Saturday, May 20, 2006

Pics from the BBQ Tuesday

The Bhoys on Tuesday. Piah, Nain, Big Show, Nizam (face covered), Arwin and Azrul. Picture taken by Azrul. You might wonder why he is called Big Show.

This is why. An average Asian man would be 170cm (me). But this guy is just good enough for the national's football team.

BBQ and badminton? The chics trying to 'hadam' the Kenny Rogers-like roasted chicken with a game or two. Good idea.

Si panggang and Si Pencuri Ayam. Aku si pencuri.

Pretending to be not scared of the ghost stories. Looking up at the sky so high. When suddenly, Si Penanggal datang menjelma....
Can't find the pics with galah panjang game. Should be a memorable one. Anyone got that pic?

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