Sunday, March 04, 2007

Atleast I'm protecting my religion (18PA)

I was procrastinating again today. I am supposed to be studying for tomorrow's class test CT5 Contingencies. 'Sepatutly' (Supposedly -- thanks Lan Balok), I shoud've finished Chapter 6 by this time.

However I did put my time to some good use. I checked on the history of Ali bin Abi Talib. And some of the Shi'ah's views on him. I didn't know that there were no sons of Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him -- PBUH) that reached adulthood until today. I learned how Muhammad (PBUH) wept at the death of his 11, some said 16-month-old son Ibrahim. (So it's OK to cry on your loved ones' death, but not histerically). I also read how we Muslims were seperated into two, the Shi'ahs and the Sunnis.

Each is accusing each other as apostates. As we can see, the bombings in Iraq has not stopped and the death toll of Muslims is rising day by day. Days ago, some Sunnis were killed for negotiating with Shi'ahs (presumable in a peace talk). Women, children and Christians in church were killed, although Muhammad clearly said it's wrong to commit such things. The Americans' interference doesn't help at all while making things worse.

When will there be peace?

To start with, the battle of Sunnis and Shi'ahs is basically political! Nothing but political! For about a thousand of years, we fight each other because of one political issue. Who should be the Caliph (Khalifah) after Muhammad's death? The Syura system saw Abu Bakar As-Siddiq pipped Ali bin Abi Talib to being his successor. Ali had no qualms about it. Although Shi'ah suggested that Muhammad has urged Ali to be his replacement as a leader (not a prophet) after his death. Ali had no qualms about Abu Bakr being the newly elected leader.

If Ali wasn't angry at all, why should we kill each other?

Only after Ali was elected as the Caliph, that lead to his killing, the muslim community was divided. The murder of Ali's son, Saidina Husayn (Muhammad's grandson) started the whole war between us and only fools will believe we fight because of Islam's sovereignity. This is nothing but POLITICS! And thousands were killed because of politics. I condemn this whole story as an act against the law of Islam. I curse the day we were torn apart until today.

We (the Shi'ahs and Sunnis) are not so different after all. I know there are misleading in some teachings of Shi'ah but we also have it in Sunni. Like 'ajaran Kahar' in Malaysia. Al-maunah. Al-Qaeda. Ayah Pin. These teachings are blasphemous. They used the Quran and treat it literally to kill people, to get recognition. To be famous! We share the same God, Allah. And we both beileve the last prophet was Muhammad. Shi'ah only sees Ali as a Caliph. That's all. Although I heard a myth accusing Shi'ah looking up at Ali as the real prophet, as Djibril made a mistake, this story is disputable, with no valid grounds. The Shi'ah people went to 'pligrimage' somewhere in Iraq to pay a visit to Saidina Ali and Saidina Husayn's tomb. It's 'ziarah', not pilgrimage! But hey, thanks to those Sunni killers at that time The Shi'ah people practise this since. Now you are bombing them for what you've done?

Islam is a religion of peace. What does 'Assalaamualaikum' means? It means, "Let peace be upon you!". No, I don't believe 'Assalamualaikum' only meant for Muslim brothers. Maybe those scholars preaching hatred suggested this long-long time ago. I believe the greet is for all.

Some misconceptions in Islam shoud be eradicate once and for all. A friend of mine thought the terrorists are religious people. "Don't tell me they are not religious people." he said, repeating it a second time. I was stunned when he said that. Quite angry to be honest. I just want to make it clear that Osama bin Laden killed innocent people. His so called 'fatwa' to kill all Americans is crap. He is not even an 'ulama' (the knowledgeable one) to come out with a single fatwa. He is a killer. And we see him as a killer using the teachings of Islam for his personal gain. Just like George Bush using the Bible to declare a 'crusade' against Muslims while he is actually interested with the oil in Iraq.

The killings of civilians are deemed to be 'a sacrifice', as stated by a father of a London suicide bomber two years ago. Who taught you this nonsense? A sacrifice? The victims never volunteered themselves to be killed. And then you used the Quran to justify your acts. Cartoons depicting my prophet Muhammad as a terrorist soon made its appearance in Denmark, then France, later throughout the world via internet. He was never a terrorist. He only directed his followers to go for war to protect the country and Islam. And no, we didn't invaded Mecca. The Quraisy people simply surrendered. We came only to perform pilgrimage. We were in white clothings, unarmed.

Nabi Muhammad proved that we can live together with all the differences. When he moved into Medina, Jews were not killed or discriminated. Hudaibiyah Treaty only rejected the Jews' practice of Riba', because it is discriminating the poor people at that time. Meanwhile, people were free to practice their religions and welcomed to join Islam. We didn't force anyone to convert to Islam. All was done voluntarily.

Salehudin also proved that we can live together in peace during his reign in Jerusalem. And before that, Christians and Muslims lived happily together.

Why can't we live in peace now? Answer: Greed. And selfishness. And the excitement of killing. They go to war not because of protecting their religions. They do it for themselves.

I am so saddened by the never ending bombings in Iraq. Imagine an old Muslim woman walking towards the market, with a basket in her hand. To get some food for her grand daughters. Who lost their parents only yesterday. She was struck by a sharpnel in a blast that claimed a record high 45 lives. What has she done wrong? Nothing! But still she was killed.

"Do not kill the children, the women, and those who are in praying buildings. Do not kill those who surrender. The captives, made them into teachers to educate our children" - adapted, words of Muhammad (PBUH).

But still the terrorists said its OK to kill the civilians. By saying this, you still believe they are religious?

I will pick some expressions from my friends to give examples of misconceptions in Islam. Some even boldly said that they are Kaffirs, jokingly. So we should hate or discriminate them. Some said I shouldn't support Arsenal because the BOD are all Jews. The muslims, Christians and Jews are said to be enemies, some idiots see that way.

This is entirely wrong. We Muslims consider many types of Kaffirs (Non-muslims). Kaffir Zimmi and Kafir Harbi for instance. Zimmi means 'protected people' and it was the once powerful Muslim government's responsiblity to protect them. From my understanding, only kaffir harbi is seen as enemies, because they oppose us militarily or trying to wipe Islam off the world. So, it is wrong to conclude that Muslims should not associate with all non-muslims. And the Jews. Why should we have problems with the Jews? The term Jews in Quraan is referring to the Jews (Yahouds) who went against Islam at that time. It is also referring to the Jews who went against Moses during his time. In fact, we Muslims also believe in Isa (Alaihissalaam) a.k.a. Yehoshua or Jesus as a prophet, who was a Jew. Nabi Musa (Moses) was also a Jew and Muslims also believe in Moses as a prophet. I remember when I was told to hate Jews when I was a kid. Is he telling me to hate the race of Nabi Isa and Nabi Musa? I was only 8 but still I could think better than him.

About me supporting Arsenal, atleast the Club is showing the world that a Jewish company (Arsenal FC) and a Muslim company (Fly Emirates) can work together as a team. Although the performance of the team is a bit sluggish this season, atleast we hold annual friendly matches between Israeli and Palestine school children. Arsenal has proven that they support peace on earth. Not war.

In another matter, Jack Straw caused a stir when he came out with a statement undergrading Muslimah in veils. The question of veils and scarves made compulsory for muslimah (Muslim women) will be discussed here, although quite briefly. A friend thought 'why are the women being punished to wear tudung instead of the men'? Firstly, we don't punish the women. I really think this is just the westerners' propaganda. The muslim women voluntarily wear the hijjab, or scarves to cover their heads. Because we are trying to protect the women from criminals notably rapists for example. But it's the women choice, they are not forced! Or punished.

About the veil, it's not stated in Quraan to cover the face. However, the Arab scholars made a research on the human body in relations with the face, hundred of years ago. This is called Ilmu Mantik. They found out that, there is a direct relation between the nose and the size of a part of a human body for instance. Note that this was conducted many-many years ago. So I see it as a tradition. The thing is, is it wrong to wear a veil? No. It may not be useful when communicating. But in my opinion, the veil is not wajib (compulsory). But if we have no problems with you westerners wearing wonderbras or spaghetti strips or running naked on the streets, why would you want to comment on the Muslim women wearing veils? What happened to your freedom of lifestyle or human rights? We have the right to wear whatever they want, like you suggested.

Being a Muslim and a Malaysian, I know I must protect my religion and my nation. I dare not say this and that which is against the teaching of Quraan and Hadiths. No, I'm not a qualified scholar to talk about Islamic values. Why should I be when I have the Quraan? And Muhammad once said anyone can give an opinion. If the advice is true, although from a criminal, we have to acknowledge it. When will I ever see professionals conducting Khutbah Jumaat, a doctor for instance, talking about the wonders of Quraan in relation to scientific discoveries, to make the khutbah more interesting? (thanks to a friend who gave this brilliant idea). I said why not?

What are you if you are a muslim but concede defeat to the westerners' new ideologies? Which is completely against the teaching of Islam? Where is your dignity? What are you if you ar an MP but took bribes to free some Ah-longs? What are you if you let the US Army control the Strait of Malacca after accepting fortunes and blondies? What are you if you don't protect the country's sovereignity?

Atleast I'm protecting my religion and will always protect the country's sovereignity.

Quote me of this blog if I do the opposite in the future. Quote me a thousand times if you like.

Because it's not gonna happen.



ahong said...

Atleast I'm protecting my religion (18PA)

I think the word 'AtLeast' is most interesting and revealing here.
Whats are we doing at most?

Jeg said...

The word 'atleast' was chosen simply because with people thinking I've done nothing to change (just yapping - quote from a friend), as long as I have some sorta awareness about this matter would be adequate at the moment as a solid platform to the 'at most'.

There's always a start hong, rather than doing nothing.

ahong said...

again, the word 'some sort' and 'adequate' do give out a lot of information.
A start is not really as definitive as we would like to think. Or 'the end' either. Sometimes it has already begun, or ended regardless of what we know or think.
Anyways maybe more thought into 'doing nothing', that might be just be the right choice.
I made that up thinking about the boardgame 'RISK'. There is more to doing nothing than always doing something i think.

Jeg said...

what's ur point ahong? u want sushi is it?

Viknesh Jayapalen said...

I don't quite get what are you trying to say ahong! anyway kudos jeghui for acknowledging that Muslims should and can work together with non-Muslims.

I have encountered many Muslims who have developed anti-Western sentiments, or anti-Jew sentiments. But i agree with you, that sometimes it is best to lean back and acknowledge that the fault sometimes lies within both parties.

you have every right to defend you religion, and you are right to correct the misconceptions that people have about Islam. and it is refreshing that you approach this with rationale, and recognizing that you're no learned Islamic scholar, but the fact that it does not stop you from upholding your religion.

I always believe that religion is between 1 man and God Himself. You are as close to God Himself, as an other learned Islamic scholar. And as long as you have your sacred texts to guide you, you have every right to practice your religion the way you interpret it to be.

Zakaria said...