Monday, January 15, 2007

Chicken Cottage yap

Me and two other friends were having dinner at Chicken Cottage earlier this evening when again, we talked about politics. One, as suggested before, is still dreaming of a republic nation for our home country. "it's about efficiency," he stressed, being an economist.

However, revolunists who toppled down monarchy administrations, Iraq for example, did it in the bloodiest way. The British chose King Feisal Abdullah to be the big puppet of Iraq, to the displeasant of the Iraqis. But the people spared his life. He was not even an Iraqi for a start. His son, who replaced him, however, was not that lucky. He was shot and his body was mutilated.

Being a republic nation, after 3 other military back-to-back coup, brutal leader Saddam ceased control replacing his mentor and killed Kuwaitis, Persians and Kurdish citizens (and also lost the gulf war) who are also Muslims, shi'ites or not. Well, for me, he was a war criminal. So are Bush and Blair.

It also went the same where during French revolution, around 15th century. Mary Antoinette was among the dead. The Ottaman's empire in Istanbul saw their centuries old regime put to an end by Mustapha Kamal At-tartuk. An inspiring leader as he was thought, being courageous and westernly influenced, he kicked the bucket after he was diagnosed with an illness of an alcoholic.

Again, not a happy ending.

Statisticians believe the trend of history will be repeated. If our beloved nation was to be a republic, in my opinion, it will also end up in jeopardy. Kilings in the name of a race or something. I am not saying that it will all end up as I predicted. However, sudden changes in a nation will lead to disharmony.

Take Pak Lah's story for example. He is apparently a different leader from Tun M. And many Malays find it hard to absorb it. But really, what wrong has been done by Pak Lah? I haven't come across any, at the moment. Everything seems fine. Again I think because he is less controversial compared to the former. People love controversies. Just because of that Pak Lah is said as SLOW. Just because of that.

Not going out of the scope, back to the possibility of a republic nation. It may be achieved and it is preferable in the sense of cash flows. One friend told me about a story of her friend, who got married to an anak sedara of a former PM. She told me about how lucky her friend was. And the nephew doesn't even have an education. Born rich, in other words. He may be rich the minute he saw light on earth. But it is not something that he personally achieved. For me, deep in his heart, he is unhappy. Personally I'd rather work hard to become rich rather than beng blessed since I was born. Thus, I pity the monarchs family. Some of them I know took it amazingly. Never thought of the loaded piggy bank being of much security, they still went on to study in top universities. That's more like it.

Some however, got caught of feeling too secure. With money they buy lust and gamble. It is an illness of the rich people.

So, a republic nation. Can it be achieved? Hard way I must say. And I never prefer the hard way. Too many crimes are being committed worldwide lets just not spill anymore innocent blood. Things that we can improve in our country for example, is to eradicate racial hatred. Now, the question is, again, can it be achieved?

An Indian friend of mine's mother, can write in Jawi and also speaks Malay fluently. No, not that "Sebentar nanti, aku akan jumpa kamu" (translated: I will meet you later) kinda Malay. That's not even a language if you ask me. I remember her speaking to my mom in our chalet and recalling, it was a perfect kampung malay. How did she achieve it? I dunno you got to ask her. However, I assume she blends with the community very well. How could that be possible. Probably she went to a school which has different kind of races.

One school one nation. Sekolah satu aliran. This, will eradicate racism among youngsters. The three main races must sacrifice in this case. The Malays will allow other races into boarding schools (including MCKK, if you like). The Chinese must abolish SRJK (C) and the Indians, SRJK (T), where Tamil and Mandarin language are optional in PMR and SPM. Malay language, being the nation's first language and English, are both compulsory. I don't think it is too much to ask for.

There is one day, I was in the LRT, two Chinese boys entered the train. They spoke in Mandarin when suddenly they made fun of a Malay 'kakak' who was wearing tudung. I was like, WTF? This is further confirmed by a Chinese auntie who told me those racist boys were saying the kakak was a kolot malay just like all ustazahs. I could tell by the boys' body language. There was also a story of a Malay kid, injured in a motor accident being left to die in my hometown area simply because the neighbours thought he was chinese (did blog about it last year). Why is this happening in our country?

Lets just start with one school for the country. I dont see why is it a problem. The premier is also concentrating on 'modal insan' and I guess why not we put up one level assimilating all schools to one. In fact, this will nurture good values and social harmony among the citizens which always boast of a multiracial country. I guess why not start now?

But then again. Who am I? Who are we? Are they really listening to these three boys talking in Chicken Cottage somewhere Holborn, London?

Of course not. Because we are nobodies. Who still dream of a peaceful nation. Peaceful world.

We are nobodies. Not like those somebodies. At least not yet.


Camus said...

Funny thing, racism. It's not in the DNA. Our souls are raceless. Our creator is 'color blind.'

Yet, we tend to be myopic, and fail to see beyond our skin colors, underneath the surface, where it really matters.

Do pick up "The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle if you get the chance. A peaceful world starts with a peacful soul.

Jeg said...

InsyaAllah. Something to fill my few-day break. But reading books is uncommon for me.

Ce sont rares!