Sunday, January 28, 2007

Things that you might not know about Jeg

1.Jeg once thought he was going to be the youngest child. He was enjoying every single moment of it (including getting prizes although he lost the drawing competitions). He finally realised that his time was up when the siblings celebrated the birth of the latest addition in the family, Alifah Nadia. While the rest were making a song for their new younger sibling, he sat on the stairs, sucking on 'botol susu', feeling very-very disappointed. He was four. 1987
2.Jeg loves drawing since he was 3. His favourite character was 'Ha-birm-birm Ha-birm-birm' which he used to draw on the blank first pages of encyclopedias. That character was indeed his own creation; a big headed troll, something that looks like the blue character in Vauxhall advert 'Come on!' 1985

3.Jeg is a fan of dinosaurs and other pre-historic animals and he used to force his dad to see Dinosaurs Alive shows which were held miles away from Taiping. 1993

4.Jeg used to have a dream of making a rap album and once depicted himself as Eminem; namely Eminay (M and A = Mohd Azrul). 1999.

5.Jeg first kissed a girl on her cheek when he was 5. That was a kiss-and-run incident on a girl who was a year older, when he was attending Tadika Perpaduan, Taiping. 1988

6.Jeg once favourite teacher was Ms Ling Ling who he once hoped to be married with, in an attempt to invite her to become a Muslimah. Jeg was only 6! 1988-1989.

7.Jeg was the crybaby of the house and was dubbed the Leleh by the family. He was also being bullied by his brothers for having a round belly and a big head, loved dancing and even put on his mom's lipstick. He also used to be wearing his elder sister's recycled swimsuit for swimming. Talk about saving some costs there. 1985-1992

8.Jeg's kindergarten sweetheart was Nurul Huda. It was a bit of rivalry in terms of study, drawing competitions and popularity contest i.e. who should take the main acting post, the lead singer. 1988-1989.
9.Jeg was ashamed to only completed 5 days of fasting when he was seven while his classmates had a full month. He even purposely left the tupperware full of mee goreng his mom provided for him. 1990.

10.While his mom was working only metres away from his house (JPJ Taiping), Patti and Minahchi were responsible of taking care of Jeg. "Minahchi used to turn the rice into golf-ball sized oblongs to make me finish the meal," he recalls. Oblongs.. haha!

11.Of all his friends, it was an Indian friend who wept when Jeg left King Edward (VII) (Satu), Taiping for St Francis, Melaka. 1993

12.Uncle Ah Gu used to send Jeg to sekolah agama in Assam Kumbang, Taiping. However, he was sent to school in the morning by his father but walked home everyday then. Uncle Ah Gu plate number was NB1071. 1990-1993

13.His greatest rival in King Edward was Faizal Omar, who was a son of a well-known doctor, who came out on TV reporting on the death toll of Highland Towers landslide. Dr. Said Ahmad was his name. 1990-1993

14.His rival in Sekolah Agama Assam Kumbang was Hafiz 'Kedai Mara'. He had this odd pronounciation on 'R' thus he was famously knowns as Hafiz Kedai Mavah. Hafiz asked for more marks one day and pipped me to the First Place in class. Disgusting. 1990

15.Jeg once stole Hafiz's credit card bearing his mother's name in a hope for revenge. Jeg even managed to take 50 cent from Hafiz's wallet to buy a nasik lemak sambal. Jeg regretted his mistakes and promised not to steal since. 1990

16.Ustaz Baharom once rubbed 'bunga tahi ayam' on Jeg's face, out of nowhere! Jeg was not angry but when he heard the Ustaz was working for his dad, he considered a revenge. But Jeg changed his mind. 1991

17.Jeg loved cycling and his first bike was BMX which was red in colour. Used to go racing with his two brothers. The scars on his elbows and knees are still visible.

18.Jeg was so alim when he was small, he even read Basmallah (In the name of Allah), everytime he put the food into his mouth. Every single time! 1990-1994

19.Jeg once had a kitten named Baggio, which was the smallest among other kittens. Jeg once thought Baggio as the kitten version of himself. Baggio died after choking on crab shells. Negligence!

20.Jeg was also an unsuccessful fish breeder. There was one time the whole fish in the tank were killed. Somebody forgot to put the chlorine. It wasn't his fault. He knew who did it. But chose not to disclose the culprit.

21.Jeg is considered lucky. His unborn sister had to be aborted due to complications. If she was to survive, Jeg would not be born because of the timing. (ask medic students for further queries). -according to Mama.
Hmm... the good old days... whatever happened to Jeg now?


AizatChe said...

Leleh!! lmao. that one cracked me up good

DoTc said...

U seems to have retained your size.

Jeg said...

I maybe small... but not everywhere...

Anonymous said...

heheh..cute entry..
wearing ur sis' swimingsuit??klakar....

haywiRe said...

tangkap leleh beb

$oh@ said...

hey Jegh! good stuff!

Jeg said...

Dunno u blog oso soha!

kayleisha said...

"If she was to survive, Jeg would not be born because of the timing."

You supposed to have your twin?
Is this what you mean?
If yes, that was very pitiful!~~ =(

I once through the same story as yours (Hafiz's dirty play #14)
I won drawing competition in 2nd place
The rival won grand prize (I know my eyes were watering that time as I really really wanted the 36 Luna pencil colors, which I hoped more great paintings and drawings will come)
As I turned my head, some friends whispered "alah...kakak die yg warnakan. memang la die yg dapat.."

Too bad, I didn't make the report..I just knew and I left.(This time I were 9)

What a sadness kan?
Mean ppl is just everywhere...

*dari yang kecik sampailah yang besar*