Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tas and white wine (not included)


Baru balik dari makan2 di Tas restaurant. I ordered Seafood and rice excluding the white wine (it's in the menu). It was fun. Met two new friends. One doing actuary, one doing law. Both are cool chinese. Fei (Mau) was a bloody joker. Jeff (bf Yoi) the cool guy.

I think I'll let Waq blog about it and upload some pics of the night. Ok fine I'll upload one.

Look at Waq's fake smile... hahaha! But we really had fun.

Oh before I go layan Sky (after a failed all-guy weekend tgk wayang Apocalypto and Poker Night), my review for mawar was approved. Haha. Quite funny actually when I read what I wrote.

Here's the link:

Alritey mates.

Have a great weekend. p/s: Chelsea were beaten!! Tomorrow's the Devil's turn.

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