Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Starting salary?

I and Priscilla were trying to look at the bright side of our lives overwhelmed with courseworks when we were chatting on yahoo messenger. Our discussion was about our starting pay when/if we go back to Malaysia this year.

I suggested the industry salary should be around 2300 + 300 + 8*150 = RM3800 minimum, provided we got all 8 exemptions from the CT courses with extra RM300 by completing the MSc. However, I reckon it could be higher if ING, Manulife, Prudential, MCIS Zurich were to employ us, which is not the case for PNB-bonded me. It could go up to 2500 + 500 + 8*200 = RM4600 plus 4 to 13-month bonuses per year, offered by those multinational companies. However, these figures are simply my assumptions based on the current market. I might be wrong altogether though!

RM4600 per month sounds great. With night lecturing in UiTM would earn me another extra RM1000 per month minimum. The current trust fund should yield another RM1900 which accumulates to the total figure of RM7500 per month. This however, may be exagerrated.

I reminded Priscilla that the first few years of our career is about career development. Thus, getting employed by a company which supports actuarial education should be the priority instead of the money. However, she briefed me that she needs a good starting pay to cover for the 'loss' after spending 'some' money studying here at Cass.

Well, not many people are lucky enough to get scholarships to study in the UK.



Ozzy said...

yeah rite... no way u would get so much right away... even after 4 years of experience and passes/exemps for 7 CT subjects, my pre-tax salary isnt even close to RM4K

Jeg said...

Note: the figure was taken from friends working in HSBC Takaful and Prudential Malaysia. And like I said, I may be wrong afterall. If they were bluffing, so I was duped then. But who cares?

Jeg said...

I have a bond with PNB whatsoever.