Friday, May 19, 2006

It's all over

Ah well, everything that concerns UiTM in my life is over now. But I didn't end it in the most handsome manner. It was my project presentation on that Saturday. I came rather early considering it was one gloomy start of a weekend where usually I oversleep purposely. I waited for so long for this day to come. That day I thought it was gonna be smooth and everything would be over and I can finally enjoy football with much enthusiasm.

Sadly it didnt go that well. I was positioned as the last candidate to present. Should have come later. I was so nervous as if I knew I would screw up. "I think that's all I had to say about my project. Thank You. ANy questions?"

Suddenly, Mr Hanafi started to open his mouth and said, "Nak bagi hard ke soft comment nih.."
And without giving me the chance to defend myself, he accused me of doing this and that. Things that I didnt do, things that we all in the class wudn't expect him to say about my project.

"I know this program ni Mr Sam yang buat.. I can ask him you know.. if this is his work," he said, assuming things in his imagination.

"This is not a project. You are only proving that Mr Sam's program works well"

"Hahaha..!" Zuraizam laughed while the rest sat down quietly in shock, unexpectedly. Some friend huh?

I took a sharp stare at him but he was not aware of it.

There you go. I was bombarded with accusations. Something that never happen in my life before. Knowing that I would blow up if I tried to defend myself, I took a breather and nodded everytime the accusations were read. I know I will defend myself later. And I did. Mano-e-mano.

B- was the grade for my project. I saw it with my own eyes. B-. Underservedly. First and foremost, it wasn't Mr Sam's program. Mr Sam would never give you his program in a complete algorithm. He will only give an idea of how we can design a program. Everybody knows that. And Mr Sam teaches General Insurance. My project was about Life Insurance. Can you see the difference? Sure u can. But not Hanafi. Maybe he feels he's a god. He knows it all.

It was a sad ending. I know I did well in our group project. As the MC. As the joker. As the person who thought why not give the best for the group project? Pleased the lads. The lecturers. "Let the grade in which I am giving to u reflects your attitude." Ah well, I dunno whether to thank him or to hate him. Only time will tell.

In my opinion he's being bias. He said he is not pin-pointing me. But I know from what I see he's actually discriminating. Well he said it himself. He sees me and Piah as intelligent students. So, he expected more from us. The rest he doesn't really care. Especially the females. He said females are less intelligent but hardworking. So they deserve better grades and less bombardment. Clearly this is a discrimination. And it's unfair.

At least I'm still taking positives out of the day I was humiliated, embarrased. Maybe I was bad at the presentation. Maybe my results for the project were not clearly stated. But it's nice to hear some collegues were backing me up.

Maybe lady-luck forgot to smile on that day. I was always lucky all this while, during my time in UiTM. Sometimes I dont think I deserve a good grade. But just when I thought I was gonna wham it.. this thing happened.

Hmm on the bright side, I'm done. And I am itching for a new challenge. Since Tuesday I slept all day. Yup sleep is good. It's like living in a fantasy.

I'll blog on Arsenal's Almost Champions, BBQ Party and Futsal Finale in my next entry.


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Anonymous said...

'he' laughed? seriously? oh...and is he really your fren?

-'sleeping nana'-