Monday, June 14, 2010

IPhone 4 Malaysia

I was informed IPhone 4 will only arrive in Malaysia around September 2010 or even later.

I am glad to bring home the latest IPhone for you (Malaysian customers only) as we are allowed to reserve the phones tomorrow (15th June 2010) and collect them on the 24th June 2010 in the UK.

The phone will come factory unlocked! These phones are available only from UK, France and Canadia Apple stores.

UPDATE: Prices are RM2799 for 16GB and RM3299 for 16GB. Black only, SIM-FREE. (Never locked to carriers).

Prices are rated based on previous IPhone (3GS) sale price from Maxis Malaysia.

You can also pay in pounds (16GB - £549, 32GB - £649) via paypal to overmars91(at)

Updated Delivery: by hand 12th August 2010. (KL)

If you are interested, send me an email at jeghui(at) together with your details.

Or reach me at Twitter or Facebook.

Kind regards,

Azrul @ Jeg Hui

More details on the new IPhone 4 HERE.

Update: Prices explained:

I am very sure my prices are fair. Remember the price of IPhone 3GS 16GB from Maxis store being RM2490? Well, in the UK IPhone 3GS 16GB at the same time was £449.

So now, here's a chance for you to own the new IPhone 4 at a price rated to the old 3GS. IPhone 4 16GB is being sold here from the Apple Store, never unlocked for £499, a difference of £50.

£50 times the current exchange rate, that's about RM2750 + deal cost.

As a first time businessman, it would be such a disasterous start if I were being unfair to the customers.

Azrul reserves the right to charge cancellation or other 3rd party fees.