Monday, January 15, 2007

Term 1 Summary

Had a disastrous start thinking I had to take Economics and Probability again. Went AWOL for most of the classes. Lepak rumah tgk Spongebob. However didn't take the risk by not completing any coursework. Got full mark for Economics and 90% for Probability.

Didn't do that well for coursework in CT1 Financial Mathematics. Average of 50%,

Attended 80% of CT2 (Finance and Financial Reporting) and CT8 (Financial Economics) classes.

Finally got the result for exemptions, it was like 2 weeks before 15 Jan 2007. Exempted from CT3 and CT7. Thought it was a gamble which paid off. Before that, had a great time with friends in Istanbul, Bristol and London.

1 week to CT1, went through the Coursework 1 and 2 of subject CT1 and also past exam papers from 2002 to 2006. Think I did an average of 2 hour per day of studying.

Took the exam this morning. Thank God it went OK. Didn't think I blew it. Problem is, the coursework marks for CT1 is relatively low, not like CT3 and CT7. A punishment for skiving?

Result in 5 days time.

Term 2 starts next Monday. Paid the fee for 5 grand. Now I start to realise I should not make me dad's money go down the drain just like that.

Still waiting for Puan Rukiah, the new PNB mentor for scholars, for the reply for my appeal (sent recommendation letter from the Deputy Dean, Steve Haberman, Fellow of IOA)

Think I did my best to commit my future with PNB.

"In football, we never know what is going to happen." Jose Mourinho on his future with Chelsea.

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