired many stars but still they crumbled. Time is essential to work as a unit.

Time is also needed to be a leader. So be patient. We have seniors and we learn from seniors. Learn from their good work. And most importantly learn from their mistakes.

Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

UPEN's Nite

I received a call from Abang Tapa and he asked me if I wanted to go to a dinner. I asked him "Dinner apo nih?" feeling dizzy because of oversleeping. "Dinner macam dulu-dulu, dekat Holiday Villa," he added. "Ohh yang dekat Shah Alam tu ke?" I asked, obviously in the middle of blur-ness (ada ke perkataan ni?).

"Mana pulak. Dekat Subang. SJMC tu."

And so I agreed to go to this dinner that I not know of. Probably Abah arranged this. So I conveyed the messages to Nadia, Mama and Boy and booked for 4 seats.

I went upstairs to check if they were already set to go. Amazingly Boy put up a white compang camping T-Shirt as if he was not going. So I assumed he wasn't coming when suddenly he said he was ready to go. What the hell? Hang ingat nak pi Lau Wan ka? Lau Wan is a famous Kuew Tiaw kerang stall in Kelana Jaya by the way.

Then I repeatedly said, "Pakai elok-elok. Pakai elok-elok. Pakai elok-elok..."

So Nadia and Mama did wear decently. Finally Boy also got into a more 'majestic' TShirt, fortunately. And we reached the hotel at about 8.30p.m. Biasa ah. Janji melayu 30 minutes late. By the time we were about to enter the Vintage Ballroom, suddenly we heard the sound of kompang as if we were welcomed. Haha. Tetiba terasa bangga... but actually the VIP (Timbalan Setiausaha Kerajaan) had just arrived. So we quickly went to our seats labelled 36. Nombor Kudin tu.

Lah dinner UPEN ke? Last time I went they invited the Platters from America. The dinner was actually organised by the state government, UPEN to be precise. UPEN stands for Unit Perancang Ekonomi Negeri. So those people who were present were the VIPs from the state Selangor and the companies who are on contract or hopeful to get a contract from this state department. I guess lah.

Met Abg Tapa, Fahmi and Kak Jaja at the table. Jalil Hamid was the MC with Mek Siti. I think they really did a great job. Spontaneously. I gotta admit it is quite hard to make me laugh but i did laughed many times with their jokes. As long as it is not dirty jokes. Ceycey.

The food was OK. But bantai je ah. "I am here for the food and the girls!" I proudly said when I first arrived at my seat. But then there was more to come.

After a few uknowns who performed quite well on the stage, suddenly out of nowhere Datuk M Daud Kilau appeared. Haha. He was a great entertainer. At 67 years old of age, he seemed so strong to me. There was a few songs that I heard from TV. One I can say is the song Mazlan Pet2 sang from one slot Senario. "Banyak orang kaki judi... lalala.... judi sampai mati.." and the chorus part was damn funnee.

"SATU RINGGIT..... DUA ringgiittt... Tiga ringgitt.... AAMMPAAAATTTT RINGGITTT!!" suddenly Datuk sang with the highest tone. I laughed like hell.

Then came Misha Omar. WOW! She looked a lot prettier LIVE rather than on T.V. "Make-up, lighting.." I said to myself in order to control myself. You guys know lah how I get uncontrollable when I see beautiful girls. Hahaha. Nah, just kidding.

Misha Omar really knows her job pretty well. She knows how to interact with the audience. She was very friendly and sporting last night. While singing, she could even take pictures with the audience. Not only that, she smiled so brightly and hugged her fans as she was singing! No she wasn't miming.

The last part came when Jalil Hamid himself sang the famous Ayam song. I gotta admit I was his Kipas Susah Mati (Die Hard Fan) when I was younger. I mean that makes the whole siblings coz we had Jalil Hamid's cassettes including the Hari Raya record. Everytime balik raya, surely we would listen to his songs. Everytime. But the cassettes are nowehere to be seen now.

We headed home at about 12.30p.m. Sorry Shuen, betray William. Family first.

Imagine Boy went to that glamourous dinner with his ingat-habis-humble-lah-tu T Shirt. It would be one unforgettable moment. Hahaha!

Ayam, bermacam ayam,
Ada ayam kampung ayam hutan ayam siam ayam belanda
Macam-macam, perihal ayam..

blalala.. aku tak ingat dah.. haha. I managed to tell Jalil, "I was the famous Ayam song fan when I was small"
I dunno where did that come from. Poyo jugerr. But Jalil Hamid simply pulled his most Jawa face. Haha.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Pires and Futsal Finale

Talented fleet-footed winger Robert Pires has left Arsenal after a tremendous 6-year spell. Nicknamed Bobby, he signed a two-year deal with Villarreal, a Spanish club that was knocked out by Arsenal in the semi-final of last season's Champions League.

"I woke up this morning and received this sad sad news. I think he deserved a two-year deal but the arrival of Rosicky would meant him no regular football next season." Jeg quoted.

The Club wishes him luck with the Yellow Submarines. However Jeg further emphasizes that lady luck would smile on any Arsenal player who leaves for a Spanish outfit this time.

"I remember when Manu (Emmanuel Petit) and Marc (Overmars) left Arsenal for Barcelona few seasons ago. They both sufferred bad luck and saw their career been cut shot with injuries and inconsistent performances. Gio (Van Bronckhorst) and Sylvinho was a different story. They had short spells in Arsenal and in my opinion are not considered in the Hall of Famer. But I'm pretty sure Manu, Marc and Bobby are."

Meanwhile, Jeg commented he had a great time in the Futsal Finale wih CS222 about a week ago.

"I scored a hattrick and it is not common to play at my best with the mates from CS222." Jeg admitted.

"Now for the second time running, I scored three goals in both games. I didn't score many goals for them but had hatful of goals with others. Not to say that I hate playing with them but I know I had torrid times playing futsal with them before this. I just want to play and have fun. So, I don't expect people to be so serious when playing futsal with me. Just.. enjoy the game." he elaborated.

Jeg opened the scoring in the free-flowing game which ended 10-8 win with a thunderous 'tonjol' after a great work by Nain. He added another with a shot from an acute angle and completed his hattrick later in the game with a simple tap-in. Rahman scored one for the team which comprised of Nain-Jeg-Arwin-Rahman-Nizam but the star of the night was Arwin, who switched side to score 6 goals.

"It shows that he (Arwin) has the eye for goal, speed and determination. Not many strikers have those attributes." Jeg sang the praises for Arwin.

Jeg had a more defensive role later in the game and stood firm at the back. It indicated fatigue in his last game with the mates.

"I had fun. We all had fun. It is my dream to have this team. We were not that serious to win the game. We simply wanted to have fun. Yup, I was hit in the face when I was defending but it only helped increase my determination. This is football. I don't expect any apology." Jeg commented relating to the been-struck-in-the-face incident.

Jeg expects to play again with the CS222 mates in the future but hopes he will be playing with the same combination of players.

"Otherwise, I refuse to score!" he joked.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Superfan Jeg welcomes Rosicky

Czech playmaker Tomas Rosicky has signed a long term contract with Arsenal in a deal reported to be around 7 Million pounds. Jeg was delighted about the latest transfer made by Arsenal and admitted it was an unexpected one.

"Tomas Rosicky is a player who is too expensive for Arsenal. But somehow there is a minimum fee release clause in his contract and Arsenal were swift enough to secure his services," Jeg spoke to the press.

Rosicky is touted as one of the best playmaker in the world who scored the decisive winner againts Norway in the World Cup Play-off second leg.

Czech Republic is currently second in the FIFA World Ranking

Monday, May 22, 2006

Arsenal: Almost Champions

Today Musreen reminded me about Arsenal's loss to Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League Final 2005/06. An voila, I am writing the entry now. I know it's a bit late but let us re-cap a bit about the 90 minutes-action-packed football drama. Before that let us look at the match rating:

Jens Lehman 7 (off 18')
Emmanuel Eboue 8
Ashley Cole 7
Sulzeer Campbell 8
Kolo Toure 7
Cesc Fabregas 8
[Mathieu Flamini]
Gilberto Silva 6
Robert Pires 6
[Manuel Almunia 6]
Freddie Ljungberg 7
Thierry Henry 7
Alexandre Hleb 8
[Jose Reyes 6]

Everyone knows I am an avid fan of Arsenal. Since 1996. Since Overmars joined Arsenal. I remember I was the only person in my batch who supported Arsenal. In KMYS, only a few of us turned up for Arsenal's FA Cup win to clinch the Double. I remember Francois and Shidi. Maybe Kudin. So, it is an understatement if someone said I was sad over the defeat in the CL Final.

Henry missed a sitter in the third minute and he should be kicking himself out there for missing a glorious chance.

Although Lehmann made a mistake by clipping Eto's fast legs, but I consider it a harsh decision by the referee. Barcelona should be given the goal prodded in by Frenchman Giuly. And yellow card should be given to the culprit Lehmann. I thought it was gonna be a penalty. I was worried sick. But to lose the giant German at a very early time is like an anti-climax. It's like when you are watching porn and suddenly ur mom banged the door to ask you to send her for dinner. Something like that.

Eboue should be warded as the best supporting actor when he was adjudged to be obstructed by Gio. And free kick was given. This is the only high point for Thierry when he curled in the free kick and found Sol who was terribly unmarked by Oleguer headed the ball home. It is a goal finally this time for Sol who had two goals disallowed in crucial matches as this. Both for England.

The best actor? Still that guy Messi. Theaterically, agonisingly lying on the ground as if he was been shot.

Arsenal were galant and brave in protecting the lead and even the unfancied Almunia had a fingertip on to Eto'o's furious strike. Thierry missed another chance and that was simply why he didnt get an 8 or 9 for his match rating.

With 14 minutes to go, it all happened so quickly. It was so quick indeed. With the space of only 5 minutes, Arsenal conceded two goals for the first time since 10 CL games. Henrik Larsson was introduced and he made a very2 huge impact. The Swede who is on the verge of returning to his home country fed Eto'o after protecting the ball from the hapless Toure. It was a controversial goal. Eto'o strayed offside. But you cant blame the linesman. From his angle, you can never say Larsson passed the ball to Eto'o. Larsson was shielding the ball and quickly passed the ball u see. So I guess the linesman thought the ball didnt hit Larsson. But was a through ball. This is football. Maybe with the help of instant replays might help in the future. But then, football would never be as entertaining.

Suddenly Belletti got the winner for Barcelona. It was a poor judgment by Ashley to let the cross passed through. And Manuel Almunia was not at his best. (Like he had his best before). He failed as a keeper. It is a basic technique for goalkeepers to have the NEAR post covered. And both goals tore Manuel into shredded plastic cards. At the NEAR post.

What a lame Spaniard keeper. He must be angry with Arsenal for not giving him more minutes of play and betrayed Arsenal and gave the title to the Spanish side.

Reyes and Flamini were introduced where both of them replaced players who had a great game. Reyes and Flamini were useless on the pitch that day.

I dunno who to blame. Wenger? For replacing the effective Cesc? Thierry? For missing chances to kill off the game. Or Almunia?

Or maybe I should blame the Arsenal Board, like my friends said, "Tak Berkat. Arsenal diperintah Yahoud". I am not anti-Semitic. I am not a racist. People should realise that the Arsenal Board promote peace between the embattled Israel and Palestine nations. They fully sponsored an academy in Tel Aviv and also had Palestine-Arabs children in their academy. And yes, they are playing the most beautiful game on the planet, side by side with the Israel-Jew children.

Of course I am mad at the innocent killings made by the Israeli government. Their excuse was the attacks were targetted at the terror-group leaders. Ya, it is bullshit. But the Muslim terrorists are equally bullshit. Killing the innocent Israelis too. Car-bomb, suicide-bomb, van-bomb, bus-bomb, killing old helpless ppl, mothers, children, Jews in their temple, fellow Muslims Shi'ah, Sunni you name it. Call yourself a Muslim Jihad Group? Guess what? You guys are going to hell for your terrible deed.

I am not God. But I know they are not doing any good also.

It's sad. It is very2 sad. More saddistic than the Arsenal's loss.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Pics from the BBQ Tuesday

The Bhoys on Tuesday. Piah, Nain, Big Show, Nizam (face covered), Arwin and Azrul. Picture taken by Azrul. You might wonder why he is called Big Show.

This is why. An average Asian man would be 170cm (me). But this guy is just good enough for the national's football team.

BBQ and badminton? The chics trying to 'hadam' the Kenny Rogers-like roasted chicken with a game or two. Good idea.

Si panggang and Si Pencuri Ayam. Aku si pencuri.

Pretending to be not scared of the ghost stories. Looking up at the sky so high. When suddenly, Si Penanggal datang menjelma....
Can't find the pics with galah panjang game. Should be a memorable one. Anyone got that pic?

Friday, May 19, 2006

Bbq Tuesday

For a second straight day I've been sleeping all day and night. It was a torrid and mind bulging time improving my project paper. It was not worth of my time. Since it is official my grade is B-. That Tuesday I headed to Shah Alam and saw my touch and go balance reduced to RM2.40. No more passing the Shah Alam toll this time i guess. Ah well, there'll be one more time. To take my scroll in a few months unless I chose to use the non-toll route Glenmarie.

What the hell am I bragging pon aku tatau. I am here to talk about the bbq. So I drove my car into the faculty and forgot to top-up to call Piah to stay over his house for a short while before going to Baiduri for the Bbq. Ah, there was no need. Right about to park my car I saw Arwin, Nain and Piah. But what the hell's Arwin doing here? I cud understand Piah and Nain wanting to send 2 copies of their project like I wanted to do.

"Ko buat apa sini?"

"Hah? Ada actuarial day"

Ye la tuh. How many actuarial day in a semester they want to organise? So I knew he was joking. I asked them to wait for me. And they did so went up the stairs to hand it the report. Met Hanafi on the way. Still hopeful he would give me a good grade. So here we go again Hanafi bragging about this and that yada yada yada and went for my breakfast at 4.30p.m. SS2. Ikan keli dah abis! So during our meal we were still talking about Hanafi and project and how miraculously Asrep got a zero for his group project. Maybe mistakenly keyed-in by Dato' kot. 20 actually kot probably he missed on the key '2'.

Originally, Apeq asked us to help him out on the potong bawang Tunas Puteri session. Haha. Well, not this time. Feeling a bit down with the project I opted to do easier things. Went shopping with Arwin (the driver), Nain (Chief Khadam) and Piah (Kuli Pertiwi) to get some charcoal and stuff from Nana (the Sleeping Beauty)'s house. I was wearing this Burberry shirt, the same shirt I wore in a weekend outing. So I knew I had to change. And I was on my pagoda shirt all day.

So we headed back to Baiduri. The potong bawang and marinating session was done by Apeq and Asrep. "Maleh!" Asrep barked at us when we chose to betray him. Not to forget how he pulled Piah into a heated telling off about his gay-like body shirt in which I agreed.

And I got myself back in my Burberry shirt. Apeq complimented later that I looked taller in the shirt. Come on man. My height is average ok. Haha. So we all had fun starting up the fire using paip getah motor. I had many Kambing-Q or Ayam-Q parties (Babi-Q kan haram bak kata Pakcik Surau that night) before but that was the first time I saw how to start a fire in the most busuk bau getah way. But it was damn efficient. Who needs a fire starter? "This is a brillliant idea," I thought. And it was the first time I saw people using water by sprinkling it onto the red hot charcoal to control the fire. Lots of things I learned that night. Arwin came up with the joke that former Tunas Puteri members are good at Babi-Qs so he urged ppl not to over-rely on him because he was from the Kadet Bomba. Bomba padam api, get it?

You can't get it here coz it's all written. But I got one trivia made up by Raja that night quite handsomely, but to the annoy of some ppl in the group. Gimme a break. I know I am good at spelling bees. hahah! He said, "This is a new way to spell McDonald. M-A-C-D-O-N-A-L-D. So, kalo McChicken M-A-C-C-H-I-C-K-E-N bunyi dia...?" The rest replied, "McChicken!". Good. Forwarding the trivia to Didi Raja asked again. "Kalau M-A-C-H-I-N-E??". Spontaneously I answered, "Err.. Machine?". Then suddenly I got some accusations that I heard of the trivia before. What did u expect for me to say? "Mac-Hine?" Haha. But it was a good attempt anyway. Raja by the way is good at magic tricks. Teringat aku kat SHuen. Shuen is also good at magic tricks. And ironically, both are computer geeks. (Bill Gates is a self-proclaimed geek so I expect both to go far in the industry, be it in the music industry since Shuen is now so into I'm Sprung hahaha).

We had some ghost stories. Somebody wanted to throw me a phone when I was about to start my ghost story coz she thought I was gonna bertapa? What was wrong with her I dunno. Main galah panjang dekat badminton court Baiduri tu. Huda scored all the points to take our team to glory yeahh!! Gelak2. Jerit2. Main badminton. So it was fun. Masak ayam tu mmg perkara biasa ah. Well, atleast I didnt here any complaints about the food. "Nak sedap2 beli Kenny Rogers".
Suddenly when Pak Guard and 4 frens came to us and asked us to pack and go. "Sapa leader sini?" Haha tetiba je tanya pasal leader. Its not like we are having an illegal demonsration. "REFORMASI!!!" Hahaha!

So we kemas2 and headed to Hakim Tujuh plak. Borak2 panjang sampai kol 5.10 pagi. Gossip. Citer2 lecturer. A bit confidential stories pon ada regarding a friend. Haha. It was hillarious.
At about 5.30 I reached home and sempat Isya' and terus Subuh. Scary jugak dok teringat citer2 hantu tol, Karak Highway etc. Gila ryte. And slept until 2.00 pm.

I know it's a long blog. So, later-later lah.


It's all over

Ah well, everything that concerns UiTM in my life is over now. But I didn't end it in the most handsome manner. It was my project presentation on that Saturday. I came rather early considering it was one gloomy start of a weekend where usually I oversleep purposely. I waited for so long for this day to come. That day I thought it was gonna be smooth and everything would be over and I can finally enjoy football with much enthusiasm.

Sadly it didnt go that well. I was positioned as the last candidate to present. Should have come later. I was so nervous as if I knew I would screw up. "I think that's all I had to say about my project. Thank You. ANy questions?"

Suddenly, Mr Hanafi started to open his mouth and said, "Nak bagi hard ke soft comment nih.."
And without giving me the chance to defend myself, he accused me of doing this and that. Things that I didnt do, things that we all in the class wudn't expect him to say about my project.

"I know this program ni Mr Sam yang buat.. I can ask him you know.. if this is his work," he said, assuming things in his imagination.

"This is not a project. You are only proving that Mr Sam's program works well"

"Hahaha..!" Zuraizam laughed while the rest sat down quietly in shock, unexpectedly. Some friend huh?

I took a sharp stare at him but he was not aware of it.

There you go. I was bombarded with accusations. Something that never happen in my life before. Knowing that I would blow up if I tried to defend myself, I took a breather and nodded everytime the accusations were read. I know I will defend myself later. And I did. Mano-e-mano.

B- was the grade for my project. I saw it with my own eyes. B-. Underservedly. First and foremost, it wasn't Mr Sam's program. Mr Sam would never give you his program in a complete algorithm. He will only give an idea of how we can design a program. Everybody knows that. And Mr Sam teaches General Insurance. My project was about Life Insurance. Can you see the difference? Sure u can. But not Hanafi. Maybe he feels he's a god. He knows it all.

It was a sad ending. I know I did well in our group project. As the MC. As the joker. As the person who thought why not give the best for the group project? Pleased the lads. The lecturers. "Let the grade in which I am giving to u reflects your attitude." Ah well, I dunno whether to thank him or to hate him. Only time will tell.

In my opinion he's being bias. He said he is not pin-pointing me. But I know from what I see he's actually discriminating. Well he said it himself. He sees me and Piah as intelligent students. So, he expected more from us. The rest he doesn't really care. Especially the females. He said females are less intelligent but hardworking. So they deserve better grades and less bombardment. Clearly this is a discrimination. And it's unfair.

At least I'm still taking positives out of the day I was humiliated, embarrased. Maybe I was bad at the presentation. Maybe my results for the project were not clearly stated. But it's nice to hear some collegues were backing me up.

Maybe lady-luck forgot to smile on that day. I was always lucky all this while, during my time in UiTM. Sometimes I dont think I deserve a good grade. But just when I thought I was gonna wham it.. this thing happened.

Hmm on the bright side, I'm done. And I am itching for a new challenge. Since Tuesday I slept all day. Yup sleep is good. It's like living in a fantasy.

I'll blog on Arsenal's Almost Champions, BBQ Party and Futsal Finale in my next entry.