Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fikir... selamatkah kita?

Hi guys,

Ya I know I said earlier that this blog will not be updated until I finish my final exams. While it is such a crucial time for me to study I find it very hard to stop writing it seems like I'm losing touch with the world outside.

Damn, I'm not good at lying. Lets just put it as I'm having a time off because there are a couple of things that had been playing in my mind recently so I had to share them with some readers.

It was fun having a late lunch yesterday with Soha, Jasveen, Yin Tse, Smoque, Jeff and long-time no-see-but-same-hair-as-always Min Hui. I was quite surprised however no one pointed out politics during our chit chats maybe we were busy catching up with each other.

But it's a shame I had to leave early and then only the big question was thrown out during coffee time when I was not around. I apologise for not being able to share my thoughts on those issues so hopefully I can say a few things here.

Lets start with my renewed relationship with Arsenal FC when they refunded half of our money for the Brazil and Sweden match. I was so skeptical that they would do anything about it after my complaint earlier (as posted in a previous entry) but I was particularly delighted with the way they diplomatically solved the problem to gain my trust. Respect is a thing that I cherish. And respect, I got from the Head of Ticketing. He apologised on the behalf of Arsenal FC and evidently I have done everything right until lady luck failed to smile on that day.

Lady luck also failed to even look at Theo Walcott whose magical 60-yard run got the leveller against Liverpool in the 2nd Leg Quarter Final of Champions League only to see a controversial penalty being given the other way.

"Braady hewwrr" (Sun Ji Hai's imaginative response towards him being penalised for a fair body contact with an opponent resulting a penalty).

Ok enough chit chat about football. I was contemplating studying earlier this morning and decided to write instead after my first ever visit to Raja Mongrel's blog, a so called more vocal, controversial and dodgy alter-ego of Raja Petra. He might or might not be Raja Petra himself somebody has to tell me.

"Tribute to Hindraf" and "Prostitutes Galore"

It was such a blow to my day as I was rebuilding my trust for alternative blogs and news since PRU12 until I saw some disturbing images of an Indian girl with semen all over her naked upper body from the blog. The site even claimed the pictures could be taken from our very own Port Dickson!

Big deal! 98% of men watch porn and almost 95% jerk themselves off with porn on their other hands!

But still, Malaysian bloggers being "sabul" website providers again? Give me a break! And to have so many people supporting some nasty and sarcastic comments with vulgar words been used is somewhat ridiculous but lets hope that these bloggers won't run for any political seats in the years to come.

I don't want my children to swear or watch naked Malaysian Indians or Blondies while getting to know the current politics at the age of 5 when bloggers like these are being idolised. Clearly controversies are fun to play but not like this dude. That's so not cool!

Haihh... This is a deja-vu. I remember backing a certain Mr Nice Guy for some of his anti-corruption manifestos (while admitting all along no one is indispensable) when he turned out to be a political disaster from a steady government (which implies steady economy). I seriously pity that guy you know. He had the opportunity to change BN from an arrogant and corrupted government immediately after BN won a landslide victory in 2004 after he took over. But inaction and dumped high-profile cases like Eric Chia and Arwah Zakaria Mat Deros have somewhat made the people question his leadership prowess.

But he didn't grab that opportunity to be the greatest UMNO leader with that kind of mandate. Under pressure from cannibals who took chance over his laid-back approach, BN is now under the brink of losing power altogether. One of the cannibals or may even be an involuntary cannibalistic son-in-law is now so quiet already! The downfall of Pak Lah would mean a downfall of him. I bet he couldn't make it as a PM as he planned before reaching the age of 40.

I remember also giving the support to Mr Samiappan who later 'betrayed' me for embarrassing me asking me to "sit down properly" in a General Insurance class back then in ITM while criticising the institution got me a place in the UK.

Calling Bendtner and Abou Diaby "shits" resulted in both of them scoring almost immediately. I guess I have to start criticising to get the results in my favour!


That's what Mahathir's being doing. Maybe it's a punishment from God for his tyranny and corruptions that made him a hypocrite now. He is now criticising the direct same thing he did during his 22-year reign as our PM. "Anak menantu...", "freedom of media...", "corruption", "kroni depa" and others. He thought by lambasting the government he could topple Pak Lah and save his ass from inevitable humiliation?

I still respect him for some good things he did for Malaysia. Although it's argumentative on how he chose not to take IMF being motivated by saving his cronies but still we are better financially now and our sovereignty is still in place. However, didn't he start the money politics and corruption as a culture in BN what not the country?

How do we find ourselves hating the Singaporeans and Jews if not from his leadership? Some evil Jews, like the Zionists deserved to be trialled for disturbing world peace but come on, not ALL JEWS are evil. The Rabbis are full-forced against the Zionists since the teachings of Judaism is againts Israelites having their own country, according the Torah. And I, as a Muslim, shouldn't hate the race of my prophets Nabi Isa and Nabi Musa. And Islam is not a racist religion!

And did he not accuse Anwar of sodomy in which he never did while meddling with the judiciary system which resulted in the sacking of Tun Salleh Abbas? Yes I am damn sure Anwar didn't do it thats why Pak Lah released him from jail.

So what is this penyokong-penyokong Mahathir in facebook what not from Kedah UMNO and Penang? I feel irritated that these Malays are encouraging the deviation of Malays by supporting this 'joker' history? (Karpal said that ar.. not me!). Is it not clear that Mahathir was so angry with Pak Lah because the latter dumped his pet projects that where earlier projects made his sons Mirzan and Mokhzani multi-millionaires?

"Project semua kasi menantu...." he once said in front of some Malay fools who laughed.

I am not saying that Mahathir should not criticise at all. It's fine if it's constructive. But he's doing it for himself. Not for the people. For his pride. For his so called ego! Unless he's doing it for the good of the party, fine by me. But the Mahathir factor has broken UMNO into two parts: The Pro-Pak Lah and Pro Mahathir which resulted in losing Kedah to PAS because Malay voters in Kedah didn't know who else to vote.

Well it's fine by me if he could be the author of his inevitable total humiliation. Who does he want to be the next PM? Pak Lah could retaliate by now by putting him to trial. Don't forget "PM-in-waiting" Anwar Ibrahim who I find befriending with Paul Wolfowitz quite unimpressive. Anwar's becoming the PM will get his revenge on the 83-year-old. Ku Li? Ah, politics... always like lalang... Ku Li was responsible for Semangat 46 agenda and having his shit go through a gold-plated toilet bowl seemed to be a favourable candidate for Mahathir to be the next PM.

Or is he? All-in-all Mahathir is doomed. And history. He is cuak by now as whoever is going to be the next PM according to Mahathir better not be Anwar Ibrahim!

So why waste your time supporting him as if he's going to make a political comeback? The hypocrite is known for "cakap tak serupa bikin" simply because he is not senile, but as an act of God revealing how evil he was as a premier.

On the other hand, I'm calling those UMNO people not to ask Pak Lah to step down. No, it's not because I'm his barua of some sort but it is a complete waste of time. Pak Lah has said many times he wants to stay as a PM until the problems inside UMNO can be resolved so that he can step down doing something to remember thats his CHOICE! And he is the current President of the ruling party and only he can decide whether to step down or not. So now that he said he doesn't want to step down, (which is preferred by PKR-DAP-PAS leaders benefiting from the hatred some people on him thanks to bloggers, Mahathir and even Khairy) why can't they just get on with it and do something to cure BN? Now that Pak Lah has got a transitional of power to Najib plan so just contribute to it then by making the people happy and deliver to regain their confidence. So before making you UMNO people fools of yourselves, think before having your say. You are only breaking your own party. Leader-wannabes!

Meanwhile, no, do not abolish NEP. There is still poor people in Malaysia and we need to have NEP to eradicate poverty regardless of races. We still have poor Chinese, Malay and Indians. So NEP is O.K. as long as the implementation can be efficient and fair.

So the theory of jumping ships from Sabah and Sarawak MPs to Pakatan Rakyat may seem revealing nowadays for the "Oppositions" to form a new government. Have Anwar learn from his past not to be hasty in search for PM-hood? I do not dare to say here. But he plans not to have a weak government by winning that way I assume but concentrating on building the trust from the states they are controlling now according to his recent interview with The Star. However, he is keeping some things mum. But there are some interesting things he said in the interview. About whether a Non-Malay becoming a PM and others. Pakatan will mark the revoke of Anwar's political ban tomorrow evening in a ceremony called Black 14.

So will he become the next Prime Minister?

Or will it be "Najib Mongolia" ? (quote by Anwar)

Or will it be Ku Li?

Or will it be Mahathir?

Well for me, as long as Malaysia is in harmony, prosperous and most importantly our colourful culture, values, and sovereignty are protected, I don't mind who is the leader or the ruling party. As long as my children and great great grand children remain competitive and eat rice everyday, I am more than happy with that.

So coming back to the Arsenal ticketing issue. Did I get the respect to stay happy? Yes. Therefore, respect the people.

Did Arsenal resolve the issue quite quickly? Yes.

Did Arsenal Ticketing Office blame the stewards and pointing each other for faults or asking the Head to step down? No.

So work hard to cure your party. Not playing the blame game like kids.

To win back the people is crucial. It's not easy. But we are going to decide whether you rock

or you suck!

Fikir... selamatkah kita di tangan momok-momok itu?

Fikir... selamatkah kita di tangan ahli politik itu?

Fikir... selamatkah kita di tangan ahli korporat korup itu?

Fikir... selamatkah kita di tangan racist-racist itu?

Fikir... selamatkah kita di tangan tipu dusta itu?

Fikir... selamatkah kita di tangan janji-janji palsu?

Fikir... selamatkah kita di tangan kerajaan baru?

Fikir... selamatkah kita di tangan liberalisasi itu?

Fikir... selamatkah kita di tangan monarki itu?

Fikir... selamatkah anak-anak cucu-cicit kita itu?


Anonymous said...

Firstly, you must appreciate, who made the policy that made you ended up in UK doing your masters?
Secondly, DO NOT say something that you don't know. There are a lot of things that it cannot be revealed. Some decision made by TDM may not be popular but you just have to do it or dealt with it.
It's different when you are looking from bottom to top, and it's not about cronies. 90% of what media says about him is WRONG. Do you know that TDM used to call Nik Aziz daily...Enough said, learn how to appreciate. Finish your masters!

anakbulan said...

Saya ingin mengucapkan tahniah kepada rakan-rakan pejuang dalam PKR, yang telah berjaya mendapatkan publisiti percuma di media2 arus perdana beberapa hari ini. Sebagai seorang yang pernah melalui kegetiran peristiwa kekejaman regim BN, saya bersyukur kerana Black 14 yang disambut pada tahun ini dapat kita raikan dalam keadaan yang terang-benderang. Terima kasih juga kepada YAB TSKI selaku Pengerusi Kelab Sultan Sulaiman KL yang telah membenarkan veneu ini digunakan.

Saya kesal dengan kenyataan Ketua Polis KL, yang mempersoalkan perhimpunan ini sebagai haram dan tidak berpermit. Sepatutnya di zaman rusuhan dan tunjuk perasaan kembali menjadi budaya Umno selepas PRU12, pihak polis mereformasikan diri mereka dan menhentikan perbuatan mengkastakan rakyat.

Sepatutnya pihak Polis bertindak secara independen dan mengelakkan diri dari diperalatkan. Saya rasa perhimpunan pada malam ini akan disabotaj untuk memburuk2kan imej PKR dan Pakatan Rakyat. Tetapi harus diingat tindakan ini mungkin akan memberi tamparan hebat kepada BN dalam PRU13 nanti.

Orang2 Umno tidak perlu risau dengan perjumpaan ini, malah saya fikir lebih baik mereka turut sama menyertainya sebagai latihan untuk mereka menjadi pembangkang di peringkat Federal tidak lama lagi. Umno Penang, Kedah, Perak, Selangor dan WP boleh datang beramai-ramai untuk memahami dan berkongsi petua dengan para pejuang2 PKR.

Jika ini dapat dilakukan maka saya menjangkakan Umno dapat mengurangkan kos yang terpaksa ditanggung untuk mengadakan sesuatu tunjuk perasaan. Jika kini mat2 rempit boleh disuap dengan RM50 untuk merusuh, saya bimbang 5 tahun lagi harganya naik 10 kali ganda. Keadaan ini tentunya akan menyukarkan KJ untuk mengumpul dana untuk tujuan ini nanti.

Berbalik kepada Black 14, saya meminta maaf kepada rakan2 pejuang kerana tidak dapat bersama atas urusan2 yang perlu diselesaikan di Jerman (bukan pasal ladang babi!). Saya akan bertolak malam ini melalui S'pore. Selamat meraikan Black 14. Lawan tetap lawan!

Jeg said...

Dear anak bulan,

I dunno if you copy and paste that comment but I need you to know that I am with noone. Not PKR if you ask me. A political watchdog if you like.


Jeg said...

Dear anonymous,

Don't be a coward and reveal yourself.

To answer your questions and tohmahan, the policy was made by BN people under DEB many years ago, not Mahathir or Anwar. Being grateful, that's why I said do not abolish DEB.

I said something that I know. What things can't be revealed? Ini cakap orang BN lama-lama. "Korang tak tahu.. jgn ckp.."

So beritahulah tahu kami semuanya!

Nak sorok apa dari kami kami bukan bodoh lagi.

It is not 100% about cronies. Whoever said otherwise I didn't say that!

90% of media that he used to control over-zealously?

What is it about calling Nik Aziz everyday have to do with my discussion in this entry?

Of course I appreciate what I got now. I was a UiTM all-Bumiputra student and how it changed my life.

Finish my masters? I already have a masters degree from last year and finishing another one this year. Not to sound arrogant but I just want to let you know how you shouldn't judge me simply because I was being critical towards TDM.

Jangan obses dengan manusia. Kelak nanti manusia itu menjadi nabi baru yang menghancurkan dunia. Semua orang buat salah.

Viknesh said...

Dear anonymous,

Echoing Jeg, there is no need for anonimity.

Just because someone benefited from the NEP, do you expect him to devote his unquestionable loyalty to a concept which he believes is flawed in terms of implementation.

"90% of what media says about him is wrong?"...perhaps that is true. Because having controlled the media, the authoritarian has managed to keep the public in the dark over his numerous short-comings; and very successfully too.

Just deal with decisions that are not popular? Are you advocating dictatorship in a form of communism or socialism? In a true democracy, the elected leader is obliged to make a decision based on popular vote. As the public, there is no reason to simply accept it without seeking clarifications.

"DO NOT say something you don't know?"... berapa lama lagi nak cakap gitu? dah serik dengar ahli politik kita cakap seolah-olah tahu semua. rakyat tidak lagi bebal cam dulu. skrang ni, kalau tak tahu, rakyat tanya! tapi saper berani nak jawab?

Jeg said...

Some thoughts about Pakatan Rakyat:

Tak perlulah terburu-buru nak buat government baru. Kalau concentrate on the 6 states won, gain people's confidence, I am sure in four years time the day will come.

Tapi kalau buat government melalui jumping ships, I really think it's immoral and the voters felt cheated. The voters are the rakyat.

And since Pakatan Rakyat mahukan keadilan dan professionalism, I guess jumping ships shouldn't be the way to form a new federal government. It may sound political, but anyone can prove me politics won't necessarily be DIRTY.

Viknesh said...

Susah juga jeg. Cause BN is planning to continue employ their reps in the respective states to ensure that they carry out national projects, instead of giving the funds to the state government.

I think 'jumping ships' is not the right thing either. so i guess its catch 22.

but politics will always be dirty, mate!

Jeg said...

u sounded so happy, chinese man. wait till i write about how sometimes i hate the malaysian chinese