Thursday, March 01, 2007

Same old Arsenal, always losing

Arsenal didn't take the chances in the whole 180 minutes against Blackburn in the same competition but their opponents showed how it was done with Benny McCarthy scored with a breathtaking strike. It was the South African's 16th goal of the season that doomed Arsenal to their 3rd defeat on the trot.

Arsenal fairly conquered the game but with an American hero on the Rovers' side, they have now only the Champions League for a sole silverware, which is beyond reach as they were beaten 1-0 at Eindoven. Brad Friedel made a couple of world class saves to deny Baptista proving his worthy for the Gunners.

In a related matter, I am still puzzled by the FA's decision to withstand their decision on Adebayor's dismissal in Carling Cup final against Chelsea last Sunday. I believe it was Emmanuel Eboue's soft karate chop that left Wayne Bridge on the ground. Even Frank Lampard denied being punched by the giant Togolese striker, as reported by the linesman.

I think this is why the England referees suck big time! Remember Graham Poll in the world cup last year? Serve him right he was banned in international games. Referees in England are overprotected. They are not allowed to be investigated of their performances and thus will never change their style of umpiring. I am damn sure they never view the post game videos. They'll just end up pigging it on pizzas at the end of the day.

Things I learned from this story.

1.Chelsea people are not bad people afterall (Frank Lampard being frank)
2.Arsenal looks doomed to a trophyless season again.
3.Stop playing fancy football. We want to play good football yileding good results.
4.Just because Adebayor's black, it's not hard to differentiate between the leggy one and the baldy one.
5.Football officials tarnish the good game in England. You stink!
6.This is a test of loyalty. And yes, I'm still with Arsenal.

We love you Arsenal, We Love!

Robin and Titi, both currently injured

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