Thursday, January 30, 2014

PKR's Kajang Scam shows arrogance

Never a huge fan of Rafizi Ramli, the whole Kajang "Scheme" has shown the character of this man himself, who is byfar, the most arrogant young leader I have ever known beating Khir Toyo.

First of all, he boasted that he was the master-strategist in the whole issue. He also said "sorry" after taking the wonderful Kajangites for a ride. It's like spitting on his mother's face and then said sorry. The arrogance was clear since he didn't care the feelings of the Kajangites who voted bearly eight months back only to have to do it again just to resolve an internal party issue. He was also too arrogant to see that millions of ringgit would be spent on this high stake by-election.

Sorry was the only word he offered to charm the Rakyat. Now compare this word to the troubles that would come later and the monies to be spent.

He later continues to sing the praises of Anwar Ibrahim comparing him to Winston Churchill but the Rakyat are mostly against this "Kajang move".

Rafizi, who blocked me on Twitter for simply asking about the truth regarding the allegation of his RM 30,000 monthly salary, went on to feel like he is Barney Stinson from a top TV Show "How I met Your Mother", despite the "striking resemblance". He received an overwhelming backlash from the members of the public but of course, with his arrogance, he would just shrug off his critics and continue to fly up in the sky.

Rafizi learned from the "best", who seems set to become the ADUN of Kajang, Anwar Ibrahim. His sifu, who also blocked me on Twitter (Zaid Ibrahim, Raja Petra, Nurul Izzah, Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin all did it as well) claimed that Khalid Ibrahim would be removed although the Sultan will have the final call. It is also contingent to the greenlight by other Pakatan partners who had more ADUN seats than PKR.

I know you might think they blocked me from Twitter as a non-issue, and later you might also accuse me of "blockable" for being too blunt. It is worth mentioning here that Nik Nazmi who received quite a number of tweet-attacks from me did not do the same. For that, I still respect him and as for the rest, to me they are a bunch of arrogant leaders.

Although I cannot guarantee that Nik Nazmi would not block me now for dragging his name to this humble blogpost, it is important to know that for a simple thing that you do, it tells a lot about your character.

You talked about how UMNO leaders can be arrogant. I concur and can even name some of the them. But this Kajang Scam is the mother of all arrogance in Malaysian politics.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Kacang Move (Kajang by-election 2014)

While some of you guys think it's smart to reveal your intention as a politician, think again.

Politics is like Texas Hold 'Em. You will not show your cards to your opponents, even if you won in the end by bluffing. I think it's not even allowed, if you are a professional poker player. So today we just received a stupid apology by the fat, "jambu", Barney-Stinson-wannabe Rafizi Ramli who boasted to be the proponent of "The Kajang Move".

I just had to read it and obviously, I concur, it was a typical shit-hole Anwarinas' attempt to convince PR supporters of the necessary evil move to vacate the Kajang seat in order to pave way for Anwar to step up en-route to Putrajaya. And of course some if not many are thoroughly convinced by this so-called plan together with the UMNO revolt story (which is more theoretical than reality). They would not mind the RM250Million that was about to be spent for this by-election while at the same time crying over the recent price hikes. Sheep, pawns, they have their right to state their opinion.

I am no God but this is what going to happen. I will not rub salt into the wound later by saying "I told you so" but what I have predicted before came true (re: Zaid Ibrahim losing Hulu Selangor, unexpectedly, to P. Kamalanathan).

1. Anwar will stand by his decision to contest the Kajang by-election, despite the uproar from within and outside of PKR.

2. BN will contest by fielding an MCA candidate. It will be a straigth fight but not really a hard fought battle.

3. Anwar wins Kajang and motion of no confidence will be tabled by one of the ADUNs from PKR, probably by Azmin himself if not his proxy. PAS will abstain from voting instead of voting for or against.

4. Motion to remove Khalid approved and Khalid steps down. Anwar will be fielded as the candidate for Menteri Besar. DAP agrees to his candidacy.

5. Sultan will be displeased by this but he would feel the need to punish PKR and Anwar by waiting at the very last minute to reject Anwar as Menteri Besar. This is also to showcase his power as the Sultan of Selangor.

6. Knowing this, PAS will then drop the bombshell by announcing that they would severe its ties with Pakatan Rakyat to go for "better opportunity" with BN.

7. Another bombshell will be dropped, this time from Khalid Ibrahim himself plus another PKR ADUN who immediately joined UMNO.

8. Selangor falls to BN-PAS coalition. Federal gets stronger as well with BN-PAS.

9. Sultan accepts the Menteri Besar who will come from PAS. Khalid would play a pivotal role as the Economic Advisor, yes, something like what Anwar Ibrahim is right now.

10. Anwar and his Barney the Purple T-Rex Rafizi will lose this massive but exciting political battle.

Some of you would think I am delusional when writing this, I admit I am. But this is actually, at least, what I hope how the story would end. Too much politicking is bad for the Rakyat.

As for Rafizi's letter, while some of you guys think it's smart to reveal your intention as a politician, think again. What if Anwar was only testing the water to see how BN would react to this so that he can make his next move? What if there is an even bigger agenda than what we are all speculating? What if PKR is only trying to cover up an even bigger story within PKR so that this move would cloud it?

I have only one hope for Malaysia. Less politicking but more working together for better nation.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Snippets: How I would solve current Malaysian issues if I were PM

On Kalimah "Allah" issue...
Christians in Malaysia who are actually using the BM version of the bible (Sabah and Sarawak) would be encouraged to use the Malaysian version, not the Indonesian version of the bible. "Allah" shall never appear in these bibles because the more appropriate one to be used is "Tuhan", so to protect Christianity itself and the sensitivity of the Muslims who refer their one and only God, who do not bear a son nor that He has a father, as Allah.

On rising prices...
Controlled goods are controlled goods. If suppliers/retailers increase the prices of controlled goods above the maximum allowed, they will be punished heavily and jailed as well. It is also a high time for Malaysians to reap higher salaries especially in the Multinational companies. Minimum wage can be introduced and also set a clear salary benchmark for the public to see for each general occupations. Companies which meet this benchmark will be rewarded in some tax exemptions.

On people spewing racial, religious hatred...
They should be detained under sedition act. While I was against the ISA being abolished, I would also not welcome it back at this time (flip flop is a sign of weakness). The Act that replaces ISA should avoid making political arrests, unless it was clear what was uttered by politicians, regardless of party, religion or race, would cause disharmony and disunity.

On the motor industry...
Proton and Perodua should continuously be protected by the Government but we will not be pumping Rakyat's money anymore for their Research and Development. With Lotus under its wings, Proton should start using their technology fully to make better cars, not just its handling. Protectionism here would be the current price discrimination that we have against imported cars. Foreign cars shall continue to be expensive with the current duties and tax in place. Proton aftersales will be monitored so that they reach a world class level. Proton and Perodua cars will be made cheaper, to the extend that they are so cheap but in high quality, Malaysians will come back to Proton and Perodua.

On Shiah in Malaysia...
Shiah pracitices will never be allowed here in Malaysia. The Muslims are too divided already by three political parties and it would only be worse to have a Syiah sect joining the fray. Those involved will be caught for insulting the official religion Islam.

On Anwar's "olive branch offer" for reconciliation...
Truth be told despite Anwar's moral issues, he still has the backing of a large number of Rakyat. If we could agree on the things above and for him to convince his followers on the right thing to do, apolitical and unpopular even, then national reconciliation will be on the right track. If he is sincere enough, he would not ask for positions, favours or money even. Rakyat will reward him if he toes the line.