Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I'm starting to feel sorry...

Look at the score. Few days ago I was delighted to see Arsenal leading 2-0 at half time in an FA Cup match before sitting right in front of a fellow KYSer in Mawar with 7 other people. (Note: he is also an Arsenal fan like since when?). With the two of us barely make eye contact, I shrugged off the awkward moment by thinking Arsenal were gonna kill of the match in the second half.

It was a great outing by the way although I considered it to be a failure since Shu (isteri Lan Comey Roroi) had yet to meet female Londoners. Maybe they hate Mawar so much.

Anyway, I'm starting to feel sorry for Liverpool. Last night they were trashed 6-3. Baptista was sharp yesterday banging in 4 goals but I must say Aliadiere was the man of the match. He was very hardworking chasing the ball and his pace was a bonus to the team. That was the first time I saw him play that well.

Sorry Viks, Ope, Rye, Budu and maybe Wahab. "After all, you are the Kings of Comeback, aren't you (remember AC Milan, Luton Town, West Ham??)!!" -- quote ripped of from Ope's blog.

Not this time.

However, one thing worth mentioning is the way the Liverpool fans chanting for the team although being 5-1 down. I am not the kinda fan who support for British teams in Champs Lge simply because 'I've been in the UK for 3 years', but I must say, their fans were just tremendous!

Back to Mawar story, it was also the first time, the Ustaz-Damin-KYS-lookalike waiter annoyed me. I could feel my heart pounding and the blood boiling as if 'somebody are gonna get a hurt real bad' (thanks Russel). It went something like this:

"Order bang!"

"Ok nak makan apa? nak order minum dulu ke.."

"Tap water?"

"We talk about food first, water later..." (aihh td kata bleh order minum dulu.. takpa sabar2 dulu"

Then order lah food. Mee goreng. Kuew Tiaw goreng. Nasi goreng special...

"Ok.. minum?"

"Tap Water!" biasa ah aku, nak save duit lah konon. Suddenly...

"We talk about tap water later... other drinks first..." dengan muka annoying rambut afro nya. I was like WTF?? Boiling.... boiling... aku time tu nak je order Boiling Water!

Note: sblom ni aku rasa OK je Mawar. Not this time.

Aku dah pandang2 dah Soha, Lan, Waq, Ihab and Smq. Dia ingat kitorg ni hape budak2?

What I did after that, dok perli2 dia je ah belakang2. Kutuk dia depan Soha semua. Takkan nak buat scene kot...

Tapi takpe... Sib baik ada band. Aku sempat borak2 ngn percussionist tu. AKu kasik dia thumbs up ah. He said, "datang lah lagi..." very politely. Something the opposite from Ustaz Damin Wannabe.

Yes, I will 'datang lagi'. But I dont think I can hold myself like I did next time kalo waiterboy tu buat lg.

"Tau ah dah kerja..."


cik fer said...

i pun tak suka waiter ust damin tu. dia gatal! wekk!

shu-lan said...

sjak ri tu pun shu x ske waiter tu, rasanya obvious kot shu tarik muka kat dia... n then ada sorang lagi waitress garang, sabo je la... macam2, slagi nama restoran melayu :( kang?

Jeg said...

moh kita reramai gi serang staff Mawar and take their jobs...!!

Zaid said...

Tau aa dah femes. Melayu veteran london ramai kerek seh esp Msia hall. Anti tul aku ngn msia hall. tapi kang kalau neasden halau aku, mane aku nak tido. hehe

jeg said...

Kata neasden hotel and tours.. mana ada halau

DoTc said...

hari tu aku gi makan kat mawar, the garang waitress flirt ngan aku.haha. siap siap gelak gelak tap shoulder lagi.haha.

shu-lan said...

iyee, dug tercemar dgn mawarians.