Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Shocking video

At first, I didn't consider it was a big issue when it was first reported in the local newspapers. However, while browsing a favourite website today, I was shocked to see how severe Muhammad (PBUH)'s wife Saidatina Khadijah was illy potrayed. Here's the clip:

It's true she spologised for what she said. I am not blowing things out of proportion or opening old wounds here but I was completely disgusted by her choice of words. "Dah nak mampus ke tidak tu?". That's not the way you talk about my prophet's wife. I don't care if you are a BLONDIE wannabe with the bling bling but I really think you need to think everytime you open your mouth, missy. I don't actually care about your petty love relationship with a young man but please, have a reality check! You are an awful lot rubbish compared to Siti Khatijah.

It was funny the way she pronounced 'Siti Khadijah' with absolute 'makhraj' as if she was the Millenium Ustazah. Clearly she is using Muhammad (PBUH)'s story to justify things. From deductions I made from the video, I really think she was so heated up when the question about her relationship with an awful lot younger man was thrown at her.

I don't hafta spell it out for you guys but... I'm writing this entry to protect the sovereignity of Islam. What she said was wrong. But she apologised and while accepting it, we should improvise this kind of cheap talk shows. i.e. open ended but with less crap.

I would be surprised if anyone came to her defence. i.e. the choice of words were right. Just like how amazed I was with the way people perceive homosexuality nowadays.

What is wrong is wrong. If I did anything wrong myself, I would admit it like a man.

Just like the artiste said, "Saya tak takut!"

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