Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hello Hippo Pizza?

Last night I was crowned as Poker King after an all-in move against poker arch-rival Samsiah... I mean Samsul. He and Fit were celebrating their last day of school in LSE although they still have dissertations to complete. It was a very hungry poker night after my suggestion of ordering Hippo Pizzas at 11.30 was shunned like the Mat Cemerlang project. Grand! At 1.20a.m Fit and Za'ba were trying vainly to call the famous Willesden Halal Pizza outlet.

I watched the movie '300' after downloading it in about 6 hours and I think it was pretty cool. It was an epic tale about 300 Spartan Army who went against mighty Persians but I thought they were gonna win the war. 300 reminds me of Kratos from the God of War PS2 game. Felt terrible downloading free torrents but who cares, they are making millions out of the movie although after watching the making of God of War moved me a wee bit not to support pirated products. Their effort was amazing!

Was shocked to hear a rumour about the killing of Altantunya Shaaribu. Although I had to rule out that story as senseless and politically motivated, I can understand why this sort of story came out since the supossed mastermind behind the killing is seen as a very powerful woman. But I had to pass. Complete, utterly fictional. But I am really sorry for her family. How can one so beautiful lady was brutally murdered with an explosive device planted on her dead body, each on the head, abdomen and the legs?

So much for 'no to capital punishment' eh? This is what happened when you are being lenient.

Will be going to play for the KMYS Almunia in Warwick Games tomorrow morning. Expecting some bloody combat among spirited Malaysians. Come on guys, it's just Warwick Games. Not some world cup do or die event or something. Lets get on with it!

I, surely will just wanna haf fun on and off the pitch. Although Sang Pipit Merah wudnt be around, I heard Sarah Tancredi is coming to town? ... probably only gorillas from maikakis would be cheering for us! Wait, will there be enough players for the team?

"Kalah takpa.. jangan sayur dah..."

Anyway, hope you guys have a great weekend.

King Kong

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