Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Anwar should be The Opposition Leader... until he retires

There shall be a good balance in the Parliament after former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia rides his way back as Permatang Pauh MP. I encourage his presence in the Parliament as a strong Opposition leader to act as "The Shadow Prime Minister" to check whether the current government Barisan Nasional do their job or busy making money or collecting artiste-girlfriends.

He shall be sitting tight on his chair in the Parliament after a long 13-year absence and continue criticising the work of current rulers of Malaysia.... until he retires.

When Parti Keadilan Nasional drew up their agenda in their March 2008 Election manifesto, they have promised to maintain the current system of Federal government with respect to Article 153 and others namely Malay rights, Islam as the Federal religion, the existence of Syariah Court being superior to Civil Court in cases of Islamic affairs, protecting the rights of Vernacular Schools and Bahasa Malaysia as the National Language. This has caught my attention as a way of going forward as long as the system will be respected. The notion of getting rid of National Economic Policy is a way to show dissatisfaction towards some Barisan leaders misusing their power and awarding contracts to cronies, something I believe Anwar Ibrahim had done before when he was with Barisan.

Now after years in jail, it is thought that he had repented and trying to change the country while at the same time, fulfilling his dream to become the Prime Minister.

However, with the pressures from Pakatan coalition members such as DAP and PAS, can he still keep the promises made in his manifesto?

Everyone knows how DAP and PAS have ideologies of their own and with Anwar being the middle-man, it is thought that the three-way marriage of Pakatan should bear fruitful. However, I am very skeptical that this would work.

DAP wants a secular State evidently when DAP Sec-Gen Datuk Lim Guan Eng has recently rejected the idea of theocratic nation be it a Muslim State or Christian State. PAS, however, insists that Islamic State is relevant in all areas to establish a fair-to-all government.

PKR on the other hand, most members still being Malays, want to stick with the system however with zero tolerance on corruption and reject Malay supremacy by promoting Ketuanan Rakyat. I do not see the problem with PKR's ideology but can it please everyone in the coalition party?

Pakatan as a Federal Government should still be far from being materialised. I reject the idea of cross-overs (and no, I am not an UMNO cyber-trooper or member) because I see it as unethical. Unprofessional. Anwar has argued that the voices of Barisan that is against the idea of cross-overs. But I do not represent Barisan when saying this. If the coalition wants to topple the Government this way, I will start to question the integrity of the party be it PKR, DAP or PAS.

It is called inertia. When you start to play dirty, you will continue playing dirty. See what happens to some Barisan leaders. For them, corruption is part of their lives and if they don't realise it now, Barisan will go bust.

I remember applauding the idea of PAS 'joining' UMNO in my previous post but people should not take it literally. What I mean is a stronger government where the Opposition's ideas and feedback should be respected too. And even opposition and ruling leaders can sit side by side to help Malaysia prosper for years to come while living in harmony.

Now Pakatan should be focused on their jobs as leaders of their respective branches. They should represent the voices of people who wants more support be it from the Malay, Chinese, Kadazan, Iban or Indians. I am hoping for a more matured and co-operative movements from the Members of the Parliament.

Welcome back Anwar. But do not put personal goals over the needs of the Rakyat.

No monkeying or dump-trucking around!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Premiership Prediction 2008/09

Hello football fans. Yes, I'm writing to move away from the ever boring-dramatic-sumpah-menyumpah-no, I-dont-wanna-sumpah-coz-I-like-men's-asses politics of Malaysia by bringing about the most anticipated league men ever known, the English Premier League!

I'm predicting Chelsea to win the title this year. Luis Felipe Scolari looks destined to be the Real-Special-One-Please-Stand-Up for Chelsea and no, I am not supporting Chelsea ever that would make me a glory hunter (hey that rhymes, busta rhyme! Get me a record label will ya coz I'm sick with my life right now!)

Yeah, you heard me, GLORY HUNTERS SUCK REAL BAD! Go eat your shorts! And hats too.

I have to agree Champions Man Utd look as if they have reached their peak and the squad has been hampered by injuries and to date, no signing was made although Dimi Berba is on the verge of signing personal terms with the Manchester outfit. Maybe Sir Alex is comfortable with his current squad that brought them the famous Double last season.

Meanwhile, the so called transfer coup of Mikael Silvestre by Arsenal is being blown out of proportion, in my opinion. I do not seriously think he will feature as a first team player but could add depth and experience to the squad. The Gunners have also signed Samir Nasri, Amaury WHO? Bischoff and Aaron Ramsey under the noses of the Red Devils after losing greedy Flamini, city-sick Hleb and legendary midfielder (cant believe Im saying this but he used to be losing the ball rather cheaply for Arsenal) Gilberto Apreciado Silva. Top four finish is imminent although they can still raise the bar for these young crop and talented players.

Liverpool was stuttering but managed to snatch the winner thanks to Nando Torres in their first game. The Kops look to improve this year.

Tottenham? Well, they can keep the Carling Cup and finish 10 again this year.

Premiership Prediction 2008/09:

Champions: Chelsea FC
Runners-Up: Arsenal FC
Third: Liverpool FC
4th: Manchester United
PFA Player of the Year: Nando Torres
Writers player of the Season: Fabregas
Signing of the season: Deco
Relegated: Stoke, Hull, W.B.A

There you go. This prediction will ACTUALLY be made after my exams. Sad-sad story I can't think well about football right now!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Just for laughs

While the political turmoil and the Saiful's swearing on the Quraan are being of a recent talk-about, I can't help myself laughing at this youtube video.

I find it funny but you know some people don't always agree for my taste of humour. I.e. I found Tourrette's Guy on youtube friggin' hillarious but my friends from Shadwell were left confused.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My say on Khalid's proposal for UiTM quota

As you all may know, I am a former student of UiTM, Shah Alam and I am still very proud to have it in my heart. I even set a target to return to UiTM to be a part-time lecturer one day. UiTM has indeed gave me surprises and saved me from the obscurity few years ago.

As you may also aware, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim had recently suggested that UiTM to be open to Non-Bumiputras to yield competitiveness among students. Full stop.

I remember when I was in my second semester when I sat for my English examination paper. The question asked what could I do to make your university a better place, slightly easy to pass this one if I gave a straight-forward essay. I took the risk and wrote something controversial and against the principles of UiTM, recommending the university to be opened to Non-Bumiputras to increase competitiveness.

It was justified because at that time I was placed with the first years Diploma students as it was a 3-year degree course. I had yet to meet the people of my age as they were finishing their diploma as final year students and then only they would later join me in my second year to pursue their degree. I found that the Diploma students at that time especially the boys lacked motivation to succeed and some even had left before anything had even begun.

When I first came to UiTM at the admission's office I saw one person who was given the chance to enroll at the university despite scoring 'colourful' grades in her SPM with no As, Bs or Cs. How could you let someone like this enter the university? I thought.

But then again, my grades in A-levels would atleast give me a place in University of Kent, Canterbury but I was offered Financial Mathematics course only to be called off by Permodalan Nasional Berhad. However, in my opinion, my grades should get me to nowhere as well but UiTM was happy to accept my application without hesitation. I was even escalated to the degree course instead of the Diploma.

Of course it was hard for me to realise initially of what UiTM is trying to do. In my own words, it is a university that would give some people a second chance. With my knowledge and experience about the university, I am sure the girl with 'colourful SPM grades' have excelled in her studies and should be working by now as I believe she is one of those 87.1% UiTM graduates who were yearly employed, which is a very high percentage, in average.

When I went into my second year, I still thought I was one of the best students in Actuarial Science alongside recently married Nadia Hanna. Well, I found out that this group (you know who you are), who had only returned from Diploma final project semester was one of the best I have ever seen. The cream of the crop that I wouldn't expect to be in a local university.

Yes, I was one of those fools who thought that overseas students should be an awful lot better than the local students. One over-zealous fool once told me, in my very own room, as I was in Neasden that the local students were incompetitive and far from the overseas students' standard. Well, who cares about YOUR standards? Who are you to judge that local students are crap just because you were from University of Manchester?

I am a student of both worlds. Atleast I have the right information to say how good these local universities students are. And yes, I am sure if these group had been in the UK, they would be far superior than you arrogant University of Manchester graduate. This statement should apply to anyone who still think Malaysian local graduates are no good.

Adding to that, the later groups of Actuarial Science students from UiTM are seen to be better than us according to some lecturers. Many of them are coming to London and enrolling in universities in Australia like Macquarie to gain professsional exemptions.

I bet you all know how exceptional UiTM graduates are when many of them succeeded in the real world. MNRB CEO Encik Anuar Hassan, who happened to be my neighbour was a UiTM graduate and one of the earliest students to enroll in insurance-related subjects. Mass-com students have shown of great track record notably Fara Fauzana and so have the accounting, engineering and law graduates. You should be able to find many public figures of different professions, politicians included are UiTM graduates.

UiTM students competitive and intelligent? Checked. Definitely is a big yes!

Therefore on the notion of allowing Non-Bumiputras into UiTM simply to increase competitiveness, is an INSULT to all UiTM graduates and I expect the MB to have more cells in his brain as he is a wiser man compared to that Manchester graduate. Note that I keep referring to this person as I demand apology from him on behalf of all UiTM grads.

However, if your suggestion to open UiTM quota to Non-Bumiputras for the sake of UNITY (PERPADUAN RAKYAT), I should have no qualms about it. And I will second that motion. However, it should not start at UiTM.

Most importantly, it should start from schools! Clearly Tan Sri Khalid made that statement as a populist. But a better idea should be abolishing races-based schools like Chinese Schools, Tamil Schools or Malay Schools. Of course he will never said that either he is too afraid of losing Non-Bumiputras votes in Selangor or simply he will do at will to stay in power and didn't mind stirring racial tensions.

For me, if you are sincere, God will be by your side. The Rakyat will be by your side. Just be honest about it you don't have to be a politician with many faces. For example, your tone and pronunciation went differently at different places based on the majority populace.

You can always be a sincere leader of the nation. Competitive, active, assertive leader.

Without stirring racial tensions. Without having to undermine people's intelligence.

Open UiTM to Non-Bumis? Yes! For the sake of unity, yes.

For the sake of competitiveness? That is one BIG INSULT.

Jeghui - "UiTM di hatiku."

Note: For that English subject, I scored an A. I thought I would be summoned by the VC. I guess unlike the MB, I also stated opening the university to Non-Bumis will also promote racial harmony. You see. If you are sincere in your words, God will stand by you. So will the rakyat.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Pakistan-like Malaysia

I am getting very-very annoyed with the current political condition of Malaysia.

First one guy accuses another of killing a Mongolian woman and a political aide of a high-rank politician was called into investigation. Later, some people linked the case with the politician's wife and then himself in a conspiracy-like fashion.

Then another guy accuses that guy of sodomising him. Then it turned out he was charged with consensual homosex activity instead. Again, like a high-octane drama.

The accuser claimed that he was forced to have sex with an elderly-man (61 this Sunday) while he boasts a powerful physique, resembling top notch centerback as if he is John Terry Malaysia. The young man was not charged however, according to the Internal Minister he was the key witness.

Many Malaysians, believe both stories whole-heartedly while these theories could be on top 2 list of conspiracy theories ahead of World Trade Center was attacked by US government theory.

Then this daring Bar Council Malaysia took the recent general election results to have the balls to question the Social Contract and recently planning to question my religion Islam in a newly planned forum.

"Do you really want to test my patience? While I am not a man with power but I am very vengeful. Very-very vengeful."

A politician friend of mine grumbled about an advert showing 4 chinese girls showing their asses in a national newspaper and blamed the Advert Board. I argued maybe the Ad Board was just trying to suit the now liberalised minds of Malaysians.

I blame who for allowing all this shit to happen? Not Anwar, not Pak Lah, not Raja Petra, not Najib, not Saiful nor Uncle Pet.

I blame you!

Yes you Malaysians. Not all of you. But many of you. Not just a few but many.

You want a change. But you are not ready for a change.

You want freedom in press. Now you are complaining about a lousy far-from-porn advert.

You want equality. But you are so afraid of losing Malay power.

You dont like the oil price-hike. But you fail to see that the rebates are meant to target subsidies effectively towards poorer groups of people or the food being more important than oil.

Since when oil tastes nicer than food?

You want to abolish ISA. But you are afraid of terrorists. And more recently, you demanded those Bar Council no-gooders be sent into ISA.

You dislike corruptions and misuse of power. But you are so taksub or worship that one leader without question.

You want a stable Malaysia. But you vote for the Oppositions.

Then you complain about the way your state is being handled.

You want understanding among religions/races. But you promotes and encourages people like Bar Council to hold anti-Malays and anti-Islam forums plus one Christian group to use the word Allah and Malaysian Language in their newspaper Herald.

And you question contract social.

And Islam.

But never touches on Chinese or Tamil 0r Malay Schools.

Or Chauvinist activities. (Favouring own race. Not the poor.)

Or the citizenship of your ancestors. Malay-Javanese included.

Or your own religions.

Or your race's economic power against the rest of us.

You love watching Indonesian, Venezuelan dramas on TV. You even believe the dramas on blogs. You strictly fall in alove with conspiracy theories.

So why... tell me why are you complaining about our country's political instability?

Anwar? Najib? RPK? They are just using your stupidity of believing conspiracy theories. I know the truth is still out there. But do you have to believe in it right away?

So the power is actually yours. If you like your country like this, so be it!

So padan lah muka kau! Nak complain-complain apsal?