Friday, March 02, 2007

I dunno but....

... this is like the best Ad ever.

And was that not Emmanuel Eboue? (the one in red, Howard Webb would agree with me). The ad was screened when I was only 1 year old somewhere in Cote d'Ivoire (pronounced Kot divuarkh not Chotey Di Iviorey). I first stumbled upon this ad in KMYS and I still laugh at it everytime I watch it! And yeah, it was French they were speaking! Have a look:

Sing along with me!

Bzzzzzzzz !
Ne tuez plus les moustiques avec des claques sur vos joues (AYE),
des claques sur vos cuisses (OUILLE OUILLE OUILLE),
des claques sur vos bras (AYE).


Super timor est encore plus fort avec sa nouvelle formule “Super Timor”
Le temps de sentir l’odeur Super Timor, les insectes son déjà mort “Super Timor”.
Super Timor avec sa nouvelle formule, Vraiment vraiment plus fort.

Super timor, le Numero un


don’t kill mosquitoes with slaps on your cheeks, slaps on your thigh, slaps on your arms
Super Timor is here!
Super Timor is even stronger, with its new formula (Super Timor)
When they smell the odor of Super Timor, the insects are already dead (Super Timor)
Super Timor, with its new formula. Really, really stronger!
Super Timor, Super Timor!
Number one!


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