Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hello hello Hell...?

I wonder who came out with the idea to greet people with the word, "Hello!". Hello! Hello! Hell to yo!! It was like.. "ilaa jahannam" (Go to hell) being said by one executioner to Saddam before he fell to the trap.

Apa yang ko merepek ni labu?

Anyway, it was a great aidil-adha and new year. Thanks to the people who made it great you know who you are. Ayam padprik... slurrrrrppp!

It's 6 days to Financial Mathematics CT1. I'm still skiving and even had this imagination of going for ski somewhere up North where snow is still thick. Not like in London. We haven't had any. We had it about 20 years ago! Global warming?

Oh jap. I've got something to share with u guys. I didn't exepect it myself. Click on the link below:


and look at the ranking from FT to make sure this article's true. Cass is 2nd in the UK? 6th in Europe? Better business school than Cambridge, Oxford, LSE, Warwick, Imperial and UCL (the 6 UK unis approved by PNB)

Stumbling upon this story, I used it to convince PNB to reconsider sponsoring me (Again!). Quite the opposite of some people thought. It's like committing my future with PNB (if I got sponsored of course). The increase of the length of the contract up to 9 years (2 yrs in UK, 5 years in Msia) and RM390,000 worth of buy-out contract.

So, we will see how the appeal goes.

Then, we'll talk.

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