Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dah kawen dah member aku ni..

Semoga berbahagia ke anak cucu. Back L-R: Smq, Ipe, Atoy. Front: Jeg, Lenoq, Jonet, Shu, Sani.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Manchester City 1-0 Arsenal

Tomas Rosicky made his Premiership bow in the City of Manchester Stadium but saw his wasteful side succumbed to a 1-0 defeat no thanks to Joey Barton's thunderous penalty that rattled the bar before touching the back of the net. Justin Hoyte, 21 who replaced want away England star Ashley Cole conceded the penalty by lunging on the back of the impressive Trevor Sinclair. A natural right back, Hoyte found himself a torrid time playing particularly coping with the pace and intelligence of the experienced cultured midfileder Sinclair.

Meanwhile, Arsenal were deemed to be punished as the final whistle was blown having their skipper Thierry Henry missing four great chances. Lively forward Robin van Persie saw his effort hit inside of the post before Henry squandering another chance. Arsenal should have been 4-0 up at half time but Joey Barton's spot kick settled the score for the home side.

Although I'm a loyal fan of the Gunners, I still believe there is a need to not to be impartial when evaluating performances of the gaffer and the team. The ongoing saga of Ashley Cole has been prolonged and has since unsettled many players including Thierry Henry who suggested that we keep Cole. And then came the Reyes issue. The Spaniard has been of an inconsistent player since arriving from Seville and I don't think he has the correct mix to become a star in the London side. As for Cole, I am suggesting we do a swap deal with Chelsea with versatile defender William Gallas joining the team and Cole going to the opposite direction. However it is preferable if we could negotiate a swap plus cash deal since Cole is only 25 and Gallas only has a few years in his professional career.

Both however, are arguably top defenders. If not the best in the world.

Arsenal: Lehmann 7, Eboue 7 (Flamini 6), Hoyte 4, Toure 8, Djourou 6, Rosicky 7 (Walcott 7), Hleb 9 (Adebayor 6), Henry 6, Fabregas 8, Gilberto 7, van Persie 7

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Life without sponsorship

It was since many years ago, 10 to be exact, I was blessed with sponsorship. There was the all-free secondary school KYS under the Yayasan Saad Foundation, later KMYS (KYUEM) and UiTM under PNB. Today, I start to be feeling the heat. I start to realise how the FAMA people coping with finance. I'm under serious pressure, if you like.

Look at that money flowing like cry me a river! RM33,420 gone just like dat. Note that the amount RM3000 was for my mom's PUSPANITA Bangkok Trip. Well, to be fair I'm glad I don't haveta pay RM88,000 for breaching the contract with PNB since they gave me a deferment for a year. But I still feel the high immense of pressure. I cant even think well to write here to be honest.

Went to Wisma MCA to settle my Visa. Not settled yet. Have to come back tomorrow. Haveta admit there were so many young hot executives working in that area. Citibank marketeers maybe. Oh have I mention there was this lady at Maybank Kelana Business Center who's got a body to die for? No, not being a pervert here but I was shocked to see that kinda body ever exist in Malaysia. Malay some more! So thumbs up for the lady. But the face so-so je lah.

She musta been taking care of her health quite well. Lookie me.. skinny and buncit. Ask the guys if you dont believe me....

And I was at the Wisma MCA when I bumped into familiar faces of KYS. They were just married. Thought of stopping for a chat but I dont think we had the time. Coz I said "hi" and "selamat pengantin baru" and voila! We got back to our businesses.

Like I said, I didnt get to settle the VISA. That guy who's at the counter said, "it's advisable o get the correct document (conditional/unconditional offer letter) but I wont stop you if you still want to submit the application".. I was like.. hey dude, if you guys reject my application that would be another RM633.. dah lah aku tgh pening pasai duit nieh.

Today I took a cab from Tmn Bahagia (penat) and had a chat with the driver. A nice Indian guy who told me he's got three sons who completed their studies and doing pretty well now. They were not sponsored, took bank loans, to support their study. One of them is a doctor in Australia. I bet they've been through all this thing with hardship.

Lets just hope the sun will shine!

Quotes: 1. Nak lepak Khamis malam ke Jumaat malam? Mana la tau Jeghui nak baca Yaasin.

2. O.K (Tan Sri jotted down the word on the proposal of deferment)


Sunday, August 20, 2006

"Eksekutif... Pelatih"

I received a phone call Friday last week from PNB regarding duty report on the 15th of August 2006. Still trapped in limbo, I was not that enthsiastic to even get the details of what was going to happen that Tuesday. All I could say is "O.K" and that very Tuesday I reached Level 35 Menara PNB 6 minutes late. (8.06 a.m)

Kak Amy (the officer responsible fot the day) arrived a few minutes later. A short brief about the itenary for that day, one which caught my attention was the Gleneagles Trip (Medical Check-up) . I was having a nightmare with a certain high-level of perspiration that morning! Somebody gimme a doctor!

It was a rare situation though. Being a skinny guy, and sweat only comes in the 80th minute of my football game. Then came the time where we had to sign the contract and make our pass-tags. I had a torrid time covering my armpits when the Pakcik took the photo for the tags.

However, I decided not to report to the doctor in Gleneagles because I dont think it was a serious issue. The LRT is packed even in the wee hours of the morning for crying out loud. I also thought I should not follow the lads for the medical checkup since it is not required in the Student VISA application, according to Fit. In addition, it is stated in the contract (in which I havent signed yet) that I had to pay for the expenses including the Training Programme fees (Medical Checkup inclusive) if I were to breach the contract at anytime.

So I made the decision, to go AWOL (Absent Without Permision). MIA (Missing in Action) if you prefer. I went home to renew my passport. I think that's a better thing to do rather than loafing around in the hospital checking out the ladies cey ceyy abis baik lah tu!

Unfortunately, kelam kabut punya pasal, I forgot to inform any of the officers about my absence to renew passport. Abis kena marah. I didn't know what to counter but I admitted my mistakes and will return to office the day after. I planned a showdown with PNB this time bringing along a superior - my dad. Haha.

That will be discussed later.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Kuantan Trip in Pictures

Sohai control seen here with Medek, Jeg and Eidy. Location: Rumah tepi laut Mat Diyah

Models kereta Waja and Iswara. Eidy (left) and Kebau.

Berlenggang perut bermain bola sepak pantai. From left: Maradiyah, Robbie Rampage (Savage) and Jegotcha?

The Hare's Method: This is a very-very effective idea. Mind the percikan api though.

Helmy the Dewa Api, Jeg, Medek the Raja Ayam, Pooyen the Vice President Ayam and Sohai the 'hangpa-dok-bawah-kipaih-aku-dok-luaq-bakaq-ayam' maestro.

Dig-in lads. Pasnih start tournament Declare and Raja Ayam title menanti.

The actual result. What have we become?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Kuantan Trip

Ye ye.. aku tau.. aku kaki jalan.. I almost gonna go Dubai for makan angin to tell ya the truth.. Dunno suddenly feel like nak travel around.. this is simply because of pengangguran and the long-waited masuk kirja PNB.. and yup Kuantan it was my next stop.

And it was massive I tell you.. Well, for a start Sohai picked me up late janji pukul 8 malam last2 11.20 malam.. dah lah nak ikut Karak hi-way.. initially cuak gak.. dah la I never know that Sohai reti drive!

"Sapa drive wei?"

"Aku ah.." he replied.

"What??" that was my first word!

Gaya tak approve ah tu... So dalam kereta ada Eidy the Rampage and Kebau the Sayuty.. Menarik gak Eidy jadi co-pilot. Haha. membebel. padan muka sohai. bawak cam mat remp lagi.

Agaknya after 3-hours, with Kebau's berkaraoke, and some kutuk2 and KYS nostalgias, kitorg pon sampai Kuantan.. So met up depan Balai Polis dkt ngn Sepital Breast Cancer.. and kitorg lepak2 minum2 dulu.. ada Hare (Project Manager), Diyah, Medek, and Chot..? Not.. Chot mana ada..

Sorry the rest tak sempat nak ajak.. rushing gila plan.. lgpon aku bkn Tuan Pengarah (TP 4621 - No. Plat kereta Hare).. And Sorry tak sempat lepak ngn KJians that night and Pedu.

And then tunggu Pooyen a.k.a Mazran Ruhaifi lambat sgt.. time tu pon dah nak dekat Subuh.. so balik unpack dulu rumah MatDiyah tepi pantai.. time tu golap sgt aku tak nmpk tp dengar deruman bayu laut.. betul ke BM aku ni.. mampos ah yg penting A1 sorry ah Kipli Ali..

Rumah kosong.. tp menarik wei.. berebut2 pilih bilik ada 3 last2 tidur luar gaks.. tp mmg layan ah borak2 tidur.. subuh dulu baru, aku tidur.. last2 kol 12 gak bangun..

Hare calling2 ajak gi kenduri kawen officemate dia.. bleh lah isi perut.. malas actually sbb tak kenal kan? tak dijemput lak tu.. hantar wakil bleh ka Tan Sri? tp pi gak ah.. and met Mak Matidyah.. sweet looking, charismatic.. and I bet she's got a heart of gold... Sedap lak plak lauk pauk kenduri makan seperti Abu Lahab rakus skali..

Pastu gerak rumah Hare kejap.. duduk berdua dia ni.. ngn bdk Tabligh.. tp cam tak duduk sama.. bhgian bilik je berisi.. living room semua not occupied.. and Hariri kini pengamal Botani... bela ikan guppy comel kiut miut, bela pokok kaktus yg menawan kalbu.. pastu tetiba ada kain batik.. aihhh Hare.. selamba simpan awek.. abg Tabligh tak marah ke? Pungkong hang Jerui.. kain batik tu buat letak kat seat kereta ah.. hehehe.. bikin cuak je

So ptg tu beli lah brg2 nak BBQ itu malam.. xde menda event menarik.. oh ye.. sempat lepak sat kt JomHeboh Kuantan.. Si Helmy xde plak kat booth 8tv.. blom masuk shift dia kot.. shift dia ptg sket katanya.. artis? xde ah beria sgt nak tgk depa.. baik tgk awek2 Kuantan yang pelbagai ropa..

Ptg tu baru lah nmpk pantai.. sekembalinya darik beli barang2 BBQ.. so nak dkt maghrib baru leh main bola tepi pantai.. memasing pancit je haha aku pon dah gedung perut.. tp takleh lawan Hare and Kebau ah.. heheh.. Prosperity! Main ombak jahat Kuantan mmg best ah padu..!

So agak2 kol 9 lebih gitu Hare kembali dgn set BBQ nya.. baru menang hadiah tu.. so para mekanik (Pooyen ah paling smgt skali bersama Sohai) menyambung set BBQ itu sampai berjaya.. target 3 minute bleh siap.. peh.. haha

And then came the hard part.. psg api.. mmg sengsara.. dgn berlatar-blakangkan radio/hp Rampage memasang AF Final, api pon berjaya dinyalakan dgn bantuan kipas.. cam biasa ah tu... And Diyah gi amik celebrity kita Helmy Harun.. I mean Helmy Hamdan.. lama gak tak jmpa.. mmg mcm2 citer ah borak2.. dak2 ni bleh lg ckp aku slow talk ngn Helmy pasal drums hahah.. cam barua je mengingat kisah silam.. Helmy pon ada gak citer2 gossip artis.. "Dunia hiburan mmg mencabar.."ujarnya serius.

So malam tu mmg bnyk ah menu nya.. ada ayam, ada sotong, ikan kembung and Eidy's specialty: potato + sausage with gravy buh dlm alumnium foil.. the other of his specialty, hampeh tak jadi.. daging keras.. hanya Kebau dan Hare yg mampu kokak daging.. mmg liat.. tak jadi.. lgpon sapalah kami.. org bujang takda pengalaman... tp not bad ah.. mmg sedap2 makanan semuanya.. tp masalahnya.. ayam ada 4 ekor = 26 ketul untuk 8 org... ni aku salahkan betrayers ah tak dtg.. but we got another plan.. yang amat menarik

MAIN DECLARE!!! Haha.. sapa kalah, makan ayam + Air + free tissue! Haha.. Didnt know its gonna be that interesting.. we really had fun that night.. aku voluntarily makan ayam adalah dekat 4 ketul.. tp, forced to eat sbb kalah declare ada lah cam 3.. the star of the night? Mr Medek Rizal... hehehe.. the President of Ayam.. Seven! Pooyen 5 ke 6 ntah merangkap Vice.. sblom betting makan ayam dak2 ni perform.. tp suwey plak bila start taruh ayam.. I bet pasni diorg emo tgk ayam.. nampak ayam je terajang... ahhaha.. Eidy pon 5ketul tak silap.. Diyah 2... Kebau 1.. ceycey.. Kebau macho gila kalah skalik je... confident gila.. siap makan daging liat tu punya confident takkan kalah.. haha.. Sohai? oh dia tak main dia masak ayam.. Helmy main kejap je tp dia kena balik Hotel sbb esok nak jom heboh lagi.. Hare? haha he was the initial star.. dia kena makan3 ketul ayam terus gol.. terus tidur.. haha

But again i must say, Medek was the President.. Pooyen siap perli2 lagi buat suara ayam.. cam barua.. haha.. pagi besok confirm pakat berak ayam.. oh btw, Medek's 7th ayam tak makan pon.. mmg dah full dah Medek time tu.. dah lah the ayam prizes makin lama makin besar! haha!

Yang paling penting.. ayam semua abis.. yg tak abis ikan kembung, bagi kucing kurap makan.. kiranya xde pembaziran ah.. sotong was the bomb la kan.. pagi2 tu.. tgk2 ada lagi menda yg kena dihabiskan.. tournament Siren (Sirap+ Oren).. this time main kad paling besar = suwey... rupa2nya rezeki Medek masih lagi ON.. dah jadi Raja Ayam ni jadi Raja Air plak.. "rezeki murah.." bak kata Medek.. So air pon abis gak ah.. so semua org participated mmg best gila ah.. kemas2 rumah semua... dah settle kitorg gerak nak gi lunch..

AKu singgah jap beli kopok lekor mak aku pesan.. kesian rerakan menunggu aku beli kopok lekor.. baru nak diuli, baru nak di goreng separuh.. thanks guys!

Then berenti pantai batu itam lunch.. aku order ikut dak2 ni..Rojak Sotong.. main ikut je.. pastu ada adik baju kuning Rampage ah sedar dulu raut keayuan bdk ni.. cam stok2 Hajar je bosan ah.. bapak pakai kopiah.. tp dia tak amik order dari kami.. dak2 ni bantai mkn mee goreng lah apa lah.. Matdi nasik campur.. aku tmbah lagi makan kopok lekor.. and did I mention SATA sedap gila?..

"Balik kang terkejut mak ko tgk ko perut bulat semacam Jerui.."

Hahaha.. aku tatau ah nak bangga ke apa perut aku boroi.. sesuatu yg tak pernah ku alami..

And then kitorg pon cam salam2 and berpisah.. sedih lah plak.. Medek drive sorg2 balik Keratong.. dia convo ahad ni.. Matdiyah and Hare stay back Kuantan.. SOhai aku pooyen kebau and eidy naik satu kereta.. kereta Waja Kebau dah beli dari kwn baik dia heheh.. tah apa ntah diorg melawak di depan.. Eidy drive dulu pastu Kebau ganti.. aku bkn tanak drive.. malas ah.. lgpn kasiklah chance kat org pengalaman ceycey alasan..

And kitorg stuck traffic jam kt MRR2.. dah lah minyak kering.. nak terkencing lak tu hahaha!.. pastu Kebau gamble je lencing masuk kiri, pastu ikut signboard "Sg Buloh, LDP".. Signboard kaler Oren construction.. kuar2 je kawasan perumahan prestij mana ntah Park City terus masuk LDP ke OU.. mmg ajaib.. kalo tak mmg menunggu ah jam kt MRR2.. aku sempat jamak takhir kt Petronas.. sib baik x berenti tgh jalan.

Pastu kitorg makan nasik lemak cikgu kt KJ.. diorg nak balik Sunway.. and aku terlupa nak solat Maghrib since tak leh jamak kat rumah.. elok ah tu.. aku completely terlupa! padahal aku sampai rumah kol 8.10 gitu sempat lg...

Try nak upload tp xleh cam biasa ah blogger. Later aku upload ah. Thanks very much guys! It's been really fun!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Rog Cup: Penalty woe

A lil bit about AKYUEM Konvoi 2006 Rog Cup. Team Khalid won te cup after beating Team Current Student A in penalty shoot-out. Earlier, Team Khalid knocked us out of the semis also through penalties where Chot missed the first one with a thunderous shot hitting the post.

Earlier in the group stage obviously we under performed.. especially me.. I was so frustrated with myself I opted to be subbed by Mat Diyah after missing a sitter. To be precise, I missed TWO great chances.

It was one of the worst tourney I've ever played in but to play it among the stars like Chot, Haniz, Ope, Jin (Azizi), Farid, Sohai, Yan and Matdiyah is a great honour.

The night before I met Asrep, Aween and Piah at Unca Don. Lepak2 main foosball. Mmg seronok. Gossip2. Kutuk2 org wahaha.. Will lepak Shah Alam in no time.

Haniz lepak rumah aku for a night after main futsal bersama rerakan KYS. So from my place baru gerak gi Alumni KMYS with Farid. AKu gi pon sbb Rog Cup. Nak main bola je. Takda kerja beria nak jmpa lecturers. Heh. Bikin malu sihh. Even Pn Norain pon aku buat-buat tak kenal (obviously). Tapi Mr K gak gempak.

"Mr K, saya dapat A dalam Accounting di UiTM" I said with a laughter.

Balik from Rog Cup Haniz gerak balik rumah neneknya. Farid balik Putrajaya, exhausted dua benda, main bola and duit. Farid lupa tukar duit pound. Kt Burger King, share beli set whopper haha. Sanggup loan dari Ope.

Malam tu lepak Hartamas lagi. Sempat 90 minutes Pro Evo ngn Chot. Chot nak jmpa Sharin bdk Notts abg Cheng and Kak Adniz bdk Notts yg terer masak. Lepak keja jmpa dak Nik Harris and Kiau. Cam hambar je perbualan kitorg pon dah ngntuk.. balik zzzz..

Note: Apartment KMYS dah renovate. luas dan menarik.. Ed bawak balik kereta from UK under RM90k BMW 3-Series. Kamal Rossi bwk BMW number plate WFL gak cam aku. Ope suka immitate bunyi kereta aku.. NGeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Psl PNB nye meeting? I've chosen not to write here kot. Till next time. Chalos.

Friday, August 04, 2006


That Wednesday morning, dgn gaya2 malas we all woke up and got ready for the big splash in Sunway Lagoon.. aku dgn confidentnya gerak lambat padahal dah janji ngn Lada kol 11-ish.. come on ah.. Sunway Lagoon is only a few hundred meters from home sweet home provided we use the 'illegal road' (go straight bawah suspension bridge)..

At Level 3 Carpark and we got a parking space that worth millions... why lah? coz that morning dah ramai org dah.. rombongan budak sekolah kot.. So mmg lucky gak ah

So to cut it short, aku, Fendy, Rye, Waq and Lada masuk dlm Sunway Lagoon like a bunch of.. fags? aiyohh offensive word eh.. sorry2

And so main2 air.. ada ombak buatan.. last time I went, tak perasan plak ada menda2 ni.. and that was many yrs ago aku gi with me dad and me sis.. so mcm kanak2 lah kami bermain air, dan bermain lah kami satu permainan Sapa Paling Lama Tahan Nafas.. I tot I was the ultimate loser.. sib baik ada Rye.. hehe.. sorry Rye..

Kitorg mmg main puas2.. coz balas dendam dekat Bkt Merah.. paling best main yg carpet tu.. Lada and Fendy champions ah momentum tinggi.. Tp chics bleh thn juger.. minah arab pon ada yg dah bukak dah.. Grrr.. heheh.. Shhh...

Then we went on to the Dry Park.. The first ride? Pirates Ship (ye ke nama dia gitu?).. tell u the truth aku tak penah naik benda2 camni.. roller coaster sblom ni pon aku tutup mata.. Not this time, I'm determined to test my gayat-ness.. Took our seats and whatta good scenery to haf a blondie chic sitting right in front of me.. abis boleh tulong ilang cuak ah?? Not!

Cam siot je Lada tak naik sama.. it was the first time aku rasa blood rushing from all over the place.. SHouting like kids! But I didnt close my eyes this time.. If I did, sure pengsan one.

Next one naik the Red Indian Tomahawk something something.. haha obviously aku dah makin tua and makin lupa ada hati nak amik masters.. itu lg gempak.. dah lah aku tgk dia punya 'coach' dah mcm lama and berkarat.. aku tgk dak2 ni rilek je.. and so the machine starts to run and NO NO I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE.. haha! mcm pondan.. tp mmg betul duh.. at one point tu aku rasa cam.. enuff la wei enuff.. aku buat muka toya and rasa cam nak muntah.. but I kept my cool..

it was fun though..

so malam tu chill lepak2.. and pro evo lg.. sampai muak.. the next day lepak breakfast ngn Dina and Lada.. Fendy balik Muor.. so tak join breakfast kt Syed KJ.. it was Friday.. so kena budget timing nak solat Jumaat.. tetiba ada org ajak main Pro Evo... mula2 Dina nak join lepak rumah skali tp rasa tak manis gitu since my mom ada rumah.. takkan nak lepak skali, takkan nak lepak kt ruang tamu kesian dia.. and so bermulalah episod Pro-Evo Vengeance.

Lada started out with Rye and got beaten.. tot Lada was giving a chance to Rye.. So I was up next.. and you know.. revenge is so sweet.. 2 years ago, aku datang rumah Lada, main Winning 11 for the first time.. got my ass beaten up 4-1 or was it 4-0? Lada said to me.. "Aku main ngn Dina pon, tak kasik chance pon, dia bleh cuma kalah 3-1"

Dengan perasaan malu dan kurap, aku tunduk lalu menangis (lelebih tambah)

Haha.. So dat day was quite memorable.. bkn nak bangga.. saja borak2 blog2.. kalahkan the King Lada 1-0.. Heheh.. Sorry Lada.. nanti kawen jgn tak antar kad plak

Ok ah wei.. bnyk ngarut.. later (Meeting PNB HRD)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

From Penang to KL

Mari sambung cerita Penang.. dat morning, almost noon, kitorg plan nak gerak balik.. En. Ramesh sanggup balik rumah kejap lepas amik adik Rye to say goodbye.. cam biasa breakfast mantap.. brunch.. lepas makan bfast terus makan nasik.. haha.. tp mmg boroi ah... aku asal gi North Trip je boroi.. pastu balik tanah air, kering balik..

And so Fendy yang smgt nak enjoy kat Msia before balik Cambridge ajak singgah Bukit Merah.. Rye bawak kereta dulu.. and we reached Bukit Merah.. tampak lengang.. prolly becoz cuti sekolah mana ada time tu.. dah lah hari Selasa yang best..

Best?? Hari Selasa is the day waterparks around Malaysia (prolly the World) tukar air! haha..!! mmg emos ari tu..! time2 gini lah nak tukar air.. so dgn muka hampa dan malu bertuala, kitorg pon balik KL.. apa mau buat? layan Pro Evo, Rye mencari Dina tersayang dan aku and Fendy berbonding2 gay.. ahaks!

Malam tu lepak2 plan plak nak gi Sunway Lagoon.. Waq joined the crew.. malam tu Waq tidur awal mcm Adri Awal (lawak tetiba).. then aku Rye and Fendy rotate2 Pro Evo.. Fendy bermula garang dengan menjadi Juara bertahan.. aku dah naik rimas dan kalahkan Fendy berturut2.. hahaha.. mmg bangga diri.. i remember last year aku tak dpt kalahkan fendy.. kalahkan sekalik je.. ada skali last yr blasah aku 3-1.. aku terus tabik kehormat.. next person aku nk beat --> LADA!!

So malam tu ada gak contact2 Syuen nak join tak Sunway Lagoon.. waq ajak Lada.. Pagi tu dah gerak dah gi Sunway Lagoon.. Yay! (ye lah tu, haram Sunway Lagoon beberapa meter jek dari rumah aku tp pnh gi skalik je).. So next entry ah kot.. sorry ah guys aku maleh update.. dak2 pon cam malas nak blog je.. so takyah ah nak smgt2 sgt..

Pasni citer pasal Sunway Lagoon, revenge Pro-Evo on Lada, and PNB Shitty-meeting

p/s: smlm aku tgk2 yearbook. How IRONIC it was Chot was voted SPortsman of the Year with a quote, "Sweat keeps the doctor away".. ye lah tu CHot.. It didnt work for Syira lah kan.. the more you sweat, the more she melts! Heheheh