Saturday, March 10, 2007

Laser Tag

Went playing laser tag with my classmates somewhere in Archway. Was really fun. Finally I managed to burn some calories in order to be playing quite handsomely in the Warwick Games next week.

Yes, I'm going to the Warwick Games. It will be my first time participating in a Malaysian game. I doubt I will be playing at my best.

My score for the laser tag was not that bad. Ranked 4th in the winning team, pipped by Michael Ramyar (Arnie), Simos Charalambous (Cyproit Cop) and Adrian Kam (Skillful Compatriot).

We won 1716 points to 4. Go Red Team!

Anyway here are some pics taken by Yasmine Toussaint during the laser quest:

Before the game

One for the family

The winning team

Funny encounters:

1.Priscilla hitting me with her gun to prevent me destroying their base.

2.Me trying to speak Malay with an Indonesian classmate named Ratih. Honestly have never spoken to her before. Surprisingly she didn't understand what I said. "Pergi minum ke lepas ni?" I asked. "What??" she answered. (Me: Blushing, then rephrasing my question to a more understandable one "Are we going for a drink?")

3.Actuarial Science students kicking some butts. Aren't we supposed to be nerds?

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Anonymous said...

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