Monday, May 22, 2006

Arsenal: Almost Champions

Today Musreen reminded me about Arsenal's loss to Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League Final 2005/06. An voila, I am writing the entry now. I know it's a bit late but let us re-cap a bit about the 90 minutes-action-packed football drama. Before that let us look at the match rating:

Jens Lehman 7 (off 18')
Emmanuel Eboue 8
Ashley Cole 7
Sulzeer Campbell 8
Kolo Toure 7
Cesc Fabregas 8
[Mathieu Flamini]
Gilberto Silva 6
Robert Pires 6
[Manuel Almunia 6]
Freddie Ljungberg 7
Thierry Henry 7
Alexandre Hleb 8
[Jose Reyes 6]

Everyone knows I am an avid fan of Arsenal. Since 1996. Since Overmars joined Arsenal. I remember I was the only person in my batch who supported Arsenal. In KMYS, only a few of us turned up for Arsenal's FA Cup win to clinch the Double. I remember Francois and Shidi. Maybe Kudin. So, it is an understatement if someone said I was sad over the defeat in the CL Final.

Henry missed a sitter in the third minute and he should be kicking himself out there for missing a glorious chance.

Although Lehmann made a mistake by clipping Eto's fast legs, but I consider it a harsh decision by the referee. Barcelona should be given the goal prodded in by Frenchman Giuly. And yellow card should be given to the culprit Lehmann. I thought it was gonna be a penalty. I was worried sick. But to lose the giant German at a very early time is like an anti-climax. It's like when you are watching porn and suddenly ur mom banged the door to ask you to send her for dinner. Something like that.

Eboue should be warded as the best supporting actor when he was adjudged to be obstructed by Gio. And free kick was given. This is the only high point for Thierry when he curled in the free kick and found Sol who was terribly unmarked by Oleguer headed the ball home. It is a goal finally this time for Sol who had two goals disallowed in crucial matches as this. Both for England.

The best actor? Still that guy Messi. Theaterically, agonisingly lying on the ground as if he was been shot.

Arsenal were galant and brave in protecting the lead and even the unfancied Almunia had a fingertip on to Eto'o's furious strike. Thierry missed another chance and that was simply why he didnt get an 8 or 9 for his match rating.

With 14 minutes to go, it all happened so quickly. It was so quick indeed. With the space of only 5 minutes, Arsenal conceded two goals for the first time since 10 CL games. Henrik Larsson was introduced and he made a very2 huge impact. The Swede who is on the verge of returning to his home country fed Eto'o after protecting the ball from the hapless Toure. It was a controversial goal. Eto'o strayed offside. But you cant blame the linesman. From his angle, you can never say Larsson passed the ball to Eto'o. Larsson was shielding the ball and quickly passed the ball u see. So I guess the linesman thought the ball didnt hit Larsson. But was a through ball. This is football. Maybe with the help of instant replays might help in the future. But then, football would never be as entertaining.

Suddenly Belletti got the winner for Barcelona. It was a poor judgment by Ashley to let the cross passed through. And Manuel Almunia was not at his best. (Like he had his best before). He failed as a keeper. It is a basic technique for goalkeepers to have the NEAR post covered. And both goals tore Manuel into shredded plastic cards. At the NEAR post.

What a lame Spaniard keeper. He must be angry with Arsenal for not giving him more minutes of play and betrayed Arsenal and gave the title to the Spanish side.

Reyes and Flamini were introduced where both of them replaced players who had a great game. Reyes and Flamini were useless on the pitch that day.

I dunno who to blame. Wenger? For replacing the effective Cesc? Thierry? For missing chances to kill off the game. Or Almunia?

Or maybe I should blame the Arsenal Board, like my friends said, "Tak Berkat. Arsenal diperintah Yahoud". I am not anti-Semitic. I am not a racist. People should realise that the Arsenal Board promote peace between the embattled Israel and Palestine nations. They fully sponsored an academy in Tel Aviv and also had Palestine-Arabs children in their academy. And yes, they are playing the most beautiful game on the planet, side by side with the Israel-Jew children.

Of course I am mad at the innocent killings made by the Israeli government. Their excuse was the attacks were targetted at the terror-group leaders. Ya, it is bullshit. But the Muslim terrorists are equally bullshit. Killing the innocent Israelis too. Car-bomb, suicide-bomb, van-bomb, bus-bomb, killing old helpless ppl, mothers, children, Jews in their temple, fellow Muslims Shi'ah, Sunni you name it. Call yourself a Muslim Jihad Group? Guess what? You guys are going to hell for your terrible deed.

I am not God. But I know they are not doing any good also.

It's sad. It is very2 sad. More saddistic than the Arsenal's loss.

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m mohamad said...

Theirry missed a world record deal that real and barca was offered. Afraid to come out of his comfort zone? "i am treated with so much love here".

Arsenal needs him, but does he really need Arsenal? Maybe he might end up being like Maldini at AC Milan - all time carrer just at one team. I just pity Thierry for not being brave enough to go out into the world.

Perhaps he wants Arsenal's eternal glory.