Saturday, March 08, 2008

BN denied 2/3 majority?

Official result has shown that BN has 137 out of 222 Parlimentary seats (62%) in the 2008 General Election to form a new government as per 4.00 a.m. Malaysian time.

Unofficial result has said that BN was denied 2/3 majority as propogated by the Oppositions, the first time since 1969 losing Penang (majority DAP), Kedah (PAS), Perak (DAP) and Selangor (DAP-PKR) in the process, trigerring a weak government to be formed. PAS has also retained Kelantan.

Big guns such as Samy Vellu (MIC), Shahrizat (UMNO) and Koh Tsu Koon (GERAKAN) have lost in the election and new faces such as Jeff Ooi (DAP), Nurul Izzah Anwar (PKR) and also Nik Nazmi (PKR) have garnered the people's votes with their call for a change in the government.

I am surprised with the results really as you can see from my previous entry as I thought 2/3 majority is just a formality for a party who had a landslide victory in 2004 General Election. A simple majority is good enough to form a new government but the Oppositions' concerns will be much heard now.

Tun Mahathir has earlier said that 75% is attainable for BN to win the election and is now clearly out of the picture.

MIC now seems like an irrelevant party as they have lost almost all the seats they contested. Same can be said to GERAKAN.

The people have spoken. Clearly BN needs to look at themselves now and buck up to bounce back.

Else, the Oppositions will be stronger and stronger as long as they keep their promises for the Rakyat.

Oh yeah, Khir Toyo will no longer be my MB. Hopefully we will have a fairer state government regarding project tenders. This is a personal issue for me and my family.

Best of luck for new MPs. Fight corruption until the end, Oppostions or BN!

This might be a sign of good thing. As long as people in Malaysia stay calm and cool and avoid provocations. This is a sign of democracy and people had enough already about the flaws in the government.

Finally, I pray for a harmonious and prosperous Malaysia.

NB: I am now looking at Penang as a model to see if the Oppositions will have a fairer government. Penang was known for a state which marginalised some communities under GERAKAN, especially when developments were made only in certain races-biased areas.

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