Thursday, February 01, 2007

MSc Act Finance & Merc: Latest Price (M)

Imperial College: Tanaka Business School is providing an MSc Actuarial Finance programme! The course will include CT2, CT7, CT8, CA1, CA3 and all ST subjects for exemptions provided the students achieved satisfactory results and complete the Masters programme.

This could be a huge advantage for students who missed out on CT2 and CT7 especially students from LSE because of the notoriously strict marking on both subjects from the school.

Will PNB send its scholars there since Imperial College is listed in the only six-unis approved by them? Nahh...

Why? Because it's a 2-year PART-TIME programme. Unless Tanaka provides the full-time programme this year and of course, if there'd be a corporate revamp in the HR. (Still waiting for their reply on my ultimate appeal, though).

However, it is highly recommended to students who are/will be working in the UK. It could be the fastest route to qualification.

Well, actually it's not.

The fastest route is still available in Cass Business School. In two year double Masters programme (full-time), you could obtain all CT courses (8), CA1 and all STs eventhough you are a medical student. (Just ask LJ). What's left are only CT9 (business awareness seminar), CA2, CA3 and SA Project. However, part time programmes will end up finishing in 6 years max.

Either way, of course it's still bloody hard to qualify.

So, it's your choice. Remember, you don't need CFA when you are a qualified actuary. (Any objections?)

P/S: apsal aku semangat sangat ni? Macam lah aku dah qualify.... sigh!

Meanwhile, Cycle Carriage (M) is reducing its price on Mercs again! The ultimate highlight was the introduction of S-Class (CKD) edition. Have a look on the prices. Note that the figure on the right is the new price:

The pioneers of S-Class L-V221 owners must be fuming!! Look at the difference of CBU and CKD new prices for that product line. A whopping RM75,000 and RM RM150,000 for S 350 (SE) and S350 (SEL) respectively. You can buy a house with that kinda difference (excluding Klang Valley area lah). There is also a huge reduction on the price of CLSs with CLS 55AMG with almost a hundred grand. Thanks Paul!

In case you are from Mars, you should know that the S-Class I'm talking about looks like this:

P/S: apsal aku semangat sangat ni? Macam lah aku mampu beli Merc.... sigh!

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