Saturday, May 27, 2006

UPEN's Nite

I received a call from Abang Tapa and he asked me if I wanted to go to a dinner. I asked him "Dinner apo nih?" feeling dizzy because of oversleeping. "Dinner macam dulu-dulu, dekat Holiday Villa," he added. "Ohh yang dekat Shah Alam tu ke?" I asked, obviously in the middle of blur-ness (ada ke perkataan ni?).

"Mana pulak. Dekat Subang. SJMC tu."

And so I agreed to go to this dinner that I not know of. Probably Abah arranged this. So I conveyed the messages to Nadia, Mama and Boy and booked for 4 seats.

I went upstairs to check if they were already set to go. Amazingly Boy put up a white compang camping T-Shirt as if he was not going. So I assumed he wasn't coming when suddenly he said he was ready to go. What the hell? Hang ingat nak pi Lau Wan ka? Lau Wan is a famous Kuew Tiaw kerang stall in Kelana Jaya by the way.

Then I repeatedly said, "Pakai elok-elok. Pakai elok-elok. Pakai elok-elok..."

So Nadia and Mama did wear decently. Finally Boy also got into a more 'majestic' TShirt, fortunately. And we reached the hotel at about 8.30p.m. Biasa ah. Janji melayu 30 minutes late. By the time we were about to enter the Vintage Ballroom, suddenly we heard the sound of kompang as if we were welcomed. Haha. Tetiba terasa bangga... but actually the VIP (Timbalan Setiausaha Kerajaan) had just arrived. So we quickly went to our seats labelled 36. Nombor Kudin tu.

Lah dinner UPEN ke? Last time I went they invited the Platters from America. The dinner was actually organised by the state government, UPEN to be precise. UPEN stands for Unit Perancang Ekonomi Negeri. So those people who were present were the VIPs from the state Selangor and the companies who are on contract or hopeful to get a contract from this state department. I guess lah.

Met Abg Tapa, Fahmi and Kak Jaja at the table. Jalil Hamid was the MC with Mek Siti. I think they really did a great job. Spontaneously. I gotta admit it is quite hard to make me laugh but i did laughed many times with their jokes. As long as it is not dirty jokes. Ceycey.

The food was OK. But bantai je ah. "I am here for the food and the girls!" I proudly said when I first arrived at my seat. But then there was more to come.

After a few uknowns who performed quite well on the stage, suddenly out of nowhere Datuk M Daud Kilau appeared. Haha. He was a great entertainer. At 67 years old of age, he seemed so strong to me. There was a few songs that I heard from TV. One I can say is the song Mazlan Pet2 sang from one slot Senario. "Banyak orang kaki judi... lalala.... judi sampai mati.." and the chorus part was damn funnee.

"SATU RINGGIT..... DUA ringgiittt... Tiga ringgitt.... AAMMPAAAATTTT RINGGITTT!!" suddenly Datuk sang with the highest tone. I laughed like hell.

Then came Misha Omar. WOW! She looked a lot prettier LIVE rather than on T.V. "Make-up, lighting.." I said to myself in order to control myself. You guys know lah how I get uncontrollable when I see beautiful girls. Hahaha. Nah, just kidding.

Misha Omar really knows her job pretty well. She knows how to interact with the audience. She was very friendly and sporting last night. While singing, she could even take pictures with the audience. Not only that, she smiled so brightly and hugged her fans as she was singing! No she wasn't miming.

The last part came when Jalil Hamid himself sang the famous Ayam song. I gotta admit I was his Kipas Susah Mati (Die Hard Fan) when I was younger. I mean that makes the whole siblings coz we had Jalil Hamid's cassettes including the Hari Raya record. Everytime balik raya, surely we would listen to his songs. Everytime. But the cassettes are nowehere to be seen now.

We headed home at about 12.30p.m. Sorry Shuen, betray William. Family first.

Imagine Boy went to that glamourous dinner with his ingat-habis-humble-lah-tu T Shirt. It would be one unforgettable moment. Hahaha!

Ayam, bermacam ayam,
Ada ayam kampung ayam hutan ayam siam ayam belanda
Macam-macam, perihal ayam..

blalala.. aku tak ingat dah.. haha. I managed to tell Jalil, "I was the famous Ayam song fan when I was small"
I dunno where did that come from. Poyo jugerr. But Jalil Hamid simply pulled his most Jawa face. Haha.

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