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Kawanster blog archive: 2004-9-21 @ 10:58 "i've said it many times..."

never in my life that i've promoted racism but when one day, a
christian friend of mine asked me why was is it anti-Semitism propaganda in the
Qur-aan?i haf no idea.... i was stunned and couldn't answeruntil last week when
i've got an invaluable info from Ustaz NazirAnd I believe there are not many
muslims realize this...

during a Ramadhan usrah in KMYS i even asked the head of the group why does
Islam consider the Jews cant be trusted? He simply said the Quraan refers to
Sharon and the bad Jewish people, which i found an answer a bit unsatisfactory
although acceptable.

When Moses went for hijrah with his followers, the Pharoah and his soldiers were
killed.. the group of people who followed Moses were the Jews...the Jews, were
slaves during Pharoah's Egyptian empire... they were not allowed to have male
babies; be killed by grounding to death... then came Moses who protected

Then Moses left Egypt with the Jews.. to a place called 'Teh'...
Al-Muqaddosah... which now renamed as Israel-Palestine... and to be precise,
Baitul-Muqaddis...Then the group felt tired... and called Moses, "If
you are really a prophet, make your God give us food... from the sky!"With his
Mu'jizah, Moses asked Allah for their food and shelter and then came down the
food right from the sky. They ate the food with much enthusiasm... they were so
very hungry.

However, when Moses called them to devote themselves to Islam... to Allah.. they were stubborn... they were blinded by the free flowing food... and Moses called
them again to go for da'watul Islamiah (preach for Allah) at a rocky mountain filled with people... again they said no..but Moses kept on going to the hills, as told by God... followed by a loyal group of followers. When they returned weeks later, they found the ignorants and infidels dead... All of them... they were killed by a
disaster/disease sent by God Himself... the land of Teh was toppled upside down into the ground and the deadbodies were seen beneath the earth...

According to Quraan, those people killed are called Yahuods or Jews... and whatever that is stated in the Quraan is actually referring to the ignorants during Moses
days, NOT referring to the nowadays Jews. Jews nowadays are actually came from the family of the Jews who followed Moses to the hills... who were loyal, religious
Muslims during Moses days... since the other group of Jews were all
perished. However when Jesus (Isaa ibnu Maryam) came to save the world, the Jews ignored him and only accepted Moses' teachings (Judaism).

Then came Muhammad... again the Jews ignored the prophet ... they were so into Moses (ta'suub) that they couldn't see themselves having another prophet after
him. During the war between Christians and Muslims (i dunno what they call it in English but Im referring to Perang Salib), the Jews were slaughtered like chickens...
that is a fact... who came to rescue them? The Muslims.. we were the stronger side
to help protect the Jews... But somehow everything contradicts nowadays.

So why can't we live happily with the Jews again? We are borthers. We believe in Moses the prophet. The war in Israel-Palestine must be stopped no matter what... I must admit I have no favour with Bush a.k.a the biggest terrorist.. and even Sharon one day has said he wanted peace to the dismay of his cabinet... The US might have their hidden propaganda

Not ALL Jews are bad people... pls bear in mind that.. somehow i sense that most Muslims hate ALL Jews that much but actually not ALL of them need to be fought against...Of course there are some who tried to wipe Islam off the world. But come on we are not racists... we are the people who received the easiest the most valuable knowledge that is the Quraan.

Do u know dat even a group of Israelis protested against the war and the Sharon's admin... some didnt know dat! They assume all Jews are bad people.Come on.. we must live in peace... for world peace we must stop all wars.. criminalise wars. we must cure the central of the problem... terrorists bred because of this core of problem.

A point to ponder : why are so many groups of people find US so annoying? The economic oppression? The beaky nosy government? hmm dat's all... but if u guys have any idea or whatsoever, or want to correct me if i'm wrong.. pls do.. dat way I can open up my horizon to new ideas and i appreciate that.


Adapted from Kawanster blog archive: 2004-9-21 @ 10:58 "i've said it many times..." - written by Jeg van Hooij

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