Monday, January 22, 2007

A new beginning

Arsenal snatched away the points from The Devils wearing Prada with 7 minutes to go. Hopefuly that will mark a new beginning for the Gunners. And me.

Just got back from school. Found it quite a day. Finished class at 4.50p.m. The latest I got home ever. Promised myself not to miss a class. And spend one or two hours per day of studying.

Writing blog at the moment while watching hot music videos on Sky. Look at em. Enjoying their work, wearing bling2. Wish I could atleast get Snoop Dogg or Em's number. Not to make an album silly. Atleast I could manage their assets.

Speaking of assets. Heard Beyonce's in town. Beyonce and Mariah Carrey are so my cup of tea. Dream on Jeg.

Oh James came by to say hello. He just got back from a holiday. Me think he is in a jovial mood. He even handed me 20 bucks after finding out my request for a study table still pending. Nice choice of word. Pending.

Maybe James is getting married. (or got married).

I even asked him, "You sure about this, man?"

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